Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heineman: “Very unlikely I'll run for the Senate”

Governor Dave Heineman told the Lincoln Journal Star yesterday:
“'s very unlikely I'll run for the Senate (in 2012).”
"The only reason I'm willing to take a look (at a future Senate race) is because people tell me they are so mad at Senator Nelson for his vote on health care. And the intensity of that is growing."
Oh, well we won’t throw out our Heineman ‘12! buttons just yet...


And to keep you up on that Governor’s race, Heineman’s opponent just said he is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.


Take THAT Fremont!


Ben Nelson has declared that he wants all groups putting up political ads on TV to say who is funding them!

Hmm. You mean like the one paid for by a certain new Democrat group in the state put up last fall against Congressman Lee Terry?

(You know, we could have swore the Nebraska chapter of the Sierra Club said they didn’t like these “stupid” “offensive” ads, that are “not the way we do business in the state of Nebraska.”)

Maybe get the ball started rolling with that group. You know, just to show you mean what you say and you say what you mean, Senator.


Speaking of ads against Congressman Terry, the latest list by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has a list of 60 races they are reserving ad time for.

Of that, they are planning to spend against three GOP incumbent seats.

Lee Terry, currently, ain’t one of them.


Could be that the DCCC has a little less enthusiasm about Tom White than previously thought?


And speaking of doing as they say, we were reading Democrat candidate Tom White’s press releases from the other day.

Seems he wants FULL DISCLOSURE to be the name of the game for his bid to become another vote for the Pelosi/Obama Agenda.

So, in that spirit (inspired by a commenter), we ask the following of State Senator Tom White:
We call on State Senator Tom White to come clean to Nebraskans about his cozy connections with Lincoln lobbyists and special interests.
Lincoln lobbyists and special interests are and have been funding the majority of Tom White's campaigns, and he owes Nebraskans an explanation of exactly what he’s promised them in return.
Senator White should disclose the following:
* His schedule for the Unicameral though his career.
* Any and all meetings with lobbyists, both during the day and after-hours, and the topics of discussion during those meetings – issues, policy, legislation, or other matters.
* Any legislative action taken at the request of lobbyists.
* Any statements written by lobbyists in whole or in part and used in floors speeches or read into the Unicameral Record by White.
Senator White's coziness with Lincoln lobbyists has had a direct impact on his voting record.
Oh, we think there will be more to come on Tom White.


Anonymous said...

Tom White never goes on trips with Lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered about this targeting thing. White's last FEC report showed he was losing steam in fundraising ($140,000 in the 2nd Qtr v. $150,000 in Qtr 1). The DCCC had to notice that very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Should Bold Nebraska reveal their donors!!!!

Anonymous said...

"To me, illegal immigration is much to do about nothing. Frankly I wish my president would say the heck with it. It's amnesty," Meister said.

What does Tom White say?????

Anonymous said...

When running for re-election as Governor, Ben Nelson signed a "Pledge to Nebraskans" that he would fulfill his term and not run for senate. He was a filthy liar back then.

Macdaddy said...

I really don't care whether people say they are going to complete their term but then don't. This isn't Russia. Is this Russia? No, this isn't Russia. If they don't like the job then quit. That's a lot more honest than just doing a crappy job waiting out the calendar.

AJ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb has always used underhanded tactics to get her way.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Hey AJ,

Ok. I get it that you're pissed as hell. I would be too. But then, why do you keep your ID such a closely guarded secret if you want us to believe you? I clicked on your ID and I got a message from Blogger that said, "Profile not available."

Jane Kleeb, Gerard Harbison, and I certainly aren't perfect, but we all rant and rave all over the blogs with our banners held high because we believe signing our real names to what we write is essential to buttress our credibility.

I don't mind that people choose to remain anonymous when they are merely expressing their opinions, but anyone that cloaks themselves in anonymity while viciously attacking the character of others is merely a coward. I don't even mind if they use a phony name when they're aiming their slings and arrows at organization, political parties and such (Mary Jane Fields comes to mind.)

So, if you want us to lend you a sympathetic ear on how terribly Jane treated you, offer us some evidence that can't be readily fabricated. Hell, I could write on here that I am the second in line to the crown of Lichtenstein, but it wouldn't be true.

Anonymous said...

