Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Lee Terry Record

There have been numerous discussions lately, here and elsewhere, about 2nd District Representative Lee Terry's legislative accomplishments in Congress.

The Terry campaign has decided to set the record straight about what Lee has done, particularly over the past four years, in a memo.

They sent it to us and you can download it too, by clicking here.

The highlights include the Hill-Terry Fuel Economy Reform law, which we focused on here recently.

It also includes:
  • The law requiring federal vehicle refueling stations to provide ethanol

  • The law making federal buildings more energy efficient

  • The law authorizing the establishment of a program to fund alternative energy technologies

  • The law providing better standards for liquid natural gas terminals

  • The law providing tax credits for energy efficient homes

  • The law providing incentives to boost sources of renewable energy production
With gas prices going through the roof, everyone is talking about how to fix the energy problems we have today.

The funny thing is, Terry has actually written laws to improve the situation.

You will however hear Terry's opponents yelp, "Hope! Change!"

Of course, when you look at Lee Terry's record you can see that that's exactly what he is providing.


Jake said...

Does carrying all that water get heavy sometimes? What has all this legislation Lee Terry passed do for gas prices?

Anonymous said...

I think Terry's campaign really needs to look up the definition of the word "author."

Notice that on the "Hill-Terry law" that Terry claims credit for, Terry was not even a cosponsor of the final bill. In fact, he voted against the bill - H.R. 6 - every step of the way until the final vote on the Senate amendments to the bill.

The best Lee Terry can come up with is 7 bills that don't have his name on them, that he didn't publicly support or introduce. I think that is a laughably weak record, and if you think people are going to let Terry stretch the truth like that, you'd be sadly mistaken.

OmaSteak said...

Lee Terry has a proven track record of earmarks and being in the pocket of his biggest corporate donor PACs, just like all multiterm politicians. He has done nothing of any true significance other than standing in the way of any potential true conservative candidates for the second district. Only the NE Dems would run a bozo like Esch against him thinking he has a serious shot. Couldn't they recruit a Rep to do the job???

lnk said...

Anonymnous 11:42 (aka Lisa Hannah or other nnn troll):

Don't quit your day job to be an oppo researcher.

The Hill-Terry law is Title 1, section 101-136 of HR 2927. That's what passed into law--and Terry sponsored it.

Terry authored 6 other major laws since 2005--and the Fact Sheet takes the reader through each and every law.

Jake--we can get those gas prices down. We just need Congress to pass the Terry Energy Plan! Do you need a copy of that one, too? Just ask.

Anonymous said...


Two obervations.

1) I think where people have a lot of problem with your assertions on Terry's record is when you say he's "authored 6 other major laws since 2005..." Six provisions in other people's bills in three years is nothing to shout from the rooftops. Especially when those six provisions are questionable if they're really going to help our country's major energy problems in any significant way. They are HARDLY major laws. And please detail how they're helping the average citizen of the 2nd district of Nebraska.

2) And what did Terry accomplish from 1999-2005? He wasn't just elected in 2004.

Oh sorry. One other obervation. There's the whole issue of Terry's embarrasingly low seniority in the Energy Committee and the House of Representatives as a whole. I think if some of Lee's colleagues knew what he was trying to claim as his own accomplishment, they would laugh him off the House Floor!

Uncle Wiggily said...

Dang it, Sweeper - there you go again ... confusing them poor liberals with facts.

Rule #8 in the Liberal Code of Conduct specifically states: "If you can't demagogue an issue, then say nothing at all".

Terry will win in a walk ... he's an effective representative and a proactive legislator. If any of these clowns would spend five minutes on Thomas or GovTrack or any other Congressional tracking site they would know that.

BTW - love your Fourth of July Parade contest.

Anonymous said...

esch is a rere. he doesn't even know how congress works - OR even worse - he gets it and is purposefully distorting the truth. actually, i'd bet on that one. this is the guy that freakin mad up a pro-life group and sent a mailer about the endorsement after being stripped of his on e real endorsement for misrepresenting his views. haha. what a lier.

Anonymous said...

omasteak - seriously man... get over it. the race was a long time ago. you need to let it go..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Wiggly,

I invite you to visit New Nebraska's website. A poster there spent a lot of time researching Terry's record. Please go there and read the actual facts of what Terry can actually claim he has "authored."

Anonymous said...

