Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama: This election is about my agenda

President Obama (or "Barack", if you're Joe Biden), laid out Tuesday's election as we have known it all along:

It's all about him.
"My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out."
Can that be any clearer readers?

If you want the agenda of this Democrat President -- and of Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- to move forward, then the Democrats are your people.

If you do not, then it's the R on the ballot.

Please fill in the oval accordingly.


Oh, and you will remember that referencing Vice President Joe's visit to Omaha, Tom White said of Biden,

"The folks in Omaha love that man."


Well then. Let us hammer that home, noting Lee Terry's closing commercial:


You may have seen last Sunday what the AP said about the NE-2 race:

"...most (political) publications and analysts have concluded that the seat is likely safe for Terry."
And we discussed the recent OWH poll the other day, which we believe surveyed six people and a cat in the offices of Barrett's Castle, and found that Tom White is the next Chairman of Ways and Means.

However, outside of that scientific poll, we looked at another group that we are sure has ALL the latest polls in their hands. And they also have lots and lots of cash in their pockets. And they dole out said cash when they think they have a shot of winning.

We speak of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (the DCCC).

In 2008 they poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Nebraska's second district because they thought Jim Esch could knock off Lee Terry.

(Editor's note: They were wrong.)

But two years later?

In the final week of the "hotly contested" NE-2 race?

Not a nickel.

Oh, but they are spending money. In their Top 66 races they are dropping over $21 million this week.

But not in Nebraska's second.

Maybe they just didn't see the OWH poll?


Anonymous said...

Is White tone deaf or just dumb? He hitched his ass to the National Democratic Takeover of Healthcare well after National and local polling showed it to be as hated as Dick Cheney at a Cindy Sheehan rally.

Either Pelosi is telling Tom White what to do or Ben Nelson is advising him. Either way, the public loses BIG TIME if he buys his way into Congress.

Check out, you can see that Unions, Democrat House Leadership and Tom White support Tom White. The DCCC gave him $2500 last thursday, but it must have been in agreement that he would match them X10 because he gave himself $25,000 on the very same day!

$78,000, "Must be nice" to have that kind of money to burn!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's both (tone deaf and dumb.) One thing for sure is he won't have a chance to find out if his hearing improves or worsens on the floor of the House of Reps.

Sorry, Tom. Ain't happenin'.

Anonymous said...

Democrats all over the country who supported the stimulus and healthcare laws ($2 trillion in more spending and more debt) are going down to defeat in House races.

So it is in NE2.

Right Wing Professor said...

Obama says it's about his agenda. Almost every Democrat candidate is saying 'President WHO? Never heard of him!'

Except Tom White, of course, who deserves credit for staying on the Obama bandwagon even as it plunges off the edge of an electoral cliff. Loyal, but not particularly smart.

Anonymous said...

Under the "leadership" of a Democrat President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, our amazing Country is more divided than ever.

There needs to be balance in our federal government. Please don't let the Dems in charge of the House and Senate continue this course.

Vote for a change of leadership in the House and Senate-Vote Republican and restore order and balance to the power of our Federal Government.

Anonymous said...

RWP--agree w/you. But White trys to have it both ways--he plays the 'independent' line in TV, but then endorses all the big-ticket items of Pelosi/Reid's agenda.

Really pretty simple: 2 trillion Tom.

Is This Alaska? said...

Why are there so many ads for Joe Miller? Seems like pretty poor targeting to me.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ads--will Meister have any ads on TV?

Anonymous said...

Tom White is not stupid, or dumb. He will behave like a rat in a corner and try one last bull rush.

Of course his bull rush may be somewhat diminished with an early libation.

Still he will be a one grumpy old dude when it is all over........ Hope all those trial atty's who put money in his campaign enjoy him in the court room.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, but they are spending money. In their Top 66 races they are dropping over $21 million this week.

But not in Nebraska's second.

Maybe they just didn't see the OWH poll?"


Kermit said...

Anybody out there know who the following group is?

The Leadership Committee, PO box 81321, Lincoln NE.

Seems their group information isn't up on the NADC web site yet. Either way the morons there sent out a flyer trying to disparage Scott Lauhtenbaugh.

I had a person hand it too me and their response to it was "... the opponent is MORE Liberal than Lautenbaugh..."

Well DUH!!! Almost everybody is more liberal than Lauthenbaugh......

Oh and the individual making the statement is an Attorney and CPA, so no dummy.

Lorenzen and the Unions behind the flyer need to go back to politics 101.

Anonymous said...

