Monday, August 21, 2006

Who Convinced Kate?

"She joined us, we didn't join her."
-Vince Powers of Lincoln, commenting on Kate Witek becoming a Democrat
Oh really, Vince? I wonder if Kate considered that if she switched parties, she could run for Auditor again…

“I have no idea if any of that (a draft) is even possible. I've not looked into it.”
- Kate Witek, the day before the State Democratic convention.
No, Kate? Well, SOMEONE must have looked into it:

“It's our understanding that the law provides the opportunity for that to occur, and we'll be discussing it at our state convention.”
- Democratic state executive director Barry Rubin.
Now we're getting somewhere. Democrats, could it have been Barry Rubin’s idea to get right-wing Republican, uber-Pro-Lifer Kate Witek to switch parties and run as a Democrat?

And some Dems are less than pleased about this.

Here’s Maxine Moul trying to claw her way back into the fold. Here’s newcomer Scott Kleeb, who has an outside shot of beating a Republican out west. Here’s David Hahn coming up to his debate with Dave Heineman, trying to get some press.

And Kate Witek comes in and sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

Of course, Witek received a less-than-unanimous 61% for her nomination at the convention. With the OWH reporting various comments such as,

“This is an action of a party without principle and a candidate, or officeholder, who will do anything to retain that office,”

“This just about getting a 'D' behind someone's name. . . . Shame on us we couldn't get a real Democrat to run.”
(Questions surround Witek's new race for auditor – OWH – 8/19/06.)

Or if you want a more complete version of how some Dems feel, take a look at the editorial entitled, “Question to Democrat Hierarchy: What were you thinking about?” at David Hahn’s own Nebraska State Paper.

Let’s let the Barry Rubin get a word in edge-wise:

“We enthusiastically welcome Kate to the Democratic Party.”
Oh, and you might want to suggest that Kate change the “Important Links” on her “State Auditor Kate Witek Campaign 2006website.

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