Monday, March 22, 2010

Trillion Dollar Tragedy

The Health Care Re-form bill passed the House with only Democrat support.

A bi-partisan group of Republicans and Democrats opposed it.

Nebraska's Republican Congressmen:

Lee Terry (NE-2):
"This trillion-dollar tragedy is just bad medicine.
"...There are some in this chamber who may consider this a momentous day. And that it will be if the House of Representatives votes to spend trillions of dollars and forwards the bill to future generations. While we ramp up spending, we have not dealt with the exploding costs of Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. We are on a path of fiscal recklessness that threatens the future economic growth of America. So for me, this is a sad day."

Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1):
"America needs the right kind of health care reform that lowers costs, improves health outcomes, and protects vulnerable persons. This bill, however, substantially shifts costs to more unsustainable government spending, erodes health care liberties, and increases health care expenses for many Americans."

Adrian Smith (NE-3):
“This Congress has not listened to the American people. They don’t want Washington to push through this bill, which hides its true cost behind partisan tactics and rhetoric. Today, Democrats passed a bill which includes billions of dollars in new taxes and more than a trillion dollars in new government spending which will cause millions of employers to cancel the health care they offer their employees and force these individuals into a government-run health care plan.
“No dollar figure can represent the true cost of the legislation – not only for our country’s economic future but also for our personal freedoms.”

Senator Mike Johanns:
"I am disappointed the House voted to pass the Senate health care legislation. I have numerous concerns with this bill, both on its substance and the process being used to pass it. A bill that raises taxes by more than $500 billion, cuts Medicare by more than $500 billion, increases insurance premiums in the individual market, and spends about $2.5 trillion is simply the wrong prescription for a struggling economy."

And Senator Ben Nelson?

Says he's still reading it. The Senate still has to pass the House's Reconciliation, which can pass the Senate by a simple majority. This means Nelson now likely has the cover to vote against the final bill. Though no matter what, he is of course complicit in the entire deal.

And Lee Terry's Democrat opponent, Tom White? Well, he said he'd have voted "Yeah" back on the original House bill. Count him in with Nelson.

**UPDATE 8:45AM Monday**

By the way folks, it's now Monday morning, and we STILL haven't heard from a single Nebraska Democrat in the local news.  Not Ben Nelson.  Not Tom White.  Not Vic Covalt.  Not Mark Lakers.  Not even Jim freaking Suttle.

You know who the local news had to go to for comment from a local Democrat?  Anne Boyle.  "Longtime Nebraska Democrat", she's called by KETV.

There's your Nebraska Democrat leadership on the biggest issue of the decade folks.

Suck it in.

Or just suck it.


This seems to be a done deal at this point (though some Senators say there will be roadblocks to get around).

Of course the big question left is, Now where will Canadians go to get the quality health care they desire?


Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi Rocks!!!!!

Dagny Taggert said...

Our federal govt. is now in education, housing, "Govt. Motors" and cash-for-clunkers, food stamps, and health care. You even get a discounted converter box so you can watch TV.

I supsect soon there is going to be a redistirbution of wealth to support a new program to subsidize clothing, shoes, and matching handbags/man purses.

Unless some of us go on strike....

Bud said...

It was a great day in America. I am sure you right wingers don't think so, But it is. Now are any of you right wingers not going to use the benefits of the new soon to be law? I have very good health insurance. I get it through my job? But I am willingly to help out so all Americans can get health insurance. So they don't have to go to the emergency room for health care. Which all of us pay for in the long run. Or have to worry about getting kicked off their insurance if the company no longer wants to pay the bills because you might have cancer. Or if you loose your job and you can't afford COBRA so you don't have insurance any more. Plus the pre existing conditions is dead. I know a lot about that. I had a son who had a heart transplant. Not a company in America would take him when he gets off my group plan. But now he will be able to get something. But I was just talking about people and their lifes. I am sure you right wingers will talk about MONEY and your taxes. Or maybe the lies about abortion. I could go on and on. But last night was a great day for America. The tea bagging kooks can't ruin that. None of you right wingers can either

Anonymous said...

There should be a requirement that to get subsidized insurance you must have a vehicle at least 5 years old, no more than 1 television-no cable, no game systems and only a home telephone.

I will concede to 1 computer and dial up internet if you live more than 3 miles from a library.

theunicycleguy said...

this is just great isn't it? who doesn't love tax and spend, right? where's the money going to come from to pay for this?

well, at least Chairman Obama can focus on jobs jobs jobs, right? naw, i think he's gonna get up on his high horse and proclaim this "historic change" where everybody gets free health care...just wait folks, next stop, socialism.