For the 100th time:

*Lee Terry is a trial attorney.*

He's a member (or was a member) of the national association of trial attorneys, or whatever they changed their name to once "trial lawyer" became a political slur.

He's received donations from that organization and from trial attorneys.

Maybe you're unaware of this since he's been out of practice for the last dozen years. But before he got elected, Lee Terry was a trial lawyer.

Anonymous said...

50 Seats

I've looked at several political sites (CQ etc) and they are looking at a 50 seat gain for the Republicans in the House.

Anonymous said...

Way too negative

White is going to lose and his negative tactics will get some of the blame. Only quesion is, when the returns come in, will he punch someone at the election night party. Wouldn't bet against that... .

Anonymous said...


One story from the 2010 cycle in NE should be how irrelevant NNN has become.

Few people comment on Vile Kyle's posts anymore. (Only 10 comments in six articles the past week.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lee Terry was a practicing attorney, difference is, he all his bills with the income from that practice.

Tom White can't even bring himself to pay his painter for work on his house.

White has used his law degree to bully little people into backing off.

Once a bully, apparently, always a bully.

Anonymous said...

America is so much better when democrats are in charge and not the super right wingers. From the end of WW 2 to the so called Reagan revolution the middle class grew in terms of size and wealth. Since the Reagan revolution in 1980 the middle class just fell a part. The rich got really rich and the middle class got poor. So don't drink the voodoo koolaide. Vote for democrats. It is the right thing to do. Don't worry when all the right wingers start to slander this post. They listen to Rush, and Glenn Beck. famous for not telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a poll that says 67% of Union Membership believes that their PACS are wasting their money by giving it to Democrat Candidates. The other 33% still believes in their failed policies that are taking away even Union Members' healthcare choices.

Are those Union Members Tea Partiers? I doubt it, they are just speaking anonymously-something that is at risk under Democrat control.

Anonymous said...

DCCC is landing in CD2!

Anonymous said...

4:03--yes, we all would love to have Jimmy Carter as prez again.

Really good job he and the Dems did. Tell us more...

One Out In The Third said...

"we can't have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back."

Had anyone else of the wrong political persuasion said this there would have been a national outrage. It amazes me how the MSM didn't pick up on this immediately. Would someone tell BO that it's been 40+ years since the 60's...and that while he may be stuck there the rest of the world truly wants to leave that mindset behind. He must not have had his teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

Waddya mean the DCCC is landing in CD2? I didn't see the bozo plane at Epply.

Oh and the earlier post about D's being the best there is for the people. Ummmm let's just see how the people feel about that on 3 Nov!

RWP said...

Waddya mean the DCCC is landing in CD2?

They know they're about to get nuked, and they're hoping the deep underground bunkers at Offutt will save them.

Jeremy Aspen's Sugar Daddy said...

Have you noticed how the recall supporters have had to rely on terrible messengers like Jeremy Aspen, John Chatelain, and Andrew Sullivan, because the high-profile names are either dead-set against this recall or they want to keep their powder dry to run for Mayor?

RWP said...

Give me a freaking break. I watched the video. She was a paid agitator who tried to break through a cordon of security to get at Paul; they pulled her away. She herself went to the ground to try to get past them; one of them rested his foot on her shoulder very briefly to keep her down. He was immediately pushed away by the other Paul people. She wasn't beaten, she wasn't stomped, and if she's going to try to get past security to get at a senatorial candidate, she's going to be manhandled out of the way. For all they know, she has a gun.

Try this with Obama, why don't you, and see what happens.

Macdaddy said...

It's probably just a matter of time, RWP, before one of those lefty wing-nuts, in full-force depression of the electoral tsunami about to hit the Democrats, shows up at a Republican rally with a gun.

I think it was ridiculous to put a foot on somebody's head, but that whole scene was out of control. Throw in all the over-heated rhetoric coming from Democrat politicians like Obama and it's just a matter of time before some crazy person lets loose on a Republican candidate. The Democrat office-holders should really show more responsibility in their choice of words.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited to see of Right Wing Professor Gerard Harbison votes in this election since he has been messed with so much about it on here.

Anonymous said...

Im excited to see all the libs get their collective arses kicked to the curb.

Then when those left, pun intended, start to howl and complain we can put them out in 2012!

So along with taking pictures and videos of the anti-recall blockers be sure to keep a watchful eye on the remaining libs. We will be able to tie all of them to Ben Nelson and he can take them all out with the trash.

