Monday, October 09, 2006

Scott Kleeb: Punch that Resume!

Say hey political fans, the 3rd District race is apparently heating up. Democrat Scott Kleeb has begun airing a new bio ad that has a few interesting statements.

In Kleeb’s bio, on his website, it states that Kleeb, “…worked as a ranch hand in Eastern Colorado and Nebraska during summers and vacations.”

But in Kleeb’s commercial, it looks like this:

Now stating that you’re a “Rancher” when you were actually a “ranch hand” is the equivalent of working summers as a busboy at the local diner then running an ad with your photo that says, “Restaurateur”.

Or maybe working as a teller at the savings and loan and then claiming “Banker”.

And as long as we're asking questions about his bio, we’d note that there is no other employment information on his site. So beyond his summer job “punching cows” has Mr. Kleeb ever actually held a job? We’re just asking.

Oh, and that one other shot Scott has (on a horse), where it says “Independent Leadership”?
We’re assuming that he’s referencing his leadership of "the local chapter of the College Democrats".


Eric said...

Well, he's still pretty young, and he spent most of his 20's working on that Ph.D., so unless you count summer work, I'm guessing the only job he's had has been working as a teaching assistant.

I don't know about his case, but I know a lot of grad students often do most of the work. He gets the "teaching assistant" title, but he's basically a college instructor.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I sure hope your next post is about Adrian Smith's phenomenal accomplishments and experience. That'll be one to watch for.

Street Sweeper said...

Adrian Smith isn’t mentioned in our post there, Chester. It’s 100% about Kleeb’s bio spot.

But we’d be happy to compare and contrast Smith’s web bio (which looks to say he was on the city council, was in numerous civic organizations, works in real estate and is a State Senator) against anything else he may claim in a TV ad.

Anonymous said...

I know he wasn't mentioned, that's why I was hoping your next post would be about him. Maybe he'll raise enough money to come out with his first ad soon, so we can talk about that as well.

Chester? Wow, thanks for the nickname, chief.

ptg said...

Dare I say, "All hat and no cattle"?

Street Sweeper said...

Chester, I believe Smith has had numerous ads on the air (there are 4 tv and 3 radio on his web site).

(I added your sobriquet, as there are too many "Anonymous".)

ptg, I do believe you've nailed it.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a limp wrist votes for a guy who went to Yale anyway? Those Yalies are all stupid, except for our great president, George W Bush. I'd vote for a good Nebraska guy, who got proper religious learning at Falwell University, then came back to Nebraska to go to a good school with a good football team. When was the last time Yale beat anybody good? Never that's when. Besides, Smith is easy to pronounce and that Kleeb guy has a funny way of saying Kleeb. In conclusion, Yale bad, except for GW Bush, and Nebraska good, except for that liberal Ben Nelson.

Anonymous said...

The right guy for District 3 was Jay Vavricek. What a shame.

The Anonymous

Dale Gribble said...

Scott Kleeb has cornered the votes of the "bachelor ranchers of Sheridan County" (apologies Garrison Keillor)