Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Poltical Roundup

As the mad dogs and Englishmen trot around in the afternoon sun, we here on Leavenworth Street are viewing the political landscape.

First the House races: According to various rumors, there are three House seats in play this election, and Carter Lake odds makers are accepting wagers. However, we have no evidence to confirm that there is an election for any of these seats, and we will stick with that position until we hear otherwise.

In the Governor’s race it’s all about the debates: David Hahn wanted nine. Governor Dave Heineman said he’d give him none. Then he announced that he had accepted debates at three Nebraska locations, and if he wanted, Hahn could show up and watch him debate as well. Hahn was outraged. Then he tamed his outrage and agreed to the three debates. But he still wants six more. Heineman reportedly patted Hahn on the head and gave him a stick of gum.

In the Senate race, media consultants are verrrrrrrrrrrry happy about the way things are going. Pete Ricketts is running ads. Senator Ben Nelson is running counter ads. The Nebraska Republican Party is countering the Nelson ads. The Nebraska Democratic Party is countering those counter ads. Media consultants are making down payments on Vail condominiums. To date we have the following information:

Both candidates have really nice houses.

Countering the ever popular Dr. Seuss ad run by the NEDems, the NEGOP has now run its own ad talking about the $145M nuclear waste compact settlement, among other issues (unfortunately, this theme doesn’t lend itself to funny hats).

In the end, the one ad that we actually like was the recent Ricketts ad where he’s talking directly to the camera, says what he thinks about the Nelson spots, and then says what his campaign themes will be in the next 90 days. (Though we’re still trying to decide if we like the five o’clock shadow he sporting…) This isn’t terribly different from what he or Nelson has been running in the past few months, but it somehow comes across infinitely better than the evil sounding narrator in the other ads (sometimes contrasted with the sweet female voice when talking about positive things).

No doubt the Nelson camp will counter with a similar ad. And we have a feeling that the grumpy editorial boards at the OWH and LJS will be happier when these versions hit the airwaves.

And we can guar-an-tee the media guys will be…


Cowpunk said...

Question(Am I allowed to ask a question here? The header says "Leave your comment"):

Who, exactly, are the "media guys"?

Street Sweeper said...

Cowpunk, yes, you may ask questions. Thanks for asking first.
The referred to "media guys" " are the consultants that each candidate has that create the commercials and place the ad buys. They get paid for all of that. Thus their glee.