So excited to see the radical, whimpy, complaining, Progressive Pukes kicked out of office. Oh and their entrenched bureaucrats too!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed on NNN they are asking people to Beg Borrow or Steal money and send it to Tom White and or Meister. And while they now they wont win, the print shops could use the business.

Now if that isn't an indication of what is going to happen what is? Oh and the infamous Hanna replied with a ZZzzzzzzzz......

The ship is going down and the rats are looking for somewhere to go.

Who is going to hire Ian back into the capitol....... especially with so many others losing their "Bosses" on Nov 2nd:)

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad a lady gets beat up by 5 men and RWP an Macdaddy say it is ok. Maybe she was wrong to be there. But men beating up woman is not right. She had some bad injuries. If you watched real news and not FOX you would know this. The justice system will take care of that Tea bagger terrorists. If a republican woman had been beaten by a a bunch of democrats you guys would be going nuts. Obama has had more threats than any President in history. I wonder why? Everyone should be against violence. No matter who does it.But the defenders of the tea baggers on this are wrong. And if a democrat defends a democrat doing something like this they are wrong too. The rhetoric is coming from nuts like Glenn Beck and if you don't see this, well I am sorry. Because that is the way it really is.

Anonymous said...

The republicans are already measuring the new drapes to their new offices in Congress. They are saying if we win. It is a mandate and we are in charge. That Obama better not get in our way. But in 2008, They said we have a duty being the minority party to oppose the new President. Some came out and said they wanted to see the President fail. Well what is it? Do democrats have a duty to stop the new so called mandate? You wingers will be screaming bloody murder the first time Obama uses his veto pen. How bad he is. How can't oppose the will of the people. I wish the president luck. dealing with screaming nut jobs will not be easy.

Anonymous said...

If the House wins 60, the veto pen may not matter.

Besides, Obama will have to decide if he wants to end "segregation" of the Republican Members in the House and Senate OR welcome them to the middle, if not the front, of the bus-as he likes to put it!

Anonymous said...

No $$$$ placed by DCCC in Omaha TV market...

That is the fact as of Thurs a.m.

Anonymous said...

RWP, simply put, you are an idiot. That woman had a concussion due to her beating. I can see why women have had issues with you in your class. Somehow they deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

At this time in 08, the DCCC had spent about $750,000 trying to defeat Terry w/attack TV, radio and mail.

What has the DCCC done this cycle for White? $2,500. lol

Anonymous said...

Where did the Nebraska Democratic Party get money to run anti-Terry ads? Can the DCCC give them money?

Right Wing Professor said...

Loot at the damn video, Anonymous 10:01. There was no beating. She was pulled away after she initiated a struggle to get to Paul, and one guy put his foot on her shoulder to restrain her because they were trying to call the police. That last act was probably unwise, but calling it 'stomping' is just another damn lie. There is absolutely nothing in the incident that could have caused a concussion, and I seriously doubt she has one.

Are you just too lazy to check it out, or are you a damn liar? Well, I know the answer to the latter already, because I've never had a single complaint lodged, to me or to anyone else, about my treatment of any student, male or female. Period.

You people are beneath contempt.

Right Wing Professor said...

She wasn't struck once, as far as I can see, anonymous coward @ 7:40. She initiated a violent confrontation with Paul's entourage, by struggling to get through them and at him, and they pulled her back.

For all they knew, she was a 'lady' who had the same 'ladylike' intentions as Squeaky Fromme. I know you're too ignorant to have heard that name, but Google it.

Like it or not, the Left contains some deranged and even homicidal nuts in its ranks, and any sane political candidate is going to have people protecting him at public events.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 7:46: Obama and the Democrats have been opposing the will of the people since he was sworn in. Everything they have proposed has had bipartisan opposition. People called, wrote, emailed, and confronted them at town halls and said, "Stop! This is not what we elected you for!" The democrats said, "No, doesn't mean no. Now just lie back and enjoy it." As P.J. O'Rourke said, "This isn't an election. It's a restraining order."

Anonymous said...

RWP, you and your crowd are so deranged that you're starting to believe your own spin instead of your eyes. Let's wait to see if assault charges are filed. From what I see in the video, they should be. A 115lb 23 year old girl, who only got within 5 feet of Rand Paul (to present a satirical "award"), is such a threat that this degree of violent response is required? Only for those who have an over-heightened sense of fear which the vast majority of righties seem to have.

Right Wing Professor said...

A 115lb 23 year old girl, who only got within 5 feet of Rand Paul (to present a satirical "award"), is such a threat that this degree of violent response is required?

