Monday, April 21, 2008

Tony: Roe vs WHAT?

First Scott Kleeb gives a non-answer to Joe Jordan about whether a woman should have the right to choose to have an abortion, then refuses altogether to answer Nebraska Right To Life's questionnaire.

Now Tony Raimondo has stepped in it.

We all know that Tony is a businessman and he's concentrating on business and business because business-business which is to say "business". But after telling the OWH he is "pro-life", he was asked whether he thought Roe v. Wade should be overturned and he gave this response:

"I haven't had a need to go back and change it," said Raimondo, who grew up in a working-class Catholic family.

When pressed, he told his campaign manager, "I think I'm going to have to go back and read Roe v. Wade. What am I missing here?"

(We're picturing manager Eric Fought with his head in his hands, rocking back and forth...)

Lord help Tony if someone asks him about stem-cell research...


Second District Dem House candidates Jim Esch and Rich Carter debated last week. But if they debate in a forest and no one is there to report on it, is it really a debate?

Anywho, here's the kicker from that race:

Esch: raised $27,000
Carter: raised <$5,000
Rich, we hardly knew ye. Without the cash for people to have a clue who you are, you won't pass Go in May.

Sure it's unfortunate that Esch went back on his word after telling you he wasn't going to run.
And of course you have a better resume than Esch and probably a better command of the various issues than him.

But you are that proverbial tree that just fell down without any TV coverage.


Lee Terry's new campaign website up today (we think).
(Oh, and btw, Lee has about half a million dollars in his campaign coffers...)

Raimondo and Kleeb taking advantage of the internets by using Google Adwords (well, both were yesterday anyway). Type "Nebraska Senate" in your Google search and look to the right to see their "sponsored links" up. And did you know that each time you click those links it costs their campaigns money? Hmm....


Anonymous said...

Go GOP, Go Iraq, Go $3.50, Go housing crisis. Go Lee Terry!

Eric said...

Somebody should ask him if he supports the human life amendment. That way, the question is "what should the constitution say" not "what does the constitution say".

Of course, if Nebraska Right to Life would release the results of their survey which they apparently used to make endorsements, we might know the answer to that question.

Cal said...

Uh, Anon 11:45: you should check the numbers; the Dems are in control in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Nebraska Democrat Senate primary is shaping up to be as entertaining as the Democrat Presidential race: two idiots duking it out to see which one gets an a**-whuppin' by the Republican.

Anonymous said...

I read Jim Esch's campaign finance report. Is he already in debt to the tune of $83,000? Also, I couldn't find Carter's FEC report. Did he file it on time--glad to see Jim made the deadline, for once!

Street Sweeper said...

I'm happy to let the respective campaigns comment, but my understanding (not being an FEC expert) is:

1) Esch lent "himself" some $200,000 in 2006, and still hasn't paid himself back.

2) Carter didn't technically have to file b/c you only have to file if you've taken in more than $5,000.


OmaSteak said...

I like Lee Terry's current radio spot where he's talking about some bill in Congress to do something about border security and how he's "not going to rest until it is passed". I'll bet he even took a nap yesterday, so much for his "no rest" pledge. Unfortunately, Lee is an empty suit backbencher but he is excellent at raising money from special interest groups that have issues before Congress. I say unfortunately, since a real conservative Republican could probably unseat Congressman Blowhard Terry if the campaign money was anywhere close. The Dems just keep putting up goofballs that only appeal to the UNO Democrat crowd.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's up with Terry? With all his "experience," how many of his bills have become law? Isn't it just one? To rename a post office? He's been there 10 years! Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...


Custer said...

anonymous: In reading the newspaper article, Just goes to show the Dems are waking up in Nebraska.
Watch out you Republicans-Surrender NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweeper--thanks for the FEC info. What if Jim asks people to contribute to the 08 race, but uses, let's say, 1/2 of the funds raised to simply repay himself back on the loans?

Anonymous said...

Jim shouldn't have any debt yet, he only had $246 in expenses so far for his entire campaign and raised $25, 000. To quote a now infamous Democrat, "I must be missing something here." Maybe someone should go back and read the FEC reports again.

How funny would it be if the Dems all voted for Jim only to find out that he was just plannning on raising money to pay back all those loans that he gave himself during the last race!! Maybe that's why he decided to start taking PAC money, people that don't know him are the only ones that are willing to help him pay back over $100,000 in debt.

As for Raimondo, I wouldn't have wanted to be him when he got home the other night!

Anonymous said...

My question to Jim would be the following: "Why did it take over 1 year for you to file your final 2006 reports and you filed all you 2007 reports on the same day in january 2008?"

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

I can't paste a link here but anyone who wants a pdf of the Nebraska Right to Life Voter Guide for the Primary (including all candidates' answers to survey and endorsements) can e-mail and we will e-mail it to you. Unfortunately we can't add it to our web site at this time as the site is under total re-vamping and won't allow us to put it up. Tony did answer almost completely pro-life with the exception of a "no" answer on overturning of Roe v. Wade and stating that he is for private funding of embryonic stem cell research. Those two answers did not allow him to meet our criteria for endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Roe vs. Wade. Tony says, "If your fishing boat is sinking, then you either row real hard or get out and wade to shore."

There is nothing like running for public office to bring out the nose picking stupidity in those egotistical enough to demand to be in charge of other people.

Anonymous said...

Anony, Don't forget that the day he filed his 2007 reports in January of 2008 was also the day that he closed his campaign committee and told the public that he was not going to run for Congress again. It was also practically the day before he announced that the Obamanatics had convinced him of how wonderful he is and that he would indeed be running for Congress, again.

I think Jim must have a 2 sided coin advising him.

Anonymous said...

Esch is a damn liar, and that's all there is to it. He lied in 2006 about not running, he lied to Carter when he told him he (Carter) had his full support, and now he's disingenuously thrown his central campaign theme from '06 out the window. From the looks of things though, Carter seems to be picking up momentum, while good-time Jimmy is sitting on his ass - but what else is new? I tend to think that Esch is greatly overestimating his name id advantage; not that many people even knew anything about him in '06, other than that he wasn't Lee Terry. Plus, a double-digit loss in a "throw the bums out" year is hardly anything to brag about.

Esch is no doubt the favorite in the Dem primary, but keep in mind that Jimmy can waste campaign contributions like nobody's business. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Carter can do more with $5k than Jimmy can with $25k. I wonder how much cash he's already blown on tattoos and water bottles this time?

All told, if the Dems even want a shot at taking down Terry, Carter is the guy. With all of the skeletons in his closet, Esch must be retarded, delusional, or both to think that he can win in November.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jim Esch, if he is going to use 50 cents on every dollar to pay his old loan back, there is no way am I going to send him a contribution.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry supports an increasingly unpopular war. He got BIG earmarks for a defense contractor that's made millions off the war...that defense contractor, in return, handed Lee big campaign cash and even hosted an event for Lee back in 2006...putting more cash in Lee's war chest. (Look it up--21st Century Systems, Hicks)

So war=money for friends=money for self...that's the kind of guy I want to reward with another term in office!!

Also I loved Lee's comment that even though the war is becoming increasingly less popular in Omaha...he can count on all the folks at Offutt to pull him through to victory in '08 (WSJ). Isn't Lee's potential opponent one of those people? Sure, Lee, everyone in the military just loves you to death, to death.