Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leavenworth Street Odds Makers

Just a week out now, Leavenworth Street is continuing our tradition of giving Odds on the major races!

First, some BOLD predictions on the Governor’s Race:

Dave Heineman vs. David Hahn


To win:
taken off the board; wagers will no longer be accepted for this category

That Heineman exceeds 60% of the vote:

That Heineman exceeds 70% of the vote:

That Heineman exceeds 80% of the vote:

Aside from their first names, these two have nothing in common. Hahn has never convinced anyone he could actually win, he didn't get his message out, and didn't spark any enthusiasm. He has run a nearly invisible campaign and has excited no one.

Heineman, the consummate politician, the professional campaigner, the tireless Governor has exceeded expectations and soared past respectability to god-like icon of Nebraska politics. This is a guy who has paid his dues, moved up the ranks in the political hierarchy, worked hard, is responsive to his constituents and sides with the majority of Nebraskans on issues. Oh, and along the way, he beat a legend. Future generations will sit around campfires telling stories of the boldness that was Heineman. (Well, at least they’ll talk about how he knocked off T.O.)

And now for a little Halloween Separated at Birth for this Gov’s campaign!:

Dave Heineman and Godzilla

David Hahn and a Ghost

As usual, Leavenworth Street presents these odds for recreational purposes only. No actual gambling should be done while looking at these odds, and we don't think you can gamble online anymore anyway, and even if you could your stuck with poker, and stuff. But maybe there's some Irish websites that'll take your bets. So good luck on that and everything.


Anonymous said...

Yes.....I love it. A great time of year. and with some SABs, this is almost like Christmas!!

Street Sweeper said...

Almost? This is like Christmas and Arbor Day rolled into one!

Or something...

Anonymous said...

damn, i wish everyone was excited about satire and politics as you and i are, SS.

Anonymous said...

How about new odds on Esch-Terry and Smith-Kleeb?

Street Sweeper said...

Patience, young padawan. Patience.

Our schedule will probably be:
Wednesday: NE-1
Thursday: NE-2
Friday: NE-3
Saturday or Sunday: Senate
Monday: Grab bag.
Tuesday: In search of exit polls
Wednesday: Brisket recipes

Anonymous said...

Thursday: a new batch of kool-aid for Michaelis, Rubin, and the Democrat bloggers.

Uncle Wiggily said...


Dang - all this time I thought Guv Dave was running unopposed. You say this guy's name is Hahn??

When I Google him all I get back is "Huh?"