Monday, May 10, 2010

Primary Election Eve!

A quick and timely SAB sent in by an intrepid reader, Nick Schinker:

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and not-Osacar nominee, Kevin James!

**And STOLEN by Jimmy Kimmel!**


On this Election Eve (hey, just go out and vote tomorrow, OK?), some VERY exciting stuff!


OK, here ya go:

The OWH endorsed BOTH former Attorney General Don Stenberg AND State Senator Tony Fulton for State Treasurer.

Way to hedge your bets, OWH editorialists!

The funny thing is, now Tom Nesbitt has some hope.


Here's a Q for ya: Could Lincoln turn the statewide election? For those of you not paying attention, the Lincolnites have a ballot question on whether or not to build a new arena.

That's the sort of issue that may get people to actually release their weapons and Bibles, crawl out of their bunkers, refrain from texting while driving to the nearest fallout shelter marked building and carefully fill in an oval.

Not saying the rest of you beyond the Memorial Stadium city limits won't do so, but we'd wager that their voting percentages will be higher.

So: will they be the difference makers? Will you have to blame your winner on them? Will they take credit?

Updates late night tomorrow.


Finally, we haven't seen any unoffical polling numbers yet, but we've been Tweeted by MattSak that the CD-2 race is "close".

Unclear as to whether he means the "hour to vote" is close, or whether he believes the present numbers are close. Close by? Close at hand? Sitting right next to him?



It's a free-for-all, kids.


Anonymous said...

Boooo people who are against the new arena!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SS. I thought Kagan looked familiar. I'm going to tell Nelson and Johanns to support him. He was great in Hitch.

Simon said...

Boooo Anonymous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prediction: By 10 PM or so on May 11th, Matt Sakalosky will be wondering what he spent all that money for without anything to show for it.

One Out In The Third said...

It scares the hell out of me that liberal Lincoln could steer the statewide election. My guess is that there might be an 18 percent turnout statewide. Pathetic...just pathetic.

Right Wing Professor said...

I think Kagan looks more butch.

I'm going to enjoy the people who claimed Clarence Thomas was too inexperienced to serve on the Supreme Court justify Kagan's selection. And don't tell me she was a dean. Being a dean is a qualification to move up to vice-chancellor, nothing more. As Jacob Bigeleisen, member of the NAS (and former dean) told me, when I was having a problem with another dean:

"Your mistake is to assume a dean is a dean because he is good at something. A dean becomes a dean because he's bad at everything else"

Jamie said...

Don't worry- voter turnout according to the SOS is only slightly above normal in Lancaster.

Anyway, the way I see it, if Sak gets all of his Twitter followers to get three of their friends to vote for him in the primary, he'll have... 0 people voting for him. Kind of reminds me of Kip Drordy in South Park.

Anonymous said...

Vote out Lee Terry - let's chart a course back to our founding principles and values. one congressperson at a time..

Victory awaits..
Matt Sak for Congress -

Benjamin Franklin made clear the ultimate intended result of America's experiment in liberty, when he said, "God grant that not only the love of liberty but a thorough knowledge of the rights of man may pervade all the nations of the earth, so that a philosopher may set his foot anywhere on its surface and say: This is my country." As we reflect on the political developments of the day, we should take a moment to reflect on how far we are from that goal, and ask how new life can be brought to that ideal which America was intended to embody.

Benjamin Franklin
Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.

The most promising method of securing a virtuous people is to elect virtuous leaders

Matt Sak for Congress -

It was a snowy Christmas night in 1776. Against overwhelming odds, George Washington and 2,000 brave and patriotic heroes, many without shoes, boldly crossed the Delaware River to take on the most powerful military force in the world. Consider how many gave their lives so that we might have the freedom with which we have been blessed. Consider the sacrifices they made to create the greatest nation the world has ever known. I will continue to push forward in honor of those 2,000 men and all who have served, and for all who will follow.

it is because of them that we are gathered here today as freeman once again in defiance of tyranny. So I ask you what will you do with that freedom, will you fight, or will you hide behind excuses like I cant and that just the way it is, out of fear, if so there will come a day when you will look in your child's eyes many years from now, wising you could trade all the days from this day for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom.

Take a stand NOW !! don’t lets regrets of the path not taken be your burden. Again

Victory awaits..
Matt Sak for Congress -

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can we talk about issues? Matt Sak has no plan and must really be misguided if he thinks a victory by him alone can change DC.

Besides, he'd lose to White.

Street Sweeper said...

Sorry kids.
Links are outlawed here.
(Queue everyone to bitch!)

Jamie said...