Alex Anderson is his real name. Facebook requires you use your real name on your screen name. Jane reported he was fake. He proved to facebook with verifiable identification he is infact Alex Anderson.

Jane you are a real loser for having him locked out of his account.

AJ said...


All I have is my facebook account as I am not that great with technology. I live here in Omaha and moved from Sioux Falls SD a few months ago.

And yes, I am pissed. A hell of a welcome. I think you Democrats have a problem here and it starts with her. I volunteered for Stephanie Herseth and I was never treated this way.

Brian T. Osborn said...

A 9:01 - Seeing is believing. Tell you what, "Alex," try to add me as a friend on Facebook. I'm on there as Brian Thomas Osborn and I've got my ugly mug posted for all the world to admire. Mary Jane Fields had her chance to prove she was real by showing up at the NDP convention in Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Nope the Gov will be running for POTUS!

AJ said...


Just added you. I had to prove with facebook a photo ID of myself to get my profile / online life back from Jane. Jane touted this all to loud on her own facebook page.

I have no idea who fields is. I thought it was a friend of my parents until I got slammed for no reason. Now I am not so sure. I don't even know who the hell Jane Kleeb really is other than she's angry and appears to be in it for the money not the passion.

Made for my first entrance into Nebraska politics as pretty damn ugly. Thanks guys.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Ummmmmmmmm. OK, "Alex," you've got a real Facebook page, but every single thing on there, including that which preceded your removal, has all been added since July 13. Curiously, that date coincides with the "birth" of Boulder Nebraska.

Now I'm going along with the Boulder Nebraska joke because, what the hell, it's just one more place for me to rant and rave without having to preach to the choir over on the mostly defunct NNN. But I've gotta admit, it is as fishy as a week old catch left in the creel.

So, I'm still not sold.

If you have someone from Omaha that knows me personally, like Kris Pierce, Maureen Monahan, Jane Erdenberger, or heck, even Ian Russell, have them vouch for you. Then I'll be convinced.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, by the way, just to keep all this pertinent to the thread ... I don't plan on running for the Senate in 2012 either.

AJ said...


I don't know what it is with the hostility of democrats in this state but I don't feel I have to further justify my existence. I avoided facebook like the plague for years and finally joined only to me smoked out by one of your buddies. With an attitude like that I am glad your not running for senate in 2012.

Street Sweeper said...

Thanks Brian...

And kids, let's stop throwing around terms like "Nazi".

It will get your comment deleted and it breaks some sort of unspoken internet law.

But mainly, it's unoriginal.



AJ said...

Sorry Sweeper. Insert work here to replace ________ describing Jane.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I really wish politicians wouldn't play these "I'm in, no I'm out, but maybe I'm in, but then again ..." games. This reminds me of what Bob Kerry did back in 2008. He held out the hint that he might be running so long that, by they time he finally decided not to run for the Senate, it was too late for any Democrat to mount an effective campaign. We wound up with Raimondo, then Kleeb running too little, too late.

I certainly can understand why anyone would choose NOT to run for any office. Geez! They put their mug out there and it gets hit by rocks from all sides. (Gotta admit I don't mind hurling a few myself.)

But to run as a federal candidate means uprooting your family and moving to Washington, D.C. (Unless of course you enjoy knocking a few back with cute lobbyists far from home. Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one.)

Anyone that truly loves Nebraska will think thrice before making such a move. Maybe that's why we get New Yorkers like Kerry, Virginians like Hagel, and Martians like Nelson to represent us!

Jamie said...

So... that means our next US Senator is Jon Bruning? Ay caramba...

Anonymous said...

bunch of idiots with no connections that are so close to the truth that they don't even understand

Anonymous said...

why don't you go after what the post asked for - maybe - there is something interesting there - you are on the right track dumbasses if you actually will do some work - think...!


You know what? It doesn't matter if a politician pledges to run for this or not run for that, they all lie or "change" theie minds. Nelson did it...Gale is doing it...and Hieneman will do it.

I don't want Nelson to run. He has done nothing but embarrass our state and refuses to represent his affiliated party. If you have a "D" next to your name, then act like a real Democrat and the same goes for a Republican.

If Heineman runs, then I will know exactly what I will be getting as a US Senator, with Nelson I have no idea what to expect day to day.

At this point my vote is going to Heineman for Gov. & Senator just because I know exactly what I will have.

