Friday, October 06, 2006

Robo-Rubin is Calling

Hey Nebraskans, Barry Rubin and his East-coast bred attacks are back.

This time, Barry is making so-called “robo-calls” paid for by the Nebraska Democrats, trying to exploit the House page scandal.

Marylander-Rubin is apparently targeting the conservative Republican audience of 1st Dist. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. The message, which is also going out to at least FORTY-FIVE other House districts around the country, goes something like this:

Congressional Republican leaders including speaker Dennis Hastert covered up for a child sexual predator. Congressman Mark Foley was shielded by Republican leaders for at least 9 months after they knew Foley was trying to seduce a 16 year-old boy, a congressional page. ABC News reported that senior Republican
staffers were warning pages about Foley since 2001. Call Congressman ____________ at (phone number) and demand he stop the cover-up. The answer is arrests, resignations and a new congressional leadership.

The general goal of these types of calls is voter-suppression: GOP voters will think this is so bad, that they’ll refuse to go and vote, presumably for the GOP candidate.

What makes this so disgusting is that the Democratic House leadership and party hacks appear almost gleeful over this sad situation. Of course Fortenberry, along with Reps Tom Osborne and Lee Terry had nothing to do with this, and trying to attach their names to Foley is the basest of political tactics.

But Barry Rubin thinks that the best way to address a sexual predator issue is to pump up his resume so he can go onto a better job than the head of some fly-over state’s Dem party. Expect your phone to ring around dinner time.


Anonymous said...

Is this tactic anything at all like running ads tying Ben Nelson to Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy? Or is it "basest"-er?

Street Sweeper said...

Wait, I'm confused: You mean the ads tying Nelson to Clinton and Kennedy, or the ads tying Ricketts to Kennedy and Kerry?

And I think the word you're searching for is "baser-est".

Anonymous said...

Wait now I'm confused. I thought you said that tying a candidate to others i ntheir party was "basest" politics. Is it only OK if Pete does it and the Democrats don't - but once the Democrats do it its some sort of dirty trick?

enlighten me

Street Sweeper said...


"Base" is using pedophila to get your candidates elected.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the actual act of pedophelia be base and the act of covering it up for a number of years base-er?

Oh right. Right wing wackos are OK with homosexual acts with children as long as they dont blossom into long term relationships where marriage might be involved.

the phone message you posted says nothing about electing anyone. It simply asks our congressional leaders to speak out against the coverup. The one Hastert admitted to. The one Boehner admitted to. The one Kirk Fordham said occured. Is that not "base"?

And if its no big deal, why did Lee Terry return his Foley-money?

Street Sweeper said...

That's all worthy stuff, but of course, isn't what were talking about here.

We're talking about making campaign phone-calls trying to connect someone to this who had nothing to do with it. Trying to push voters based on some pedophile's acts.

And that's base politics.

Anonymous said...

no one here (or anywhere) is defending Foley or his actions. Are you defending making it a campaign issue?

Daily Bulldog said...

This Foley guy is a low-life and is gone. The investigation will get to the bottom of it.

Why did Pelosi not want Louis Freeh as the cheif investigator? Because he wrote some book bad-mouthing the Clintons.

That's pretty sad....she'll impede the investigation in order to protect the Democrat "power couple". I don't know much about this Speaker but at least he is trying to be fair...Pelosi is not.

As for racist Rubin, no one is surprised. The Dems would do themselves a favor by letting him go after this election.

Anonymous said...

Bullcrap says "That's pretty sad....she'll impede the investigation in order to protect the Democrat "power couple"
.....what the hell does the "power couple" have to do with any of this?
Bulldog, chill out, you're way too angry for an "Independent". Relax, your Republicans will retain control and all your dreams will come true.

Anonymous said...

bullpoo - Louis Freeh was also freaking incompetent. He left the FBI a shambles with an antiquated computer system because he was a moron and a technophobe. He shouldn't lead an investigation into purse-snatching.

Anonymous said...

Other Anon:

I seem to recall that the first side to cry politics was Hastert. He's the one who without any proof held a press conference and accused the Deomcrats of leaking this information for political gain.
Nevermind that ABC News had already said their source was a Republican and the Hill Newspaper also sourced a Republican as the one circulating the emails.

So, I say, since Hastert opened up this bag of worms, Barry might as well go fishing.

And again, why cant Nebraskans ask their Congressional reps to stand up for what's right - call on the Speaker to stop the coverup - without some whineymouthed conservative crybaby complaining "it all politics."

Lee Terry sensed some kind of problem - he admitted it when he returned the money. He never returned the money he raised at the Madonna concert for crying out loud.

And as far as Pelosi - once again a story made up by Hastert and not corroborated by anyone else.

Any other questions, anon?

Daily Bulldog said...

Freeh is incompetent? Then why was he allowed to run the FBI for 8 years? Especially the 8 years leading up to 9-11. Interesting point you speaks for itself.

Racist Rubin will stoop and Pelosi will do anything to regain power, and both will fail.

Why is that so difficult for some of you to understand?

Anonymous said...

freeh was allowed to run the FBI because folks like Newt Gingrich would screamed bloody murder if he had been fired as he so richly deserved for his incompetence. they were more interested in endless investigations of clinton's pants than going after terrorists. read a book by someone other than rush limbaugh and you'll learn that freeh was crap.