Monday, February 18, 2008

Max factor

People have gotten all hot and bothered about this, and since there's not a whole lot else (politics-wise) to talk about, we'll throw out this little post.

The Nebraska Republican Party decided to apparently have some fun with the nascent 1st District Max Yashirin for Congress campaign. They bought the domain, and put it up with photos of Max Yashirin, from his FaceBook page. The site is now down.

(And while all of this bears some similarity to our recent post on this campaign, Leavenworth Street has no affiliation or connection with the NRP, nor have we been in communication with them on any of this.)

However, has been purchased by Matthew Samp of Dem politico firm Clear Communication Partners. That site currently is using the do-it-yourself website program that Wordpress gives you and it looks like a twelve-year-old put it together.

The point of all this? We're not real sure.
There were no comments on the photos. There was no other editorializing. There was nothing "mean" put up there. The only thing that would seem "bad" about this is that Yashirin has one less domain name he can use for his campaign. And by the way, "Yashirin2008" is still available.

Now according to the Dem's favorite blog (you can find it in the list to the right), you would have thought that Dick Nixon and the Plumbers (which would be a great band name) had come back to life and put up this post themselves.

They've described this new website as "really low", "just plain cheap", a "cheap attack", "childish antics", "stooping so low", "fake websites", "low standards", and "Rovian tactics".

Wow guys. Over-react much?

(If they ever show an ad of Max shooting turkeys your head may explode.)

Now "cheap" we'd agree with, only because it doesn't cost much to put up a website these days. A good allocation of the NEGOP's resources? be the judge on that. Frankly, we don't see how this site is (was) negative, other than it showed Yashirin smoking, but so what? Heck, until a few months ago, the current Dem-demigod, Barack Obama was a known smoker. Shouldn't that be some sort of badge of honor these days?

And in the mean time, it gave Yashirin some face-time that he didn't (and apparently doesn't) have. As one poster put up here recently, it does show that Nebraska Democrat Chairman Matt Conneally ought to give a little advice to a young campaigner like Yashirin before he throws him into the big leagues of running for freaking Congress. But you can't blame Conneally, he's only had, oh, the past fourteen months or so to prepare for this...

In any case, it's made everyone real busy and excited over the weekend, so that's a good thing, right? Keep out of the cold, and all that.

We were reminded by an informed reader that if Max needs any other domain names he can use:

You see, the NEBRASKA DEMOCRATIC PARTY purchased all those domain names back in 2005. You can read more about it in this old LJS story, here.

Why, you might even call that tactic by the Dems..."Rovian"...


Anonymous said...

After following some of the links, I began wondering about something else (Max has no chance, so why wast my time). Does anybody know where past GOP Executive Directors are now? Carlton, Moenning, etc.

Anonymous said...

How about the yahoos (no relation to the real Yahoo)that bought up Congressman Terry's names or Smith. How about Terrywatch? I bet most people think that is a legitimate Congressional site-until they read the drivvel written on it. It looks like Maxie is getting his schooling in being a grown up just like Little Jimmy did a year ago. As far as Richie goes, just remember that just because you're an Officer, does not mean that you're a Gentleman.

bigredmachine1995 said...

Moenning was working for Huckabee and I think she may be spending time with a newborn baby now.

Anonymous said...

NDP Buying Domains said...

Try that again...I guess one can't post URL's easily into a blog. Follow the link on my name.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you think your site looks like someone other than a 12 year old made it, you're kidding yourself. Also, check your grammar.

Anonymous said...

I will give Max a shot because he is a veteran. And seriously fort is from LA. A great deal of his donarions come from LA. Fort should not be representing NE. But honestly given the "choice" I will probably opt for Fort. Why can't repubs put a real Nebraskan up against Fort? Speaker Flood perhaps?

Mike Kennedy said...

Yea that Chris Peterson, where is he these days? Oh that's right..he was a high up at a fortune 500 company running their government relations here and now running the next Senator from Nebraska's campaign. Oh that Jessica Moenning...She ran a US senate campaign raising a family and know in many political circles..and Andy Abboud running government Affairs for one of the largest Casino's in the Country. Ben Kizer has a good job too....and the Democrats......hmmmmm.....hmmmmm....hmmmmmmm...hmmmmm...found Republicans to run for statewide races...instead of growing a farm team to build a base. I seems former GOP execs do well and the Dems....BTO you finish the sentence!!!

Mike who can't spell said...

ok my typing is horrible at get the point...sorry sweeper

realitychex said...

