Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thinking about it

A few interesting notes from the story in the OWH about whether or not Ben Nelson will run for reelection in 2012.

First various talkers predicted (as no doubt directed) that Ben will run again. Then again, Tony Raimondo also told us way back when that he would be a lifelong Republican, so take it for what it’s worth.

But then note the names Robynn Tysver listed as being interested in a Senate bid, along with Bruning, Flynn and Stenberg: State Auditor Mike Foley and Rep Jeff Fortenberry.

Now we are still of the belief that either Foley or Fortenberry may run, but not both.

So for one, the fact that either is listed means that there is still some serious consideration going on.

However, we and many other had pretty much marked Fort off the list. Well, that is unless Nelson decides not to run in 2012. In which case the floodgates may open, and someone like Fortenberry would be much more likely to run.

And again, the fact that the OWH printed that each of those two is interested means that there is some serious consideration by each.

Not to mention, who the OWH may back.


Then there was Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle on his media kvetching tour -- first there was Channel 6, then KFAB, and now his woe-is-me to the OWH.

And who is really taking the brunt of this Recall business? Well, the Mayor says, that would be his nine-year-old grandson. (Of course maybe the Mayor should direct Sonny towards Captain Underpants instead of the blogs.)

But here is an idea: Shouldn’t the Mayor resign now, instead of subjecting the boy to all this pain and anguish?

(Hey, he invoked his grandson, not us.)

And for Roget’s sake Aida, please hand the Mayor another cliché instead of “nose-to-the-grindstone”. He is giving worn-out phrases a bad name. Sounding like a broken-record. You get the picture.


And we are still hearing rumblings about the various candidates who may or may not get into the race, should the Mayor fall in January.

Of course many of the names are all based on whether or not the GOP Elephant in the room, Hal Daub, gets in or not.

If he is out, you will probably need a Rolodex to keep track of all the interested candidates.


Anonymous said...

At least if Fortenberry ran to replace Nelson, his full head of hair would be more of a natural look.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fortenberry can donate some of that hair to Deb Suttle. You know, that "Locks of Love Program"

Anonymous said...

"Planned Parenthood of the Heartland opened a clinic Monday in northwest Omaha that will offer abortions."

The Suttles supported this!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to learn in the OWH that the Mayor is an engineer.

Toot toot!

Anonymous said...

If Nelson doesn't run then all Hell breaks loose in the Republican Primary with people climbing over on top of of their pals to get in. I agree, Fort and Foley normally work things out with each other but ambition can do strange things to people.

Demon Sheep said...

I have never seen anything more pathetic than Suttle's use of his grandson. His wife is one thing bur a 9 year old!!

Galikanokus said...

Problem with thinking is nothing gets done. One candidate is sucking the air out of the room. Rome wasn't built in a day nor was a primary won in one.

Anonymous said...

My Rolodex tells me that it'll be time for another recall no matter who takes Suttle's seat.

Political Novice said...

What is surprising to me was the Mayor's remark in the OWH that when he asked for solutions from the business community & public and didn't receive any he had to make the tough decisions on his own. Absolutely no ideas came from all those public forums? Granted, the majority may have been self-serving and useless but ALL of them? I have no doubt that he feels he is doing the right thing and his hands are tied in many matters but the public doesn't appear too receptive to HIS solutions.

Your right Street Sweeper - he does need a new phrase. But what do I know.

Anonymous said...

Don Stenberg as the GOP nominee is like Nebraska playing Washington in the Holliday Bowl.

We've seen it, no one wants it and it doesn't sell.

Do the job you were JUST elected to Don. Sit this one out.

Demom Sheep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Demon Sheep said...

I hope we don't elect a FCINO!

Anonymous said...

WTF?? Demon sheep? What is a FCINO?

Anonymous said...

Dave Nabity has a history of causing problems within an organization. This doesn't surprise me. He would be just like Suttle, a little dictator!

Political Novice said...

Wow - heard the heated exchange between Dave Nabity and John Chatelaine on Becka's show on KFAB. Oh the intrigue! This is just getting more and more interesting. Poor Jeremy Aspen was doing his best deflect the exchange "move along folks, nothing to be heard here".

To Demon Sheep said...

FCINO=Brad Ashford?

Anonymous said...

What is a FCINO?

All but about a dozen Congressional Republicans.

We supposedly had a mandate to reduce the deficit. We just made a deal to increase it by $900 bn.

Nobody in fricking Washington ever learns. The GOP, having recently gotten the fiscally conservative religion, are lapsing into Keynesianism less than a month after the election. Are they completely nuts? Don't they realize if they want to get turfed out in 2012 this is exactly the right way to do it?

Not a Suttle fan said...

This latest Nabity business has me wondering what exactly is going on. The wife and I signed the recall but after reading the latest article on OWHs site. It makes me wonder...

What is his axe to grind exactly? Is he and his PAC just going to sit around and complain if "his" people aren't in power? How does this help our city?

Do people even like this guy?? Sour grapes indeed.

Oh mander said...

Well it finally happened... I agree with something RWP wrote on this blog! Never I thought I'd live to see this day.

Well said, sir.