If you understand the legislative process, you understand there are some "must pass" bills -- bills with legs -- that are heavily amended as they go through the legislative process. Whether or not these bills and/or amendments bear the name of a bill sponsor is irrelevant. At the end of the analysis, Rep. Terry has been modest. He has authored and pass many bills and amendments. Further, he has influenced key language in hundreds of others. As Lee has grown in seniority, he has become an even greater player in the important legislation before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He is now in a very enviable position as the elder statesman of the Nebraska delegation. We are lucky to keep him in the House. In the years to come, he will be even more valuable to Nebraska.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Anonymous 1:38

Let me see if I have this straight ... I'm to go to one of the "bluest" websites on this, or any other, planet to get unbiased information about a Republican legislator??

May I just say,
bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...

Nice try, Sparky

lnk said...

Anonymous 12:56:

Thank you for conceding that Terry authored these six provisions. They were all then incorporated into bills that became law. Isn't the argument now over?

You want Terry's authorship from 1999-04? I can get that. It is more than 7, I can assure you. Really want me to run up the score?

I will do that if you, or other Esch trolls answer the question I posted repeatedly on NNN:

It is now 48 days since the deadline passed for Jim to file his financial disclosure form with the U.S. House. Why has he not done so? What is he hiding?

lnk said...

OmahaSteak--just wanted to add that, in my opinion, the Democrats in NE2 erred in voting Esch over Richard Carter.

Carter was a far better candidate and would be a tougher opponent for Terry. The fact they picked a guy who shows no professional accomplishments on anything over an Iraqi veteran and economic professor, is hilarious.

BTW--Esch's April Quarterly report is now 20 days late to the FEC. Why won't he file it?

Anonymous said...

Ink, believe me, you're not running up any score but your own. Only Terry trolls believe that he has "authored" such "major" legislation.

The truth is when you search for Terry's accomplishments with Thomas, it shows he's authored one bill, one amendment, and five resolutions -- in ten years.

You can spin "provisions" or "sections of bills" all you want, but at the end of the day what matters is what he has his name on. Which isn't much.

Oh, and that he can now be seen as the "elder statesman" of the Nebraska delegation. That is MAJORLY scary.

Anonymous said...

And frankly, if Terry is such an accomplished bill author, shouldn't it be easier to research his accomplishments? Shouldn't it be praised in the press? Shouldn't it be common knowledge? Why is it when we research his record none of this comes up? Why is it that no one knows about any of his "accomplishments" other than his staff?

And, why oh why, is he SOOOOOOO low on the totem pole of his own committee and the whole House of Representatives??

lnk said...

Lisa H-- (anon 2:28 and 2:50):

Not my problem that you don't know how Congress works.

Here's the bottom line: in 24 hours we have destroyed your argument. We've documented that Terry authored 7 major laws (like Hill-Terry) in just the past four years alone.

You know who's gonna agree with us? The voters.

Has Jim Esch published a fact sheet or anything since early May--when he was caught red-handed plagiarizing a Brookings Institution paper on subprime mortgages?

Is he going to file his July Quarterly report by the 7/15 deadline--or are you guys going to miss that deadline too?

Lisa Hannah said...

For the Record - I only post research on my own site or NNN. If I have something to say on here (rarely), I will post it under my name. I believe in SS and friends having their own forum, and I have mine. It's called respect. But I admit I actually enjoy reading some of the comments made. They're quite funny.

Carry on, my fellow Nebraskans!

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, what about that fuel cells provision? What exactly did he "author" of that provision? Some funding amounts which weren't even adopted by the Senate version? And which committee bill are you speaking of? The one that was put into H.R. 6 -- the one that Terry isn't even listed as a co-sponsor?

Listen, you can't just put a list of topics out there and say that Terry has "authored major laws" and expect us all to buy it. You have to put some meat into those facts. Bill numbers, dates, etc.

You've documented nothing, Political Guy, um, I mean Ink. The voters may have bought his act the last 5 times, but I sure hope they don't again this November. Remember, each election his numbers drop. Every two years there are fewer and fewer Terry supporters.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me this argument was over an hour ago. Lee Terry proves himself over and over than he can do the job.
What has Jimmy, that he can live off mommy and daddy's money, he can take other people's words and make them his own, he can drink too much and then be thrown in the slammer and he can beg strangers for pencils for his office...YA, that stuff fills up a resume fast folks.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I work, I'm a wife and a mother. Gas prices are killing me. Lee's energy plan makes sense and I wish the rest of Congress would wake up and want to implement Lee's plan. We must drill, we must have conservation and we must use alternative fuels. It makes sense. Period. There's just something about Jim I don't trust. Lee's a moderate guy and I know lots of R's and D's who will be going into the voting booth and voting Lee Terry on November 4th.

right wing rant said...

