Friday, November 05, 2010

Who can challenge Bruning?

With Attorney General Jon Bruning’s announcement of an “exploratory committee” for U.S. Senate run, we will look at who we think else has a chance.

Because, with $600,000 coming from his old 2008 Senate warchest, you have to think that Bruning is driving the candidate bus right now. Everyone else will be passengers who must wrest control from Bruning if they want the win.

So who are some of the potential riders?


Don Stenberg
Don is the next name everyone yells after Bruning. A former Attorney General himself, Stenberg has made no secret of his desire to use his current new post as State Treasurer as a step stool for a higher gig -- Governor or Senator.

But did you know that Stenberg has run -- and lost -- THREE Senate campaigns? Is he willing for this to be number four? Maybe he is. And maybe he thinks he can beat Bruning. But if we’re handicapping early (and, well, it looks like we are) we just don’t see GOP primary voters choosing Stenberg over Bruning.

Stranger things have happened, but...well. We will move on.

Jeff Fortenberry
Fort is someone who you would think could pose a real challenge to Bruning. He is popular (in his District anyway), young, and could go hair to hair in any debate with Bruning.

But, does Fort have it in him? Bruning is known to be such a hard-core campaigner as to maybe be reckless. Can Fort compete with that? And can Fort raise the money needed for a statewide race? Bruning has done this statewide numerous times, including having a solid Omaha business base.

Fortenberry is not known to be a solid fundraiser and may not have the stomach for a statewide race. Not to mention, he may just be comfortable and satisfied (for now) with his House gig. He will be in the majority now and can enjoy some of the benefits that go with that.

So we will guess right now that Fort wouldn’t get it, but still wouldn’t put it past him, and wouldn’t count him out. Hedging our bets? Bets hedged.

Pete Ricketts
Pete seems like the next most logical candidate, considering he took on Nelson last time, and has kept himself very much involved in Nebraska politics.

He formed the Platte Institute think tank, the Plains State Legal Foundation and funds Nebraska Watchdog. He is the state National Committeeman. And, oh yeah, he is an owner of the Chicago Cubs. And John Bruning’s $600K does not scare away Pete Ricketts.

But, a question would be whether Pete really wants to take on Ben Nelson again. That was a hard, big loss, and polling may not show that Pete could have success this time against Nelson.

Now, suppose Nelson decides to hang it up? That would be a whole ‘nother ballgame.

And a ballgame the Cubs could win (so to speak).

Pete is the kind of candidate who could bide his time to see the way things shake out, and potentially ride in as a saviour. Count Pete out of the Senate race at your peril.

Now all that being said, Ricketts may have decided he isn’t interested in the Senate. Heck Dave Heineman just showed that even if he could slam dunk the job, he wasn’t interested.

Besides, there are 100 Senators, but only 50...Governors.

And with Heineman staying in until 2014, that means Rick Sheehy won’t get to sit in the Governor’s McMansion for two years before a run. If Pete is more interested in being Governor, Heineman’s decision just made it a better race for him

Mike Foley
After thinking about it a bit, we are a little more convinced that State Auditor Mike Foley could be interested/have a shot.

Think about a few things: Whenever Foley makes ANY statement these days, it makes headlines. He has been the state watchdog who goes hunting and shakes things up at every turn. If Foley is in the news, you just hope it isn’t your doorstep he has stopped at.

And Nebraskans dig the good-government, no-nonsense types. He is not flashy but gets (at least by all appearances) the job done.

He is also a statewide office holder and has some decent name ID.

Now an interesting thing about Foley is that he is part of the so-called “3F Catholic Mafia” of Fortenberry-Foley-(Tony) Fulton. The three have been known to put their political heads together on various issues, and generally support each other as well.

So if Fort gets in, we would be very surprised if Foley did as well. Or vice versa. But one would presumably have the support of the other, and everything else they could throw in.

And level headed calm Foley could presumably be a foil to the more brash Bruning. There could be interesting maneuvering.  But then again, we have no idea if Foley is even interested.


But, right now, we will say this:  If it is a multi-person primary (at tis point), Bruning would get our bet. He is organized. Has solid financials (and presumably David Sokol) behind him. And he will be a tough campaigner.

Oh, and he can beat Ben Nelson.


And some who we would guess will not run?

Lee Terry
As much as we are guessing he would rather run every six years instead of every two, we think Terry will enjoy moving up the ranks in the House.

Shane Osborn
After jumping out of politics, and dealing with personal issues, it is probably too early for this big of a jump for Shane.

Rick Sheehy
Waiting for Governor Dave to leave.

Dave Kramer
Out of the limelight too long?