Lee Harvey Oswald was also a USMC veteran. And his original discharge was Honorable.

"Give Max a shot because he is a veteran." That makes sense if Max is running for Commander of his Legion Post.

Anonymous said...

Good point chex. A president directly commands the military. Military experience for a president makes sense. But a congressman just votes on laws and has no impact on military except the budget. Everything has a budget.

Anonymous said...

This one is available

omaha repub said...

How about this one

www.IfKateWitekIsTheAnswerWhatThe F@#$

It is still available on Go

Mike in Omaha said...

Ok here is a question? Name the 5 most recent Democrats that have held a state office besides governor or lt governor and the years they served. (oh the Witek rule applies, you count them as the party they won the election with) The answer will amaze you.

Anonymous said...

To omaha repub...

Do you really think Kate Witek cares what your opinion of her is, anymore than Hillary would care?

omaha repub said...

To anonymous:

I just am amazed she is a democrat and your party accepted her. The phrase "I will do anything for money" clearly applied there. This wasn't some realization, I'm really a Democrat. She hitched her lot to the inevitable Governor Tom Osborne as a republican. Loses over 35 polling point in 5 months and the switches parties to keep her job. She voted in the unicameral against everything democrats hold dear, trashed public schools, unions, voted against every tax hike and yet you took her. Now you guys take Toni...who has been giving money to Republican recently and thought of running for this current race as a Republican until Johanns got in.....amazing!!!!

political watcher said...

Guess who Toni tried to hire for his campaign manager a year ago when he was a republican????

Anonymous said...

Who? I don't have a clue.

omaha repub said...

Dawn Rocky? to Mike in Omaha. Was't she auditor when Bob Kerrey was governor 20 years ago. You know we may have to go back 40 years to find 5 dems. Wait can I count Jon "Daily Nebraskan" Brunning?

BTOsborn said...

Mike, I'll finish my own sentences, thank you very much. If you have run out of ideas, that's your problem.

Anyway, I find this whole argument a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Both Dems and Reps have been doing this kind of stuff for years. Nothing new here.

The one thing that does kind of bother me is how quickly Sweeper's readers are to trash veterans only because they have decided to run for office as Democrats. As a veteran that bothers me, but it doesn't surprise me.

I would hope that these two young men, that have so recently been serving our country in the armed forces, will be given an honest opportunity to speak out and be heard. Too many here are already bashing them just for being Democrats. They don't even know what issues they will run on.

That is shameful.

red headed prophet said...

to btosborn:

Seems sad that serving in our Country's military can't compare to the service of an impressionable 14 year old standing on the bridge over Dodge at Memorial Park, holding up a sign of support for the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Omaha Repub,

Seems you and Mike Kennedy have a problem with English spelling and grammer. Surely you two Republican adults went to a good public school.

BTOsborn said...

I'm sorry Red, ya lost me on that one. Could you be a bit more specific for those of us that don't drive on Dodge Street every day? What are you referring to?

the red headed prophet said...

Sorry bt: 2/08/08 @9:21 "Barack Ilyich Obama" first post

Anonymous said...

To Anon, it doesn't take public school to learn how to spell-GRAMMAR!

You now have a big L on your big forehead!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... Good One! Wondered how long it would take you to look it up! Check twice before you type another blog!

Are you Mike,or omaha repub, or one in the same? Guess it doesn't matter..either way, one of you has had a lesson for the day.

Anonymous said...

When someone walks into a crowded bar and yells "hey stinky", don't stand up and do a pit sniff.

Mike said...

Sorry Annonymous it was Catholic The truth is I'm a terrible typist. Oh well I'll Proofread. Are you satisfied now.

Anonymous said...

Unreal. First off blogs are often typed quickly and in my case in the dark waiting for kids to sleep and watching returns from Wisconsin, Hawaii, etc.. So who cares?

Now for the yellow belly that thinks only the President needs military exp? Get a clue people. I don't care if you are working for McDonald's. In general you will be better suited to work after a military experience. Yes Lee harvey and others are exceptions just as is a meth addict Harvard grad. And from first hand experience I can tell you combat will change your entire perspective on what it takes to deal with difficult situations. I am a Republican and I hold a public office and am seeking a higher office. I find it very disrespectful for anybody simply in the name of partisan politics to bash somebody and say that their military experience is not relavant. trust me it is.
that said, I find it unlikely I will vote for Max because I just don't believe in the national democrat platform. But I assure you I will listen with an open mind and WILL NOT swift Boat a fellow veteran. And trust me there is little i liked about john kerry's platform. Semper Fi Max. But be careful jarhead, the dem party has no coordination and seems to love to eat their young with races like this. fortenberry is a weak candidate but seems poised to beat another Max with little effoert.

