Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pro or Anti Bugaboo?

The Omaha World Herald recently criticized Pete Ricketts’ latest commercial stating:

“How much better served Nebraska would be if political ads focused on specific policy differences between Ricketts and U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson rather than trotting out tiresome rhetoric about Clinton and Kennedy, those predictable bugaboos of the GOP hard right.”

(Furthermore . . . – OWH – 6/19/06)

And the OWH is correct, to an extent: Nebraskans are smart. Ricketts shouldn’t beat around the bush, using the “bugaboos” (can I get a Wikipedia definition on that please?). Petey needs to come right out on the issue directly (saying something like this):

“Ben Nelson likes to pretend he’s a Republican. As elections near, he likes to vote like a Republican. He likes to hang around the Republican President. And he nearly has Nebraskans believing he’s a Republican. So here’s the question, Senator Nelson: If the Democrats take over the Senate who will get your vote for Majority Leader – the Democrat or the Republican?”

It’s a simple question. Because if the answer is the Democrat, then those “bugaboos” the OWH talks about will decide which bills and judges even make it to the floor for a vote. And suddenly Petey’s rhetoric isn’t so tiresome…

(Oh, and the OWH editorial forgot to mention that Ricketts spent $5M of his own money, like they have in every other article written about him…)


Anonymous said...

So you would suggest that Ricketts continue to not talk about actual issues or why he should be senator? I think that if he ran your ad, the OWH critisim would still apply - Ricketts is just demonizing other people, not give anyone a reason to vote FOR him.

Street Sweeper said...

Nice summary. Do I really have to spell it out for you? OK, fine. There are MANY issues to discuss, and this is one of them: Who controls the Senate agenda, the Democrats or the Republicans? Alito and Roberts don't even make it out of committee if Kennedy is the Chair. That, Grasshopper, is a REAL issue.

anonymous 2 said...

Not to mention the argument rests upon the idea that 6 other Republicans will lose their Senate seats. "Vote for me, because other states are voting for Democrats?"

Street Sweeper said...

Rhode Island

Pick Six and you too could have Big Head Ted as your Chair!
Your boy Ben wants to tell us how he’d vote on lots of other issues, how about this one?

Anonymous said...

So i guess both you and ricketts are hoping that six republicans lose because that's the only reason you (or he) have given to vote for him?

Street Sweeper said...

Oh kids, you're such fun. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why these pro-Nelson dems are so pro-Nelson. If they're posting here, then they are likely UNO-dems or some sort of rabid, Howard Dean liberal. If that's the case, why are they so hot for a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business guy like Nelson? Only because he's a democrat? PLEASE give me your reasons why you are pro-Nelson. At least I know why I'm pro-Ricketts, and it goes beyond the party reasons.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper,

Your site is just another GOP noise machine site bagging on Senator Nelson and Democrats trying to make it sound like it's a nonpartisan news site.

This same kinda of site was set up in 2004 for the Daschle-Thune race in order to help move Thune's attacks against Daschle into the news cycle from a non-campaign entity and make the Argus Leader more neutral in the race.

Just come out and say you're supporting Ricketts and the GOP.

You can then reveal your name (which is conveniently missing when you run a smear site).

Nice try on trying to pull a fast one on the Nebraska politicos.

Street Sweeper said...

What is WITH you kooks? Really, if you don’t like the site, just go somewhere else. Or is the site down at the NE Dem blog? Ok, just to pacify you I’ll respond… AGAIN… to your goofy rant, but only because you obviously took time out of your busy day to type it.
1) Sorry, no connection to the GOP. And we’ve never claimed to be making news – although we did have the scoop on many of the polls just before the primary.
2) Not familiar with the Thune site, but if this is an election trend you’re suggesting, well…you said it. However we have no connection to any campaign. Sorry to disappoint. (Boy, still bitter about that SD race, are you?)
3) This blog’s point of view, like any blog’s, should be evident in everything that is typed. And why is it you people need everything spelled out for you?
4) Name a SINGLE smear, please. We’ve never posted anything that wasn’t either TRUE, or specifically clear as being our OPINION. And we’ve already discussed the “name” thing ad nauseam. (By the way, curious accusation coming from “Anonymous”.)
5) “Pulling a fast one”? Are you Mike Brady or are you Sam the Butcher?
Anywho, actual Nebraska politicos don’t need everything served to them via a sippy cup, as you seem to require.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that you run a blog to share your opinion with others, yet you seem to get very upset when individuals share their opinions back. Why are you blogging if you don't want to hear back opposing views? Why would you tell people not to visit your site?

