Friday, September 17, 2010

Confirmed: A vote for White is a vote for Obama/Pelosi

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden will be coming to Omaha for a country club fundraiser for Democrat Congressional candidate Tom White.

No more evidence is needed to show that Tom White will be a solid vote for the Obama-Pelosi Democrat policies.

If that’s what you want, Tom White is your man.

(Biden will surely let you know that White supporting ObamaCare and porkulus is “a big f**king deal.”)


On another note, the Washington Post listed their Top Seven prospects for Republican to Democrat turnover in the House.

Nebraska’s second district was NOT on the list.

Oh well.


Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle gave his defense against the recall efforts.

In his statement he said, “City government must be efficient and innovative to save tax dollars... ”.

Or, what? It should be changed?

We’re fairly sure this is an argument FOR booting Suttle asap.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe Biden will, as is very likely, say something stupid and Tom White will punch him right in the face, also very likely.

I can see the posters held by the protesters now.

Tom White, "a big f'in DEMOCRAT deal?" So much for trying to be something you're not.

"Did you hear the one about the two Labor Union Lovin' Libs that went to the Country Club? They got card checked and thrown out."

Tom White is toast-thank you Mr. President for confirming that for us.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Biden is going rogue again and taking a private government paid for plain on a trip that has nothing to do with being in office-Oh wait, that's the First Lady that does that, not the Vice President.

Anonymous said...

The Terry Camp must be doing cart-wheels. A Biden visit will cinch the election for Terry. Shows how out of touch White and the Dems are to think that anyone from this Administration would be able to prop up their candidate; despite taking CD 2 in 08. The political landscape can change a lot in two years, and it has!

Macdaddy said...

White couldn't get Obama after what the NE2 did for him in 2008? Seriously? Or did White ask him not to come?

Maybe Tom will clear up some things at the fundraiser, such as does he support raising the taxes on rich Americans and at what income level does he define rich? Does he support raising the capital gains tax by 33% on January 1st?

Oh mander said...

I like Biden. What others call "gaffes" I call speaking his mind. Now back to the insults from the gutless anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom White

Every Republican in a competitive race

Scrapple said...

I think this spells just a little bit of trouble for Lee. Biden is the VP and will be a big draw for D donors. People like him. I think this means that it is "game on". Quite a different announcement than the R's sneaking Boehner in and out of town stopping over just long enough to shake a few hands and hit a local tanning bed. I am guessing that they didn't want any questions to Boehner about his conversations with Lee about his drinking and "hanging out" with lobbyists. It would have forced him to either lie or avoid answering. While Terry stood behind him looking like George Constanza when he got caught by his mom with a Glamour magazine.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether this VPOTUS will get the candidate's name correct unlike the last VPOTUS when it came to Terry Lee.

Clabba said...

Obama said "Nobody messes with Joe". But the truth is, nobody BOTHERS to mess with him, since he hasn't an ounce of respect from anyone. Joe "Bite Me" Biden is just a blowhard camera-hungry lifelong politician who should be doing commercials for Hair Plugs Club for Men...thinks he's hot s*&^t on a silver platter but he's really cold poop on a paper plate. I feel embarrassed for the Secret Service and military personnel who have to serve on this fool's security entourage.

Anonymous said...

You mean you think Biden will gaffe and call him Whitey Tom?

I don't think that would surprise anyone that knows Ol' Whitey Boy, except of course, his civil rights clients that he's made millions off of!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought Tom white said that career politicians were bad.

Hmm, he must have just meant politicians that people like a lot. Yeah, the popular politicians are bad.

The one's nobody likes…Tom White has no problem with them.

What a hypocrite!

BTW, all those big dollar Dems should have been giving Tommie Boy cash already. That fact that they weren't, well that's just part of a long list of Tom White's Big Problems.

Anonymous said...

Biden was admitted to the bar in 1969 and has been a professional politician since 1970.

Biden currently has a 100% vote record with the Democrat Party.

This is the guy that Tom White wants to emulate? Hell, if he weren't so funny with all his screw ups, there would be no difference between Biden and Pelosi.

And the killer is that Tom White is going to take him to his exclusive Country Club.

The Republican Party couldn't write this stuff any better themselves!

Ricky said...

Nice try at spinning the VP's visit Mr. Street Sweeper.
From my viewpoint it is a coup for the White campaign.
It will be a big money maker and puts the White - Terry race on the radar screen.
I hope to attend and meet Mr Biden; he is an interesting guy.
And by the way, the recall of Mayor Suttle is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

VP Biden would not waste his time coming to Nebraska if White did not have a chance. The race will be close. A democrat should never have a chance in Nebraska. What is gong on?

Anonymous said...

If the White House REALLY thought White had a chance, Obama would be coming. Not Biden.

No doubt White was promised a trip like this by the DCCC way back when he decided to run.

Anonymous said...

Anon 916, all Biden does all day long is waste his time. Where have you been?

BTW, if you choose to debate me on this, other than making an ass out of the President and himself on a regular basis, name something that Biden has done.

And trying to look interested during the State of the Union does not count.