Please come soon, Nov. 4.

While folks on the Coasts are drinking the Obama "Change" Kool-Aid, the silly libs here in the Heartland are gonna get slapped with a hard dose of reality.

Blog on, you lefties...

lnk said...

Anonymous 3:16--read Lisa's update on NNN.

It makes Terry's case.

She specifically acknowledges that, on fuel cells, the funding level was set as a result of the adoption of Terry's amendment.

Terry's amendment was adopted by the committee and included in the bill the House and Senate passed.

That's all I've been saying--and I gave you 7 examples where this occurred since 2005.

Terry authored 7 major laws in the past 4 years alone. Fact.

lnk said...

Lisa Hannah--if those posts were not really from you, I will apologize from inferring that they were.

However, you should know some idiot is posting comments here that sound amazingly like you on NNN.

Anonymous said...

Ink, are you kidding me?!??

She didn't acknowledge anything of the sort. Terry tried to change the funding levels. His changes weren't even adopted. The Senate levels were. Lee Terry did nothing but show up and vote. What in the world are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Quote from Ink: "Terry's amendment was adopted by the committee and included in the bill the House and Senate passed. "

Forget for a moment that THIS ISN'T EVEN TRUE. But this is how they define "passing major laws"???

Anonymous said...

Hey, working wife and mother -- do you really think that drilling domestically, conservation, and using alternative fuels are Lee Terry's original ideas? I love how Terry staffers love to make it seem like Lee Terry came up with all of that on his own.


TedK said...

#321. Lee Terry's ranking on ( As far as I can ascertain, is not some biased, liberal, left-wing site that would willfully skew Terry's ranking. At least he is 100 points better than our other 2 Republican reps, but that's nothing to brag about. Lee Terry is just another ineffectual congressman in the mold of previous Senators Curtis and Hruska (who famously defended a mediocre candidate for a judgeship by claiming that mediocre people need representation (paraphrased)).

Anonymous said...

In response to 4:27pm. Oh, I'm so sorry, what again is trust fund brat's plan? Guess I must have missed that in all the press he's getting. NOT. The point is Lee Terry has a solid plan and Esch has nothing. When all the news stations in town, one from out of town and radio show up for a news conference you know it is a big deal. An American solution and by the way if you watch the news you will see new poll after poll saying this is exactly what the American people want.

Anonymous said...

I like Lee's plan. It is doable and makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Lee Terry rocks.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dem who is SOOOO tired of the lame candidates we come up with. I'm not super liberal and I'm not hard core right. In Nov. I like Lee, Esch once again just hasn't proven himself

Anonymous said...

Lee, thanks for the $8,000 kidney transplant! *MEOW*
I'm glad that his house cat has Cadillac health insurance like you do in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Ya I heard about the excellent health plan put forward by Lee. All felines receive excellent treatment, especially for transplants.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, I bet the press showed up to Terry's press conference hoping to hear something NEW. Except for a quick blurb in the news directly after the conference, there's been nothing about it since. Don't you sincerely think that if there was anything special about his "energy plan" it would be discussed continuously and by national media?

Go ahead, send this famous, innovative energy plan to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc., etc. If it's so wonderful they should be all over it. Better yet, maybe Lee should send it to McCain. I'm sure he could use this fabulous insight from Nebraska's 2nd District Congressman! He'll be so thankful! Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the the Eschies want their elected official to be of original thought and an expert in every field in front of Congress.

Then, some points:
1) Esch has no original thoughts, thus the plagiarism.
2) Less than an expert on anything, thus the resume` that shows a sad lack of work ethic-I mean no real experience in any given field (particularly the one his mom and dad spent a COUPLE THOUSAND DOLLARS for). This is just sad!
3) An intelligent person listens to people that bring forth problems and solutions, sorts through the bunk, then comes up with a solution and works with others (check the Kindergarten report card, Jim) to implement said solution.

We already have a Senator that steals others ideas (FYI Nelson's "Fields of Nebraska instead of the Deserts of the Middle East" was in Congressman Terry's speeches before it was in Nelson's campaign crap last election. But, Congressman Terry did not have a tantrum over it because it is all about getting the deal not about being a ball hog in the game. This is who Lee Terry is.

We already have a Congressman that spent several years hiring intelligent staff, only to run them off because he thought he was smarter than all of them (fortunately, this behavior has ceased and everyone is now doing their jobs in that office). Congressman Terry hires intelligent staff, allows them to do the job that the American people pay them to do and then assembles their facts with his vision to develop a "PLAN" that he then takes to, not only his Leadership, but also Members of the other Party, and works to get those ideas into Law whether they have his name on them, or not.