Anonymous said...

No focus - where is your focus? Ah, a bunch of wingnut marginals that can't follow through - makes sense. If you tried you might be on to something but, sadly, you don't. So close...

Anonymous said...

White missed votes in April. He was seen entering or exiting at least 2 Democrat Congressional Offices in Washington, D.C.

What votes was he curiously missing for, and who made him decide to be gone for those particular votes?

And, as an elected official in Nebraska, shouldn't he pay his fair share of taxes on his 2 planes? What, does he think he is above paying taxes on his toys like Rogert?

Anonymous said...

Good news for Ian Russell. He won't have to give up 2 days of pay from the state taxpayers to continue managing Tom White's Congressional Race.

Maybe the lobbyists gave Tom White all that money to entice him NOT to run for re election to the Nebraska Legislature. I hear he was a bit of an intimidator to folks coming to hearings to testify against his Bills.

BTW, what does Tom White have against independent school districts?

Right Wing Professor said...

There is a technical semi-solution to anonymous drivebys, and that is to use some sort of OpenID verification system. That way you have to register your identity, but don't have to disclose it. And of course, if you don't choose to be anonymous, you can simply use your name.

Bloggers often don't use it because it cuts down on comments, but IMHO the comments it inhibits are ones you don't want. And it's not as if L street is dying for lack of commenters.

By the way, the law governing Nazi references is Godwins Law, and it's older than the WWW (yes, kids, there was an internet before web browsers)

Street Sweeper said...

Yes, I'm aware that it's called Godwin's Law (I was being ironic). And I can also say, without hyperbole, that Godwin's Law is at least a million years older than the intertubes.

Anonymous said...

Just to get this straight, Anonymi are not to be believed?


Macdaddy said...

I think the best solution is to just ignore them and hope they get bored/feel unappreciated/mad and just go away.

Macdaddy said...

Hello? Anyone there? Did you see my post?

Right Wing Professor said...

Anonymous @ 8:36 a.m.

You can't believe anonymous posters. In fact, you can't even believe their plurals. Anonymous is not a Latin word, and so its plural is not anonymi. Even if it were a Latin word, its plural would not be anonymi.

Please distinguish between 'anonymous' (without a name) and pseudonymous (having a name different from one's usual name). So 'Right Wing Professor' is a pseudonym.

Here endeth the lesson. For more enlightenment, see our Classics department.

Anonymous said...

ok so let's lay it out.

The next step races for federal positions in play after 2010 are:


I think the Gov will be running for Pres, but there is a chance he will follow the same model he did for Gov and go as a running mate in the vp slot.

The Senate seat would then fall to a cast of many with Stenberg, Brunning, et all running. Personally I would put my money on Stenberg the newly elected and soon thereafter to be removed State Treasurer.

Why the Gov for POTUS/VPOTUS simple. He is the Gov of one of the few states with sub 5% unemployment. He was just elected to the vice chair of the NGA, and will be chair next year. He has a prior service record. He hasn't raised taxes. He is business friendly. I also think the people will respond well to the fact he isn't the big glamorous, supper tanned, and gregarious personality of Gingrich/Romney/ and others. Now Sen. Pawlenty might gum up the works but one never knows.

-The Gov did beat Tom Osborn!

-The Gov is all over the National News of late

-He could win Iowa and South Carolina, the early primaries.

-The National Committeeman for Nebraska's Republican Party is in the inner sanctum of the National Party leadership

-He isn't Obama

Can you remember who the last president was who hadn't been either a Gov or Senator?

The Republican Party will want a Gov to run.

Just some thoughts........

Anonymous said...

NNN needs you now!

Can someone, anyone, step up and write an article for Vile on the NDP convention? He keeps asking but no one is willing... looks like not much interest in NNN.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if they (NNN) want to know what really happened there, the best summary is BTO's report of the convention posted on LS. Thanks, BTO!

Have to say I think BTO's writing is much better than Vile or Hannah.

Anonymous said...

On this targeting thing, I also wonder what the DCCC thinks of White's campaign in general. There just hasn't seemed to be much of one.

GeosUser said...

