Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kleeb TV: still horsing around

Scott Kleeb up on TV finally. First, take a look:

Kleeb, sporting the ever-present tan sport coat, begins agaaaain, explaining how all his relatives are from Nebraska.

We then get lots of cowboy hats and ranching images, because if you hadn't heard, Scott Kleeb worked on a ranch. Yes we know, it's a shock, but apparently it's true. Sure he went to Yale, has been running for Congress for the past three years, apparently teaches in Hastings and up until recently even had a driver's license. But when he's not doing those other things, he's remembering how he used to punch cattle (or something). But we digress...

Then the laundry list of "problems in Washington". Ever wonder if there was a time when candidates for Congress said, "Boy, those guys in Washington have it all figured out. They're on the ball and know just what you want and how to do it. But elect me anyway."

OK, so Kleeb then says that the pioneers couldn't get things done unless they had someone else to lean on.

Now feel free to argue, but the fact that they were pioneers meant they went out on their own! They were the rugged individualists who got away from government and figured stuff out for themselves.

So Scott goes on to say that Nebraskans "pitched in and together got things done." Or something.

He ends on the note where he tries to work the political disclaimer into his message. This almost never works and Kleeb makes it an awkward ending leaving you scratching your head:

"I'm Scott Kleeb and I approve this message because THAT's how we're going to change this country."

Wait, we're going to change the country by approving messages? Or, because you're Scott Kleeb the country will change?

OK, we'll assume that he's probably talking about that "pitching in" and "getting things done" theme, but again, what does us pitching in have to do with him in Washington?

And just so you know, when politicians suggest that you "pitch in" guess how they suggest you do that? (Hang on to your wallet!)

The words superimposed on the screen throughout the ad are:

Scott Kleeb (got it)
A fourth generation Nebraskan (we swear! NOT a carpetbagger!)
Husband and parent (as opposed to the bachelor playboy back in 2006)
Standing up for the middle class (because you can see him standing)
A return to Nebraska values (apparently building sod-houses and such)

So in conclusion, visually the ad's not horrible, if only incredibly busy. The average voter is probably hungry for more issue ads at this point, so it will be interesting to see how long before he drops the vapid bio stuff.

Comparing to the Tony Raimondo intro ad, we'll call it a wash. Kleeb's was technically better, as in you could read the words on the screen, there was one narrator throughout and you could see his face easily.

But Raimondo's message of successful business-guy was clearer and more specific than Kleeb's generalities. You learned something about Raimondo, but Kleeb could be absolutely anyone (with gel in his hair).

We're looking forward to the next one.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I thought Kleeb won on the quality of the commercial.

Mostly excited for the Johann's commercials though....

what could the theme be?

Used to be a Republican?

Ditched every job for a better one?

Lower taxes? (thats a new one)


Housing crisis?

Rising corn prices?

Fuel costs?

Should be a good platform.

Street Sweeper said...

Once again, I think you should worry about your guy winning the nomination before you look for Johanns's ads.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know if Kleeb's my guy I'm just excited to see what awesome things the Republicans can run on. I just like Kleeb's commercials better.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, you can stop wondering and go to and see the 6 different professionally produced issues ads he has up.

I would think when they go from the ethernet to the air they'll be pretty similar.

Uncle Wiggily said...


Kudos for trying to generate a sensible conversation about the QUALITY/MESSAGE of the candidates' ads; however, most "anonymous" demagogues, from both sides of the political spectrum, are only interested in trashing whoever they see as the opposition, whether their comments are on message or not.

Case in point - the blizzard of "statistics" expectorated by this nameless crowd on your excellent Raimondo piece of a day or two ago. We all remember what Twain (or some say Disraeli) said - "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics". Take a bunch of meaningless numbers, sprinkle liberally (no pun intended) with a handful of snappy partisan ad hom and - voila! you got "political discourse". I don't think so, Tim ....

Little wonder that we have such crappy leadership ... we deserve it.

curbfeeler said...

Regarding crappy leadership, we can't uncrap it. Just try to keep more craps out of Washington.

The Cowboy Socialist must think early Nebraskans helping neighbors is the same as joining a Kibbutz. Socialized pioneering. Does this guy really teach history?

Kleeb would fit in well in D. C. Which is good reason for Nebraskans to relegate this Kleeb-footed cow puncher to the political scrap heap.

Cow punching should be reported to the ASPCA.

boring said...

This Democratic primary is a joke. One candidate has been a Dem for a couple months, and the other one has never held office at ANY level. That's only the main parts of this joke.

Anonymous said...

You're right "uncle wiggily", people who post anonymously to blogs intend only to distort readers. Posting under a fictitious name give a commenter much more credence. You, Mr. wiggily are truly brave for sharing your thoughts without the protection of remaining anonymous.

OmaSteak said...

"All hat and no cattle"...fluff image piece from a candidate who has no substance. Shot for the MTV generation.

Uncle Wiggily said...


Thanks for demonstrating my point.

omaha repub said...