Other than trying to prove that he could be a doctor (in addition to a lawyer, a fundraiser, a lawnmower, an exercise equipment cleaner, a ranch hand on a wind farm and a PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN), what has Little Jimmy done with the last 4 years of his VERY ADULT life?

We know what kind of a man Congressman Terry is, who is going to tell us what kind of man Jim Esch is because he obviously isn't willing to.

Anonymous said...

"Congressman Terry hires intelligent staff..."

LOVE this reason on why we should re-elect Congressman Terry!! Ha ha! That's rich! Hey everyone, we need to re-elect Terry because his "intelligent staff" want to keep their jobs! :)

Anonymous said...

And, what kind of staff has Jim Esch hired? You do the math.

Anonymous said...

college kids, maybe he's paying them with beer.

Anonymous said...

"We already have a Congressman that spent several years hiring intelligent staff, only to run them off because he thought he was smarter than all of them (fortunately, this behavior has ceased and everyone is now doing their jobs in that office)."

RICH! You think that behavior has quit? What's his staff turnover within the past six months? I think I count three Campaign Managers?
I saw him at an event recently, off to the side scolding some unsuspecting staff member - probably over something dumb, like not enough campaign balloons.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know Lee. He is cool headed and treats his staff VERY well. If anyone left it was to pursue something else.
There has been no change in campaign managers this year. He campaign will kick butt and take names this year people.

lnk said...

Folks--if you want a good laugh, go to NNN and see Lisa Hannah's 'research'. She deliberately cuts and pastes (opps, just like Esch) from THOMAS but leaves out Terry's amendments.

Here are the facts:

Members of Congress frequently collaborate and only one Member’s name is ever listed as the sponsor of a particular bill; not being listed first on a bill does not mean a Member was not intimately involved in drafting the legislation. The same applies to amendments offered to legislation during Committee consideration.

The order of names listed on bills oftentimes is made based considerations of what will make it easier to pass, i.e. in a Democrat-controlled Congress a bi- partisan bill is more likely to gain approval with a Democrat’s name listed first than if a Republican’s name is listed first. Hence H.R. 2927 (Hill-Terry) is listed under Thomas as being introduced by Congressman Hill, even though he and Congressman Terry played equal roles in writing and advocating for the bill within the Congress and their respective parties. Thus Thomas does not always accurately reflect a Members involvement in passing a bill or amendment.

Accordingly, because it was included in H.R. 6 (which contained H.R. 3221 and became Public Law 110-140) before it came to the floor, but was not voted on individually, Thomas does not list it as becoming law, even though it did so with some final perfecting tweaks made to it before its incorporation into H.R. 6.

Thomas does not list committee amendments. However, a list of amendments offered during Committee Consideration can be found at the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Congressman Terry offered the federal fleet refueling amendment to Committee Print number four with Democrat Bart Stupak and passed by voice vote. It was the third amendment offered to that Committee Print and it became Section 246 of Public Law 110-140.

Thomas lists Congressman Terry’s geo-thermal amendment as Number 35 on the list of bills he has introduced. Its details are below:
H.AMDT.747 to H.R.3221
Title: Amendment encourages the use of geothermal technology in government buildings.
Sponsor: Rep Terry, Lee [R-NE-2] (introduced 8/4/2007) Cosponsors: (none)
Latest Major Action: 8/4/2007 House amendment agreed to. Status: On agreeing to the Terry amendment (A005) Agreed to by voice vote. It became section 439.

When drafting large legislation such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-58), Committee Chairman frequently work with their respective committee members to incorporate bills authored by committee members of the Chairman’s party. This reduces the need for Majority members to offer as many amendments as they would otherwise when the full committee considers a bill. These negotiations occur in private and they are not included in official committee records. Accordingly, the Library of Congress staff persons who maintain Thomas are not able to keep track of which individual bills a Member of Congress introduced are included in larger omnibus legislation. Thus, Thomas is not always an accurate assessment of an individual Congressman’s effectiveness on his committee.

Promote ethanol use in the federal Fleet

NNN also misleads on Terry's E85 amendment. Here are the facts

H.R. 3221— House Energy & Commerce Committee Amendment (amendment number three offered to Committee Print number four with Democrat Bart Stupak and passed by voice vote)
Public Law 110-140
Section 246 —federal vehicle fleets

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:41:

I know the prior document was pretty substantial. Sorry you have difficulty understanding and grasping the concept.

Anonymous said...

"He is cool headed and treats his staff VERY well. If anyone left it was to pursue something else."