There will be widespread public support for Dave Heineman to run against the Benator in 2012 and Heineman will clean the Benator's clock. I still have serious doubts that the Benator will actually run again in 2012. I know he has to say that now to try and hold onto whatever bargaining power he might still have in the Senate but he's got to know he's toast back here. Of course, as long as he doesn't have to spend any of his own money on a campaign, he may not care all that much about wasting a couple million on a losing effort...even with Obama on the ballot in CD2.
As for Tom White in 2012, he will still be reeling from the beating Lee Terry's campaign handed him in 2010.

NE Voter said...

Anonymous 10:42 has produced the single most absurd and hilarious comment I have ever seen on L-Street.

Sweeper should award a prize.


Pol Observor said...

I love Dave but I just don't see him as president. Christie from New Jersey has the communication ability to sway the R's, I's and conservative D's. That's my dark horse.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back Carlos!!

Let Heineman run for President. Let's see how well he does outside the national media market.

Anonymous said...

I have personally witnessed Tom White sharing a drink after hours with Lincoln lobbyists. This should be an interesting disclosure.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Tom White goes on trips with Lobbyists as well.

Street Sweeper said...

Not to get too catty, by MY is that a seersucker suit! Huey Long for Guv!

Anonymous said...

"I'm Professor Harold Hill..."

Anonymous said...

Is seersucker ever a good look?

Anonymous said...

I saw Mike Meister working at the County Fair last year in that outfit. My kid said, "Daddy keep me away from the scary man"!!

Anonymous said...

Who the heck takes mike Meister seriously?

Challenging Heineman to sign a pledge to be Governor for four years? Who is he to issue ANY type of challenge?

If the people want an office holder to run for higher office, I don't want some stupid pledge signed to apeaze a cadidate who will never get over 30% of the vote in the way.

Maybe Meister is running against the wrong person. If he is worried about Heineman awinning the Senate seat in 1012, shouldn't he really be campaigning against Shehey?

He, running against Shehey right now Meister would only pull 35%.

Macdaddy said...

He's the Re-Form candidate. I bet Heineman's trying to figure out how to get some of that Re-Form for his campaign.

Oh mander said...

^ Love the "O Brother" reference. That's exactly what I thought of when I saw that suit. Seriously, who is handling Meister? At least find him a lady friend to pick out his clothes for him.

Any rumblings of other possible candidates, or is this the best we're gonna do? Please, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I want Meister to sign a pledge he will never wear that suit again!!!!

TedK said...

So much shallowness on this site. It's like being back on the grade school playground. How about being more concerned about what Meister says than what he wears. Guess we Nebraskans can't tolerate something different.

The Peanut Gallery said...

Straw Hat at Walmart $9
Hair Cut at Great Clips $12.00
Brown shoes at Payless $29.00
Vintage Suit at Good Will $10.00

95 days of being able to Post about Mike Meister on L Street....Priceless

To Ted K; said...

OK TedK you set the standard: What he says!!!

Meister wrote “How did I get home last night?” He now tells Nebraska Watchdog, “That was my birthday…my car wasn’t there so I didn’t drive home, that’s the good news…they poured me into the back end of a car after my birthday party and took me home.”

This man is a joke and has no chance of beating the Governor. Hell he can't even win a county election back home where everybody knows him!!!

TedK said...

4:43, guess you're perfect and never had a moment like that. One strike and you're out in your book. Instead of pointing out something that is repeated ad nauseum on this site, why not comment on problems in this state that he is trying to point out and come up with solutions for. Heineman lies that Meister wants to eliminate state aid to education when M is just looking for a different formula with the state being responsible for plant and equipment of all school districts. This morning he mentioned the possibility of some state workers going to a 4 day 10 hour/day work week. Utah is trying this, and it could save money for both the state and its employees. So Meister will at least throw out ideas to consider. Heineman throws out furloughs as his solution when this is like applying a band-aid to a gushing wound.

Anonymous said...

To Ted K:

We have already seen Meister's great ideas!!! They Stink!!!

1) Amnesty for illegals...Great Idea up welfare costs, education costs, lower prevailing wages.

2) Eliminate State Aid and have the state pay for capital costs....Great Idea Mike...75% of school budgets are employee costs. To make up for state aid districts will have to raise property taxes.

3) Not have furloughs...Great Idea will have to raise taxes to cover the loss of the savings.

We can't afford to have anymore of Meister's ideas

TedK said...