Hal Daub
Doubt that he is interested. Could be involved in candidate negotiations. But you never know.
**Update**  While if Hal got in he would be an outstanding Senator, it is now our understanding that he probably isn't interested in this gig right now.


Weigh in folks! It’s the rough and tumble world of intra-party politics!


Anonymous said...

The initial sigh of relief you heard this morning was from E. Benjamin. I think he was more concerned about running against Gov. Dave. Ben's ego says he can beat the young whippersnapper AG.

Anonymous said...

heath mello I could see run or tom white or kent rogert

Anonymous said...

Don't count Hal out. He's been eyeing a Senate seat for a long time. Remember, he was in it with Bruning in 2008 before bowing out to Johanns.

Big K said...

No self-respecting Dem in this state would take on Bruning. NONE. I'm surprised that Mike Flood's name hasn't been mentioned in the GOP mix...

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Brad Assford!

Right Wing Professor said...

I've worked with Mike Foley both when we was in the Unicam and in his current capacity as State Auditor. He is the real deal -- hardworking, sincere, and the epitome of integrity. If he runs, he has my 100% support. I can't think of a person I'd rather see in the US Senate.

What might hold him back is his family. I know the main reason he didn't run for the 1st district seat when it was open was he didn't want to move his family to Washington, and he didn't want to see them only on weekends.

That's the kind of guy he is. If he can't give 100% to the job, he won't run for it.

Anonymous said...

Mike Flood will replace Bruning in the AG's Office.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC announced Friday that it has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely and without pay for making political contributions to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates.

In a statement provided to, Phil Griffin, president of the network, said he “became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

Anonymous said...

What a double standard! Olbermann gets suspended, but there's no problem with News Corp., Fox's parent, contributing $1 million to the Republican Governor's Association. I guess corporations are super-persons.

Macdaddy said...

Now I know that NBC is made up of morons. So what if Olbermann contributes money to political candidates? He's not a real journalist, he's an entertainer. I guess Olbermann Leaned Forward too much and presented too tempting of a target.

Olbermann contributes to Democrat candidates! In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue, and dog bites man! Stay tuned! Sheesh.

Sorry to add to the thread hijacking, Sweeper.

Anonymous said...

Money and sound bites. Whoever is in command of both could come out on top. Course money not an issue for Ricketts but Bruning seems to beat all other than Ricketts at that feat. Bruning also has an uncanny ability to frame what is on people's minds and send it up in sound bites. If this is a crowded Primary the rest of them better brush up on messaging. They only get one shot per issue per news cycle and Bruning is usually the first one out of the gate.

One Out In The Third said...

Bruning...Organized...has the money and is a campaigner. As Clara Peller used to say..."Where's the beef?" Where's the job performance record? A list of job accomplishments. Bruning's "Hometown Bruning" ads dripped of corn beef. Foley and Ricketts...1 and 2.

Yo Sweeper...Where's Adrian? He will be looking for work after redistricting and he would be a much more logical pick than Sheehy. Even for Governor.

Sweeper...what's your take on whether or not we will maintain the Third. People out here are hoping there were enough illegals counted in the Census to keep the Third open.

MSNBC... said...

The point is, Olberman agreed to their code of ethics which clearly states employees cannot contribute to political candidates.

And not only does Fox News the corporation make donations (through a PAC), so does Ted Turner (who owns CNN.)

VOTUS said...

Out in the Third:

I am pretty sure Nebraska will keep all 3 Congressional Districts. I haven't seen anything to the contrary. Though, 2020 will probably be a different story.

Redistricting will probably effect Lee Terry the most.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please stick a fork in Stenberg and tell him he's done? He just won by default in an office of "treasurer" talking about how he's prolife. Like the guy can't count money or manage it if he was pro choice? The guy is as tight as drum, leans far right and boring as paint after it dries. My God look at him. Even his hair and glasses are vintage. At least Terry buffed up and lost the Potter glasses.

Daub? Another snore. Can you say
OVER? Please. It's like Freddy Kreuger in its upteenth sequel.

Shane Osborn? An attractive portfolio who may just want to try something new. He'd be a contender.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the Fort's hair. There is nothing else underneath it.

Anonymous said...

anon at 3:56, that was a lame attempt at slamming someone you clearly have no clue about. Jeff Fortenberry is an extremely bright and insightful person who has a set of principles and follows them; who understands what he believes and uses that understanding to guide his policy choices. You are a fool to say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Ricketts is welded solidly into the GOP structure. He took some bad advice on the second half of his first try. Don't expect same mistakes. He trounced the usual suspects on the GOP side. And the EBN aura is now dull. Nelson embarrassed Nebraska just like Ricketts said he would. So, "Nyah, I told ya so" works. Like you said, he has the ability to stand back, watch, and jump in when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

4;37 must be Fort's press secretary.

