Monday, May 08, 2006

Clerk of the Dist Ct. candidates - Separated at Birth?

Before we give the final pick of our primary election season, we'd like to introduce you to the candidates in our last race, Seprated at Birth style, of course:
Democratic Primary for Douglas County Clerk of the District Court

Current Deputy Clerk, Barb Carpenter
a willow tree

Attorney/Triathlete, Tom Barrett
Rosie Ruiz (of cheating Boston Marathon fame)

(Former) County Treasurer employee / Embezzlement sympathy card-writer / Julie Haney-fireee, Trish Lanphier
an injunction filed by Hallmark™ for infringing on their trademark

**Update, 1:22 pm, 5/8/06**
Because Enquiring Minds want to know: No, we're not calling Barrett a cheater. Rosie Ruiz is the only marathoner we could think of and the juxtapostion with Barrett is funny. And no, that's not a real injunction from Hallmark. Not yet, anyway. Come on people!

**2nd Update, 1:28 pm , 5/8/06**
Oh, and also, Barb Carpenter's hair isn't really a willow tree (as far as we know).

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