At least Meister will throw serious ideas out there. Heineman's furloughs will save maybe $3 million but we have a $750 million deficit. And amnesty is not a state issue, but is useful for fools that want to distract from real issues that a governor can affect.

Anonymous said...

1) Amnesty for illegals...Great Idea up welfare costs, education costs, lower prevailing wages.

Wait, what? So people who are making a living under the table with no government assistance are suddenly going to become welfare queens if they become legal?
Drive up education costs? How? By collecting the tax income that illegals aren't paying for the children they have that are already in our schools?
Lower prevailing wages? Yeah--what is with these people. We shouldn't have to compete with others in the free market for our jobs. They should just be handed to us Americans by birth-right.

Go away, bigot.

Anonymous said...

"Wait, what? So people who are making a living under the table with no government assistance are suddenly going to become welfare queens if they become legal?"

Per pupil cost of a child in an Omaha area school is $9,000 to $11,000....So if you have illegals having their children in our schools..I'd say a 3 child family is costing the Nebraska taxpayer $30,0000 or more.

We cant afoard this!!!

Nathan said...

Furloughs might sound good political wise but they wont save very much money overall. It is going to be entertaining to try and see Heinemen and the republican legislature balance the budget without tax increases somewhere. I dont think they will be able to do it actually, but we shall see.

Macdaddy said...

Heineman will have to balance the budget without raising taxes because if he raises taxes, he will get killed at the ballot box.

As for Utah and their 4 day work week, the main reasons they wanted to do it were to cut the carbon footprint and improve quality of life for state workers. While people claim it will save money for the state, they are very sketchy on the details of how that will happen other than having the lights and heat off 3 days a week instead of 2. But, hey, if it works, great. I doubt, however, that it will save much more than furloughs.

In any event, how does Meister propose to balance the budget? Is he going to go with cuts in services alone or is he considering tax hikes as well? It's a simple question. What's your answer Mr. Meister?

Mary Jayne Fields said...

Mike Meister is a great candidate. He will be a champion of the poor and disadvantaged and promote true family values!

Anonymous said...

Heineman would make a GREAT Senator....but I would really miss him as our Gov!

Anonymous said...

When I look at the Democratic Statehouse ticket, all I see are clowns.

Terrible 2's said...

The idea of the Governor running for President is entertaining. Sure would stir things up in Nebraska if he did. Of course his ability to excite people on either coast is questionable.

Tom White must be Pi$$ed off with the DNC. I wonder if he yelled at lil Ian and pouted much? So what is he doing these days, because he sure isn't out in public? Is he "working" for more $$$$? Like he doesn't have enough already. Typical Progressive Liberal. Do as I say and not as I do. Tom White the working man's guy, just like them. Sure he is, as long as you think Clinton is like the Pope!

It will be fun to watch Lil tommy throw his fits as his campaing goes down the drain. Ian better have good medical insurance just in case he doen't duck the tantrums quick enough.

Macdaddy said...

Terrible 2's: White's campaign would have to have first been above the surface in order to go down the drain. It hasn't ever been in that position. Only Alvin Greene in South Caroline can claim to have spent less time and energy on a campaign. I don't know why White threw his hat in the ring, because by the way he is acting, he does not want the job.

De Plume said...

Meister- what a joke.... he looks like Rostenkowski, just a few too many Brats and Beers.

Ian must think they have a Super Duper October Surprise seeing how they are doing almost nothing now.

The old adage of "the only way he loses is if he is caught in bed with a dead hooker or live boy.." is the only way Terry loses. Heck even so I think the people have a few reasons to turn a blind eye to it;

1. Obama- anyone against obama is just about a shoe in

2. White- is an arrogant Trial Atty who has a temper problem and is transparent. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice..... and obama was the first fool

3. Voters- we are tired of White's political tactics. Go home your bully ways don't work now the electorate is awake and mad as hell.

Anonymous said...

Tom White appeared on Tom Becka's show last night. He's a guy who has fought the labor unions. He grew up on the mean streets of Columbus -- a "tough town" by his description -- and had to stand up to the relatives of people his dad, the prosecutor, threw in jail. But he survived those hardships growing up in such a rough-and-tumble, mean place like Columbus to rise to the levels of superstardom he's achieved. But he hasn't forgotten where he came from and can stand up against the special interests and vote for their bills while saying "I wish I could vote against this but there's some good stuff in there that I like."

Oh mander said...