I was hoping for the Elliot Rustad look with the Nebraska map doing the Bonanza theme. Anyone remember that commercial?

Street Sweeper said...

(real gravelly voice) "El-ee-ut RUUUUStad..."

omaha repub said...

Nice Sweeper!!! you remembered

Anonymous said...

As recently as last cycle, Jim Esch agreed with 90% of what Congressman Terry has done, but thought everyone should vote for him and toss Lee Terry.

The new breed of Pols has the "throw the baby out with the bathwater mentality" otherwise known as a huge ego.

It is sad that this is probably what our Country has to look forward to for many decades-at least until the current "good pols" like Lee Terry can get their kids raised and properly educated-hopefully in the Midwest!

omaha repub said...

In the ad is he welding or cutting with a cowboy hat on???? He really likes that Hat

omaha repub said...

Sweeper...they must have had free health care, tax rebates, crop disaster relief, AFDC, WIC, Food stamps, Pell Grants, Universal Phone service tax, Social security in the pioneer days. How could Generation 1 of the Kleeb family and those other pioneers survived? Was the Kleeb Sod House bought through VA, FHA, or Section 8 assistance. When the dust bowl hit the the government bail out their mortgage?

howard dean said...

Scott speaks in an oddly effeminate and somewhat creepy way. Tony's commercial make poor Tony sound brain damaged. Mike's voice sounds like a down comforter. It can induce sleep but it isn't creepy or unsure.

Anonymous said...

There's only one "effeminate" candidate on the books this year, and he's running for reelection in a certain rural district.

Anonymous said...

On a more important note did you see Lee Terry will have a new website up next week?

BJO said...

ANON --- I didn't think Uncle Ben was running in the rural district. He won the Senate seat for a six year term last year.

And --- didn't your mom tell you --- "If you cannot say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all."

Ben though a Dem has some virtues.

Jean said...

I have seen Johann's web page. Seems as though Stephanie is doing the majority of the speaking.

Why is it that all LOSER attorneys who are in politics because they have failed at practicing law have their wives doing all the work?

No wonder Stephanie is sitting down in the scene.....she's TIRED!

Howard S. said...

Jean ---- if you take loser attorneys out of politics there would be a very large void. Starting with Bill Clinton and ending with Ben Nelson.

I do agree ----- as the story goes. All attorneys are good DEEP DOWN!!!! (about 6 feet).

Anonymous said...

I though my dog needed to be wormed but it turned out he had lawyers.

Ranch Boy said...

Just viewed Johann's web page...really only have one thing to say and one question to ask!!!!

Mike, Steph should have told you the Internet and Web Pages have been around for over 10 years now!!!!

Since you are the son of a dairy farmer, did you get kicked in the head by one of the herd, once or several times???!!!!

omaha repub said...

Yea Jean, that Loser Attorney was Commisioner, Coucilman, Mayor, Governor, Ag Secretary, and will be our next US Senator. It seems a vast majority of Nebraskans love loser Get a clue Jean!!!

James said...

OR ------ When you compare a loser attorney with a 10 minute Dem and one that welds/cuts metal in a cowboy ----- The loser attorney looks better all the time.

Ranch Boy said...

omaha repub:

I think you hit the point right on the head. Obviously Johann's doesn't follow through what he starts. Look how many jobs he has had. When the going gets tough Johann's disappears.

AKA "Ag Bill"!!!!!!!!!!!!

omaha repub said...

You saw that too James!!! What the heck was that? Scott must weld as a hobby between classes at Hastings. The hat and sparks sent shivers down my

Gal Pal said...


Stephanie probably has to pack and move boxes for her man every time he moves to another office.

What is it with LOSER attorneys that they flitter from office to office?

Anonymous said...
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red headed prophet said...

Johanns won't be able to sway the U.S. Senate to make good laws...Jean is correct... Johanns is a LOSER attorney!

Gal Pal said...


Is that your explanation as to why Johanns can't stay in a job?

I betcha Mike will be taping his video ads at the gym...he is a specimen of fitness for a son of a dairy farmer....."mooooo"!

Anonymous said...

Without loser attorneys, all you losers would still be driving pintos and saddlebag gas tank pick ups just waiting to explode! I guess all you cows are just pissed that the loser attorneys got rid of your Phen-Phen!

Give me a break and lets get on with the races!

Gal Pal said...

The point is- for the fifth time- that Johanns has done nothing but be a puppet for the "Repelican" (Thanks Ernie) Party. He never comes up with anything on his own.

He ran from the Ag Bill when Farmers needed him most. He throws low income families with kids off of the MedicAid rolls. Nebraska is the worst state in the country for Social problems. Johanns is responsible for this. Name one thing Johanns has done. We don't want to hear that he has been a mayor, city councilman, governor, ag secretary etc.....blah, blah, blah, blah

That just means he is a puppet for the Party & goes totally along with what he is told. He has no backbone. That is why the Democrats are able to field such strong candidates!

How is that for getting back to the races?