Anonymous said...

No one serious will challenge Bruning in the primary because that was the promise made to Bruning in exchange for getting out of the 2008 race to clear the way for Johanns.

Stenberg, maybe. But he's old news and Bruning has a pretty big head start.

The rest either have pretty good gigs at the moment or are eying the open governor's race in 2014, which like you said just got a whole lot more appealing.

Anonymous said...

Heineman for President???

Anonymous said...


Rob said...

After a successful run as mayor, balancing a budget during an economic downturn and standing up for what HE believes in. My vote goes to Jim Suttle.

GeosUser said...

Will someone please drive a political stake in the heart of Hal Daub? At some point, I'd hope Hal would realize that he's no longer a viable candidate for much of any elective office and assume the mantle of "party elder". He's been beaten his last couple of times out and, frankly, he's just standing in the way of younger potential office seekers.

Street Sweeper said...

If Hal got in he would be an outstanding Senator.

However, it is our understanding that he is probably not interested in this race.


Anonymous said...

what about Jim Rose's son working for Lee Terry's campaign?

Or Scott Voorhees getting love messages from Hal Daub on his Facebook page for his birthday.

or every issue the Morning Show has an "expert" from Fox or conservative think tanks like Heritage Foundation.

Can we really believe KFAB is fair and balanced? No, we can't

Anonymous said...

The point is that if you violate your work's policy, then you have to pay the price. All Olberman had to do was get permission to donate and he wouldn't have gotten suspended.

I would assume that the reason they want their "talent" (and believe me when I tell you that I did just puke in my mouth on that one!) to get permission before donating, is so that they can ensure that there is no political bias toward that candidate following the donation. What an employee does with their hard earned cash (again, with a vomit), is their business. What an employee does with their "on air" mouth, that is legally the employers business.

Follow the rules Keith.

BTW, all those folks that were bitching and moaning the other day about how nice people are to Lee Terry? Perhaps you should rethink what you said about Tom Becka being in a lovefest with the Congressman. He attacks him regularly, had multiple shows criticizing him for having a cheap election party at the FireHall when he clearly can't vote on any OFD issues, and he allowed Tom White to prerecord his "appearance" on the show a week ago so that Tom could avoid the possibility of someone asking him a question that was too hard to answer.

Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Course not, Sweep. Daub's still holding out hope that the amateurs in charge of the recall effort get their signatures so he can swoop in and save the day.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see anybody beating Bruning. However, my wife, who is staunch Republican, says "There's something I don't trust about that man" everytime she sees one of his ads. So maybe....

Anonymous said...

Becka didn't allow calls for Terry's interview so it made absolutely no difference if White's interview was prerecorded. Nice spin. Becka was fair to both.

As for KFAB overall? They give far too much free time to political types that should have to pay like the rest of their advertisers.

Namely, Jeremy Aspen was whining on Maxwell's show this AM that his salt of the earth grassroots organization is up against all that big money opposition. Hello? He was whining and has been whining on 50,000 watts of power. Come on Jeremy. If you wanna wear the big boy pants it comes with the territory.

Over-used Return Key said...

Daub might get support in Omaha, but statewide? I don't think the rest of the state will bite.

I expect to see Ricketts run and eventually lose. Lets be honest - the guy seems to enjoy throwing millions of dollars at losing efforts. He'll win an election when the Cubs win the series.

Bruning comes off smug and extremely self-righteous, but I think he'll probably win. Amnesia will have successfully spread to all "independents" by 2012 and we'll go back to the exact same policies that got us where we are today.

Anonymous said...

Joe Scarborough, another MSNBC host, gave $5,000 to a GOP candidate in Alabama in April. He was not suspended. Obviously there are different rules if you give to a Democrat. So 10:43, get a clue. By the way, the policy was an NBC one, not an MSNBC one.

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub, really? He couldn't even beat Jim Suttle, a lot of people from his own party backed Vokal. After his failed election and his failed recall, why not run for Senate and be a 3 time loser?

Nick naylor said...

If daub did that he would be just like stenberg! Why do we keep allowing these old dogs to run.

Tom Becka said...

10:43 FYI I pre recorded the Tom White interview so I could attend my nephew's school play. And 11:23 was right was right neither interview took callers. I tried to be fair to both.

Anonymous said...

The Omaha World Herald, KFAB, Leavenworth Street Blog are Omaha's equivalent of Fox News:

You're supposed to fair and balanced, not have interests on one partisan side;

Some examples:

- With days remaining in the 1997 Mayorial race, the Omaha World Herald instead of reporting the news, interjects itself and makes news by arranging a secret (and later discovered to be illegal) lie-detector test for a then Mayor Daub who was sinking. The election came down to less than one percent calculated by machines owned in part by the Omaha World Herald.

