Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parading (part 2)

Our first 4th of July Parade award is for Most Creative Float.

Most parade entrants go with the candidate simply walking behind or in front of a banner. That's OK and all, but we like, and think it's much more enjoyable for those sitting on the curbs, when an parade entrant has something else going on other than just a candidate and stickers.

With that in mind, we liked these three:

Mike McGowan for MUD Board, who added a Chrysler Prowler into his entry. A cool car is always a good addition, and props too for Mike walking in the parade, as opposed to in the car.

Kudos to Jeff Fortenberry for Congress in Seward for the red covertible in his entry (hey don't walk so fast!).

Next we recognize the Jim Esch for Congress camp for the addition of a Statue of Liberty. It's a little awkward in the back of that pickup, but that's better than nothing.

But our award for Most Creative Float has to go to the Mike Johanns for Senate campaign in West Point.

(We deducted points from this, since the parade was actaully on July 5th, but added points, because the candidate was driving a freakin' tractor.)

Not only do they have a tractor, but Johanns is driving the tractor. While it may take away kissing hands and shaking babies, the Senate candidate at the wheel is an excellent touch.

Next up: Largest Float Presence.

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