Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nelson-Meltdown: Donnnn!!!

If you haven’t seen the recent article by Don Walton in the LJS, you really need to read it:

Heineman, Nelson clash heats up

Basically, Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson had himself a little fit, and rang up Walton to bitch and moan about Governor Dave Heineman.

And, of course, all the points he tries to make are wrong.

Nelson complains to Walton, “I’ve run out of patience.”

He then goes on to say,
Heineman inaccurately portrayed the federal education aid, Nelson said, when he suggested it could require $30 million in additional state spending...
Uh, no. You see, that was according to Jake Thompson, Nelson’s spokesman, in this OWH article.

Nelson continued:
...and that it could not be used in the next biennium when it is most needed for budget purposes.
Well, only problem is Heineman NEVER said that. He said he wanted to know if it could be used in the next biennium and that he is seeking clarification.

We will keep going.

Nelson said:
More recently, Heineman suggested that governors and states had no choice whether to accept the money.
Nope. Again, this is according to Nelson's spokesperson, Jake Thompson in same OWH article.
"Wrong. Dead wrong. Wrong again," he (Nelson) said.
Now, as we pointed out, it is Ben Nelson who is incorrect here.

But hey, what’s with the weird repetition?

It’s getting a little...desperate. Kooky.
Heck, it’s a little like he’s riding in a grocery cart and Don Walton just told him he couldn’t have the Double Stuf Oreos.

But he continues:
Either Heineman is "intentionally mistaken or he just doesn't know," Nelson said.
But hey, note that everything that Nelson is saying Heieneman is wrong about came from Nelson's spokesman. So...who’s the confused one here?

In the mean time, Heineman responds with two points:

Heineman said he never stated the funds would need to be used this year instead of when they are most needed the following year.
And, he said, the federal law clearly states that the funding shall be provided to the state through another entity if the governor does not apply for them.
The question of whether a governor formally applies is "not really the issue," Heineman said.

2) (and you can bet this will REALLY burn Nelson...)
"It appears to me Senator Nelson wants to pick a fight," Heineman promptly responded.
"I think we all know the facts out here," the governor said.
"Senator Nelson is in deep trouble with the citizens of Nebraska.
"Senator Nelson embarrassed the state with the Cornhusker Kickback. Senator Nelson did not listen to Nebraskans when he voted for the health care reform law."

And, of course, Governor Heineman is right.

Oh, and some have suggested Governor Heineman might just challenge Senator Nelson for his Senate seat in 2012.

So there’s that...

But this all gets back to Nelson, calling Don Walton, to...whine.

We get the feeling this won’t be the last time Don gets called when the Senator whine.

Maybe offer a little cheese next time?


Anonymous said...

Now I know I won't be voting for Heineman this fall. Why would I vote for someone who has yet to show any honest leadership skills, but who will clearly be focusing on getting to the Senate in 2012 and not the state? Heineman's an idiot.

"Is this a one-hit-wonder?" said...

Wow. Walton finally shows something besides Nelson boot-licking.

More, please!

TexasAnnie said...

Okay, I'll take the advice and go read the Walton piece. But I don't expect it will alter my opinion about either Nebraska "leader," both of whom led all Nebraskans to great shame last year at BSDC.

You know, Anonymous reader. Those folks who were alive when Nebraska took them into custody but are now dead... The ones that got KILLED!

GeosUser said...

At some point you are going to figure out that most Nebraskans don't care that much about the inmates at Beatrice, or there would never have been a Beatrice facility in the first place. It's only purpose is to serve as a shining example of the failure of a well-intentioned government program in an area that should have been left to private charity.

Anonymous said...

Geosuser. Your comment sounds like the NAZIS when they were on trial. That know one cared about the jews or they would have let them in their country. This was not a holocaust. Not even close. But it was wrong and none one is taking responsbility or being punished. Just a another GOP cover up. Plus a lot of Nebraskans do CARE!

Anonymous said...

On the plus side for Nelson, the photo in the LJS shows a hairline ... Providing the first proof I've ever seen that he's not wearing a toupee.

Anonymous said...

OK, TA, we got it. BSDC baaad. Heineman baaaad. BSDC residents in frail health killed.