Um, yeah, okaaaaaaaaaay. I know a few people who might take issue with that statement. Either you are in high denial, choose to deliberately mislead, or don't know the facts.

Anonymous said...

I guess "pretty substantial" means that Lee Terry does all his very important, nationally-significant work ALL behind close doors. Nothing is verifiable, but just trust his staff. Really. He does LOTS of important work. His staff says so. Sorry, it's not documented with his name anywhere, but that's how they classify all the most respected members of Congress and their work. Really, just trust his staff. They know.

Street Sweeper said...

Sorry, Terry Folks.
Ya just can't beat the "Oh yeah, WHATEVER!" argument...

Hope everyone has a great 4th!


right wing rant said...

Lisa Hannah has been a hardcore Dem ever since party leaders pledged to save the whales!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Sorry, this isn't a link dump.

Anonymous said...

I'm posted videos about Lee's record. It's not like the links were for gay porn. Why are you censoring this? What are you afraid of Sweeper, that the readers here will be influenced by a video on YouTube?

Ben Jr. said...

TO: right wing rant --- are you subliminally calling Lisa a whale???

A reminder --- BEAUTY is more than skin deep!!!! But some whales can be rather irritating and are not worth saving.

Point 2. We learned two years ago that HAIR wins. Based on Ben beating Pete, Terry with the more hair will defeat Esch.

Remember that very, very, very close race (based on progressive Nebraska math), one of the closest in a gazillion years between Smith and Kleeb. They both had about the same amount of HAIR!!!

One Out In The Third said...

I thought Sen. Ben's was a loaf of bread implant?

Happy 4th everyone!

lnk said...

A question on Terry's authorship of laws. One of the laws named a Post Office after a very prominent person of color. The liberal bloggers seem to take every opportunity they can to denigrate this accomplishment. Is there suble and soft racism in their attacks on Terry here?

Anonymous said...


The only thing that is soft in that argument is what's between the ears of who came up with it.

Pol Observer said...

Hey Sweeper. We need to to a where are they know piece on all of Lee Terry's congressional opponnents. Hmmm, it seems the same thing is said against Lee, over and over again, year after year. Michael Scott, Shelly Kiel, Todd Simon, Nancy Thomspsen and now Jim Esch. Same tired attacks and still the same results.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Sweeper. We need to to a where are they know piece on all of Lee Terry's congressional opponnents."

Huh? You started drinking already pol observer?

Anonymous said...

How pathetic and sad.

On this 4th of July, when we should all be coming together for love of our country, all the pro-Terry people can come up with are to either call someone a whale or to accuse others of being racist.

I think this speaks volumes about how petty and unclassy anyone associated with Lee Terry can be.

blameless said...

Dear Pathetic and Sad Anon

--- I know exactlly where you are coming from. We all know that President Bush is responsible for everything bad that has ever happened in our country --- or world.

We as positive minded PROGRESSIVE citizens have brought our country closer together by pointing fingers.

Thanks to your finger pointing we have a better place to live and nurture our children.

Anonymous said...

Easy Ink, your starting to sound like a Uncle Wiggily

Uncle Wiggily said...

Hmmm ... was that a shot?

Anonymous said...

That would be "an Uncle Wiggly" you illiterate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be Wiggily . No disrespect meant to the bunny :).

Also, who is the prominent person of color that the North Omaha Post Office was named after at the Congressman's request? And, why does Jim Esch think that this was a stupid thing to do as he indicated at the North Omaha Democrat Primary Debate where he was challenged to a drug test? BTW, who ever saw the results of that?


lnk said...

Want to respond to a few posts:

1. I would urge people not to personalize matters. Comments about Lisa Hannah's obesity are over the line--please stop those.

2. Anon 2:28--one week ago, the Esch tolls were claiming Terry only sponsored one bill in 10 years (the post office naming, which I'll get to in a minute).

Five days later, Lisa Hannah admits that, well, yes, the Hill-Terry bill is really a law--so, that's 2. Then she admits Terry's geothermal law is, well, yes, a law--so #3. Now we're fighting over LNG, Fuel Cells and E85.

Lisa is spinning that if it isn't listed on THOMAS, it didn't occur. The problem with her position is that it does not reflect everything that happens in Congress, such as when a member gets a provision inserted into the committee mark-up, as Terry has done.

We'll continue to duke this out with the lefties on NNN. But, the bottom-line is that they now agree Terry has more than one bill enacted into law. They concede it is 3. (The true number, obviously, is more than that, but,let's lock in that confirmation. Remember, I only went back to 2005 on this, and we'll still try and reason with Lisa on the others.)

