Thursday, November 04, 2010

Heineman WILL NOT run in 2012

In his 3pm press conference today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman will announce that he will NOT run for the U.S. Senate in 2012!

Details to follow.


The MSM sites can tell you more about Governor Dave's decision.
Loves his job, hates DC.  That should do it.



Hurry, hurry!  Step right up!
Give us your names!

Our short list:

Attorney General Jon Bruning
Republican National Committeeman Pete Ricketts
Representative Jeff Fortenberry
Representative Lee Terry
State Treasurer-elect Don Stenberg
State Auditor Mike Foley
former State Treasurer Shane Osborn
Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy
Omaha attorney and former candidate Dave Kramer

Anyone else you'd like to mention?


NE Voter said...

Color me surprised.

Of course, he will no doubt leave an "out" along the lines of, "However, if I find that that Nebraskans want me in Washington, I may reconsider my dcision."

Otherwise, why didn't he make the "announcement" before election day.

Or, he could be honoring a deal he's made with Bruning. Hmm, that seems like the most intriguing possibility -- "Jon, keep the AG's office out of my administration/agencies, and I'll clear the way for you in 2012.

Wake up, people.

Anonymous said...

It is oddly soon after the election for DH to say "no way".

Bruning? If they need a guy with a gigantic melon in Washington, maybe so.

NE Voter said...

So, let's start the list of Nebraska Republican primary contenders.

Running for sure:

Jon Bruning
Don Stenberg

Maybe running:

Hal Daub
David Kramer
David (Nobody) Nabity (LOL)
David Sokol (if Buffett passes him over as the new BRK poobah which dependes on whether Sokol can turn Netjets around)

Probably not running

Mike Flood
Lt. Gov. Sheehey (he'll eat Heineman's scraps until Tinyman is term limited in 2014)

Running if they get enough Chardonnay on board:

Brad Ashford
Tubby Grogan
John Breslow
Lee Terry, Sr.

Anonymous said...

Please say Adrian Smith........

NE Voter said...

Beat ya to it, SweepeR.

Street Sweeper said...

I like your extended list.
Sort of the B-sides to the European album.

Nathan said...

My money is on Pete Ricketts. He will try and buy the electon again, but this time he stands a better chance of winning.

NE Voter said...

In Stenberg's case, it's the extended dance mix on 12" vinyl. Picture disk, of course.

Bet he still uses a Sony Walkman.

Anonymous said...

Senator's Mello & Nordquist must be really ticked off! Now they don't have a reason to kick the Gov around.


How about Sen Tony Fulton?

Anonymous said...

Sen. Mike Flood?

Six Dollar Parker said...

Get your greaseboard out. It's Bruning,Bruning, Bruning. There won't even be a primary, maybe token opposition only. The deal is done. Speculate all you want, but remember who spent a million dollars on his reelection campaign without an opponent.

Anonymous said...

I don't take anyting a polictican says at face value. There's always an ulterior motive.

There has been talk of the Senate GOP trying to get some Dem Senators to switch, including Ben Nelson. Heineman seems like a pretty sure bet in 2012. And there's no way Nelson could survive a Republcan primary. Perhaps Heineman's pulling out was the quo for Nelson's quid.

Macdaddy said...

Chuck Hagel. Especially when that Cabinet post doesn't work out.

Ben Nelson. Switching parties will be one last gasp for the Kickback King.

Larry the Cable Guy. Crazier candidates have run, but none funnier.

That list is terrible said...

Although I am tickled pink by the fact Deficit Dave is not going to run, I just got extremely nervous after reading the list of hicks, hacks, and has-beens above. Hopefully the pitiful Chicago Cubs will drain Ricketts' piggy bank before he can stage another campaign.

Senator Jon Bruning. I think I'm going to be sick.

Anonymous said...


I'm curious: What sort of deal could Bruning make with Heineman? What leverage could he have?

NEPOTUS said...

Nelson has no bargaining power.

Now is there any other office the Governor of Nebraska could run for other than Senator? Hmmmmmm

Right next to Iowa
Low unemployment rates
VERY successful
Leader of the NGA
Has key support in RNC (Ricketts)
West Point Grad
Strong Ag
EXECUTIVE Experience


Go Dave Go said...

Maybe the post needs a bit of editing......"Heineman WIL NOT run for Senate in 2012" ?????

Anonymous said...


Heineman has zero chance of getting the Republcan nomination for president. Never happen.

However, he is an ambitious career politician. He may be after vice president. A more realistic possibility for him.

NE VPOUTS said...