Why has the Sak camp told their volunteers to raid LWS? No one here takes you seriously. Go pretend you're relevant on Sak's Twitter. He needs followers as to not look ridiculous. Hitting up blogs is not a way to campaign.

Anonymous said...

Matt Sakalosky is, as they say, "All hat and no cattle" and that's being generous.

macdaddy said...

Um, are you intimating that Ben Franklin would have endorsed Matt Sak? Are you comparing Matt Sak to George Washington? Okaaaaay, then.

Here's the problem with that kind of thinking, Anon 1:02. You're basically saying that if we don't elect Matt Sak, then we aren't being true to the Founder's ideals, AKA, questioning our patriotism. Also, what happens when he loses? You going to stay home and risk giving Nancy Pelosi another vote? That's called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Matt Sak needed to give people a reason to vote out the incumbent because Lee Terry sure hasn't given anyone a reason to do so, with the exception of supporting the TARP. He hasn't done that. In fact, I've seen exactly one tiny yard sign with his name on it in all of West Omaha. I've seen no mailers, no TV commercials, heard no radio ads. If he wins, it will be the stealthiest of all stealth campaigns in the history of this great land of ours.

Macdaddy said...

Obama bin Laden

Sorry, couldn't resist. Didn't know how to work it into that last post.

Right Wing Professor said...

Hey Macdaddy:

Did you know Bud served in the military?

Brian T. Osborn said...

C'mon RWP. You're better than that, aren't you?

NE Voter said...

Is Sak a Bagger?

Bud said...

Hey RWP I see your writing about your family being in the military.(British) But you don't seem to want to say what part of the military you were in. Are you one of those Chicken hawks like Limbaugh and Cheney? I got the IRA stuff from an article about you on the internet.(Nice family tree) You talked about it. Not I. You never answered my question why you have a problem with the American military? I have a big problem with what the IRA did. A bunch of murdering thugs.

Anonymous said...

No, just a bag sacker.

And everyone I know is sick of other people's quotes, but nice of him to stop quoting Amnesty Reagan and move a little further out on the timeline to when immigration was not yet illegal, but encouraged as a matter of practice.

How stupid does this guy think voters are?

BTW, While Matty Boy is wondering why he didn't use that $20,000 for his kids tuition, Mrs Rief-Heskett's kids will be calling an estate attorney ASAP.

Right Wing Professor said...

That's "you're", not "your", Bud. You're not serious that you're a schoolteacher? How desperate are they out there?

I have no problem with the American military, and have never said anything even suggesting that. It appears the truth is as alien to you as English grammar.

Ireland has a tiny military, serving mostly as UN peacekeepers. It's not exactly high on most people's career choice list. My father had some association with the IRA. I did not, and nor did the rest of my family. Since I expect your knowledge of Irish politics is as well-grounded as your grammar and spelling, your opinion of that organization is of no consequence to me.

TedK said...

What nitpicking, RWP! "Your" seems to work fine as a possessive in Bud's sentence, i.e. the writing you created.

Bud said...

Sound like to me RWP that you like the IRA. I went back and read some of the things you have said about the American military. You like to make up stuff. Then say I did not mean it that way. You have made fun of people in the American military, including me. Yet you were not willingly to serve. Your sounding more like Glen Beck every day. Your insult to me as a school teacher is just that an insult. Maybe you dislike that I used to coach football. You seem to have a problem with the Huskers too. I read your clap trap about the Husker DB you claimed tried to run you over. What nonsense! You think people really believe you? You can say what you want about me. Like I said your a RIGHT WINGER. I am tired of you. You never answer any questions and you just make stuff up. There are some legit Conservatives on this blog. I don't think they are right but at least they are not admirers of the IRA and anti the American military. Has for my lack of typing skills. I don't have to justfy my neck injury that affects my fingers to you.

Right Wing Professor said...

I went back and read some of the things you have said about the American military. You like to make up stuff. Then say I did not mean it that way. You have made fun of people in the American military, including me.

Prove I've made fun of anyone in the American military, except you (and you're not in it any more, are you?)

Your sounding more like Glen Beck every day.

Memo to TedK: nitpicking?

Your insult to me as a school teacher is just that an insult.

People who teach school should have a grasp of basic English. Of course, you probably think that's racist.

You spend most of your time on this site insulting people, Bud. That's a glass house you're living in.

Like I said your a RIGHT WINGER. I am tired of you.


And your neck injury doesn't explain your grammar, unless the damage has spread upwards.

Street Sweeper said...

RWP, Bud, et al,
Take it someplace else.

Bud said...

Street Sweeper I will do so. I am done with RWP. Thanks for allowing me to write on your blog. I think it is a very good blog to hear both sides. I learn a lot from it every day.