They didn't know her intentions.

Squeaky Fromme was a small, slightly built woman, who was 27 when she took a loaded Colt .45 semiautomatic pistol and pointed it at Gerald Ford at short range.

Seventeen days later, Sara Jane Moore, 44, another leftist radical, fired a shot at Ford. She missed him by 6 inches. Her second shot never got off because a bystander grabbed her arm.

In my more conspiratorial moments, I wonder if these attempts by leftists to get close to Republican candidates are an attempt to get their protection to back off a little so the real killers can go to work.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't justify excessive force. Restrain, yes. Beat-up, no. It never ceases to amaze me what a paranoid bunch you all are.

Right Wing Professor said...

Nobody beat her up, 1:13. She was pulled away. That's just yet another damn lie. It amazes ME how y'all don't seem be able to tell the truth to save your lives.

Why should conservatives be worried that leftists might commit acts of violence? Would it be the ten years of violent rhetoric, or maybe the history of violence from the left? The trashing of Seattle by violent leftist mobs? The burning of ski resorts and auto-dealerships? You had terrorists hosting fund-raisers for the President.

And some of you who post here, frankly, don't seem very stable.

Right Wing Professor said...

Posted on another thread, on this very blog.

"If you want to worry about something, worry about this: The Bush Supreme court has allowed Big Labor and the Fortune 500 to disenfranchise an entire country of voters. The only way that will be undone is with bloodshed and bullets."

Hmm, now why would anyone worry about violence from the left? Maybe we should just console ourselves that it's all bluster. No, frankly, I'd prefer to take precautions, just in case.

Anonymous said...

What video are you looking at? "She was pulled away". Yeah, and also thrown to the ground and stomped on. I can see that with my own eyes! You're a chemistry professor, and you can't even make an unbiased observation without your ideological blinders getting in the way. I knew that you righties viewed the world differently, but this is going too far.

Right Wing Professor said...

So you admit she wasn't beaten. Good, that's a start. Now, was she thrown to the ground? Look at the video. She was already bent over (she was trying to squirm towards Paul). She was pulled back. She fell towards the guy pulling her. In fact, far from being thrown to the ground, she fell almost on top of him initially.

See how much easier it is when you use your eyes?

Right Wing Professor said...

One more thing. Ms Valle has a long arrest record, and is facing felony charges in Louisiana for vandalizing a ship during the BP clean up. Some of the conservative sites are calling her an 'eco-terrorist'. I think that's going too far. But she's certainly shown no reluctance to use illegal means, including physical force, in the pursuit of her political goals.

Anonymous said...

I bow before you, RWP. The vast majority of this video's viewers see it entirely differently than you do. But because of your infinite wisdom as a professor and right-winger, obviously your take must be correct.

Right Wing Professor said...

I am indeed impressed that Anonymous Coward @ 2:23 is able to discern what 'the vast majority' of the video's viewers saw.

It's a rare gift.

Anonymous said...

No, it's called reading reports of the event from multiple sources. You should try it.

Grundle King said...

Anybody who thinks what happened to this girl qualifies as a "stomping" clearly missed one of the most memorable scenes from American History X.

THAT was a stomping.

Grundle King said...

BTW, I'm no doctor, but I fail to see anything in that video that would cause a concussion. Her head hits the concrete, padded by her hooded sweatshirt, after traveling a distance of maybe 1-2 inches.

It also appears Anon 7:46 wants it both ways. When Obama won, it was a liberal mandate, but now with the tide against them, it's a different story.

Anonymous said...


Still waiting to see those DCCC ads for White--

Just goes to show you the person who posted saying they (DCCC) were 'landing in CD2' must be a White staffer.

Who else would make a Dirty White Lie?

Anonymous said...

RWP thinks it's cool to stomp on the head of a 23 year old girl. Figures, the guy is a World Class Douchebag. Oh well at least he doesn't vote.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07. The ads being run by the Nebraska Democratic Party are paid for by the DCCC.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any TV ads paid by NDP for White.

If DCCC was going to do ads, they'd run them themselves--not send $$$ to the state party.

Remember, DCCC paid $1 million in stuff for Esch--didn't work in 08. the DCCC's $2500 contribution to White won't do much either.

Anonymous said...

1:36--I assume you meant "mailings"--since that is what the NDP is paying for.

Those mailers are way too late--they sling mud and are actually hurting White.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it--if you know you need to turn your party's base out in north Omaha (like White needed to do), you don't do that by running away from Obama's signature issues (healthcare and stimulus) like White did.