Friday, October 22, 2010

A brand new Dave

A new campaign spot by Governor Dave Heineman that we got our grubby mitts on.
See it here:

Campaign spot ipsa loquitur.
(And, hey how about that cameo by smilin' Rick Sheehy!)


Now you may know that the aforementioned Governor sent a letter to SecState Hillary Clinton questioning that Canadian oil pipeline.  As did Senator Mike Johanns.  (And Ben Nelson may have jumped on the bandwagon as well.)

Of course Dick Holland's "fringe special interest group", Bold Nebraska has been miserable about the whole pipe ever since someone suggested they could jump on the issue.

Wait, Bold Nebraska is a "fringe special interest group"? Who ever would say such a thing???

Well, that would be former Nebraska Democrat Party chief Barry Rubin and the Big Labor Unions that support the pipeline, according to the New York Times.

The are making phone calls across the state telling Nebraskans how awesome the pipeline is and how fringey Bold and their buddies are.

First Jane Kleeb loves Fox News, and now Barry and the Unions hate her.

Politics is awesome...


And over at the Watchdog blog, Joe Jordan gets anti-Suttle recall chief Brad Ashford to tell him that Hal Daub won't run for Mayor and that Suttle is a liar, but that's OK because, hey, EVERYBODY lies!

What we DIDN'T get out of Ashford was a promise that he WON'T run for Mayor if the recall succeeds.

(Waitasecond! Maybe that's his master plan! Tank the anti-recall job then sliiiip into the Mayor's office after the recall! Subversively genius!)


And Go Huskers!


Anonymous said...

Brad Ashford says he doesn't think Hal Daub will run for mayor and you take that as gospel?

You're giving Ashford's opinion a lot of credit.

Hal Daub has yet to say he won't run for mayor.

Street Sweeper said...

Yup, that's what I said: "GOSPEL". Matthew, Mark, Luke and Brad. You can etch Ashford's words into brass They will stand the test of time.

That's EXACTLY* what I said.

*(uh, or not)

Anonymous said...

Rubin vs Kleeb. NPR vs Juan. Where did the love go?

And the idea of Ashford screwing Suttle over. That is so cynical it is, well, possible.

It is Fall for Liberals. Time to gather the nuts for winter.

Anonymous said...

Ashford said "Suttle is a liar"? I don't remember hearing that. Can you point me to the exact point in the clip where he says "Suttle is a liar"?

Right Wing Professor said...

Gowrsh, ya mean the unions haven't bought into the idea that 'green jobs' are going to replace dirty oil?

They're not thinking creatively enough. See, every wind turbine needs a turbine minder, who will sound the alarm and call the turbine fixing company if one of those giant blades flies off. (They could also pick up all the dead birds whacked by the turbine blades.) And obviously, since you can't expect a turbine minder to work more than a seven hour day, we need at least 4 turbine minders for every wind turbine. They can be represented by the Association of Turbine Minders (AFL-CIO) and paid at least $30 an hour. Then, since wind power will cost at least $5 a kWh with all these union guys on the take, er, I mean, payroll, we can put on a massive tax on imported oil to make wind competitive, and use it to buy electric cars for the members of ATM (AFL-CIO).

Ya just gotta have vision.

Joe said...

Maybe Ashford will come to the defense of Scott Lautenbaugh who continues to say that he hasn't taken any campaign contributions from out of state tobacco industries this year. Just a little digging into the industry filings shows that he is lying. But all is forgiven Scott, Brad Ashford that's gave you his blessing that lying is just part of politics. Suttle and Lautenbaugh have a lot in common

Rob said...

Genius? I will wear a t-shirt with “Suttle Rocks!” on the front and “Bike Czars are Really Important” on the back to the next Nighthawks game if anyone on here can name anything Brad Ashford has ever done that is genius.

Run Sarah Run said...

I noticed an ad for SarahPAC below this article. Let me be the first to encourage you all to donate! She is the perfect person to take this country in the right direction. Palin 2012!

Anonymous said...

RWP - You have no idea what you're talking about. Again.

Anonymous said...

When did Brad Ashford become news or relevant? Yeeeeeeaaaaawnnnnn!

Anonymous said...

What is new about RWP being lost in his own mind?

Ricky said...