Anonymous said...

To Mattie Boy for Congress posted 1:02PM:

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I am the only one*
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

*modified to fit candidate

Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya**

**The rest of us in a collective eye roll.

Now pass me the s'mores

Nathan said...

So I just recieved a robo call from Lee Terry for Congress with Dave Heinemen as the speaker in it. Correction, my work number just recieved a robo call from Lee Terry. Correction part deux, my conference room at work just received a robo call from Lee Terry. Nice job Terry staffers.

Anonymous said...

Terry's staffers did not put that list together and maybe you should change your number Nathan...

As for Matt Sak...I can't wait for Terry to kiss some a## tomorrow! Look at it this want a republican to represent CD2, correct? Well don't count on Sak beating White in the General. A vote for Lee is a vote to ensure that a republican stays in office!

Bob Loblaw said...

Just got a push poll phone call from Tony Fulton. Robot voice asked who I was voting for and I pushed for Stenberg. Then asked if I was more or less likely knowing that Fulton was a "New Conservative Leader" endorsed by Kay Orr, Mike Foley, many members of the legislature, your local dogcatcher, and the Pope and Queen of England.

Then it asked one more question if I was more likely to vote for him if I knew he is a true Conservative who will single handedly defeat Obama, Red China, and the Devil himself. Or something like that.

One thing that was funny about it; it didn't say he was endorsed by Heineman but it did bring up Gov Daves name about 5 times. Interesting.

Nathan said...

Should we blame Dave H. then? I dont mind if they call my conference room at all, it just shows someones idiocy is all. And a call to my conference room is just another call that could have gone to a voter.

Anonymous said...

Did you really mean to say you can't wait for LT to "kiss" some tomorrow?

Well, if that's what your waiting for, you will have a long wait.

BTW, don't worry Nathan sweetie, I am sure the Terry campaign managed to get all the phone calls done that they needed to do.

Also, Go, Go, Rita sanders down in Bellevue!

Ricky said...

Lincoln has the more interesting issues confronting the voters on Tuesday.
The Haymarket Arena question and the Treasurers race featuring Lincolnite Tony No Relation Fulton.
Gov Heineman has issues that a good candidate could exploit, but a rookie like Lakers is probably not the guy to use them.
Give him credit for putting his name out there though, it's more than I could do.
What is interesting to me is Sarpy County, where I work.
David Black is running for Mayor of Papillion, and in his ads he says "re-elect" Black. But of course he fell into the job, being city council president when James Blinn suddenly resigned.
So why not hold Black responsible for the 200 grand payout to Rachel Cascio for whatever it was that forced Blinn to call it quits?
I would if I were a Sarpy voter.
Also, Rich Jansen of Gretna is trying to get another term on the Sarpy County Board.
He voted to partner with the Omaha Royals on a 25 year deal and obligated Sarpy to a ballpark he told people would cost 26 million dollars and of course he missed it by millions, and they have no plan to pay off the bonds.
So, if I were a Sarpy County voter I certainly would not vote to retain Jensen.
And it will be interesting to see how many votes MattSak can take from Rep Terry.
I plan on being at Barrets in midtown Omaha with Senator White tomorrow to see what happens.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

There's a surprise Ricky. Have fun with White, ask him to tell Pelosi hello from Omaha-the last nail in her political coffin.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper I am very disappointed that you placed that comparison picture of Kagan on your site. While she may be a little homely, I'm sure her husband loves her the same.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Matty Boy will not take enough votes away from Lee Terry to give White the opportunity for an effortless General in November.

Conservatives will send a message of no spending and tighten the belt, but they will not let this seat be lost to the likes of Tom White-anymore than they are going to let Obama have it again in '12.

Nope, tell White to tell his wife to get the check book out-this one's gonna cost him a lot.

Street Sweeper said...

Wikipedia says that Ms. Kagan, like George Clooney, has never married.

Jamie said...

Sad Sak is taking no votes away from Terry, idiots. The Tea Parties listen to talk radio personalities- who, with all the primary challenges nationwide, have been adhering to Buckley's genius proverb to support the most conservative candidate.

They, even if not supportive of Terry in the primary, realize two years of Terry is much better than two years of White. The NE Dems are telling themselves otherwise to boost their own confidence. Even their national committee has pretty much given up hope for NE-2.

Nathan said...

Grandma, is that you?

Anonymous said...

And Sad Sak has jumped into bed with Jim Esch (just figuratively, I assume). There is a GIANT sak sign in the Esch yard.

Now why would the Dems want Sak to win so badly?

Rick said...

Kagan looks more like Mike Meyers of SNL fame.