Thursday, March 20, 2008

Same story, new chapter

All across the internets today we're reading about how Senator Chuck Hagel says in his new book with fly-fisherman Peter Kaminsky that America needs a third party.

We're just checking but haven't we seen this before?

Oh wait, yeah, we talked about it RIGHT HERE in January of last year.

And then there was the whole thing with Bloomberg.

So this is

Oh wait, Hagel also thinks George Bush and Dick Cheney are dummies. No, he thinks they're "astonishing" dummies. Or is it "historic" dummies?

Well, all we can say is that it's a good thing Hagel wrote all this down and put a hard-cover on it, because otherwise we would have never been sure.
**UPDATE 3/21/08**
As seen in Friday's edition of "The Politico"!


And over on the "Recall-Fahey" front, we're watching all this curiously to see if this "movement" really has any steam. We would scoff at it, except that many people scoffed at the Mike Boyle recall as well.

We'll also give the "we hate the new stadium so let's try to get rid of Fahey and maybe the stadium won't get built then" people a short shout-out for their compendium of on-line polls.

But we also listen to people like City Council President Dan Welch when he throws down the gauntlet that "he doesn't think Recall Fahey will collect enough signatures to force a special election."


Is it just us, or do we hear crickets chirping when anyone mentions the Carter-Esch or Kleeb-Raimondo Democrat primaries? What happened to all the attention these races were supposed to garner?

We're looking for something to write about here people!


Mel said...

Doesn't this prove that we Nebraskans are just all for "the moment"?

In Hagel's infamous Vietnam Days people used to seriously protest the important issues our country faced.

In present times, Nebraskans would rather turn cheek in hopes that a politician would provide them a free lunch to make them feel euphoric.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck:

Don't let the door hit you in the ass. Nothing to talk about in the Senate race? How about that Tony R.'s calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops in Iraq - forcing Kleeb's hand on a stronger policy position.

So Long Chuck.

blurbreader said...

Politico on Hagel's book:

March 18, 2008
Categories: Antics

Shenanigans: Book blurbs

Wait a second — Hagel’s what?

After making a non-announcement announcement months ago basically stating that he wasn’t running for president, Sen. Chuck Hagel has remained uncharacteristically under wraps, aside from his deflection the other week on CNN about whether he would endorse John McCain.

But that’s all about to change. Hagel has a book, “America: Our Next Chapter: Tough Questions, Straight Answers,” officially due to be released next week. More to the point, some folks on the Hill are scratching their heads over the book’s description on Hagel has a premier talent for isolating himself from his own party, never mind the Dems, so imagine people’s surprise when they read the first sentence: “Sen. Chuck Hagel has long been admired by his colleagues on both sides of the Senate floor for his honesty, integrity and common-sense approach to the challenges of our times.”

“I can’t get past the first sentence,” said an astounded high-level Dem Senate staffer. “Are these the same colleagues he told to ‘go sell shoes’ if they can’t ‘take tough votes,’ just days before he voted against his own Iraq resolution and weeks before he had a press conference to announce he couldn’t decide if he wanted to run for president? Those colleagues?”

A high-level Republican Senate staffer nearly died laughing after reading the description and then told us: “He’s been long admired by politicians on both sides of the aisle [for] his ability to promote himself at the expense of others,” adding, “Who’s going to read it?”

For the record, Hagel’s gang didn’t write the blurb and sent us to HarperCollins, which did not return our call before deadline.

Anonymous said...

70% of American agree with Hagel that Bush and Cheney are dummies.

Feel free to hold your breath until they change thier minds.

OmaSteak said...

Don't you almost feel sorry for the Virginian's coauthor? Imagine having to "listen" to Chuckie's "brilliance" for hours on end. Now if Hagel was the forward-thinker he claims to be, he'd have gone "green" with his tome and had it printed on toilet paper. Oh wait, maybe there's a regulation about selling used toilet paper...LOL!!!

moniker said...

Congrats SS on the Politico link to your bookcover:

Gwen said...

ANON --- you are so correct. Bush only taught us mondane new words like "strategery" --- very very boring.

We as a country really miss the wisdom and brilliance in vocabulary building of our youth that William Jefferson Clinton generated. Polls show that when President Clinton took office only 3% of the kindergartens knew the meaning of "oral sex". In eight short years nearly 81% of kindergardners knew the meaning.

Why can we not go back to the "good old days" of the Clinton Administration?????

Uncle Wiggily said...


Congrats on the spark from ... 'bout time you got some well-deserved recognition.


BTOsborn said...


Yeah, that Clinton feller sure taught us some new words didn't he? Now who was it taught us about tap dancing in the men's room stalls, playing naughty with the boy pages, leaving sick wives in the hospital while philandering with their own young interns? Hmmmmm. I seem to have forgotten. Could you refresh my memory?

Anonymous said...


When 70% of Americans think Bush is wrong that doesn't mean they think Clinton was right. And it doesn't mean they are liberals. Maybe they think Bush raising taxes, increasing debt and growing government isn't what Republicans should do.

Bush is a bad Republican. And most Americans think he is a bad President. And bad presidents get elected by voters who think like chimps.

former dem said...

BTO ---- You are correct as usual. Any time a Dem should fall from grace whether it be Bill Clinton, Barney Frank or Ted Kenned, instead of getting rid of the embarrassments with pride and taking a stand for right and good it is easier to say "at least we are not as bad as ......." What a testimony.

Case in point ----- when beloved Clinton was sowing his oats so prolifically --- all of a sudden he was spun into the league of Thomas Jefferson for his like kind sowing rather than being chastised.

Also --- BTO, your hick accent fits you well!!!!!!

BTOsborn said...