Anonymous said...

Not even 24 hours after 1/6 of our economy was grabbed by Nancy Pelosi's talons and we have President Obama promising immigration reform to millions of people that came into our Country illegally.

Not only did they break the law, they have made it nearly impossible to come to America by legal means, they are creating massive amounts of debt for the states and communities in which they hide and they are a financial burden to remove due to "due process" that must be followed.

When will the drain on our resources subside? When will our government figure out that we have financial responsibilities well beyond our means? When will the Democrats quit trying to buy votes buy handing out government welfare.

Mostly, when will more people recognize the philosophy of personal responsibility?

Frankly, if this is the way we are going, then I would just as soon go to war with Mexico and takeover their Country and their people. At least then no one would die in the desert trying to get here.

The boon would be that we could tax the richest man in the world-to pay for all of the ills of our new, larger country.

E. V. Debs said...

Anon 8:52, we already tried the take over thing. That's what Dick Cheney and George W. did in Iraq. Those standing armies all over the globe cost money. They've caused the decline and fall of every great nation since the begining of time.

The decline of nations is not caused by over protecting the masses. It is the result of the wealthy using armies to try to continue to enrich themselves after they have managed to extract the last measure of wealth from the underclass.

Right Wing Professor said...

Well, in the grand scheme of things, it's probably a tad over 0.5 trillion of extra debt in the next ten years, because you know there won't be Medicare cuts the way they promised. Given that Obama's budget plans call for 10 trillion extra debt, it just means national bankruptcy will happen a little sooner.

Oh yeah, and health premiums will go up to cover the extra insurance mandates. State budgets will be in even worse shape as they have to pick up more Medicaid recipients. Cost pressure on Medicare and Medicaid, along with the extra patients, will cause a lot more doctors to drop out of Medicare/Medicaid, so the poor and old will have a much harder time getting treatment.

And we'll go from a country where 80% of people got good health care to one where the 10% who can afford it out of pocket can get good health care. Costs will continue to rise, of course, because the bill does nothing to contain costs.

It's not the worst day in America's history, but it's in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

There will be legislation next year in Nebraska to deal with Ben Nelson!

Anonymous said...

RWP.You say it is one of the TOP Ten worst days in American History. Well I will give you ten and you tell me which one it knocks out. They are in no partcular order. 1. The burning of Washington DC during the war of 1812. 2. The trail of tears in the 1830's. 3. The day Fort Sumter fell. 4. The day Lincoln died. 5. The day the Lusitania was sunk. 6. The day the stock market crashed in 1929, causing the great depression, 7. December 7th , 1941 "A date that will live in Infamy" 8. . The day the Baatan death march started in the spring of 42. 9. November 22, 1963, the death of JFK. 10. September 11-2001. Yesterday was worse than any of those days?

Anonymous said...

Number 8 and 5 can easily be bumped from the list.

Anonymous said...

What will the Republicans do when the country is prospering in two years? They are promising economic ruin becuase of the stimilus, cap and trade and health care reform. We are turning the corner economically. Right now the GOP is promising based on their "level headed" analysis - bankruptcy, less people with insurance, 25% unemployment, decreased life expectancy. I think their hyperbole will be their continued downfall.

Anonymous said...

Bud, you remind me of a lunatic I've crossed paths with on a different forum.

"Now are any of you right wingers not going to use the benefits of the new soon to be law?"

Bud, this is just the lamest of arguments. First, Obama said I'd be able to keep my doctor and my healthcare plan, but when that goes away, what option will I have other than to use the "benefits" of this new law?

One of the reasons I oppose this is because it's going to leave me with no choice. You're sticking me with a plan I don't want. I will have no choice but to buy your stupid "insurance." There's nothing at all hypocritical about opposing this plan but using it when it becomes law.

macdaddy said...

People get the government they deserve. I guess the bright spot in all this is now all those people who voted for Obama will have to start paying more taxes. They are also going to have to start buying health insurance or risk a fine or jail. See, Bud, no one can "opt out" of the wondrous benefits of Obamacare. And I'm glad you don't mind helping out your less fortunate fellow citizens. Of course, since it's compulsory, it means absolutely nothing.

Nathan said...

Its interesting how both pro-choice and pro-life nuts are mad about this bill. Must be a sure sign that something good is in it, either that or its true bipartisanship, pissing off everybody equally.

Anonymous said...

Mac, the government people got and deserved was a lot better in the old days before corporations were people.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry - "Let's keep the government out of Medicare". huh?

The GOP has no idea what to do, so will just continue to run around screaming the sky is falling and pushing for Sarah Palin to run.

