Friday, January 05, 2007

Representing NEBRASKA in the House

Achelpohl here shows, with one hand, the number of Republicans and Democrats Nebraska has in the House of Representatives.

Democratic Party Chair Steve Achelpohl sent out his initial rant of the new year lecturing Nebraska's Republicans in Congress to “put partisanship aside and join Democrats in addressing the priorities of the American people…these priorities are the core of the Democratic agenda.”

Well now. Just hold onto your trousers there for a sec, Stevie-boy.

Let’s square away what happened on Election Day in Nebraska two months ago:
Were Maxine Moul, Jim Esch and Scott Kleeb sent to D.C.?
Did NEBRASKANS sweep Democrats back into the House of Representatives?
Did NEBRASKANS lap up the Democratic agenda (or for that matter, did Ben Nelson)?

The answers to those questions, in order, would be No, No and No.

You know, throughout the campaigns, we kept hearing how Nebraska pols were supposed to look out for the principles and interests of Nebraskans. Well, Nebraskans stated clearly which party's principles they favor (and CQ’s latest ratings show that Senator Nellie tries his darnedest to be a GOP supporter as well).

But do Nebraskans want Congress to be bipartisan to accomplish needed goals? Probably they do. And Rep. Lee Terry took to the floor of the House on the opening day of the new Congress lamenting the fact that the Dems were doing the exact opposite of being bipartisan – by jamming the latest watered-down ethics plan down their throats without any debate or amendments allowed.

So before the Nebraska Democrats head-hatchet man takes any more swipes at our ELECTED Representatives, maybe the he should instead follow the lead of a former head of the Nebraska Democratic Party -- Federal Judge Joe Bataillon -- and commend Nebraska’s Republican Representatives to the House (for their efforts to get another permanent federal judge in the state). Seeing as these Members are actually looking out for Nebraskans…


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the backbenchers the people of Nebraska sent to Congress. A new federal judge? How about we take away one of your House members? But let's look at the bright side. At least the Three Stooges won't have to listen to orders from a Texas madman and fly off the DC to keep alive a brain dead.

Street Sweeper said...

To quote the great Ty Webb: Me isn't winning. You do.

Anonymous said...

With Democrats in the Senate needing to flirt GOP support from moderate Republicans, where does that leave Ben Nelson? Is he marginalized out of the equation?
Democrat leaders certainly won't line up to kiss Nellie’s Bush-buddy conservative patoot.

It will be interesting to see if Nelson turns into the equivalent of Hagel, by holding his own party to task and thereby gain notoriety. That would take some testicles Nellie hasn't shown.

Now we get to see how Nelson really feels about his Democratic Party.

John said...

Because Nebraskans elected Republicans to the house, does not mean that the Republicans are watching out for Nebraskans, for example, if four year olds get to vote on what they want to do, they sit around and eat ice cream all day, is that good for them, no, they just like it. I'm not saying I'm against elections, I'm saying that Nebraskans are not Republicans because they agree with their views, they are Republicans because their parents were Republicans. I've seen what the average working Nebraska family thinks, and they agree with the Democrat platform, without realizing that its not Republican. By the way, if you agree with the Republicans so much, join the military, and fight the war. I did that, just because I love this country, not because i agree with my commander-in-chief.

Fireman Petersen, USN

Street Sweeper said...

I'm confident that a 40 yr old voted for the person they thought would serve best -- and not because of what their parents think.

And if your average Nebraskan is so much for the Dem platform, you'd think he or she would have elected one.

Good to hear you're not against elections.

'Sker said...

John, you give the tired argument that one is nothing more than a product of his upbringing. Such an argument should not allow you to support free elections for the Republicans are the only ones having babies! Ha! Seriously, though, is it not equally silly - but intellectually equivalent - to say that liberal Democrats are so because they were raised such? Do you not see that you level the very thing which can be leveled at you?! You prove a point I have long pondered: the psychological blindness exhibited by lefties and the so-called intelligentsia make it ever more easy to accuse them of arrogant vanity.

Anonymous said...

Nebraskans don't need to hear from outsiders about the performance of their Congressmen. (Right, Mr. Kleeb?) Nor do we need to hear from liberals who belive that Nebraskans -- like ice cream eating four-year-olds -- aren't intelligent enough to know the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

By the way Fireman Petersen, if you want to use your enlistment as your shield, be a real man and join the Marines or Army Infantry -- like I did. How many sailors do you see coming home in body bags from the Middle East?

Or, if you're doing it just for love of country, give up your GI Bill benefits.


A Ft. Benning Nebraskan

plains drifter said...

Sweeper - no insulting retort to Ft Benning? That was low - even for this site.

Benning: How many alabama air national guarders are coming back in body bags I wonder?

Street Sweeper said...

Senor Eastwood,

My comments are regarding politics.

If two military types want to argue, I'll just make sure a comment is relatively civil, in order to post it.

Though I would note that the topic is barely germane to this original post.

Anonymous said...

I wish Achelpohl coached the Huskers. Then we would've at least attempted a 'three' vs auburn. Come on callhan!! Kick the FG.

Street Sweeper said...

That took me a minute, but I got it...

One Out In The Third said...

I'm thinking Steve Alphabet and Robin Williams for your SAB gallery.