Anonymous said...

Sweeper- I read your site because I think it's funny and you take a different look on things. And it's insightful (you must have SOME inside connections to the GOP political party - you've put some good inside info up from time to time) I too want to hear some dissenting views.... but it seems all we have is a bunch of whiners about your site.

Agree- if you hate the site, don't read it, much like I don't watch Two and a half Men. But PLEASE stop the whining.

I see someone above asked a legit question about why liberal Neb Dems support Nelson. Well... why? or do the other posters here just want to complain some more? HINT: it won't help your bitterness.

Street Sweeper said...

Well let’s be clear: “You’re a shill and a liar!” isn’t expressing a political opinion. It’s a partisan kook rant. If your opinion is “This blog stinks!”, then we’d once again suggest you go to another blog. Anytime someone has expressed an actual opinion about something written (as many have) we’ve often offered an opposing opinion.
Though to your other point, this blog was never established so we could hear what you think. It was put up to state what we think.

NebraskaWonk said...

It scares me when Mommy and Daddy yell.

Kyle Michaelis said...

We don't support Ben Nelson as liberals. We support Nelson as Nebraskans. He's the better representative of our state who will (and has) better served its interests in Washington D.C.

Good government is more important than ideological supremacy (or zealotry). Democrats believe the right leaders can do great things with government to create a more just society benefitting the American people and the world. Nelson is one such leader, and we are lucky to have him.

Go ahead and vote for Ricketts out of fear of Ted Kennedy. But, the majority of Nebraskans will vote with hope and confidence for Ben Nelson this November - a proven leader with an actual record of the independence, common sense, and practical conservatism that truly defines Nebraska values.

Street Sweeper said...

Mr. Michaelis, do you talk like that when you’re around people? Do you really use words like “just society” and “such a leader”? Because the gist is that the folks who read this blog see thru the hooey, and really want to know why you’re going with the guy, when he votes like a Republican seven to eight times out of ten. Republicans would like to have someone who votes that way nine to ten times out of ten, and feel that Nebraska would benefit from that. So once you’re done with the iambic pentameter, give a rational reasoning and leave the flowers in the garden.

And just so we understand that we’re not in a vacuum here, I’ve seen your reasoning to national Democrats on other blogs. You’ve said Nelson will help build the party back up in the state. And I believe you left off “leaders doing great things” when talking about Nelson’s support of repeal of the death tax, support of the Iraq war, support gay marriage ban, Alito, Roberts, etc.

And I think we’re all OK with that, in general. Just back off on the righteous palaver.

Kyle Michaelis said...

Nelson is more capable, more competent, and better able to serve the people of Nebraska. He's not an ideologue. His voting record is the least partisan in the United States Senate - pretty well reflecting a state that lays claim to the nation's only non-partisan legislature.

Ricketts or Nelson? Those are the choices on the ballot. It's not a difficult choice at all. Nelson need not be my ideal candidate to have been a good governor and a respectable senator who deserves reelection.

You want rational reasoning, yet all you offer in its place is childish, petty, and terribly uninteresting partisanship. Thankfully, voters aren't cursed with the same lack of vision and don't inhabit the same bubble of political blindness and intellectual blandness.

"See thru the hooey", indeed. Talk about not seeing the forest from the trees. How dare you - how dare we - poison democracy (and government) in such fashion?

Street Sweeper said...

Gimme a freaking break. YOU’RE telling me I'M partisan??????? That’s the hemorrhoid calling the mosquito bite itchy and uncomfortable. Here's the reality of the matter (and I hope you can understand even though I don’t say “thusly” or “forsooth”): If Nelson had an (R) after his name, you'd be back on the mountain-top shouting about his eeeeeeevil voting record and comparing him to Jesse Helms. (And I see he just dropped a peg from "Great leader" to "Respectable Senator". I'm just waiting for "We can stomach him.")

Anonymous said...

Nebraska Dems vote for Nelson because voting liberal 30% of the time in the senate is better than 0%.

Street Sweeper said...

That's great and everything, but this post is from June.