Anonymous said...

You can run, Tom White ... but you can't hide.

A cong. candidate has never looked more foolish. Ducking the press for a week now on the issue.

Second thoughts, Tom? Too late bucko.

Pelosi's puppet...

TexasAnnie said...

RWP: Is 80% with good health care good enough for you? 'I got mine, now you try and get your's' manner of thinking? You're okay with folks who can't afford health care subsidizing the health care of others?

I agree, Anonymous 10:09, 10:15, 10:43 & 11:13. Right on, Nathan! We understand that MOST Americans don't give a damn about what happened yesterday.

Damn the Republicans and Democrats for the method used in passing this bill. Damn misguided Libertarians with an improper view of 'self-interest.' And damn the tea-baggers for whatever it is they believe. This bill is more good than bad. But admittedly the Congress has yet to work on health care costs. So let's put this struggle behind us and get our "representatives" back to work.

macdaddy said...

Pro-choice nuts aren't mad about this bill. They are also not mad about the promised Executive Order.

BTW, I appreciate all the youngsters who voted for Obama now subsidizing my health care. I can afford health insurance, but I appreciate you young healthy people paying higher premiums to cover all my costs. Of course, by the time you guys get to my age there won't be any money for health care just like there won't be Social Security left either. You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 10:09 says:

"What will the Republicans do when the country is prospering in two years?"

Listen, buddy, if the country is prospering in two years it will be in spite of the recent government legislative enactments rather than because of them.

Obama sold his stimulus plan based on his rosy projecting that, with a massive infusion of government capital, unemployment would climb no higher than 7.8%. The projection if we did NOTHING AT ALL was that unemployment would top out at 9% before going back down on its own. Obama's financial team predicted that the economy would turn itself around even without the stimulus and, in two years, we'd be fine anyway. So, why did we need to commit to spending nearly a trillion dollars on the stimulus.

No, the better question for you is how your healthcare plan will live up to all that's been promised. Healthcare is supposed to be cheaper, more accessible for all Americans, produce better healthcare outcomes and at a lower cost.

Your mamma always said, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." You should have listened to your mamma rather than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Texas Annie, to say that the Republican opposition is nothing more than an "I got mine, now you try and get yours" manner of thinking shows that you really don't understand the issues at all.

This bill won't work. Period. It won't lower cost; it will only change who has to pay for it. It won't improve access for all Americans; it will simply shift who gets the access. It won't produce better health outcomes because at the end of the day, this will still be an overweight country.

It's like I was explaining to my daughter this morning. If everyone in my family were suddenly legally able to drive but we still only have 2 cars, will people in my family really have more access to transportation.

Now, that's an analogy and you have to be able to think abstractly in order to get how that relates to the healthcare debate but even my 15 year old daughter understands how just waiving a magic wand and saying "There ... Now everyone has healthcare" doesn't magically increase the number of doctors that exist to provide that healthcare.

GeosUser said...

I see Madam Comrade Kleeb and her merry band of pinheads held a celebration protest rally outside of Lee Terry's Omaha office. When did the Kleeb's relocate and become residents of the second district? I guess Comrade Kleeb didn't want to protest outside her own congressman's office since that's the guy who kicked her husband's carpetbagger ass to get into office. Or was Ms. SEIU/ACORN "on the clock" for Tom White's congressional campaign? I guess Tom White can't get too far away from his ultra-liberal support and he's proven he's more than willing to court SEIU/ACORN support.
BTW, the moochers win another round with Obamacare. I'm left wondering who is going to feed, clothe and shelter them when the productive finally refuse to do so. No one with half a brain isn't convinced Obamacare isn't just another in a long line of government ponzi schemes.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Nathan, Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards praised the fact that it didn't incorporate the original Stupak AM. This is the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade. There are seven, count em', seven areas of the bill that will inculcate abortion into the fabric of the healthcare delivery system. Any pro-abortion group acting as if they are dismayed are just providing window dressing which will be revealed for what it is. Barry's Executive Order will not trump statute.

From the Bleachers said...

School House Rock ROCKS!

I am old enough to remember "I'm Just a Bill", but I don't remember any part of the song covering "reconciliation", "deem to vote" or "executive orders". It's obvious that Obama, Pelosi and Reid sing to a different song than most Americans.

"Ohh I hope and I pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill." Sadly....I wish you were that...still a bill!

Anonymous said...

I say we can knock off #9. He would not have the legacy he has and we would have been done with the Kennedy Klan a long time ago if he hadn't been killed, but, other than screwing around in the Whitehouse, what did he do for America?

Lincoln was much more important, but if you must, remove him too.