- 2010, New York Post story says Lee Terry was warned by his party's leadership to be careful and a source says they heard Lee Terry say to a comely female lobbyist "why did you get me so drunk last night?" No follow up questions were asked by the local media other than asking Terry if it was true which he denied. No checking with Republican leadership, no investigating and demanding proof of Terry's schedule that night, no demands from the Post on who their sources were, who the lobbyist was, did Terry attend such events in the past?

- Jim Rose of KFAB on morning after election jokes with Terry that his family should get credit for Terry's win since Rose's son work on the Terry campaign.

- Tom Becka harps over Suttle's broken promise, never mentions Lee Terry's term-limits promise that he broke


Anonymous said...

Nebraska was the very last state to stop using the electric chair exclusively. As Attorney General Jon Bruning fought to keep it and ultimately lost. Civilization eventually overcame Jon Bruning's personal fetish for burning people alive. Hopefully civil society can advance far enough in the next 2 years to vote this sadist down.

Macdaddy said...

Bruning is a sadist for wanting to use the electric chair and not lethal injection? Didn't you hear? Supreme Court Justice Kagan thinks that the drugs used in lethal injection are unsafe. Now who's the sadist?

Macdaddy said...

I forgot to add that you'd have a better argument against the electric chair if you talked about how it increases greenhouse gasses.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy, anyone who reads this blog knows that you aren't all there. Seriously, nobody cares about your commentary. You are just dumbed down right wing talk radio.

3 Time Loser? said...

Hal Daub takes great offense at your forgetting just how big a loser he is.

1988: Lost to David Karnes.
1990: Lost to Jim Exon.
2001: Lost to Mike Fahey.
2008: Dropped out of Senate primary.
2009: Lost to Jim Suttle.

So, if we're just talking Senate races, he'd be a 4 time loser. (And don't give me that "he didn't have his name on the ballot" garbage, because he ran television ads a week before he dropped out). Then there's the Mayor's races, and the recall effort, and the fact that he hasn't actually won an election since 1997.

Yeah, I think Ben Nelson *wishes* he could have Hal Daub as an opponent.

NE Voter said...


An Omaha politics classic: The Hal Daub polygraph hilarity.

The best part of that was on the news when Daub burs out of the building yelling, "No Deception, no deception!"


James said...

So we're talking about political losers here? I would list all the Democrats, but I'm afraid there isn't enough space or enough time.

Anonymous said...

So we're talking about political losers here? I would list the entire population of Nebraska.

To NE Voter said...

No, he said "An Honest Mayor, for an honest City". What would be funny if Fahey and Suttle had to take a polygrapgh.

"Mr. Suttle were you aware of Mr. Samp's background when you hired him"

"Mr. Suttle do you know why Mr. DiSilvestro left the employ of Douglas County"

"Mr. Fahey isn't true that Paul Landow signed many documents that required your signature"

"Mr. Fahey did you fix the process so that a certain candidate could be Omaha's fire chief"

Old Sparky said...

Joubert and Otey should have been boiled in acid and then Crucified at Memorial stadium for all to see. You pathetic liberals just can't stand to see rapists and killers get the justice they deserve. I'll vote for Bruning...Oh by the way the Benator as governor never changed the execution law!

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way Brad Assford is anti-death penalty. Go back to 94 and see his very liberal positions on taxes, guns, and crime.

Anonymous said...

Tom Becka took email questions live when Le Terry was on. Tom Becka has discussed tirelessly the issue of term limits and Lee Terry, as has Joe Jordan. I would have to say after four elections beyond the 3rd, NO ONE CARES about a pledge that was broken in the middle of the first year of the first term on Joe Jordan's television show. Voters know that they could send new people to be legislators every couple of years and that they would get nothing in return for that fresh blood except: lower ranking, shitty committee assignments, and elected officials that are at the beckon call of staffers since the staffers would be the only one's with EXPERIENCE AND SENIORITY!

You have misquoted the New York Post Page Six Gossip Section. The original article never said "last night". Several sources (all un named and anonymous) said they doubt that anything was going on and the ONLY source that actually heard the comment was the gossip columnist who was probably out for her last fling in Washington since she was fired from the Washington gossip scene for insulting Sean Penn. BTW, I cannot imagine WHAT a gossip columnist must have to do to insult a guy like Sean Penn.

As far as the "warning" from Senior leadership, John Boehner denied having issued such a warning AND, the warning that was rumored to have been issued, never included Lee Terry by name.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

If Tom White wasn't willing to allow High School students in need of volunteer government hours to work on his campaign, then shame on him for turning down kids that are motivated to help.