Not bad for one week's work.

Finally, on the Post Office. To the Eschies: you reap what you sow. If you want to continue denigrating the law Terry passed to name the post office for a prominent Black Clergy member in Omaha, then be prepared to answer for that criticism. Yes,it can easily be inferred as being a very subtle bigotry and racism on your part. That's your doing--not mine.

Finally, while Jim is figuring out where he goes now with an alleged "campaign", why don't you sit him down and have Jim figure out his unearned and trust fund income for calendar 2007. Then he can put those figures down on paper on the "Financial Disclosure Form" that was required by law to be filed with the U.S. House no later than May 15.

The report is now 51 days late.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that if we get Jimmy's unearned income for 2007, then we also get the entire clan's unearned /trust fund winnings, too? This might explain how they all have given him close to $10,000 in the last 3 years while being students, teaching assistants, housewives and retired folks. Jim has had it easiest though, unemployed for 3 years and still getting a paycheck?

I wish I wasn't too old to be adopted into a rich family.


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, this isn't a link dump."

My bad! I didn't know that Leavenworth is only a dump for meaningless campaign press releases.

Sue said...

INK ------ thanks for exposing Lisa Hannah. She is a master at half truths and falsifying by omission of facts.

Her writings are so overt in lies and misstatements any discerning reader soon realizes visiting her blog is a total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

The only one who is guilty of "omission of facts" in this case is Ink and the entire Terry clan in trying to claim the Leester has "authored" 7 laws in the past 4 years. Lisa Hannah has totally debunked their claims on NNN with complete facts and links to back her up. Where are the Terry facts other than to hurl personal insults back at her?

I understand y'all want to keep your jobs and all, but it's got to give you serious pause when confronted with the facts that your guy is utterly inept. I can only imagine your staff meetings where everyone is panicking saying, "Okay, quick, how can we make it look like he's actually done something worthwhile??"

lnk said...

Anon 1:02--to recap, even Lisa Hannah now admits that Hill-Terry is a law that Terry sponsored. So, that's #2. She then admits that Terry's geothermal law passed, so that's #3.

Lisa needs to redo her research though on a few items:

#4 E-85: Terry offered the amendment (#3) to Committee print #4 with Rep. Bart Stupek--it passed by a voice vote. (Section 246, PL 110-140).

#5-#8-- Terry's role on Fuel Cells (HR 423), LNG (HR 359), tax credits (HR 424 and renewable incentives (HR 1127), do not show up on THOMAS because Terry got the provisions included in the committee mark-up draft. (BTW--do you know what a committee mark-up is? I didn't think so.)

Bottom-line: Esch trolls like you have lied about Terry's record long enough. We've called you on it--and now, even your 'researcher' admits Terry authored 2 of the 7 laws. I have outlined here why the other 4 are just as valid. (Again, Hannah Montana misleads on what is, and what is not, included on THOMAS.

Staff meetings--come on over to ours. We actually have alot of fun--usually we laugh about the latest Esch FUBARs--he keeps refiling his FEC reports but they are still wrong!

Anonymous said...

Well Terry is joining the fun on FEC reports I see. Had to file 2 amended form 99's. Perhaps instead of bashing the opponent, they should mind their own hen house.

Anonymous said...

Well, the EPA is about to waive the law that is part of Terry's Energy plan....dealing with 9 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Terry's "energy plan":

"...the Chinese government has hired Cuban firms to drill 60 miles off the coast of Florida!"

That is a complete myth. It's not true. Even V.P. Cheney has admitted it's not true. Yet this is part of Lee Terry's "energy plan" that he handed out to constituents as late as Friday, July 4th, at the Douglas County Pancake Breakfast and is available on his website.

What other lies is he telling us to try and get himself re-elected?

lnk said...

Anon 11:28--big difference here. The FEC asked for more information and we complied--unlike Esch, who is beyond the deadline given for the new reports.

Look at our filings again--we refiled each of the reports in June with the new numbers. If you don't file them in sequential order, they will never add up and be in compliance.

But that's precisely what Esch has done. He keepsrefiling the pre-primary report (3 times now and most recently on Wednesday). But his number will always be off because they change in the previous April Quarter.

He is doing is backwards, basically. Can you get that word to Esch?

We're taking bets when you clowns might finally get it right.

Meanwhile, Esch still owes the financial disclsoure form to the U.S. House. It is now 52 days late.

I think I know why he doesn't want that released...

Anonymous said...

