Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stand Up Hagel

First, a little Separated at Birth proposed by...Senator Chuck Hagel!

Chuck Hagel and Mac Davis.

(Here is Mac's Wikipedia link for you youngsters who never saw him perform at Ak-Sar-Ben.)

Now the good Senator didn't suggest it directly to Leavenworth Street. It was on the very interesting audio piece the Lincoln Journal Star put together of Hagel narrating a slide show of photos through his life. Throughout Hagel shows off the dry wit that many know and appreciate about him

For the shot above:

"That's a picture of Mac Davis. A great entertainer."

With Senator Pat Robert of Kansas:

"They don't laugh much in Kansas...try to steal our water most of the time..."

A shot of him looking at his watch, carrying a suitcase:

"My staff's no good...lazy. It's not easy being a Senator...I have to do it all."
A celebratory campaign photo:

"Just gotten word that...I'm not under indictment or out of detox."

And with Tom Osborne, showing a shot of a young football playing Hagel:
"This is someone most Nebraskans would not recognize -- Tom Osborne. Coach Osborne acknowledged that he and Bob Devaney missed one of the best recruits they could have probably ever had. There was one conclusion that they all came to: Hagel was not very big...but he sure was slow."

(Now if he had only come up with something witty for the pic of his non-announcement, announcement...)

He'll be here all week ladies and gentlemen! Try the roast beef. Be sure to tip your waitress.


Scott Kleeb and Tony Raimondo have agreed to debate some time before the May 13th Democrat primary. Well, at least Raimondo has agreed.

It would seem that the crucial part about having a debate is actually agreeing on the date you're going to debate, right? That's sort of the clincher. So while Raimondo has agreed to show up on April 12th, the day proposed by the Lancaster County Democrats, Kleeb just can't commit yet.

We're guessing he's very busy trying to decide which campaign logo to use on his website. You know, the same website that doesn't list a single issue or position of his...


And speaking of campaign websites, we have this to report on Jim Esch's $40K site: "Coming Soon" (day 30 and counting...)


Mike in Omaha said...

Nice website Jim...lol What is up with Esch and Kleeb mimmicing the Al Gore, Rolling Stone "enhanced buldge" shot? Is this some Alpha Male tactic being used by the Democratic Party. So the theory must go is we hate our military but we make up for the the testosterone image with a picture of our package. Note to Jim Esch, the effect doesn't wotk in suit pants!!!!! Note to sweeper, can you put up the Gore, Kleeb, and Esch pics together.

OmaSteak said...

Great SAB Street Sweeper. The choice of Mac Davis is inspired. Chuck Hagel sings a Mac Davis song to himself every morning. "Hard to be Humble" fits the departing Senator to a tee. Here's a link to it from Mac Davis on the Muppet Show on YouTube:

Mike in Omaha said...

I liked Chuck Hagel as the Quarterback in North Dallas Forty. It was nice to see 2 nebraskans like Hagel and Nolte in that film.

Not a Dem said...

mike in omaha...

Your "enhanced buldge" shot remark is creepy and just plain odd. Are you gay? Straight men don't look at other guys' crotches and/or comment on them under any circumstances! How much time a day do you spend a day tapping your foot under the stall while looking at the JC Penney male underwear ad instead of Penthouse or Playboy?

Anonymous said...

not a dem, you are a dem. And you have fleas.

Mike in Omaha said...

Hey not a dem...It is an old marketing ploy and Roling Stone enhanced Al's pic for their young liberal readers. I find it ironic that Kleeb tries to market his looks and not his liberal ideas. What the F%$@ does Run, Believe, Change mean. As for Jim Esch, he's well, Jim Esch

not a dem said...

OK, so you are now "anonymous". Fine with me. I must have hit a nerve though, didn't I? As you post.....lol! And yes, I am a Republican and proud of it! All the more reason for me to consider your post creepy and odd.

One Out In The Third said...

I was to the point of narrowing it down to one of the two elder Brady Bunch fellas...but as usual SS comes up with the pearl. A year from now Bagel will be a fleeting memory. Bagel...I'm sorry I meant Hagle. See I forgot already.

scott kleeb said...

When I sleep, George Norris comes to me dressed in a black cocktail dress. He says he loves me but I think he may be insincere.

Omaha repub said...

It seems Mr. Kleeb is in the Driver's seat for winning the Dem Primary. It seems he is speeding past the competition.

Limosine Liberal said...

Welcome to the ranks Scott we knew you could join the club.

Street Sweeper said...

Omaha Repub (or anyone else),
I might agree with you, but what do you base that on?
Word of mouth?

omaha repub said...

You missed the humor Sweeper, Speeding, drivers seat!!!

Anonymous said...


Read today's Omaha.com article on Kleeb's lead foot and you'll know what were talking about. You can't even make this stuff up. Kyle M. will probably blog that it was a republican conspiricy that got Kleeb all those tickets.

Street Sweeper said...

Mea Culpa.
Please resubmit joke under the newer post.