If he couldn't convince any of their parents to suggest to their children that they should go help out on his campaign, then shame on him for attaching himself to Federal Policies and Laws that NONE of the Omaha community supports.

And, shame on you for admonishing a kids for doing exactly what his teachers require of him.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable! Incrediable! Amazing!

Get another Recall effort underway Mr. Aspen and Mr. Becka!

Read today's OWH about Do Co Sheriff's pension spiking!!!

Where do I sign the "Recall Sheriff Dunning" petition??!

Let's see how much press this gets on KFAB, this blog, etc...

Anonymous said...

by the way, the Baltimore Ravens will crush the Dolphins today

and the J-E-T-S will beat Suh today in Detroit

Anonymous said...

don't hold your breath everyone is scared of Dunning. Have you seen this guy? He's like Ditka on steroids.

Anonymous said...

what did John Paxtson's lie-detector test indicate?

Anonymous said...

Jon Brunings dripping with syrup ads are not filmed in his home town. He's never lived there and if he tried to move there folks would go ballistic!

Anonymous said...

Jon Brunning will screw up, just watch. The guy is cocky, arrogrant, inexperienced and driven by pure political ambition.

We want Hal Daub one more time!

Anonymous said...

Didn't lots of high school kids work for the Suttle Campaign. Gary and Ace really know how to recruit our Youth.

Anonymous said...

The trolls on here are stiring up bs already. You can spot them pretty easy, they are the ones bad mouthing only one candidate, and suggesting any number of B rate ones.

They must be scared of Bruning, otherwise who, or why, would anybody bring up Daub?

NE GOP Electorate said...

I love all of these disparaging comments about washed-up GOP candidates like Daub and Stenberg. Before Bruning’s coronation let us consider the NE GOP Electorate who will decide the matter. Roughly 55 percent of likely voting Republicans in this state are over 55 and have been voting for the likes of Stenberg and Daub for nearly three decades. Without spending a dime and simply placing their names on the ballot, Stenberg is good for the low 30s and Daub around 20 percent. Recall that Stenberg was outspent by 4.5 Million in the 2006 3-way Senate primary and still captured 36% of the vote.

With Stenberg and Daub taking 50 percent by entering, that leaves 50 percent of the votes from which Bruning needs to figure out how to get the 40 percent he’d need at that point to win (while hoping neither Stenberg or Daub raise any money). If Bruning can out spend them by several million he stands a good chance. With just the 600K he has in the bank now, he doesn’t have a prayer which is probably why he was the first to jump into the 2012 ring just three days after the 2010 election.

Anonymous said...

Don Stenberg. Is that the best Nebraska can do? Talk about being wound tight. He makes Hal look like a prince.

Why do these party people keep recycling the old plugs when there is stable full of studs?

Breathe some fresh ideas on me, please and let Don be the Treasurer he longed to be

Shoe Salesman said...

Anon at 12:00:

you are right - his quote didn't include "last night" - it was just "how did you get me so drunk" as in "im drunk right now, lets hgook up"! Hardly an exoneration, but hang your hat on that fact.

To the wingers drooling over Olberman - weren't you all carping last week about Juan Williams unjust firing? He broke the code of ethics too. But I know, he can be exploited as a black commentator on Fox! so different!

As for Bruning - good candidate - but inflicting the longest senate race in the country on Nebraskans might come back to haunt him.

Anonymous said...

Nebraska seems bent on reruns and retreads. So many people that have been there, tried that and either lost or changed to a different venue are still looking to lead or at least get the power.

Gov. Dave spoke, now the names are a flotilla like the 7th fleet. Are we going to be like Alaska and after the people speak one of these guys is going to say, "we didn't listen," and they will go for the write in or just muddy up the works against Nelson's regime by screwing up the vote tally?

Let's get behind someone, and solidify or we get more of the same from the National level.

Ricketts lost it himself. If you have money, don't act like it. Be a little humble and not so arrogant about your credentials. Talk about Bruning and his adds, don't forget how Ricketts used family too. Now he's even on "Undercover Boss" on CBS.

Just because you have money tht daddy made, don't think that makes you a candidate. Act like we, the mainstream at least breathe the same air and not something more inferior.

Time will tell, who get's the support and nod. The GOP had better start getting out there and quit dawdling in the wings. If you're going to get behind somebody, put them to the questions now. Give them a chance to answer and see who best fits into the category best for NE and the nation. At this level it's not all about us.

Macdaddy said...

