Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Waiting Game

Leavenworth Street asked you to give your predictions on when U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel will announce his decision, and many of you chimed in. "Hagel Predicting" has become something of a Washington parlor game as well. One DC insider, Steve Clemons of the Washington Note blog said:

The word is slowly leaking out that not only is Chuck Hagel not going to run for President -- but he's not going to run for the Senate again in 2008.

I'm not sure this is the final word, but Hagel is getting ready to make an announcement either this next Saturday or the one following -- and all indicators are that he is going to depart an institution that very much still needs his conscience and sensibilities.

Well, unless Hagel wants that story buried under the headlines of either the Wake Forest or USC game, we think it will come mid-week, next week. The Senate isn’t in session, and this would be a prime time for Chuck to come to Nebraska and let us know what he has come up with after six months of pondering.

And as others have ventured, don’t be surprised if he talks about his Senate plans, but leaves the door open in case anything else should open up (Bloomberg!...cough…Bloomberg!).


Now a quick follow-up on the man who would love to have Nebraskans send him from New York City to Washington, D.C., Cosmic Bob Kerrey. When we last left Kerrey, he was complaining that his good bud, Chinese Ponzi schemer and general fraud artist Norman Hsu, was getting a bad break.

If you recall, Kerrey had recruited Mr. Hsu to be on the Board of Trustees at Kerrey’s New School in New York City. According to the L.A. Times, Kerrey had personally recruited Hsu to be on the New School’s board:

"He had a very interesting background," Kerrey said. "I was intrigued by the story of him coming from China to [attend UC Berkeley]. He went to Wharton."

Kerrey said the university did not do background checks on prospective board members. Hsu gave thousands of dollars to the school in recent years.

Kerrey said he never inquired about the source of Hsu's wealth. "My presumption is that he's rich," he said.
So Kerrey’s knowledge of the guy is: has a college degree and money falling out of his pockets. Sign him up!

But now Hsu is on the run, failed to appear in court, jumped from a two million dollar bail bond. And what does Rockin’ Bob have to say?
“I don’t know what is going on in his mind,” Mr. Kerrey said. “I thought that I knew him, but obviously I didn’t.” (Clinton donor fails to appear in court again – NYT –
He thought he knew him, yet had no idea how he came into his fortune? Why do we have a feeling this story isn’t over?


One Out In The Third said...


I'm planning on releasing a "Where's Chuckie" board game before Christmas. What do you think the odds are he won't have made an announcement by then? The reason I ask is because I have this guy named Hsu backing me on the venture but I am getting pressure to move quick because of unexpected circumstances.

As this episode of "Political Survivor" unfolds I am thinking Rockin' Bob is a passing hot zephyr...Scott Kleeb is going after Smith...and Johanns will be a no-show.

The '08 race is resembling opening day of duck season just before sunrise. All the ducks are flitting about and everyone wants to start blasting but they aren't sure if it's time. Once the sun appears...look out.

Street Sweeper said...

Nah, I think it will heat up for real once CTH announces.

While Kerrey may or may not be in, Kleeb WILL be in if Kerrey is out (I don't think Fahey gets in).

And, I think Johanns is also a near certainty.

I also like the Huskers, give the points.

One Out In The Third said...

Kleeb...the darling that he is... doesn't stand a frog's chance in a whatever race he enters into in Nebraska...especially the Senate. Might as well gather up the kids and missus...climb into the pickup and head east.

All this anticipation is giving me a case of the twitchy eye. Something better happen soon because Nebraska voters are becoming apathetic (not that many weren't already). Late comers just add to the confusion and frustration. We wanna hear a platform...where they they will represent us...not sit around playing mumbledy-peg waiting for Chuckie to show up.

If this pool of potential candidates honestly wants to represent us...then they better show it...and mean it.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, the reality is no average voters are paying attention to any of the races until everyone is in.

People will be perfectly willing to listen to someone who has entered in January, as long as they are credible, have a message, and the money to deliver that message.

People will barely remember all this Hagel-waiting come Election Day

Anonymous said...


isn't "climb into the volvo" more appropriate than "climb into the pickup?"

one probably even further out in the third

Ron Burgundy said...

Still think Hagel won't make an announcement with the Governor out of the country

Stay Classy

buckturgidson said...

I think Johanns is far from a certainty and very, very far from unbeatable.

Waiting on ... Esch said...

The TerryWatch guy posted on 8/29 that the rumor is Jim Esch "has given himself a Labor Day deadline" to decide on a rematch. Anyone heard this? If Jim decides it is a "go," would he finally file the required 2nd Quarter report with the FEC? It was due July 15--almost two months ago. Maxine Moul just filed hers last week--she has $80 in the bank. Can TerryWatch guy ask Jim about the report?

OmaSteak said...

Chuck the Schmuck Hagel won't announce anything before next week's report on Iraq. It will be his final Senate moment to "shine" as the leading Republican senate champion for defeat. I'm looking for ex-Senator Hagel to accept the CEO job at LaRaza after he leaves the senate in early 2009. No Republican administration is going to offer him any position of substance given his superb teamplayer reputation.

Agree with waiting on esch ... said...

You can't really do the big things in life, Jim, unless you do the little things too.

One Out In The Third said...

LJS says Hagel will announce something this coming Monday at the Omaha Press Club.