Gee could it be that he doesn't want to disclose that is because once again mommy and daddy are footing the bill for trust fund boy to have a real career? Hmmm. It really is sad, Jimmy does have a lot of potential, but when you have barely worked a day in your life and continue to nod and smile, well good luck to you lad.

Anonymous said...

He goes days without filling out the proper paperwork...seriously, what is so hard about it? I'd rather have amends to a report than no report at all. It shows when mistakes are made in Terry's camp he owns up to them and sets the record straight. Esch on the otherhand just never files...kinda makes ya wonder what he's hiding in there..gotta another DUI, marriage we don't know about...what Jim...please tell us. You are becoming more and more of an embarrasment to the Democratic party! Be gone with you.

Anonymous said...

Please go to

Could someone tell me how a graduate assistant at Loyola University can afford to donate $2300?

Oh, that's right because her last name is Esch, how silly of me to forget.

New campaign slogan: "Vote for me, dammit my family paid good money to get me here!"


"Working is overrated, trust me, I know"

Anonymous said...

Seems like Lee Terry better be careful of what he accuses others of.

Check out New Nebraska. Lee Terry is also accused of plagiarizing. One of his policy statements is lifted straight off of some GOP talking points.

Hmmmm, how's that glass house Terrybots?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the silence from the Terry camp is deafening on this one (the plagiarism charge).

Wonder if Lee will take responsibility for this one, or throw one of his staffers under the bus?

Anonymous said...

talking points are free game to use, this is MUCH different situation folks...please.

Anonymous said...

many in congress have used this same line.

Anonymous said...

Talking points are provided to all Republican members for their use as they wish, that's why they send them out. This is so far from what Esch did it is not even funny. Good try Dems

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, okay. Terry's just parroting the party line. Got it.

Once again something that they claim that Terry has "authored" turns out to be someone else's original thought. Is Lee Terry for real? Can't he write or think up anything on his own?

Anonymous said...

Go figure, something so simple they cannot come up with original language.

He walks in lock step with the party. No original ideas, no original thought.

How sad.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Anonymous said...

Is it really that much different than the Esch situation?

Instead of formulating his position on issues by thoughtful consideration, talking with voters, etc. Terry instead lifts a line from a Republican talking points press release. If he’s too lazy write one original sentence that describes his position on an issue, what else is he too lazy for?

Anonymous said...

Watch the video that coincides with the two lines beside the video clip people. You are going to pick apart one sentence on his entire website...seriously, don't you have some fundraising to do or something. Very petty stuff.

been caught steelin' said...

Actually the irony is the Terrybots earlier in this thread accused Nelson of plagiarism for stealing his talking points on Nebraska oil fields or whatever it was.
So if Nelson is a plagiarist, isn't terry as well?

that's called an apples to apples comparison. Can't hide from it. I bet Ink's updating the website and too busy to post right now.

(by the way, Nelson was talking about such things when he was governor and lee was in High School, but I digress)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:14 --

But it's not just one line on his website. It's just one instance of a whole disturbing pattern.

His "energy plan," which seems to be the whole basis of his re-election campaign, is stolen ideas from other people.

The "laws" that he supposedly wrote were ideas stolen from other people's amendments.

His outrage at the Chinese hiring Cubans to drill off the coast of Florida was outrage stolen from V.P. Cheney -- which turns out to be totally false.

Lee Terry does not have one original thought or idea.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be different is his website was jam packed with information about his positions and one paragraph was lifted. The fact is his website has 10 bullet points that explain his position on different issues. 1 out of 10 of those is completely copied. His staff was too lazy to write two sentences of original thought?

Anonymous said...

And how many original thoughts has Esch had?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, good comeback Anon 1:32!

Anonymous said...

Eschbots - LOL!

Saw Jim Esch at the parade on Saturday. He walked up, crushed my hand. And said, good to see you. Why??! I didn't think it was good to see him - that's for sure. I hate his beady little eyes and how he gets all up in your grill, like you are friends with him. I won't ever be his friend. He's a liar. The next time I see him, i will remind him that he is no friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. The maturity of the Terry staffers just astounds me.

I guess this explains the Lee "no original thoughts of his own" Terry campaign strategy.

Anonymous said...

last poster - you assume too much when you right about posters being terry staffers. i for one am not a terry staffer, i'm just uber-anti-esch. beady eyes...LOL

Anonymous said...

I uber-anti Dork boy, oh yes, I mean Anti-Mr. Terry.

Anonymous said...

Im uber-anti Dork boy, oh yes, I mean Anti-Mr. Terry.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how fast the Terry camp changes things on their website. They may have actually had to do real work today! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the website has been changed.