Shoey, you really need to get out more or at least read something other than Daily Kos. At least read the earlier posts in the thread to get caught up. The right wing has been uniformly behind Olberman, even those who he's named as Worst Person in the World, or Week, or whatever it was. It's his buddies like Rachel Maddow who are taking the side of NBC. Of course, given her statements on the matter, it kind of makes me wonder if the whole thing was just a publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

It appears Bruning cinched the freeze-out game back when he parlayed staying in the Senate race up to the point where even GW had to beg him to get out, take one for the team and let Johanns be the candidate. Because he stayed in long enough to make everyone wonder if there would be a bloody Primary, he has apparently now earned the prize of running unopposed. The three Congressmen say no way. Who wants to risk $187,000/yr (minus their already-earned lifetime bennies) for a grueling Senate race? Foley is behaving himself and biding his time for a gubernatorial bid. Ricketts? Walton says he's out. Stenberg? Always the wild card but usually woefully under-funded. Kick-Ass name recognition though. Osborn? Probably knows that his window of opportunity has come and gone given the interlude of personal trouble. So let the annointing begin! I'm not saying Bruning wouldn't make a good Senator. I just like to see an actual Primary rather than the NEGOP controlling every aspect of every statewide election from here on out.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Bruning is thinking about running for yet another office and paying for his campaign with "public service" announcements and expensive four-color flyers paid for by Nebraska's taxpayers.


What else is new?

Anonymous said...

Hey, BTO is back! Did they let you out of Shutter Island?

Anonymous said...

Mike Johanns started running for Governor 2+ years out. Used his presidency on the League of Municipalities as his vehicle to ramp up the campaign. He already had staff in place at this time as well. Also Bob Wickers was retained 2 years out. Who is Bruning using as his consultants? Oh, Bob Wickers!

Brian T. Osborn said...

A 12:41,

I don't know what "Shutter Island" is, but apparently you have some familiarity with it.

GeosUser said...

I hate to disagree with you but Hal Daub is soon to be 70 years old. That's just too damn old to be a freshman US Senator when there are younger and more electable Republican candidates available.

That also holds true for another shot at Mayor of Omaha. Hal has an awesome grasp of policy and great ideas but as far as Mayor is concerned it's all about securing a legacy project...the unneeded and uneconomic downtown trolley system.

Anonymous said...

BTO, seriously, do something other than politics. The Democrats all hate you and the Republicans think you're a joke. What is it you hope to accomplish in politics. You can best serve the beliefs you'd like to promote by finding a different hobby. Go make some friends.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:08 on Nov 5, no, I'm not Jeff Fortenberry's press secretary. But I do consider him to be a friend. I also count Mike Meister and Steve Lathrop as friends. And while I don't always agree with any of them at all times, I think they are all good men.

And knowing them (as I do) I can tell you Steve is a particularly shrewd and effective politician. He's very bright and very articulate and a very persuasive advocate for the causes he advances.

Jeff is more of a professor. He can talk with you candidly about his philosophies and his world view. He's not "political" like some might accuse him of being. He'll have a principled reason for supporting the policies he supports and it's based on what he thinks is best for the country (and not necessarily his party.) Anyone who doesn't appreciate what a bright and honorable man he is doesn't know him.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anonymous A$$hole at 4:01,

Yeah ... right ... I'm going to take advice from someone that is so ashamed of his/her own name that they post anonymous advice on LS. Why don't you go see if you can't take over Ann Landers' spot? It shouldn't be too hard for you, since she's dead.

E.V. Debs said...

Don't sweat the guff the anonymous posters give you BTO. It's probably just Nelson, Covalt or Bruning. They all fear what you can do with your words.

Bob said...

Is this a private fight, or can anyone join?

Anonymous said...

Who is Don Stenberg?

Anonymous said...

E.V. Debs, you think it's funny to help provoke a mentally ill man into carrying on with his raving lunacy online for the whole world to see? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Don Stenberg needs a reality check. He has already snuffed out the political hopes of 2 up and coming republicans in this state. If I was Tony Fulton I would be incredibly angry that Don is considering a run.

But, we all know Don is out for Don and will run, damage those running again and once again fail for the 4th time to go to Washington.

NE Democrat said...

Speaking of Don,

I heard that he is planning to exploit the Tea-baggers to springboard for Senate. I may be wrong but isn't the point of your movement for new fresh leadership?

I am going to laugh if it ends up being the tea-baggers fault that Nelson gets re-elected! How ironic!

E. V. Debs said...

Anonymous at 5:47,

You are right. I apologize for provoking you into carrying on with your raving lunacy. I am ashamed.

Anon and Proud said...

Brian T. Osborn, who exactly is the A$$hole to whom you refer? You called somebody that nasty childish name but who is that somebody? Why can't you go to that person's home and shoot them? Well, I guess because they aren’t quite such a stupid A$$hole as to put their own real name in a blog. Sort of makes sense, doesn’t it, Brian?