Anons 5:32 and 8:46

Children of illegals already go to school - unless an angry mob gathers their torches and pitchforks and tries to drive them out (ahem). Where is the added education cost?

Anonymous said...

Pitch forks are not a bad idea, and it wouldn't surprise me if there were some out there who are thinking it is the next step in the illegal immigration situation.

The anger is boiling in the pot, and it won't be long until it spills out. Then Obama will declare some EO privilege and give them amnesty...... the people will get angrier, and then Obama will........???

Anonymous said...

De Plume, have you met Lee Terry's wife or his dad? I have, and I am quite certain that he would not be stupid enough to cause that much pain and embarrassment to his family with those two around to answer to.

There is no way in Hell that Tom White has an October surprise for Lee Terry.

There is a very good chance that Tom and Ian won't know what hit them come Halloween.

Also, don't worry about little Ian's medical care, he is a state employee and gets his ouchies paid for by the taxpayers of Nebraska.

Street Sweeper said...

Twitter-ites, you can follow NEGOP Executive Director Jordan McGrain's Tweets (@JordanMcGrain) from the NEGOP convention in Fremont all w/e long. Like being in a virtual smoke-filled room!

Philip said...

It will only be "virtual" smoke-filled room. That's thanks to a lot of pro-health members of the NE-GOP including the Gov who signed the smoking ban law. And yes there are lot of us pro-health R's around. Sorry Scott.

Hazed and Confused said...

Is this the same Tom White that is suing the Nebraska Taxpayers because his client alledges he was hazed with a sex toy by a UNL frat. How many millions are you trying to shake down from our pockets in this case Tom. I guess he will do anything for a buck!!!

Fun Times said...

Nothing says fun like spending an entire weekend in Fremont with a bunch of people who speak for the sole purpose of hearing there own voice.

Anonymous said...

To Fun Times: Did you have fun in Columbus last week???? I'm at least going to listen to a group of winners. Oh by the way, nothing screams success than a blue and white pinstriped

Mad Taxpayer said...

Tom White is suing every Nebraska citizen with his UNL hazing case. Answer this Tom, how are Nebraska taxpayers responsible for a private organizations alleged act? I think Tom is trying to stick something up our collective you know whats so he can afford fly with lobbyists on his private planes.

Anonymous said...

The burden of proof is much lower in civil court than in criminal court. However, you still have to prove that said wrong doer did do wrong, that said victim was not contributory, and that other said wrong doer was negligent and allowed said alleged act to happen.

So, here is my question about these types of alleged incidents. Is it really that important to be in a fraternity? If your moral radar is so defunct that you are willing to consume as much alcohol as it takes to engage in activities that most normal people find to be gross and disgusting?

A smart question to ask yourself is, would your grandmother be proud of you? Would your girlfriend's mother be proud of you? Are you smarter than this?

People do stupid things all the time. Just because you did something that you regret, doesn't mean that someone has to pay you to not be ashamed of it any more. Tom White should have advised his client without a greedy motive. Instead, he perpetuates this victim's shame.

Tom White will "advise" his client to settle and take his hard worked for cash and run.

ANGRY DEMOCRAT - now with more ANGER said...

How can I take this guy (Meister) serious now. He shows up in that outfit and expect to get the respect of the voters...WHO ARE YOU KIDDING!

Now the Dems have no hope..well they did vote to keep Covalt in as State Chair, so now we deserve what we get.

I voted for Larry Marvin.

Anonymous said...

Can we get back to Tom White and his Mile High Lobbyists Club? Where did they fly and why was it so important that they all go there on Tom White's plane?

And what's this about keeping his "two planes" in Iowa. Does Tom White have dual citizenship with Iowa? How does that work? I am pretty sure that I cannot get my plates in Iowa if I live in Nebraska-even if i do want to save money.

Tom White and Kent Rogert theme, "Come play with me!" "Oh, and bring your checkbooks!"

ambulance chaser said...

How is the wrongdoer Big Red in Tom Whites case? You cant tell me this kid joined the fraternity not to drink beer and pay for cool friends. The Fraternity and the kids should be sued and not the taxpayers. I hope Omaha's voters realize what a schmuck Tom White is!!!

Anonymous said...

Larry Marvin???? You've lost my respect. Amazing where everyone's priorities are. Clothing!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw Mike Meister in that suit in that "Schmucks for Dinner" movie.

