Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Witek, Witek, Witek, Witek or Witek?

In other ludicrous news, since a Lancaster County District Court Judge ruled that Kate Witek should be listed on the November ballot as a Democrat, and Witek obtained enough signatures to be placed on as an Independent, Kate Witek and the Democrats are now claiming she should have her name on the ballot twice for the Auditor’s race. (Dems: Witek should be on ballot twice – LJS – 9/13/06.)

Will the Dems sue to make this happen? How will the Secretary of State respond? Who is this helping?

Another question would be, what happens when voters fill in the oval next to Witek’s name twice? Would that disqualify the ballot?

How would votes be counted? What if Republican Mike Foley gets 40% of the vote, but Independent Witek gets 25% and Democrat Witek gets 30%? Who wins? If I was betting, and since this would of course go to court, I’d say the court would decide that the votes get combined.

But then who knows? Anything could happen. And then there’d be a huge uproar about this, both sides claiming bad faith. Nebraska would be featured in the national press as a bunch of dupes who can’t get their ballot straight. Oh, and all this wouldn’t be free.

So take all this into consideration, when Kate Witek and her new Democrat BFFs come out with this swell plan. And before everyone starts blaming John Gale, try asking why Kate didn’t just run in the Democrat primary for Auditor in the first place.

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