Campaign Manager for $1000, Alex! said...

To: Political Watcher

Answer: Jessica Moenning


(Sweeper even did a post on this)

political watcher said...

NOT THE ONE I WAS THINKING...JUDGES...BUZZ! Thank you for playing. Jessica may have been asked and would be a good pick. Campaign Managers for $1000...He counted Ballots in Douglas County.

Anonymous said...

To Political Watcher

The Red Robin Guy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful who you call a yellow belly. They may have more medals than you. And learn to read more carefully. Said Commander in Chief is a job that requires military experience. Didn't say other jobs don't. But the House is one where it is needed less than in most. Sure, they all should be veterans. But don't hold your breath for that.

Those who haven't served this country at some pain or personal risk don't deserve to vote let along serve in office. They are entitled to vote but that entitlement is an unearned gift given to them by those who have earned it the hard way.

Next time, look more carefully before you squeeze the trigger.

Anonymous said...

It's absurd to say you have to serve in the Military to vote or serve in office. So the serviceman that plays the base in the "Nightwing" band at Offut Air Force Base is Qualified to be president over a Mitt Romney that was Governor of a state and sucessful in the business sector. I am not saying Military service means nothing. It means a lot, but it needs to be placed in context.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney should never be President. Regardless of military service.

Anonymous said...

Well, if military service is a pre-req for President, then it DQ's everyone except McCain and he wins by default.

That is insane logic. That is why there is a civilian command structure.

Anonymous said...

Help me, I am trapped in here with fake anonymous people. I am the real anonymous person! Can I sue?

Paul said...

Like always the GOP falls back on fear, intimidation and BS.

Miltenberger is the tool that helped with Pete Ricketts losing negative campaign, it's no surprise he pulled something like this out of his backside.

The main thing to realize is, the GOP is running scared since 2006 and especially today, since their adminstration has approval numbers in the basement. And they have no solidarity within the party.

Lil Lord Fauntleroy (Fortenberry) has zero record to run on, except for being a GOP yes man tool, all he has done is ruber stamp everything the party told him to.
No wonder the NE GOP is scared of Max Yashirin.

So here's Matty Miltenberger, all of like 26 years old himself...
Nuking a guy who served his country and is going to college, and wants to smoke a cigar and drink a beer now and then?

Funny thing though, after the AP picked up the story and ran with it, the GOP took the site off line.

Perhaps in this day and age the NE GOP is finally learning that being negative, and dishonorble in your tactics gets you nowhere?

Who knew ?

Perhaps Pete Ricketts clued old Matty in on that... since Petey knows all about losing when you go nasty and negative.

The days of money, BS and fear getting people elected are over.

Miltenberger is a douchebag, grasping at straws, because he has no facts, plan or viability if Jeffy "The Hair do" runs on his actual record.

Paul said...

Not a lot to talk about "Politic wise"?

How about John McCain having an affair?

How about independents, and dissolutioned Republicans flocking to vote in the Democratic prinaries and Caucuses?

How about the GOp cnadidate is losing in every poll match against Obama? And after the story about his affair, he will lose against Hillary too... at least in the polls.

How about the fact that the GOp is going to lose big in ost races all over this nation, because America is sick and tired of the GOp saying one thing and doing another?

Or perhaps we could discuss the fact, that your website is NOT the talk of Nebraska politics at all.

But much more like the ramblings of one kool aid drinker that gets less hits per day than some 16 year olds personal website extolling the virtues of high school baasketweaving class.

Hell if it wasn't for the local Democrats like me and BTO and Kyle coming here to school you in 21 century politics, you wouldn't get more than 6 hits per day.

There are LOTs of issues to discuss about Politics every day, and especially Nebraska Politics.
But mostly all I see is someone with their head buried in the sand.
Because your posts are all the same... bash the Democrats because I can't talk about my own parties shortcomings, or issues, or actual ideas. Because -

1. You're scared to.

2. You have no frigging clue, just like the rest of the NE GOP.

3. You are just like all the other good GOP sheep and do, think and say what you are told to.

Mike Kennedy said...

Kleeb is announcing for Senate. I think getting Raimondo to run for senate was a Democrat trick to give Kleeb a contested primary to gain statewide name recognition and give him a 1 in a 100 chance against Johanns. Raimondo has switched parties, announced his candidacy, and hired a staff so he is locked into the race. Message to Toni: "haw about them apples"

Anonymous said...