Here’s a question. What kind of person is so ashamed of their family's good name as to publish it on a blog? And so willing to risk their home and loved ones for sake of free speech in Hooterville, population "scant"?

You act as if blogging is writing a book of the Bible.

Have you ever written something publicly and then found your home broken into, your computer downloaded, and threats communicated? Have topmost elected officials called you at home in the dead of night for sake of what you wrote publicly and threatened your children? Some of us have. And I don’t wish that upon you, Brian, or anyone, as that kind of tyranny doesn’t belong in the USA but it is here nevertheless. In any case, if we are going to invoke that kind of risk, i.e. that our own children will be murdered in the commission of a politic felony for sake of what we say under our own name, we aren't going to be such a stupid A$$hole as to waste that kind of risk here in this semi pastime.

No offense Street Sweeper. We all know Mr. and Mrs. Sweeper raised you be a good blog czar. This blog is fun. And who knows but the Bible may yet have room for the Book of Leavenworth.

Verily I say unto bloggers, thou shalt use a psuedonym if thou hast a lick of sense.

Dude said...

Anon 5:08- I won't often be caught backing BTO's play but you seem to need a special moment.

You make it sound as if you are some person of importance. If so, you are a very unwise person. See your comment could be taken as a threat, and the Anon you hide behind can be easily traced. It only takes a limited warrant.

You also seem to have delusions as your comment about breaking in, and children intimate this has happened to you (I highly Doubt it). So you are just a wannabe most likely.

If BTO wants to publish his name fine, if you don't fine. However, your statements take on a whole lot more credibility when you don't act so foolishly.

BTO, hats off to you for taking a stand and putting your name out there. Heck as a fairly die hard R I find your points of view relevant and helpful, so keep it up.

DC INSIDER said...


Nelson said Monday through spokesman Jake Thompson that he's focused on 2011 and getting the economy back on track.

Thompson said Nelson will make his final decision on whether to run "when it's time to focus on 2012."

Why did Jake say this? The must have been aware of the meeting in DC over the weekend that listed the Benator as target #1 for the GOP in 2012. As one top person said there will be no problem in sinking 10 million plus to gain that seat if Nelson decides to run. It seems Ben has made a lot of National enemies.

NE Insider said...

DC insider- DUH!

Anonymous said...

BTO what does that tell you when Republicans are encouraging you to do what you do and Democrats are encouraging you to find another hobby?

The BTOpranos said...

BTO tell us all about your big time mafia connections. Tell us what it's like working with the Sicilian mafia. Inquiring minds want to know.

Austerity is the new X said...

It tells you that reasonable people can agree to disagree, but the liberal progressives just don't seem to do the same. It was pretty much summed up across the country last Tuesday.

So go ahead and do all the ranting and raving, name calling and such. The age of Progressive Liberalism is fading in influence quickly. The age of reason and sacrifice is upon us.

Get out of your parents house, get a job, deal with what you were dealt or do something to EARN a better life. Action and Inaction have consequenses and we the people are tired of paying for those who do nothing. Get used to austerity as it is a World Wide phenomenon.

Liberal/Progressive/Socialist tenets and practices have FAILED.

Brian T. Osborn said...

The Nebraska Game and Parks website indicates that there are a variety of game seasons (Antelope, Deer, Grouse, Waterfowl, Pheasant and Quail) that are currently open. But, give then tenor of some of the more recent posts here on LS, one would think that perhaps we need to, in order to keep the population at a manageable level, have an open season on loons. Firearms wouldn't be necessary since words alone are generally sufficient to cause them to shoot themselves in their own feet.

For "Anon and Proud" aka "The BTOpranos," I have only to say that, yes I did live in Sicily for a dozen years, and no doubt did have contact with some people that were members of the Mafia. One never knows for sure. Suffice it to say I've been threatened by much more scary people than you and lived to tell about it.

In deference to the purposes of this blog, and out of my respect for Sweeper for having providing it, could we get back to discussing politics? I know there are plenty of bozos out there that don't like me and I can assure them that the feelings are mutual, but LS isn't about me ... nor you.

I'm curious. How many of you fiscally responsible Republicans are genuinely concerned about reducing unnecessary government spending? Wouldn't you have to agree that our current NE Attorney General, Jon Bruning, has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars with his self-serving "public service announcements?" Those four-color flyers that flood our mailboxes, along with the radio and TV spots, and the newspaper ads that he puts out there at our expense highlight him more than they do the "issue" that he is supposedly making us aware of. Don't you believe he should spend his own campaign money on such auto-aggrandizment ... and not OURS?

