Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2nd Dist. Odds


Continuing in our series of Congressional race odds-making, we give you...

2nd District Odds

Lee Terry, Jr. (R) - Incumbent
Jim Esch (D) – political newcomer

Terry 1:1

Pen Terry in for re-elect. He has never received less than 61% of the vote in three elections, and he has continued to keep a positive image in the District. The "Dean" of the Nebraska House delegation has moved up the ranks in seniority as well. He also should have enough cash to beat back any challenge that Jim Esch can present.

Esch 100:1

Esch seems to be having a good time in his MySpace campaign, and this race should provide him some face time in front of voters. He may have a decent chance segueing this campaign into another race for the Legislature, County Board or City Council. Congress was a bit of leap this time around. It will be interesting to see if Esch can avoid the political oblivion so many other Congressional challengers have faced.

As usual, Leavenworth Street does not endorse signing petitions to make these odds official in a theoretical Nebraska casino.

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