Monday, May 08, 2006

Final Tracking Polls

Final tracking polls from The MSR Group.

In the Gov’s race, still a statistical dead heat (though the Heineman lead grows slightly).
At this point it’s all about getting out your vote.
As we pointed out here, our prediction for Osborne is based on the "unlikely to vote" coming out to vote on Election Day, and leaning towards Osborne, basically on pure name recognition.

In the Senate race, Stenberg’s bump from the other day seems to have faded.
Still, the undecided numbers are still very high for this point. Considering that so many will be pulled to the polls for the Governor’s race, just about anything can happen. However, with the solid lead he has now, and with the massive name recognition he’s developed, we expect Ricketts’s numbers to go up with the tide, and we stick with our prediction of Ricketts being over 50%.

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