Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Johanns WAY AHEAD in poll

The Lincoln Journal Star's Don Walton is reporting that the National Republican Senatorial Committee conducted a poll in Nebraska last week with the following results:

Nebraska Republican Senate Primary

Mike Johanns 58%
Jon Bruning 16%
Hal Daub 12%

No other info about the poll at this time. And when you read the story, it was practically a throw away line by Walton.

We'll be following up with more analysis very soon.


Eric said...

I'm not sure polls for the primary in Nebraska is where the cash-strapped NRSC should be focusing its money. They must really fear Bruning's chances in the general.

Small town wonk said...

Of course the NRSC has much to gain by retaining its resources for fights other than Big Red Nebraska. This puts pressure on Daub and Bruning to step aside for Johanns. Then all Republicans can rally behind him for an entire year. If Kerry is having second thoughts now, I can guarantee a unified GOP preparing for a year will cement his New York address. This was released with Kerry in mind. NOW...the question is whether it is true. I think it probably is.

Anonymous said...

Jon Brewning must be heading for the NightTrain.

Anonymous said...

How can those poll numbers be true when both Bruning's and Raimondo's had Bruning within 10 points of Johanns? Don't get me wrong, I believe that Johanns is the best candidate the GOP can offer, but these numbers are WAY way off.

Street Sweeper said...

One way you can accomplish certain numbers is by “push-polling”.

For instance, let’s say the poll question was “Who would you support if you knew that Mike Johanns had the best chance of beating the Democrat candidate in the general election?”

Now is that a legitimate question? Maybe, maybe not. But it is certainly a push-question and one way (of many ways) that you could raise a candidate’s numbers.

But as we stated, without the poll itself who knows how these numbers were arrived at.