I did not know what to think about the gas pipeline going through the Ogalalla Aquifer.
That is, until I heard both Senator Tony Fulton and Mike Johanns were against the pipeline.
Now, of course, I support the project. I would never be caught dead agreeing with those two.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Omaha City Council President Gary "Dundee Do-over" Gernandt would take over right away if Mayor Suttle is recalled.
And Gernandt would have to be considered a likely contender for winning a special election for Omaha's Mayor.
The rightys' don't like Suttle's coziness to the Police Union and they would accept a retired police officer as Mayor instead?
What stupid idea indeed it is; the recall effort of Jim Suttle.
I predict it will fail because of a lack of the needed signatures.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

the Dundee do over on the council was Ben "I've reconsidered" Gray not Gary. Watch the spelling.

Anonymous said...

What the hell was Lee Terry thinking signing that stupid Social Security pledge? The pandering idiot deserves to lose when he can't even keep his story straight until November.

Oh well. If Terry loses, we'll win this one back with a MUCH better candidate in 2012.

Lucy said...

Democrat Unions are for the Ogl. aquifer pipeline. Democrat environmentalists are against the same pipeline. All things being equal in Democrat-land, Democrats decide where to stand on this issue by taking the opposite of whatever position Republicans take.

So says Ricky.

If that's supposed to be a joke, it looks a lot like DNC strategy in the national election.

Keep wearing that Obama shirt, Ricky. You'll need something like that to strain the lumps of oil out of your drinking water.

Anonymous said...

Brad Assford is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Well the true colors for certain candidates are shining brightly.

The other TW in a Nebraska race is solidly in the pockets of the UNIONS.

Theresa Whitehead

She just received a whopping $10,000 from the Teachers UNION!

SO you can BET she will be supporting the Learning Community!

Anonymous said...

Brad Ashford IS a genius! Maybe you youngsters don't remember, but Brad was the one who went to a Commercial Federal (now Bank of the West) ATM for $100, left, realized he "forgot" the money at the ATM, went back, found it gone, and whined until the bank gave him another $100. BRILLIANT!

I put two kids through college with this ruse. Like Brad, I had to give up my self-respect and dignity, but what's THAT worth?

Anonymous said...

Well GOP, Dave will win. When he screws it up so bad if there was a recall would you be in favor of it? Because it will be bad next spring. Heineman will be busy getting his Senate campaign in line. He won't have Obama to bail his tail out any more. So he makes massive and I mean massive cuts or he raises taxes. I know all you tea baggers want cuts. You just won't name them. So lets start a forum on cuts. I bet the first ones mentioned will be anything that hurts the lower or middle class. God help us if you tax a sacred cow rich person. Or a corporation. I mean low taxes and money are so much more important than a poor people eating or having a roof over their head. People say how bad is a third world nation?. Maybe they will come to Nebraska to see. Just a thought.

B&C said...

Maybe we as a people have to get off the "Free" cycle and start taking a bit or responsibility? Maybe there are consequences for our actions and "Do Overs" don't really happen.

See you Libs love to hand out the free/do overs. BUT you just don't have a clue on how or where the $$$ comes from. Oh and by the way your sacred leaders sure don't lead by example. If that were true you would find BILLIONS of dollars flowing into the Nebraska system because it's what Libs do. Oh wait it doesn't happen does it. NOPE!!

See you would have a bit more cred if you and your fearless leaders would lead the way. Instead you bitch and complain.

You want to live in some Utopia but don't get it. People will always screw it up. The only way your utopia can even have a chance is if you use FORCE to redistribute the wealth. Kind of kills the whole UTOPIA huh......

So I hope the Gov, and the Legislature, do cut benefits. The State should only be there for those who can't. Not those who won't!

Now go ahead and start your B&C.

Anonymous said...

Terry 44 - White 39. Within the margin of error.

curb said...

7:57 and other Democrats call Tea Party people "tea baggers".

"Tea baggers" are people who drop their testicles/scrotum into another person's mouth. That odd behaviour seems more appropriate to Barney Frank and San Francisco residents, almost all of whom are Democrats.

Not all Republicans are Tea PARTIERS but many are.

Not all Democrats are Tea BAGGERS but most tea baggers are Democrats.

Street Sweeper, Juan Williams mentioned on television the sexual innuendo of the term "tea baggers" as used by Liberals to attack Conservatives, so please do not delete this comment for sake of "decency". Democrats openly use this pejorative term for its pejorative effect. They should openly be held to account for it.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you 8:56, but some of the tea partiers started calling themselves teabaggers, stupidly not knowing the connotation. Democrats have free rein to use a term the tea party was already using.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how busy the state capitol is in Governor Dave's TV spot? Even the capitol steps are swarming with people.