Friday, August 18, 2006

Witek: New Party for the Old Job

Guess what Kate Witek JUST discovered? If she switches to the Democrat party, she can get back on the ballot for her job as Auditor! How ABOUT THAT? Well that was just a happy coincidence of her switching parties! (Switch could put Witek on ballot – OWH – 8/18/06.)


When Tom Osborne offered to take Witek on as his Lt. Gov running-mate, she figured she had hit the jackpot, since nearly everyone (including Leavenworth Street) figured Dr. Tom had all the Lotto-numbers for a win. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that Osborne’s run towards the middle during the primary turned off enough GOP voters to give Republican stalwart Dave Heineman the nod.

Since Witek:

  • Was hoping that Dems turned Republicans would give them the votes they needed;
  • Refused to stick with her party against Ben Nelson;
  • Had a running feud with Dave Heineman;
  • Was still peeved that Chuck Hagel had supported Heinenman over Osborne;
  • And, oh yeah, figured out she could RUN again…

…well, the Democrats don’t seem so strange after all!

So when Kate Witek says the Republicans were “only looking at controlling all the offices,” just consider the REAL reason Witek is switching parties – right before the state Democratic convention. (Witek leaves GOP - LJS - 8/18/06).

And by the way Kate, don’t expect too many of those Big Tent Democrats like Fahey and Nelson to join you at the next Pro-Life rally. (Come to think of it, have they EVER showed up to one?)


Anonymous said...

That's just great. It's kind of like being told you're hot by Ann Coulter.Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is all about Kate keeping her job. I worked for Kate several years ago for a few months and had to quit because she was a complete moron. She confessed to me she got into politics because she needed health insurance for her family because her husband Charly couldn't keep a job. She's truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You know, your post sounds like sour grapes. But i shouldn't be surprised. You're a real "friend" to the GOP. They are lucky to have a "friend" like you.

Street Sweeper said...

Per her latest moves, listed here, why would any GOPer want her around?

Oh, and nice "air quotes", Britney...

anonymous said...

Why are th Republicans actively trying to keep Kate off the ballot (see today's LJS)? Are they against democracy and free elections? Do they just not like women? Only the GOP would send 160K troops to Iraq to spread democracy and then fight a fair election here. Is that part of their war strategy too? lets have Democracy "over there" so we don't have it "over here."

Street Sweeper said...

From what we can tell, the GOP is interested in making sure that the law is enforced. Crazy idea, that.

Anonymous said...

Recall the many occasions when Nebraska Democrats brimmed with contempt for Kate Witek. Here is an example from their own blog:

Now they bellow how admirably she has served Nebraska. I don't know who is more of an embarrassment, Witek or Barry Rubin.