Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How the Omaha Council vote went down

...or, "Take a Mulligan."

So here is what we've been told from our various sources regarding the Omaha City Council vote on filling the retiring Chuck Sigerson's District 7 seat:

The initial vote breakdown was (all according to our sources) :
Democrats Pete Festersen, Gary Gernandt and Ben Gray for Jeri Regan.

Republicans Franklin Thompson and Jean Stothert...and DEMOCRAT Chris Jerram for Tom Mulligan.
So where did the Democrat support for Mulligan come from?

Well, Mulligan's cousin (or at least a semi-close relative -- we're not sure) is Democrat Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine. Kleine, as well as the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, lobbied hard for Mulligan.  Kleine had also endorsed Jerram in his City Council race.

So, after the initial 3-3 vote, either Gray or Gernandt were convinced and decided to jump ship, making it 4-2 for Mulligan.

At that point, we're told, there was an understanding that the public vote on the council would be unanimous, so Mulligan got all votes.

However, we are told (by a number of people) that Pete Festersen is pissed at how this all turned out, and that a Republican was placed on the Democrat majority council. It would make sense that his venom is focused on Jerram, without whom Mulligan wouldn't have gotten that far.

But, for what it's worth, Mulligan seems to be very qualified for the job. How partisan he will be in the future remains to be seen.

At least it's good to know that there is still some heavy politics and bitterness going on down at the City-County building.

We wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Booooo Festersen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have inside information and this is not how it went down. Leavenworth street blog is wrong again!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:01

Me too!

Pottsie said...

Wow this piece takes me back to my days in high school. I may be dating myself, but the only thing missing was a reference to Jenny Piccalo.

The story may be true, but it needs a little substance and sourcing.

Street Sweeper said...

If you have other info, we're happy to look at it. Our email address is on the top-right.

ricky said...

The Dems can not be too unhappy with the way it turned out. 5 - 2 or 4 - 3; it still is a majority.
Regardless of the spin Leavenworth Street or others will make of it, the outcome seems to be the right one. A Republican takes over for a predominately GOP district, and they apparently got the best guy.
City Hall works for a change seems to me.

Ricky From Omaha

Street Sweeper said...

The only "spin" going on here is that the Dems are happy with what happened.

There is one Dem Councilman who is furious. And why shouldn't he be? His fellow party members couldn't come up with a qualified, electable candidate? Or, if they had one, they wouldn't vote for her?

I don't blame PF a bit.

Anonymous said...

So how did it go down if ALL THE DEMS voted for Mulligan. I think sweeper is on point on this one.

Reasonable Dem said...

It appears that the Democratic controlled council made a reasonable decision for the good of the city.

I hope the GOP/TP/Palinites are taking notes on how it can be done and stop taking marching/screeching orders from Glen Beck.

How about that Dow Jones? Maybe we won't become Greece after all. OK, let the screeching begin

Street Sweeper said...

Ha! Riiiiiight, RD.
That's exactly how the Dems hoped it would all work out.

(Oh, and by the way, why the need to put an adjective before "Democrat"? You mean you're not ALL "reasonable"?)

Anonymous said...

Uh, that is about EXACTLY how it went down.

Festersen is screwed. He wanted a Dem so he could vote no on tax increase proposals and still have them pass on a 4-3 vote. order for theseproposals to pass Petey will have to vote for them...and he will.

Riding that fence is not as easy as you

Ashamed Democrat said...

Good job fellow Democrats!!! What you did would be akin to having Obama put Bork on the Supreme Court. Then once one of you switched you all had to dump your party. I'm glad I know who has (or doesn't have) my back!!!

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Oh give me a break. Sigerson was a Republican... its only fair that a Republican be seated in his place.

Anonymous said...

For all those bleeding democrats that are licking their wounds and saying "Well...Mulligan was the right person for the is a republican district..." GO BLOW SMOKE.

This is politics and some of us dems are angry as hell. We have a party and politicians that have no backbone what so ever.

This was a free pass for the four councilmen to vote for a democrat. Anyone remember the County Attorney kill job the republicans did to Don Kleine when the should have been the replacement. Hey...the republicans had control on the county board and they used it...FAIR IS FAIR IN POLITICS.

Our four dem councilmen are cowards and remind me of the spineless congress and senate in Washington DC. Dems have control over both houses and the White House and yet can't get a darn thing done.

For Dems: This appointment hurts Mayor Suttle and Pete Festersen (for reasons given in earlier posts.)

I am ashamed to be a democrat right now...and so should all democrats in our city.

Bud said...

Well I am one pretty ticked off Democrat about what happened in Omaha. I am glad I live in God's country of Western Nebraska. If Ben Nelson decides to leave the Senate early. Do you think the Governor would put a Democrat in his place? I doubt it. Political Science 101 was flunked by the Omaha City Council. I knew City people were not bright.

Question for every one. Right wing , Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party. I heard on the radio today that Glen Beck said people who don't pay taxes should have to serve in the military. He was talking about income taxes, not pay roll taxes and other taxes. Since I just wrote check a for a couple thousand to the IRS . I guess I am safe, that and because I am a VET. So is that a good idea or is he still stupid?

Anonymous said...

yup, the dems in the council certainly screwed the pooch on this one :-D from the dem view i mean

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:35 pm. Kris Pierce? Oh, that's write, you're out of politics-Not (what, did he last 1 day).

Gotchya said...

"For Dems: This appointment hurts Mayor Suttle and Pete Festersen (for reasons given in earlier posts.)"

Is the reason this hurts Festersen is that he can't hide from important votes now!!!! If Petey want to be mayor he has to vote with Stothert, Mulligan and Thompsen.

KP said...

Not my comment. But if this is true, I am not happy.

Jamie said...

hahahaaha kris pierce! congrats on the sos win!

Anonymous said...

KP, I tried signing up to get email updated and volunteer at piercefornebraska... why does it say you'll no longer accept my info? :-(

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Dems are sick and tired of Pete hiding behind them and that's why they voted an R in? Maybe they think Pete needs to quit acting like he's the Mayor, quit acting like he's the only one with brains and ambition, and quit faking who he is in general.

Or, maybe, they think one woman on the Council is enough?

Anonymous said...

The Dems clearly thought there were not enough old white guys on the Council.

NE Voter said...


There's a woman on the City Council?

Who knew?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is the insurance guy and the frontrunner got screwed in the 11th Hour and its not fair. No one wants to find out why? No one thinks that this is suspcious? Maybe you should ask Pat McPherson what happened?