Right Wing Professor said...

It's far worse than the death of JFK. He was just one man, and not a very good president (albeit he was replaced by a still worse one). Thousands of Americans are murdered each year. The US continued on without him.

What do you think the human cost will be of a US debt default?

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb is like a pitbull that has been neutered.

All bark, no b*lls!

Right Wing Professor said...


You can't get 100% of anything. For example, 90% of Britons have mediocre to sub-mediocre health care. Is that better than 80% with good health care?

Being a grown up means looking at the choices you actually have, not those you'd like to have.

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb is like a pitbull that has been neutered.

All bark, no b*lls!

Right Wing Professor said...

What will the Republicans do when the country is prospering in two years?

Thank the Fairy Godmother for giving us 5 trillion dollars in gold bullion? Because that's the only way this is happening.

Anonymous said...

Probably Jane's last event before she shuts the doors of Change that Works on 3/31.

By the way, is she going to help the employees get U.C.--or did she game their hours enough so that they dont qualify?

Anonymous said...

Good discussion here...

Over 30 comments in 8 hours or so.

Over at NNN, Kyle's gotten one--in his last three articles. lol

TexasAnnie said...

Anonymous 12:47,
I didn't make the "I got mine" comment about Republican opposition. Your suggestion that I did shows that you don't comprehend what you read.

I'm having trouble getting past the 'word verification' procedure at this site. I'll try to publish again now...

TexasAnnie said...

No. 90% mediocre health care is not good either.

Being grown up means creating good choices, not limiting oneself to a couple bad choices.

Anonymous said...

ONLY Omaha's very own Mayor Jim Suttle would request a grant for boosting volunteerism AND THEN SPEND 3/4 OF IT ON THE SALARY OF 1 FREAKING EMPLOYEE.


Anonymous said...

Dem Trolls----->

Hart/McInturf poll (CQ) say unaffiliated voters are 2:1 against the health care bill.

61-30 margin, voters want split control of gov't.

Put those two together, and the Dems, White are going down bigtime.

TexasAnnie said...

I got through. So now I'll try an expanded response to you, Anonymous 12:47, to make sure you don't misunderstand again.


We already have Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP. We have health care facilities for Veterans and Native Americans and low income recipients. We have various National Institutes of Health and we have federal health care dollars expended in local public schools and research dollars for institutions such as the University of Nebraska. We have tax subsidies and outright subsidies to corporations which, in turn, provide economical group healthcare policies to employees. We have tax-exempted health care costs for some but not others. You tell me a means for dumping ALL extant federal health care and access expenditures and I'll listen up!

Until then, I remain opposed to our current system whereby folks who cannot afford and do not have health care are publicly subsidizing those who do. It's anti-American and unfair. I wonder if your 15 year old can understand that?

As to your salient comments, I agree. This bill won't work. The Congress has a lot of work ahead. Cost must be contained! Congress needs to address malpractice costs, pharmaceutical interests and advantages, and generally, taxing equity. I'm certainly not okay with an idea that the cost should be shifted to the wealthy.

This bill is only a signal that we (Americans) still believe in equality before and under the law. This bill is an 'idea' which, you have to be able to think 'ethically' in order to get how it relates to the healthcare debate. (Tit for tat, Anonymous 12:47).

Anonymous said...

I really think the Dems got this backward.

They would have been better off losing the bill and then pushing their base to retaliate in Nov.

But the opposite has happened--R and U voters are incented to vote.

Also, most of the coverage on this for weeks was about process. Despite the last minute decision to have a separate vote on the Senate bill, the damage was done. Everything the D's did looked sleazy and crooked. That's the image people are taking away from this.

Case of being too cute by half.

Anonymous said...

Hart/McInturf poll shows that most voters now disagree with the stimulus program and say it hasn't worked.

Nail in the D's coffin.

$1 trillion health takeover is icing on the cake--goodbye lefties.

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb

Did people at Change that Works get health insurance--or did Jane keep them all part-time so they didnt qualify? Be she was the only staffer to get covered.

"Do as I say, not as I do.'

Anonymous said...

For those who want to oust Ben Nelson, we need you to help petition registered voters to get it on the ballot in November that we will have the right to recall an elected official...mainly Ben Nelson. They need 114,000 signatures by July. Let's get the job done. Nelson thinks he's going to get by because people will forget by 2012....well Ben, it ain't happening. You are toast!!

Gerard Harbison said...

Got a web address for that petition? I have some modest experience with this sort of thing.

NE Voter said...

Funny comments here.

Folks, the health care bill is PAID FOR, unlike Bush's tax cuts (1.3 Trillion) and the Medicare drug bill (400 Billion).