Anonymous said...

Biden has been involved in crafting many federal crime laws over the last decade, including the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, also known as the Biden Crime Law. He also authored the landmark Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA), which contains a broad array of measures to combat domestic violence and provides billions of dollars in federal funds to address gender-based crimes. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the section of VAWA allowing a federal civil remedy for victims of gender-motivated violence exceeded Congress' authority and therefore was unconstitutional. Congress reauthorized VAWA in 2000 and 2005.[ In March 2004, Biden enlisted major American technology companies in diagnosing the problems of the Austin, Texas-based National Domestic Violence Hotline, and to donate equipment and expertise to it.

As chairman of the International Narcotics Control Caucus, Biden wrote the laws that created the nation's "Drug Czar," who oversees and coordinates national drug control policy. In April 2003 he introduced the controversial Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act, also known as the RAVE Act. He continues to work to stop the spread of "date rape drugs" such as Rohypnol, and drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine. In 2004 he worked to pass a bill outlawing steroids like androstenedione, the drug used by many baseball players.

Anonymous said...

Biden's visit will be good for both Tom and the Republicans. Tom will get some much needed cash so he can keep up with Terry. Oh and Democratic Party will save some as they won't have to pay so much for White's race.

The R's wire have a field day with it as this will erase White's work to brand himself as "Independent". All in one day I might add.

I bet the White campaign reminded the Obama admin how they won an electoral vote in NE and they may need it the next time around. With all the trouble the WH has with the electorate I bet the listened. They want to keep the new Obama network working in the 2nd CD. So Biden is coming out.

Would they come out if we had the winner take all?

Anonymous said...

biden is the kiss of death

already flip-flopping said...

Talk about switching horses in the middle of the stream....apparently the polls are showing the "I'm an independent like Ben" theme isn't working. He must be pretty desperate to go the opposite direction to embrace the "career politician" and the party line loyalist - exactly what he was against last week.

Out of the pan, into the fire....

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:52, you have to realize that for the majority of the posters here (especially the righties), if they don't know about it, it never happened.

Anonymous said...

A loud mouthed, know it all, arrogant blowhard is coming to campaign for Tom White. How very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Gary and Ace repelling down the Woodman building right behind Suttle. They are quite a duo.

Anonymous said...

That's right...Suttle, Gary and Ace.

When you are up to your ass in alligators, make sure the ones who got you there are the same ones digging you in deeper.

If Suttle keeps those same morons as advisors now named Prairie Strategies(?) that is reason enough to recall him.

As for White? Here again, when you leave the kids in the room alone with the sharp knives you suffer their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

OMG. What if this VP does get the candidate's name wrong like Terry Lee? We'd have White Tom. There goes the Obama vote.

Anonymous said...

A little late to the party aren't ya'?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how GOP senators Adams, Aguilar, Ashford, Burling, Carlson, Christensen, Cornett, Dierks, Erdman, Friend, Fulton, Gay, Hansen, Harms, Heidemann, Hudkins, Johnson, Langemeier, Louden, McDonald, Nelson, Pankonin, Pedersen, Stuthman, and Wightman feel about Lee Terry's latest attack ad. They all voted for the same constitutional amendment White did.

Anonymous said...

9 of those senators are out now and most are donating to Terry.:)

Anonymous said...

White needs to do better research.

If you want to hit your opponent on an issue, check out your own record in that same regard.

White can criticize 'pay raises' all he wants--the fact is he voted for one--a big one--in 2007.

It just goes to hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

White's attack ad says he wants to cut cong. pay until the budget's balanced.

Really. In Lincoln, that's not what he did--he voted to raise pay 83% and then voted against balancing the budget last fall.

The opposite of his ad.

Sounds like a case of "do what I say, not what I do."

GeosUser said...

The city could easily reduce the current $7 million plus snow & ice removal budget to $5 million through the use of a weather hedge swap contract without any downside. These hedges are widely used in energy, agriculture and hospitality industries. The concept was communicated in detail to the Mayor's office. What was the response??? You got it...nada! So much for his being "innovative in the use of tax dollars". The unfortunate fact is, the recall committee is headed by a couple of boobs and their on-going missteps have probably doomed the effort to failure.

Anonymous said...

So, GeosUser, why don't you show them how to do it the right way? You are the self-defined expert. It should be easy for you. But, then again, you'd have to actually do something rather than just sit and bitch about it.

GeosUser said...

Anonymoron 1:43,
I did communicate to the Mayor's office (and 2 city council members), how a weather hedge swap contract could be used to save at least $2 million. I got zero interest in response except from a couple of the local hosts on KFAB. I even wrote to the city's finance director...nada. If it isn't invented's like it doesn't exist. I know it's above the head of any liberal socialist Democrat moron.

Anonymous said...

A few years back when I believe it was VP Cheney in Lincoln to campaign for Jeff Fortenberry for Congress, the Dummycrats in town got all in a lather over the tax dollars being wasted for political purposes.

The Lincoln mayor at the time, Colleen "Edith Bunker" Seng, even sent a bill to the Fortenberry campaign for $40,000 (or somewhere in that vicinity) for the extra overtime paid to LPD to provide security for the VP visit.