Hmmm NEVPOTUS,,,,,, Nice ring too it.

Anonymous said...

Wonder to whom the Gov would latch his proverbial wagon to as VP?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Governor the same guy who could NEVER beat Coach Tom? Just wondering is all.

Gotta admit he is VERY good at campaigning. Just saying.

One Out In The Third said...

Mike Foley cause Bruning is do-nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anaymous at 4:44:

Osborne ran about a decade too late. And I don't know if I'd call heinemann a great campaigner. But he's definitely someone who knows how to get his ducks lined up.

Anonymous said...

A ham sandwich could beat nelson in 12.

Anonymous said...

That is too bad. Heineman could have beat the cornhole kickback out of his office.

Anonymous said...

Pat Flynn

Anonymous said...

Terry: has hit his ceiling.
Bruner: has the looks and the money and the killer instinct.
Ricketts: Sorry, still laughing.
Hagel: would be met at the border with pitchforks and torches.
Osborn: The university is more fun, and no one will care if he fires the men's basketball and baseball coaches.

I'm thinking....Bruning!

Anonymous said...

Democrats, breath a small sigh of relief. Be happy Hieneman didn't run. He would have won in a landslide.

Brunning is young, arrogant, cocky and inexperienced. He is bound to make mistakes.

Ricketts may be the better choice.

Krammer deserves a shot but won't make inroads in the teaparty/conservative GOP primary because he is too nice, too liberal, led efforts for OPS, Qwest, pro-immigrant, etc.

Lee Terry is worn out, his best days are behind him, too much time at the kiddie table in the House, call it a career Lee

so, my prediction: if Brunning doesn't make a big freshman mistake he wins, if he stumbles, Pete Ricketts will take it and not forget his red hat

On the Dem side; Nelson will continue to move to the right and it will be a pathetic sight to see

if he bows out, the Dems only real hope is kim Robak. No one knows Laptrop. Amanda McGill is pro-choice.

Pat Flynn For Senate! said...

Bong Hits 4 Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Who says Ben is running? He knows what people think of him, he's getting older, may not want to put himself thru an inevitable "shellacking." My guess is the Gov is holding out for a Veep or Cabinet spot.

Anonymous said...

Time to demand Heiney show REAL leadership (which he's failed to do) and take responsiblity for the huge deficit he's let build up. And for BSDC. And HHS. And if anyone thing Adrian Smith could actually run successfully where he wouldn't be allowed to stay behind handlers or filter any and all questions or conversations, you're an idiot. The man can't scratch his butt unless Eric Cantor and John Boehner gives him permission and tells him how to do it! Not one single accomplishment to his name yet.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised more people aren't mentioning Rep. Fortenberry. He represents an area that isn't Omaha, but also isn't the Third, so he has a wider base from which to jump. He represents the Columbus, Norfolk, Lincoln areas and, if Rep. Smith would assist, would be able to do well in the Third. Of course, this is all speculation about the primary.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad that no one mentions Republican women as possibilities for U.S. Senate seat.

Anonymous said...

7:33 Too many young male climbers.

NE Voter said...

Sorry, Fort is DOA in astatewide race. Same for Terry - Jr. Or Sr.

Anonymous said...

Fortenberry for Senate?

Hmmmmmm. It could work.

Anonymous said...

Fortenberry and Foley would have to draw straws and Fulton would probably have to defer to their wishes. Can't see the three of them in a smack-down over who would go for it.

Ted Nerle said...

I don't think Jeff wants it and I know Tony doesn't. Mike is happy as Auditor and I'm not sure he has ambition beyond that post.

On the other side of the aisle, Steve was thinking Gov. Lathrop, not US Sen Lathrop.

I don't know Amanda McGill but she has no hope of winning Ben's old seat in 2012. Her next step is (running for) Mayor of Lincoln.

If Ben doesn't run, think Chris Beutler for Senate. Otherwise, he'd challenge Steve for Gov in the Dem primary. Of course if Ben drops out, Steve might consider Senate instead.

Steve is a fan-damn-tastic politician and a shrewd and very savvy legislator. But Nebraska is not the best state for him to be from. Jeff is extremely bright but he's more philosophical than political. His philosophy-driven politics are right for this state but he's not the ambitious politician that John Bruning is.

Kramer is done. No chance for him to win a Republican primary for any statewide race. His ship sailed with his pro-affirmative action stance on Initiative 424.

Right now, I'd say Bruning has the best shot of winning the primary. He certainly will have an edge on fundraising and name recognition.

Anonymous said...

where can I sign the Recall Tim Dunning petition?