Obama and the Democrats have achieved and historic milestone.

Dig it.

Ricky said...

What I think is funny is that no Republican voted for the health care bill. Not one thought it was worthy of support?
Was this because their leadership determined that to pass this bill would be a feather in Obama's cap?
I think so.
Let the Republicans and Lee Terry run against this legislation in the fall; that is a losing strategy.
America had a great day yesterday.

ricky from omaha

Teacher's Pet said...

The New York Times is reporting that Sen. Ben Nelson won't vote for reconciliation. Turns out he doesn't like them picking on his most generous campaign contributor, NelNet. Language was added to the bill that would also rein in the predatory lending tactics that NelNet and others like them practice.

Good Old Ben, always placing those that take care of him first, and Nebraskans last.

macdaddy said...

NE Voter: If you think this thing is paid for, you are delusional.

Anonymous said...

Wait until all the student loan processors are out of work in Nebraska. Banks that go under-with people's money.

Tax collection begins immediately. Average wage earners are already pissed off at their payroll departments for taking "more" out of their checks than they did last year.LOL The payroll employees are having to explain that this is how much was supposed to come out, last year, before Pelosi and Obama decided to "gift you" your own money.

When Americans at every income level complain about their dollars not stretching as far, they are right.

For all you "distribution of wealth" people out there. Let me clue you into something. I know many people with tens of millions (maybe more)in the bank. I also know, and am related to several people that have zippo in the bank.
The ones with millions put a lot more thought into their purchases than most, yes, I said most-not all, of the people that don't have millions. Unfortunately, for me, I find myself less with the careful spenders.

Reality t.v. is not real life. I have never seen a person drop 10grand in a shopping trip-except on t.v.

Uncle Wiggily said...

"... the health care bill is PAID FOR, unlike Bush's tax cuts (1.3 Trillion) and the Medicare drug bill (400 Billion)."

Here we see the classic dichotomy between Progressives and Conservatives; only a Lib-Prog would think a tax cut is spending. That's like Dillinger complaining that a bank he couldn't rob caused him a cash-flow problem. See, not forcing someone to give you their money isn't "spending" - except in Dem-World.

It is true that, when enacted, Part D Medicare wasn't paid for; however, it is also true that it is one of a very few govt programs of the last 3 decades that actually came in under budget - because it was implemented primarily through the private sector. Don't misunderstand - I do not like Part D; it has been a financial albatross, but a bit less egregious than most of Uncle Sugar's other fiscal misadventures have been.

NE Voter said...


A tax cut that is not offset by spending cuts is an expense.

In failing to make any attempt to offset, Bush and the GOP congress simply shoveled dollars out to their principal benefactors in the form of tax cuts.

Funny thing that always seems to happen: The only thing that ever seems to "trickle down" is the bill.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter, this health care debacle is NOT paid for. You are misinformed.

CBO only can go with the assumptions it's given even if those assumptions are faulty.

Left out of the bill, for example, are $114 billion in annual operating costs that future Congresses will have to allocate to fund the bureaucracy to run the thing.

They're also relying on $53 billion a year in increased Social Security taxes from employers paying more in wages when they drop their health coverage (and I though you were supposed to be able to keep your plan, but I digress) but it doeasn't take a genius to figure out the social security revenues are already spoken for and they can't really count that. But they do anyway.

All told, the healthcare bill adds $562 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years. And that's only because we start paying for it immediately but the entitlement benefits don't kick in for 4 years. So we're front-loading the payments and back-loading the costs in a smoke-and-mirrors attempt to make the thing look fiscally responsible.

But, if you look at the CBO report, the cost of the program becomes staggering as we near year 10 and that's even with all the built in rosy predictions.

No, this thing isn't paid for. Nowhere near.

Anonymous said...

Ne Voter, you might want to call your sweetheart State Senator Tom White and inform him of your opinion.

"A tax cut that isn't offset by spending cuts is an expense."

Make Tom White tell you what sacred cow he is going to jackhammer to pay for his untility sales tax cut.

BTW, if there should be no sales tax on top of services and fees, then there should be no sales tax on top of any services and fees-not just a politically hot topic.

Tom White is worse than a typical tax and spend liberal-he is an untax and keep on partyin' liberal!

Anonymous said...

I'm officially throwing the BS Flag on this one.

Ben Nelson votes "Aye" (as in "Aye, Aye, Captain"), for the takeover by the Federal Government of 1/6 of America's economy. BUTTTT, he draws the line in the sand when the Federal Government wants to takeover the Student Loan Program?