Anonymous said...

I think that Ian left his position in White's Legislative office a while back..

Fun Times said...

@ Anon 12:53,

Nope, I didn't go to Columbus either. I'm a registered Republican. Have fun listening to your group of winners. To me a winner is someone who actually does something, the NE delegation has yet to impress me.

Real republican said...

To Fun Times: It must be a slow day at Bold Nebraska. Yup none of the 3 congressman, the US Senator, The Governor, Lt. Gov, State Auditor, Atty General, State Treasurer, and the Secretary of State did anything you liked. I'm sure as a "Republican" you feel Stoij, Fremont Diva, Mike "WC Fields" Meister and Tom White can do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20, prove it. Ian Russell was still employed with the state of Nebraska while accepting press calls about Tom White's congressional campaign and making statements on behalf of Candidate for Federal Office Tom White. He also engaged in travel with and on behalf of Candidate Tom White while employed by the taxpayers of Nebraska, the fact that he has been waiting for almost a year for reimbursement on that little DCCC trip should be proof of that. He also accepted a hefty website development payment from Tom White's State Senate campaign mere weeks before Tom White announced that he was entering the race for CD2.
Nice bonus to keep Ian satisfied until TW had enough in funds in the congressional campaign account to bonus him out of that.

It must be a Democrat kind of thing, monkey business with donor funds and trust.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, because Lee Terry's congressional staff NEVER does any campaign work while being paid their congressional salaries on the Nebraska taxpayer's dime. {eyeroll}

Anonymous said...

If what you are saying is that Ian Russell was in his office or somewhere in the State Capitol in Lincoln, NE from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. monday thru friday 50 weeks a year minus legal holidays and 1 hour for lunch for the last 4 years, then I will ask you to provide the work calendar for Ian Russell and all requests for time off that were approved by Tom White (his boss).

If that is not what you are saying, then maybe you can tell me what day he resigned or was fired from his position in State Senator Tom White's legislative office. Since Tom's local office seems to be his home in Fairacres, is that where Ian would work when tending to constituents in the Benson neighborhood?

You said he quit working for the state a long time ago. When was it? And how does he survive on the token amounts of money Tom White has reportedly paid him based on 1 years worth of FEC reports?

Come on Tom, full disclosure. Go ahead and violate the spirit of secrecy that you voted for in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Ian is just pulling another fast one, just like the $50,000 he got away with, via his Vanguard Strategies, LLC, from the NDP with Steve Achelpohl's approval. That is something that the NDP has NEVER received a complete accounting for.

Does anyone suppose the same kind of thing goes on in the NEGOP? Some of you delegates in Fremont might wake up and ask a few questions. The answers will probably surprise you.

Buuuuuuut, let's move on folks - nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Sen. Ben Nelson will announce his switch to the Republican Party tomorrow afternoon during the Nebraska Republican Party State Convention. That should get all the libs panties twisted into knots.

Anonymous said...

It's not Ben Nelson switching parties. Kent Rogert is telling people he's an "independent" or a Republican. Unveiling tomorrow in Fremont?

Anonymous said...

We don't want Rogert and Ben is as much an embarrassment to Republicans in Nebraska as he is to Democrats.

Maybe they both could announce they're becoming Coloradans. You too, Janie.

Zak's thought said...

Heineman is making sure not to make the mistake Nelson did in '96 pledging to serve a whole term when running for re-election for governor. If Heineman does not run and Bruning does not run the it will be fun to see how the chips fall in 2012 to take on Nelson.

Anonymous said...

The recent posts, "Angry Democrat" and Anons are posers, pure and simple. Who takes their phony bait? Ignore them for the trolls they are....
Oh, Hey Boomer, how's it feel to lose that Nancy Johnson race in Connecticut?
I know you don't want to be reminded so quit having your trolls post about Ian and I'll spare you and this blog a whole lot more dirt on you.

Anonymous said...

Ian or Anonymous 7:38 - same difference.

Anonymous said...

7:38--btw--if you want to mention Boomer and Nancy Johnson, why don't you also mention her 2002 race...

Hint--it was in a reapportioned district where Johnson faced incumbent Jim Maloney, a three-term Democrat. Johnson won 54-44.

Oh, and, yes, Boomer ran her race.