Brian T. Osborn said...
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Holdrege Voter said...

"One never knows for sure"

Come on Brian, tell everyone how you used to work with the mafia and were a member. Let's hear how badass your mafia connections are, why is it you brag about it in person but won't admit it here?

Clyde the Glide said...

Ben Nelson is looking ill recently. It seems he is getting really gray as well. He better go buy a biox of "Just for Men"

Brian T. Osborn said...

Holdrege Voter,

Please tell us all what it is like living in that fantasy world of yours. We could all use a good laugh.

So, what do YOU think about my comments on AG Bruning? Or are you just looking for something to m*****bate to?

Anonymous said...

WOW! BTO, those crazy stockers of yours from NNN are something else. It would be hard to locate that amount of paranoia in the psych ward of a major metropolitan hospital.

It looks like it might be prudent to slip a littl lithium in the water at the next meeting of the Nebraska Democratic party. If that doesn't prove adequate they may also need an ambulance stationed close by that is properly stocked with straightjackets.

Anonymous said...

NORFOLK, Neb. -- Don't look for state Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk to be a candidate for a U.S. Senate in 2012.

"I don't have any interest in being in the U.S. Senate in 2012," he said.

Don't worry Mike no one was even considering you as a viable candidate. Thank you for playing.

Anonymous said...

Bruning is the only one mentioned that can take down Nelson. Anyone saying otherwise is either a Nelson Supporter or just plain incompetent.

Stenberg needs to go away just like Hal Daub does.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jon Bruning milks the system for free self promotion. He does it every time he runs and the times when he doesn't run. I heard he even distributes mouse pads with his mug on it. Woa! Was that a freudian promo or what.
Bruning needs to stop using tax dollars to further his career and focus on his job before looking towards the next.

Of the ones mentioned, he looks to be one of the most viable. However, I'd love to see a matchup of Bruning and Shane Osborn.

It would be a slugfest and given Bruning likes Dave Boomer's style of campaigning nasty and negative.
Osborn has likeability and strong portfolio. Now, if only he could figure out how to milk the system for free ads.

Anonymous said...

I heard that once when Jon Bruning was on vacation in Spain he was drunk and took a piss on a French Embassy. I wonder whether Jon Bruning will deny that story, since he's bragged about it to several hundred people.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Jon Bruning. But if he pissed on the French Embassy, he's got my vote. And if Bruning pisses on Ben Nelson, I'll send Bruning a check.

Anonymous said...

Pissed on a French embassy? I like this guy...

POL Observor said...

After he pissed on the embassy, did they say "WE SURRENDER"

Gary said...

Bruning Peeing...Really? Any pictures?

Grundle King said...

Brian T Osborn wrote: "I don't know what "Shutter Island" is, but apparently you have some familiarity with it."

Did you seriously just invoke the "I'm rubber, you're glue..." defense?

As far as Jon's expenditures on PSAs goes, are you saying that elected politicians shouldn't be allowed to spend taxpayer money to inform their constituents what he/she is doing to represent them?

Because if you are, I'd love to hear your explanation as to why the taxpayer-funded signs advertising Obama's stimulus are perfectly acceptable.

Brian T. Osborn said...


When a PSA puts JB's big mug out there and screams "HI! I'M NEBRASKA ATTORNEY GENERAL JOHN BRUNING" ... and whispers, "by the way, don't let kids play on the internet" then YEAH, I'm going to call foul.

For the record, I don't like it when ANY politician, no matter what their party or office, uses public funds to essentially further their own careers.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, and GK ... rubber glue sniffing bozos get what they deserve.

Lickety Split said...

"Grundle" King? Is that a reference to the character voiced by Danny DeVito in My Little Ponies, or the much earthier version offered by the Urban Dictionary?

Anonymous said...

hey sweeper

what say you about this westboro baptist church coming to omaha and protesting the memorial service of this south high teacher

the don

Street Sweeper said...

No idea why you need me to weigh in on this.
But, I think the WBC people are the dregs of society. They have picked the most unfathomable forum to push their cause, and of course only hurt whatever cause that may be. The only good to come out of it is the rallying of people who stand up to them, block them, and keep their miserable faces out of sight.
Oh, and if you disagree, you're wrong.

Grundle King said...

Lickety Split...both. I never watched the movie...but just the idea of Danny DeVito playing some evil pony-hating king sounds funny.

Anonymous said...


thought you might be able to give some visibility to the folks who are protesting the protesters. the omaha weird herald doesnt seem to notice what's going on and this website gives alot of visibility to folks who have some interest in omaha

the don

Street Sweeper said...

If it helps, we support those who will block those freaks at the funeral service at 5pm today at St. Andrews United Methodist Church.