Tuesday, July 25, 2006

1st Dist. Odds

In our continuing quest to keeps things interesting across the political spectrum, here are Leavenworth Street’s odds for the upcoming Congressional races. Wednesday and Thursday we’ll bring you the 2nd and 3rd District odds. We will also update these odds as Election Day draws nearer.

1st District Odds

Jeff Fortenberry (R) -- Incumbent
Maxine Moul (D) -- former Lt Gov.

Fortenberry 2:1

The numbers are in his favor, but he's an unproven first term congressman. His campaign seems to be slow starting (maybe that's a good thing for the already campaign-weary public). Also, there is still some bitterness lingering from the primary last time around, which hurts party unity. Fort should win, but he’s no shoe-in.

Moul 4:1

Mad Maxine’s pro-choice advocacy will hurt her. But she has raised cash surprisingly well, and she’s well-known in the District. She could ride Senator Nelson’s coattails a bit, but if Nelson is blowing out Ricketts as Election Day nears, Dems won’t have any other great reasons to make it to the polls. This is an outside shot, but not out of the question. This isn’t a bad position for her at this point.


Anonymous said...

Dead on here. Maxine Moul is pro-choice and I don't believe she represents Nebraska at all.

Fortenberry brings fresh energy and perspective. He has done well in his 2 yrs and I don't see why we need to take him out.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute. I thought this was a ricketts site? what are you doing commenting on other races?

Anonymous said...

How can we trust Maxine? I voted for her for Lt. Governor and then she resigned. Unfulfilled promises, she turned her back on Nebraska.

Daily Bulldog said...

And if you voted for Nelson in 1994 he would have broken his promise to serve his second term, had he won the '96 Senate race.

I am not so sure Maxine resigned as opposed to being pushed out, or asked to resign....she obviously wasn't a good heir apparent, yet Robak was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Why would she be pushed out of the lt. governorship only to be appointed to an office that has a budget that is about 10 times higher than the Lt. Governorship. Besides, the Lt. Governorship is more of a ceremonial role than anything else, especially during the time period Maxine occupied the office.

Fortenberry doesn't bring fresh energy and perspective. He is a party liner that votes with the party line. I am not saying maxine would not be a party liner either (No one really knows yet) but don't label Fortenberry something he isn't.

Daily Bulldog said...

In Nebraska there is a two-term limit on governor, so if you are pushed out as MM was, you are not good enough to be heir apparent.

Defending that move is ineffective; Robak was the chosen one, MM was the passed-over one.

Deal with it.