I can not believe the stupidity of candidates these days. First Max with the pictures - TAKE THEM DOWN PAL!

Now one of our own. Apparently this Chris Moles guy moved here from California like a year ago or so and yesterday he sent a release out attacking a couple democrats, but guess what number he put on the press release as a contact - A CALIFORNIA NUMBER!!


What is with this new generation of candidates. It's like they don't have a brain in their heads.

Anonymous said...

Seems Moles has struck a nerve and all that Nordquist can fall back on is Moles having a nation wide calling plan.

I guess it also shows that Nordquist doesn't want to attract young people like Moles to come to Nebraska.

This whole response kinda begs to wonder about Moles initial request/question. Nordquist takes credit for writting this great bill to help save Rosenblatt. The bill is DOA and they know it. Just another bill proposed explicitly for campaign purposes, giving So.O residents false hope. A token gesture. If Nordquist really meant this bill to be purposeful, Synowiecki would run it up as his priority bill. He could show leadership and get it passed. Will he? No way!

In what other ways is Nordquist running his campaign from the legislative office?

By the way...where was Nordquist registered when he voted in 2006? We know Moles was in LD 7.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the last Anon, the stupidity and arrogance in the new generation of Pols is amazing. I fondly remember the good ol'days of working campaigns throughout your youth, running for local office and then launching from a proven record-not only in office, but in business and your personal life.

Apparently, some campaign schoolers are convincing candidates that all it takes is a mouth and a website and your good to go. Throw in lot's of cash (or not) and voila-elected official.

Thank God the people of Omaha and Nebraska have not bought into that snake oil pitch. At least Fortenberry was elected to lower office prior to running for Congress from a state that has obviously adopted him.

BTW, I would take Tony over Kleeb any day of the week. Tony's outstanding business experience and community involvement for decades far outweighs Scotties'(yes, like the tissue!)"learned experience".

Some things just can't be taught, they are innate!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is still worth talking about because it's total bullshit, but it should be noted that the current GOP leadership in Nebraska never would have done something like that without the approval of Fortenberry. Fortenberry is supposedly "smart", but i guess this time he made a royal fuckup. Not that this is anything new or unusual in politics, but wasn't Fortenberry the one talking about honor, dignitity, positive campaigning bla bla bla last time Maxine scared the shit out of him with checking him on the Veteran's issues. All that showed is that it is the same ol', same ol' shit going on and if you believe people who pretent to be "nice", you are in for a surprise. The worst part of this fuck up is that the guy wouldn't even take personal responsibility for it, instead it seems to me he shoves it down the throat of the GOP and Miltenberger. What a shame.

Street Sweeper said...

1) Wrong, the party does stuff on their own all the time and...
2) What is this "fuckup" and "shit" you speak of?

I've never heard so much candy-ass whining in my life. Seriously. They posted picures that HE HAD UP THE DAY BEFORE.

Frankly, I'm not even sure what the point was. But the crying from you ninnies is unbelievable. My gawd, good luck on the rest of your life if this is the way you react to the dullest "trick" of all time.

Anonymous said...

1. Nobody does STUFF on their own all the time unless you are a single man on a scientific expedition to Antarctica and it's been six months since you've seen a woman. No way in hell the party did such a thing without some communication with Fort camp, and if that were in fact the case (as the GOP or Fort would like to pretend), the Fort would have blown a gasket on the party and Miltenberger would have been walking with a stick for a while.

2. The "fuck up" is that Max Yashirin was essentially Mr. Nobody, and now Fortenberry (ok... the GOP ha ha ha) has given him some sort of a platform and has turned him into the kid that got screwed with even though he didn't draw first blood. This is the "shit"

Street Sweeper said...

To a certain extent I agree with you.

Though the fact that the site came down almost immediately, suggests that Fort (or others) only knew after the fact.

But your other point I think is valid. There was no reason to do it and the GOP lost political points on it.

However you're the first person to suggest that it was a loss to the GOP as opposed to some sort of major insult to Yashirin.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sweeper - the kid has nothing to lose, so the only other player in this is the GOP. If I were the only one who saw this, that's sort of sad. I am sure you saw it too, but didn't want to dwell to much on something inconsequential.

Personally, I kind of liked his pictures online - nothing illegal, and a guy has gotta have some fun.

Maybe if Fort had a drink once in a while he won't be such a stuck up prick :)))

But I am glad that you agree with my reasoning at least partially.