Anonymous said...

Must be an admission of guilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Who wrote the new blurbs on his issues page? A third grader? The grammar errors alone are an embarrassment to the 2nd District of Nebraska! And since when are Social Security and Medicare not capitalized?

Shouldn't he know this?

UNMC Med Man said...

I sincerely hope that the true politicians in this state are not as petty and immature as those who blog here.

Lord, help you Nebraskans if they are!

lnk said...

Interesting that the Eschies have time to attack today.

Why don't they spend a few minutes filling out Jim's financial disclosure form and FEC report?

One is 53 days late. The other is 24 days delinquent.

One campaign is in violation of the law. And, it ain't Terry.

Anonymous said...

How legal is it to use talking points from a congressional source on a campaign site?

Just askin'.

Anonymous said...


1) Since both Parties use talking points for campaign purposes, it would seem that there must be a "truce" on this subject.

2) According to the LS posters, Esch is sending a clear signal that he has no plans to be a Team player with his Party. Arm chair quarterbacking seems to be his area of expertise. Steny Hoyer really needs someone like that! Maybe that is why the DCCC won't offer any support?

3) The issue with FEC reports is not about amending them when information is reported inaccurately, it is about the lack of amendments or incorrectly "fixing" the problem and then not correcting it. The FEC will investigate committees that have a history of making mistakes that they are unwilling to correct. I am really looking forward to seeing Esch's Financial Disclosure-I know a lot of single women that want a sugar daddy. Maybe he could introduce one of them to his really rich friend in South Dakota?

4) As far as "throwing a staffer under the bus". Again with the plagiarizing, we used this exact phrase to describe Esch when he got caught by KETV on camera before the Primary. Again we ask, a little originality Jim.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can we all move on people? SS, please give us another topic, this one is so lame.

Anonymous said...

agreed, time to talk about something else....

Anonymous said...

How about comments on the 100% plus increase in Legislative race costs since term limits? I like more candidates in the process, but it seems silly to spend money on name idea when most all of them have a lack of it.

Or, we could keep talking about "Records", perhaps Esch's should be the next one to get dissected?


Anonymous said...

Or how about is Ben Nelson's hair real? I've seen him upclose, I think it is.

UNO Alumni said...

YKW, I am embarrassed for you and the other 99.9% of the posts here.

I read and read and read, and the conversation just doesn't aim for or reach intellegence whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

How about we request an investigation by the Ethics Committee on the audio that is obviously from the floor of the House on the Terry Campaign Website.

This is a violation of House Rules.

Quote from the Standard Rules of Conduct - "Coverage of House Floor and Committee Proceedings. Broadcast coverage and recordings of House floor proceedings may not be used for any political purpose under House Rule 5, clause 2(c)(1). In addition, under House Rule 11, clause 4(b), radio and television tapes and film of any coverage of House committee proceedings may not be used, or made available for use, as partisan political campaign material to promote or oppose the candidacy of any person for public office."

This rule covers any and audio recordings of events on the floor of the house.

Anonymous said...

IKW: the sad thing is that YKW doesn't realize that many K.

Anonymous said...

Hillary broke the rule and the rule was forced to be lifted because the didn't want to make her look bad while she was still running. It is now considered public domain, thank Hill for that.

I don't really care what IKW thinks they know. They really know so little anyway.

Maybe YKW

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that is the Senate (you are aware that Hillary is a SENATOR and NOT a CONGRESSMAN)and the House Rules are different.

It wasn't Hillary, it was Nancy Pelosi. It was not about the House rules you are thinking of. It was the CSPAN copyright laws you are thinking of.

Just because CSPAN changed the copyright laws concerning their footage, doesn't mean the House changed their rules regarding campaigns usage of floor proceedings audio and video.

Nancy used the footage on her official government site. The rules that are mentioned cover campaign usage of official material.

Sorry - but you are wrong again. Try, Try and try again.


Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper is within the spirit of the CSPAN rules change.

However, the Terry campaign is in violation of the House rules.

asecurityguard said...

So im out of town during a posting devoted to the Lee Terry record, or lack of i mean... Either the world is a cruel place or God has it out for me

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Securityguard! Jump right in -- the water's warm. Or hot if you're with the Terry campaign! Ha ha.

asecurityguard said...

From what i can make ascertain, the terry people are busy trying to wipe off some egg on their faces!!! Please try some of that holier than thou stuff now!

asecurityguard said...

From what i can make ascertain, the terry people are busy trying to wipe off some egg on their faces!!! Please try some of that holier than thou stuff now!