Former dem,

You should have stopped after your first sentence. You weren't bright enough to remain a Democrat, so I'll forgive you.

former Dem said...

btosborn --- you must be so smart you are a super deligate. RIGHT??? (I think NOT) It is your elitism and the party that turns me off and caused me to change parties.

Your group tells us "common" working people that we want your vote --- and since you are not smart enough we will tell you how to vote and what is the best for you!!! That way you don't have to think --- we can think for you.

As I look back over your writings --- it doesn't sound like the party thinks you are very smart either, but you don't have enough intellect to leave and be your own person --- they are still thinking for you --- RIGHT!!!

BTOsborn said...

Dream on former dem,

You're a legend in your own mind, which leads you to jump to ridiculous conclusions. Me . . . elite? I'm willing to bet that you are much more elite than I am. I'm just a working class schlub, trying to make ends meet, and that is why I care about other working class.

One thing that you are correct on is that there are those in my party that don't much care for the way that 'I' think. I'm too much of a rabble rouser for them. They'd prefer to drink the Kool-Aid and be led around by the nose than think for themselves, but evidently you've found another brand of Kool-Aid to drink and it suites your taste. Drink up.

Now I have to ask you, why do you think I would rather just quit fighting for what I believe is right, leave and be my own person? Just because you chose to do that doesn't mean that those of us who are real Democrats should do likewise.

I think what bothers you about a lot of us Democrats is that we actually do think for ourselves. That's one of the reasons they say that leading Democrats is like herding cats. You couldn't handle it, so you left. "Elitism" had nothing to do with it.

former Dem said...

btosborn ---- the Question is: Why do I think you are "elite"???

Well ---- I know people from many walks of life. Each have special talents that I don't have a clue about and some I even wish I shared their talents. I truly do not know a stupid person. Some people have taken avenues that I would not want to travel or perhaps some have reaped unintended consequences for their life choices ---- still they can do tasks you and I wouldn't do for lack of skills.

They might not be smart in my way of being smart ---- but they are bright in their own way.

You are elite because I might not be "bright" in what you consider "bright" ---- but I guarantee I have knowledge and have skills you don't --- and you have skills I will never have. And yet you bashed me for not being as "bright" as YOU.

You have no respect for others and their ideas.

Anonymous said...

The two party system will be dead within five years.

Stick that in your egg basket.

BTOsborn said...



What is this preoccupation with skills got to do with anything I said. You and Napoleon Dynamite been hitting the 'tots' too hard?

My comment about your 'brightness,' or lack thereof, referenced your decision to abandon the battle that true Democrats are willing to fight on behalf of others less fortunate than themselves. Real Dems stand up for the working class, the elderly, the poor, the downtrodden. And you claim you left us because Billy Boy couldn't keep his tallywhacker in his trousers. Poor excuse.

4.0 UNL Student said...

This is why we need change from Scott Kleeb and Barak Obama. Imagine people like Chuck Hagel as Defense Sec for Obama. Instead of a 3 party solution, we could have 1 party if we got behind Obama and other progressives. We need to stop people that cause dissention and get behind Kleeb and Obama. Our future depends on it.

Paul M. said...

To 4.0:

You are a true testament to our modern day education system.

It's B-A-R-A-C-K.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4.0

You also stated, "This is why we need change FROM Scott Kleeb and Barak Obama." Did you mean "to" and not from? Before you post a mindless promotion for two empty suits, you might want to proof read. But I agree with your original statement; we need to change from Kleeb and Barak (sic).

-- Publius

BTOsborn said...


Empty suits? Barack and Kleeb? I imagine that you are just drooling over those fabulous leisure suits and high platform shoes sported by Johanns and McCain. Now THERE are a couple of really hip swingers!

4.0 UNL Student said...

To anomomoys: while you are proofreading my commentary, we have 4000 dead in Iraq, Racial strife in our country and we are in a recession. We really need Obama now to create a 5 year economic plan to transform our economy. He can with Mr. Kleeb's help break up the corporate farms and get the people working on the land. Obama can use the governments powers to regulate and control the energy industry. That is progressiveism in action!!!

Paul M. said...

To 4.0:

You misspelled "progressivism" and "anonymous". While on the former you simply added an extra 'e', you weren't even close on the latter. I'm curious, though: are you merely predisposed to shoddy grammar or do you find it quaint to compose like a rube?

BTOsborn said...

Spelling and grammer class is in session!

Whoooopeeeee!! (did I spell that wrong?)

Paul, maybe you should have edited Chuck's tome, I'm sure he'd have appreciated it.

One Out In The Third said...

Just don't mention Hitler.

Strong Moderate said...

Well.. to get back to the post it looks like SS has once again got it all wrong when it comes to Hagel.

Instead of focusing on the actual content of the book SS decided to simply make snide remarks... just sad.

Now.. moving right along. BTO and Former Dem, I'm not sure if you two are engaging in some sort of "dumb down" where you both want to be more "country" than the other.. or if you are vying to be "smarter" then the other.. either way try to incorporate facts into your rhetoric, it helps you both seem at least literate.

As for you 4.0, your '1 party' solution sounds a little creepy, it is as if we are not talking about Obama but Hit... OH CRAP! Sorry about that, out in the third!

Street Sweeper said...

We've discussed the political implications of what Hagel talks about in his book ad nauseam. Hence our re-titling.

BTOsborn said...

"Then/than . . . did you catch that one Paul?

Peers as if SM ain't a practicin' what he's a preachin' now is he? Comes here a sayin' we oughta get back on track, then goes and drives right offa the road. I can't figger if he's usin' sarcasm or irony . . . maybe both.

Hey, SM, this is a blog, not the freakin' Wall Street Journal!