It will be interesting to see if the Dummycrats are as opposed to electioneering by a Dummycrat administration as they were about electioneering by a Republican administration. Sneaky suspicion they won't be. Just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that Tom White should have Ian do his research to the fact that not only has Lee Terry not voted for any Congressional pay raises, he has repeatedly voted to halt the COLA in those pay raises.

I think he was even a cosponsor of the freeze that the Members of Congress and their staff's are currently working under.

Unlike Tom White who encouraged his Legislative staff to continue to accept their pay from the taxpayers of the State of Nebraska while keeping the office shut up and working on Tom White Congressional Campaign in Sarpy County.

I would hope that is illegal, but sadly it is probably just unethical-which doesn't seem to matter to Tom White.

Anonymous said...

GeosUser, what in the hell makes you think that I am a liberal, socialist, Democrat (sic) moron? The truth is I am a very conservative Republican that is sick and tired of people like yourself (from either side of the political spectrum) that rant and rave as though they alone have all the answers to the problems, and are incapable of carrying on a conversation with others without hurling insults.

Anonymous said...

Anon 320-only active Democrats correct people that refer to you as not of the Democrat (sic) Party.

Everyone thinks it is the Democrat Party, only democrats correct them by telling them they are wrong, that it is the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:12,
I guess that makes me a bit of an oddball Republican then, doesn't it? Calling members of the other party by a name that you know will irritate them does exactly what for our cause? Please explain.
Let's try to kick the level of discussion on this blog up a notch shall we?

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there was less name calling and more intelligent debate on this blog...
That being said, is anyone else concerned that Senator Abbie Cornett repelled down the side of the Woodman? What is she on disability for from the police dept?? Serious question.

Anonymous said...

So, Geouser suggests how the mayor's office could operate more cost-effectively -- and even gives specifics -- and some anonymous fellow at 1:43 attacks him for doing nothing but "bitching."
To which Geouser responds that he wasn't merely bitching but had actually attempted to do something about it. To which the same anonymous fellow at 1:43 (now at 3:20) says he "is sick and tired of people like yourself (from either side of the political spectrum) that rant and rave as though they alone have all the answers to the problems, and are incapable of carrying on a conversation with others without hurling insults."

Sorry, Mr. Anonymous at 1:43, but you come off like a bombastic jackass in your 1:43 post and then complain about people incapable of carrying on conversations without hurling insults. I mean, that's kind of you, actually.

Joe Biden's Momma said...

11:31pm - "It would be nice if there was less name calling and more intelligent debate on this blog"

Ah, excuse me but aren't we talking about Joe Biden, the F-word guy? Joe Biden, the fellow who constantly puts his foot in his mouth?

Biden's crop of hair implants may have grown in but his propensity for vulgar, inane outbursts has not ebbed. The man is a name calling, unintelligent ass. And yet you accuse bloggers here of what? Being too much like Biden?

Sadly, Obama is similar. Makes fun of special olympians, etc,, never held a real job. Most bloggers here have more leadership experience than these two egotistical fops.

The question is, who really puts the "ass" in the Democrat Jackass? Obama, Biden, or the jackasses who voted for them?

Anonymous said...

If White was smart he'd bring in some moderates with actual swing voter cred, like Evan Bayh

Anonymous said...

Mr. GeosUser,
You don't need to post as Anonymous (12:18 & 8:23) to shore up your incivility. Please go ahead and use your usual signature.

CJ said...

Biden isn't Obama, but using the VP's time this close to an election signals that the national Dems are not pulling out of NE-CD 2 and solely focusing their efforts on playing defense around the country. It may help generate a mailpiece from the LT camp about White being just like all the others (Obama, Pelosi, etc.) but it provides much cash to TW and evidence that the DCCC plans to play.

Anonymous said...

CJ, you are absolutely correct! My bet is that not only will the Democrat Vice President's visit bring in money for Tom White, but it will also drive all of Lee Terry's supporters to dig a little deeper and send him more money-and probably some disillusioned Indies will come on into the Terry Camp.

Nothing says your a Dem and not a "conservative independent voice for Nebraska" like a visit from an old white guy from the WhiteHouse that has only worked outside of Elected Office for 1 year of his life between Law School and getting elected to office some FORTY YEARS AGO.

Go Lee Terry!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice that Biden will be here to endorse White. For the ones that don't even know this candidate is everything the current Administration is looking for will certainly open some eyes. We're on to you White, you "independent" thinker. You Obama Administration wannabe.

Haven't I heard independent thinking before from a Democrat? Oh, yeah, Ben Nelson. He's real independent. Votes for cloture to get the vote that he can vote no for but in reality it makes no difference because by his yes vote, he gave the power to the Administrations lackies to do what we didn't want. He then stands back and sounds the fight song against the Obamacare issue. Tom White will be no different. He's a proven, personal agenda kind of guy which means his agenda will have to be the agenda of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid

Wonder if Suttle will get in the photo op and let Biden know that he's a good ol hard of hearing Democrat too?