I don't believe the Feds can handle the loan program any better than they could handle the TARP Funds or Stimulus 1 and 2 (and I am sure 3 is on its way to our doorsteps). I also do not believe that the overhaul of the GSL Program should ever have been included in the HC Bill-it is not germain. But, Ben Nelson is a hypocrite and NO ONE can argue the other side of that point.

Apparently, the late Sonny Foster WAS the brains behind Ben Nelson the politician!

Jamie said...

I've mentioned many times how Medicare has failed to fiscally responsible, and how the Congress who passed it used similar accounting trickery to make Medicare and Medicaid appear less expensive than it actually is.

For example, the bill assumes about a trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare. However, cuts in Medicare are often proposed but never realized because no politicians are courageous enough to actually cut Medicare. The secrets of Medicare in this bill are estimated to cost $1-2 Trillion in the next five years by many economists.

Jamie said...

Additionally, progessive Democrats are trying to 100% take over our education system without us knowing. How the hell do they expect us not to realize they're taking over the student loan industry by sneaking it into the healthcare bill?

I have no doubt Nelson actually disagrees with this fascism, but he should have had the foresight that the Democrats sneak evil things like this into most bills and should never have sold his vote out.

Where is the NE Democratic Party on this issue? They need to answer for their national committee but have remained silent. All I know is Ben Nelson is kaput in two years. Thank God for Congressional retirement benefits, right?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, the Democrats are not taking over the student loan industry. They are ending GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES to bankers who make student loans. Those bankers can continue to make all the loans they want. They just will not be guaranteed by the federal government.

Right Wing Professor said...

Jamie, the Democrats are not taking over the student loan industry. They are ending GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES to bankers who make student loans. Those bankers can continue to make all the loans they want. They just will not be guaranteed by the federal government

Complete nonsense. The federal government will be offering student loans, in place of the banks. It will be the sole provider of such loans.

Yet another step in the complete collectivization of our economy.

Jamie said...


1) Either way it's messed up they put an unrelated student loan section in a law that has nothing to do with it. If they were doing something as innocent as you were saying, I'm sure they wouldn't be sneaking it by like so.

2) In the words of the Benator himself, it's "unrelated student loan reforms that have never been debated in the Senate and would result in a government takeover of student lending... Ending private student lending." I dunno. Sounds like he knows what he's doing.

Jamie said...

I got things under control, RWP. ;-)

Teacher's Pet said...

Someone asked - where is the NE Democratic Party on this issue? It is hard to tell from what is in the news, but I hear from a good source that they are all sacrificing lambs around the Golden Calf inside the temple they have built to him. She tells me that even Jane Kleeb is shouting praises to the almighty Ben on her facebook page. They are all so thankfull for the Cornhusker Kickback.

Ben Nelson is more worried about a thousand jobs in Lincoln, and all the money that NelNet puts in his pockets than anything else. I wonder what the NE Democrats will do after Nelson is no longer around to lead their party? They should be thinking about that because his career in this state is over in 2012, or before that if Give Ben the Boot succeeds.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter, where did you go? Are you in Lincoln asking Tom White who he's going to screw to pay for his tax that he's using to try and by votes in the 2nd?

Anonymous said...

RWP, are you in favor of the government subsides to banks? This legislation cuts billions in government spending and redirects the reduced government funds from corporations to college students.

Right Wing Professor said...

I'm not in favor of government subsidies to banks. As far as I can tell, these 'subsidies' amounted to guaranteeing the loans. Gosh, if we learned nothing from the last financial crisis, surely it's that the government shouldn't be guaranteeing risky loans.

A college degree is a valuable commodity. You should be able to raise credit based on it. if you can't, on the free market, well, what does that say about you?

Or gawrsh, here's a radical idea, maybe you could pay your own way through college. Worked for me, and I was 19 when I graduated.

Anonymous said...


Things are really heating up over there. Vile Kyle's latest article posted yesterday has generated three comments. wow

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:36, you're being overly generous. One of those posts is from Lisa Hannah. That would make it two posts and one high-five from one of Vile's rabid groopies.

Thanks Mike Fahey said...

By the time Gibilisco reaches age 77, the city will have paid him more than $2.6 million in pension payments and cost-of-living adjustments.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter...a Tax cut is an expense?? LOL Pleeeeease keep beating that Liberal drum and we will whoop you all day long and twice on election Tuesdays.

Please tell all Dem candidates to use that line.

Marmaduke said...


Garfield said...


Marley said...


Anonymous said...

