Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Nelson Ad Analysis

Just a little follow-up from the National Journal’s short piece about the Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) ad similarities.

In Nelson’s latest attack ad on Pete Ricketts, he uses images of a couple of women – the previously mentioned “Diner-girl”, and then another depressed-looking woman (we’ll call her “Meth-grrl”).

In the Cantwell ad, Meth-grrl gets this audio:
“For those that feel life is getting too expensive…”

In the Nelson ad Meth-grrl gets:
“Two years later Ricketts laid off another 400 employees…”

(She must have been laid off by Microsoft AND Ameritrade!)

Then in the Cantwell ad, Diner-girl gets this audio:
“…And health-care costs are skyrocketing…”

In the Nelson ad, Diner-girl gets:
“He opposed raising the minimum wage for workers making $5.15 an hour…”

(Well maybe if she wasn’t commuting from Seattle to Lincoln every day, she could stretch those wages.)

We're not going to get too uptight about Nelson pretending that these actors are Nebraskans (though that's certainly the implication).

We just hope that Ben Nelson is paying these actors the lowest rates considering all the royalties they must be piling up…

**Update, 9/13/06**
It seems that Diner-girl has also been making stop-overs in Arizona, as discovered in Arizona Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Jim Pederson's ads. We don't know how she affords homes in three states on that minimum-wage salary of hers...

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