Friday, August 04, 2006

Really Mad-Libs!

Remember the book of Mad-Libs that your mom would give you for those long car rides to your aunt’s house? Well, apparently someone has been handing those out to the various newspaper editorial boards across the state. Here’s one for your write your own editorial:

We here at (name of Nebraska newspaper) are (exclamatory verb, past tense) at the (really mean adjective) ads in the United States Senate campaign between Ben Nelson and Pete Ricketts. When there is (serious world issue), (very serious world issue), and (very, very serious world issue – that newspaper recently editorialized about), all the Ricketts and Nelson campaigns want to talk about is (whatever the campaigns are talking about).
It’s time that Nelson and Ricketts realize that they are running for a (high-falutin’ modifier) office and Nebraskans deserve a (same high-falutin’ modifier – so the two idea agree) debate on the issues. We suggest that both sides end the (word other than “negative” – since it’s overused) attacks and stop throwing (mucky substance) at each other so that Nebraskans can hear a debate about issues that are (happy modifier) to them.
And just so Leavenworth Street doesn’t get accused of doing nothing while the campaigns drag in the Dog Days, here, for your weekend delight, is a Separated at Birth!

Lee Terry and a Democrat/Nelson Hooligan!


Anonymous said...

Good thing you're not in the electronic media or Terry Lee might sic the FCC on you for that naughty word "hooligan".

Daily Bulldog said...

This isn't electronic media? I think you mean 'broadcast'.

And you probably also mean Lee Terry.

Get off the bong.

Anonymous said...

Three certain things in life. Death, taxes and Bullmanure will insult you with a drug reference. Hey, dumbkopf, did you fire off a witty drug insult to Dr.Evil when he called your congressman "Terry Lee"? You are truly a simp.

Daily Bulldog said...


Not sure who "bullmanure" is, but yes, I will call you an idiot and assume you are on drugs if you do something as stupid as confusing any individual's first and last names.


Anonymous said...

I think Anon was referring to the time Dick Cheney introduced Lee Terry as Terry Lee. At least you both can agree that Dick Cheney is an idiot.