So Sen Ashford is going to try to bring the Prenatal Care bill back to. It seems he has found $3 million in private money ( Dick Holland) and wants the Gov to say the State will take that money and set it aside for the prenatal Care. THEN next year the Legislature will craft new legislation to "Deal" with the issue.

Seems Mr Holland is trying to be the Soros of Nebraska.

Right Wing Professor said...

I think it's wonderful there exists a group of wealthy private individuals willing to pay for the obstetrical care of poor women in Nebraska. Why, though, does this need to be tied to state services for illegal immigrants? Wouldn't a private foundation, working independently, be able to act with far more flexibility?

There wouldn't be an entirely different agenda working here, would there?

Anonymous said...

Below is an article that all right wingers need to read. Now it is on the Huffington Post and I know that is not FOX and fools the network of all of you. But come out of your comfort zone and read it. I think it explains a lot. Just go to google and do your thing to find it.

Welcome to the Real World by. Chez Pazienza,

Macdaddy said...

$3million would go a long way towards meeting the problem as well. According to the OWH, these women were willing to shell out $500 for an abortion but not $750 for prenatal care. Now leave aside that a child costs a whole heck of a lot more than that after it's born, apparently these women only need $250 to not abort.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 10:19: I want you to know that column was a 20 second waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our grammatically-challenged friend Bud is now posting as anonymous at 10:19.

"Come out of your comfort zone?" "Fox and fools?" "... by. [sic] Chez Pazienza, [sic]?"

Bud, you might try to disguise your sock puppets a little more effectively.

Anonymous said...

Brad Ashford is Pro Choice!!! Don't let him fool you on the prenatal care issue.

Shoe Saleman said...

For all of you who are against the historic health reforms like ending the practice of denying care for pre-existing conditions, extending eligibility for young adults to stay in their family health insurance plans, ending the lifetime cap on benefits, and against reducing the Bush deficit by 1 trillion dollars, you are apparently in the minority. Granted, that you have to include the entire nation in a research survey to offset the kinda crazy we have here in Nebraska, but look at this from USA TODAY:

WASHINGTON — More Americans now favor than oppose the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds — a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote that showed a plurality against the legislation.

By 49%-40%, those polled say it was "a good thing" rather than a bad one that Congress passed the bill. Half describe their reaction in positive terms — as "enthusiastic" or "pleased" — while about four in 10 describe it in negative ways, as "disappointed" or "angry."

The largest single group, 48%, calls the legislation "a good first step" that needs to be followed by more action. And 4% say the bill itself makes the most important changes needed in the nation's health care system.

That's a dramatic flip in one day. Wonder where we will be in 7 months. The GOP promised voters it would kill this bill. They are so inept they couldn't even get "no" right.

Oh, and Hey Julie - his name is President Obama. Show some respect for the office even if you can't show respect for the man. Get a grip. For some of your own medicine maybe we should call you "convict." And one other thing Convict: Legal scholars across the country have declared the Nelson/Senate bill as 100% clear in denying federal funds for abortion. With the Hyde amendment and President Obama's executive order using federal funds for abortion will be triple illegal. It must drive you insane that President Obama has done more in 16 months to limit abortions than W. or any other Republican president has done individually or collectively.

I realize you have to keep lying to raise money for your extremist, doctor killing organization. If you told the truth, your organization would immediately become worthless - or did that already happen when you threw your hissyfit over Ben Nelson?

For the petitioners: keep up the hate. Ben Nelson saved NE taxpayers $300 million, expanded health care for 30 million Americans, opened up the congressional health benefits plan to regular Americans, and you want to boot him out? Why? so you can send another clown like Mike Johanns to the Senate to do things like file the same amendment on a bill 25 times? Someone like Lee Terry who was for health care reform before he voted against it? Someone like Jeff Fotenberry who - well I cant think of anything Jeff has done actually. Dave heineman - who asked for Nelson's help in fixing the Medicaid funding issue before he demagogued it? What happened to Nebraska - when did hate become it's #1 crop?

Also wondering what the local tea baggers have to say about their brethren's behavior in Washington where they called African American Congressmen the N word and spit on them. Nice. Keep it up. The tea baggers should be proud.

Nathan said...

Good job pointing out the new poll, Mike Johanns (and other Senators) acting like children who didn't get their way. Back in the day when I acted like that I got the belt, to bad we dont do corporal punishment anymore! (sarcasm folks)

But everything else wasn't needed and probably detracted from your post. Dont compare the teabagging idiots here to the racist teabagging idiots in DC. That is a broad generalization and is asinine to make. Because Eric Massa engaged is "tickle fights" and groped male staffers doesn't mean you or I or Obama does. Julie's org doesn't advocate killing abortion docs anymore than prochoice groups advocate killing prolifers. (And that is the first time I have ever defended them)

Nathan said...