Please stop trying to hijack every thread that mentions Heineman.

Macdaddy said...

Nelson will not run for re-election in 2012. If he's run out of patience because Heineman won't bend over and kiss his feet, wait until his campaign manager starts bringing him the internal polls next year. And by internal I mean among his campaign staff.

Macdaddy said...

And another thing, Nelson is getting ticked off because his back-up plan of Obama appointing him Ambassador to Bermuda in 2012 is going up in smoke because Obama is doing his darnedest to not get re-elected. All that hard work and nothing to show for it.

GeosUser said...

Anon 8:15,
Only a pinhead liberal would try to deflect a rational argument about the abject failure of all such well-intentioned government run institutions like BSDC into some kind of connection to the Nazi holocaust.

TedK said...

BSDC only became a failure when the state stopped financing it sufficiently. Calling those unfortunates who reside there, inmates? That's cold, Geo. If only we had a time machine that could send you back to Medieval times. You'd see how well that charity thing works.

Oh mander said...

Geo - Only a shill for Fox News uses terms like "Pinhead Liberal."

The name of this blog should be changed to "Mouthpiece for Gov. Heineman."

Anonymous said...

Oh mander remember they say they are not a republican blog,Just like Fox is real news.

Right Wing Professor said...

So why are you here, Oh Mander? You could, after all, be posting on that hotbed of local political debate, New Nebraska Net.

Anonymous said...

Nelson's backup plan is already in place. Bold Nebraska is his version of Joe Lieberman's "Independent" campaign organization. All the evidence one needs is to note all the Nelson butt kissing that goes on there.

Grundle King said... appears as though you're still confused as to the definition of "killed". To "kill" something (in the legal sense, the one that actually counts) is to intentionally deprive of life, or to intentionally cause death. Unless you can provide evidence that someone deliberately caused these people's deaths, you have no basis on which to claim they were "killed".

And as we've discussed before, those that died were already unable to sustain life without considerable amounts of assistance. Their deaths are certainly unfortunate, but these are individuals who, were it not for the miracles of modern technology, would have died years ago. Let's consider which is more cruel...allowing an individual like that to die, or artificially prolonging their survival.

Anonymous said...

When did people in the Beatrice State Home become referred to as "inmates?" I'd say that blogger has some nasty issues. I tend to agree. Governor pass the buck Dave failed miserably in his leadership role on that one not to mention the mounting state debt. Unlike Suttle he makes the people feel good with his golly gee schucks avoidance to address the problem and promotes himself as the one who doesn't raise taxes to get re-elected or positioned for his Senate run. I hope Bruning doesn't back out of that primary.

Nathan said...

Mental health patients are now inmates? My how the times have changed. A long time ago I use to work at a mental health facility, and even back then we called them "patients".

Anonymous said...

Obamcare is the single needed reason to vote against Nelson.

Anonymous said...

mTm said..... Street is there any way to keep the hack "Mrs. Klebb wanna b's" out of here? Every new post starts with the anonymous pinhead crap!

TexasAnnie said...

Grundle King: Here it is, straight from my desktop dictionary---
KILLED is past tense of the transitive verb, KILL.
It means, “1. to deprive of life in any manner, cause the death of, slay; 2. to destroy, do away with, extinguish;” and
3...etc., up to 30 possible definitions!

I do appreciate your attempt to defend your limited use of this verb. Were I still living in Nebraska, I too would be ashamed to admit what has taken place at BSDC. But you should consider that something is terribly WRONG with governance there regarding this issue. And I hope you will realize better than the Anonymous at 8:41 a.m. comment of yesterday, that I DO NOT simply blame Heineman for this injustice. I also blame Johanns and Nelson and every State Senator serving over the past two decades. For it is that long, at least, that neglect of Nebraska’s DD population has been going on.

A hearty THANKS to the few comments denouncing the BSDC killings. Your words cheer me more than you may possibly realize.

Anonymous at 8:41--- Well, IF the plight of the DD population was “newsworthy” in Nebraska, I could bring up my grievances more appropriately therein. As it is, I can only testify WHY I wouldn’t support either Nelson or Heineman!