Thursday, May 08, 2008

Esch does WHAT?

On Thursday, Jim Esch, candidate for the Democratic 2nd District Congressional nomination, went out of his way to endorse ...Tony Raimondo over Scott Kleeb for the Democratic Senate nomination!

Yes, you heard that right.

"Esch says he's convinced Raimondo is the most qualified candidate."
For the life of us, we can't figure out any politically sane reason for Esch's boneheaded actions.

Esch most likely has the Dem nomination locked up. For his own sake, why would he do anything to risk that? What could possibly be in it for him? A promise from Raimondo for $2,300? Were there Raimondo supporters out there who WEREN'T going to vote for him? If Raimondo by chance wins on Tuesday, does he think he's part of the bandwagon?

And please, don't tell us that he felt he "should" endorse Raimondo because he really feels that Tony is the best. We're sure there are lots of things in Jimmy's head, but that doesn't mean he should blurt them out. For instance, Jim also shouldn't say, "And by the way Tony, I think your wife is really hot."

So let's look at what Esch could/should have done:

1) Kept his freaking mouth shut. How does this hurt him in the least bit? Everyone will figure he's just for which ever Dem wins. Or maybe they figure he's really a Kleeb-guy -- fellow 2006 loser, and all that. That only helps him.

2) Endorsed Kleeb. Hey, guess what? If you were a betting person in this race, your money is probably safest on Kleeb right now. Sure Raimondo might make it close, could even win. But even if he DOES win, would endorsing Kleeb really hurt him? Heck, he could probalby even get some of Kleeb's sweet-ActBlue money out of the deal.

Now, all those potential donations may dry up when they find out Esch is a Raimondo (hint-Republican) guy. He has now pissed off loads of Kleeb volunteers who probably would have carried Esch's yard-signs and stickers around for the summer and fall. He hasn't really gained any "Independants" if that was his hope, because none of them will care/remember/pay attention come November.

This is a lose-lose for Esch.

He could have tried to run on the Obama-Kleeb-Esch ticket in November. Now he's betting on Raimondo (as if that does anything for him) or some independant streak that people won't remember anyway.


Now, we're waiting for the other shoe to drop with Richard Carter's endorsement of Kleeb.
And would Kleeb endorse Carter? (We're guessing Mrs. Kleeb is smart enough to steer him away from that...)


NE Voter said...


This one's easy.

We all know that Jim will defeat Mr. Carter next week.

We also know that, in the general, Terry Lee will "attack" (quotation marks used because Terry "attacks" with the force of a pillow fight) Jim as a "liberal."

Accordingly, in endorsing Tony R., the business-friendly moderate option in the Democratic senate primary, Jim gets to move to the center. In these terms, it does not matter who wins the Senate primary.

There is no real danger that Kleeb's supporters abandon Jim in the general -- They have nowhere else to go.

Shrewd move by Jim. Well done.

Wake up people!

howard said...

So, Kleeb needs his wife's steering. Esch obviously needs a lot of steering. And Tony could use some steering too.

Someone should have advised Tony that turncoats are never trusted by any side. Sure he has millions. So did Ricketts.

The GOP needs that Senate seat more than the Dems do. But where the GOP gets a Bush appointee and ex-Governor in Mike, the Dems get political novice Tony who still smells like elephant poo.

If America is to survive its increasingly dangerous future, America should not be steered by people who themselves need steering. These guys are ego without sense.

Street Sweeper said...

NE Voter:

I would agree that is what Esch is hoping for. However, what he has done instead is get the people and money he needs in the general, to go against him. The man-power and money can and will simply look away.

If (or when) Raimondo loses, the "ordinary" November voter, won't even remember who this Tony person was.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the obvious. If you look at Congressman Terry's donation reports, you will see what a good supporter Tony has been to Lee Terry. That is because, at heart, Tony is a good Republican.

Esch does nothing that isn't first considered how it affects Congressman Terry (it is almost an obsession at this point).

It is too bad that Tony either can't see, or doesn't care (which is more likely) that the Democrat Party is using him, the same way the Republican Party used Pete.

The big question is, "How did Tony feel being the #2 story on KETV behind the Jim Esch is a blatant plagerist story?"

Esch is toast, milk toast that is! The look of shock at being caught was classic!!!!

One's own ego is always the downfall of the arrogant.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Well, Jim Esch is officially on my sh** list.

Neal Obermeyer said...

NE Voter:

Any gain from the situation you present is easily wiped out for the reasons SS pointed out.

It's not like anyone who was going to play the "liberal" card will be like "Shucks, this doesn't carry as much weight now that Esch endorsed Raimondo a few months ago..."

But a candidacy like Esch's is dependent on energizing people who are going to volunteer to go out and do a lot of the hard work that one person can't do alone.

Even if the number of people impressed versus the number of people upset ends up being a wash, the people he upset would've been far more valuable to a campaign than just their individual vote.

I don't think there's any shame in a Democrat endorsing Raimondo. But the shrewd politician in Esch's situation would've seen the value in staying silent.

Tennyson said...

"one's own ego is the downfall of the arrogant"....EXACTLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTO has a good looking semper fi mutt. But he looks a little yellow around the jowls. Liver problems? It could be the beer kibble.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I added a big blue D behind him so that you'll understand that he's a Yellow Dog Democrat. You know, "better a yellow dog than a Republican." Trust me, he's a healthy mutt and I wouldn't suggest you tease him too much, especially if he's had a few beers.

One Out In The Third said...

Brian couldn't find a way to utilize a Navy Goat...too much like a he lifted the Marine mascot. Of course...yellow is not a color the Marine Corps recognizes.

Just like the old days...anchor clankers wishing they had what it takes to be a Marine.

Just kidding BTO...Have a nice Primary.

Paul M. said...

Anyone catch the news tonight about Jim Esch cribbing policy positions from the Brookings Institute????

Esch didn't even have the cajones to defend himself.

Ronin said...

This endorsement is about money. Esch was abismal at raising money the first go 'round. Not only does Tony have some, he has friends with $$. Additionally, I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Nelson was privy to these negotiations behind closed doors. This allows Ben to help his buddy (w/o the impropriety of the biggest dem in the state coming out for or against in the primary)with virtually no backlash towards him.

Both of those guys (Tony and Kleeb) needed Esch more than he needs them. Neither have the name or clout to impact the 2nd in the general. Kleeb on the ticket in the general is of no benefit or loss to Jim. The Dem's, and there money, will not pull their support bc of this. My guess is Ben and Tony agreed to raise a min of 100k for Jim in return for this endorsement.

Kleeb's campaign is a Derby horse w/ two broken ankles anyway...The momentum, if there is any, is with Tony.

mike honcho said...

Nice photos Sweeper! Presenting your 2002 Democrat Congressional Candidates - Beavis and Butthead.

Anonymous said...

"[W]e don't need leaders who just do what's opportune or easy."

This is what the guy who apparently wants to be a member of Congress because it is a nifty job and his family can finance a campaign says about his decision to endorse the guy who flipped parties five months ago because he didn't stand a chance against Mike Johanns in the republican primary.


Anonymous said...

longest sentence ever.

Brian T. Osborn said...

1 in the 3rd,

That's OK. We sailors used to deliver those jarheads to the beaches, but they kept floating back. ;-)