Julie's group came out with a statement of sympathy for the Tiller family and condemnation for the killer and his actions.

Bud said...

I have been trying to post with my name but they would not go through yesterday. So I did it with anonymous and they went through. What was the deal on that? I wrote a really long post on how much I have been enjoying the right wingers going NUTS over the new healh care law. I won't re write it. It took to long the first time for it not to be posted. But you right wingers . You got your tails kicked in Congress Sunday night. First you lost in 2006 in the off year elections. Another beating in the elections of 2008. WOW! Then came the biggest defeat in the last 50 years by the GOP in Congress. To top it off, support for the new law is growing. What will happen next?

Gerard Harbison said...

My guess is, the first wave of HCR-related premium increases will be announced in October, in time for the traditional enrollment period. The expansion of the pool to include adults
over 23 on their parents' plans, and kids with preexisting conditions, won't cost nearly as much as some of the other 'reforms', but it will cost. And let's face it, after Obama's rhetoric against it, Insurers aren't gong to be in any mood to soften the blow. So the 80% of Americans who like their insurance won't be happy at paying more for it, and it will resurrect the issue just before the elections.

I'm thinking an ad that simply asks "How do you like health care reform so far?"

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Bud,6:11 a.m., click Name/URL and then type in your name, write your comment and hit Publish. We all want to know your true identity.

Anonymous said...

Shoe Saleman [sic] lectures Julie for calling Pres Obama "Barry" and then turns around and calls Pres Bush "W." You're a hypocrit, shoe.

And, shoe, you left wing extremists really crack me up. If you think this healthcare plan reduces the deficit, you're living in a fantasy world. Even the liberal LJS editorial board in an unsigned (reprenting the opinion of the paper) editorial acknowledged this thing is going to cost more than it was predicted to.

You are clearly uninformed on how they came up with the dollar estimates. Lots of accounting games, smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand to come up with that "deficit reduction" number. It isn't real. For example, they forgot to include the $144 billion per year it's going to cost to administer the program, which future Congresses will have to allocate.

As far as polling, all it's got is 49% approval? I mean, I can spot you the 40% of Americans who don't pay income tax. No skin off their backs and they get a little benefit out of the Obama bag of goodies without having to pay anything for it. Of course they'll like it. That means of the 60% who actually have skin in the game, you only got 9% of them.

And Nelson saved us $300 million? That's hilarious. That's like a Democrat buying a $500 pair of shoes they don't need for 20% off and saying, "Hey, I saved $100!" Nothing like spending billions on something we don't need in order to save a few hundred million.

But, hey, let's give him credit where due. After that $200 million Nelson cost us because of the bad faith judgment against the state from suit over the Central Interstate Low-level Radioactive Waste Compact, he's now dug himself out of the hole. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Noticed a couple of typos in my post at 9:44 and we can't edit these comments as far as I'm aware. So, before the grammar police attack, let me just say I know how to spell "representing". And it should be 15% of the 60% who pay taxes, not 9% of the 60% who pay taxes. Still, 15% of the people who actually have to cover this thing? And since Nebraska has a higher per capita rate of productive people (generally Republicans), it's no wonder this debacle polls worse here than, say, on the east coast.

Anonymous said...

Shoe, I absolutely agree that any alleged comments that were racist in nature -- regardless of whether they were uttered, if at all, by someone who opposed the healthcare bill or whether they were uttered by a left-winger attempting to make opponents of healthcare look bad -- are completely objectionable and have no place in reasonable political debate.

I've seen video of where/when these comments were supposedly uttered and I, for one, didn't hear anything that sounded like a racist epithet, so I'll have to take your word for it. If the comments were uttered, I wonder who uttered them.

But, yes, completely wrong, assuming the comments were made.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting how lefty wingnuts like shoe act like all conservatives are tainted by the alleged comments (which, if they were, in fact, spoken, were completely wrong and disdainful) by a couple people at a rally attended by thousands and act like those idiots, whoever they were, spoke for all conservatives.

He also treats Julie's group and all pro-lifers as though they are guilty accomplices in the death of an abortionist who was shot by someone who had no affiliation with Julie's group whatsoever.

I'm sure he thinks all Christians are responsible for the lunatic conduct of Fred Phelps, whom I'm sure shoe thinks is representative of all Christians.

I wonder if he ever asked adherents of the religion of peace to disavow the 9/11 hijackings. Or if he ever implied that black people in general should feel responsible for the criminal acts of a single black person. Clearly he hasn't. That would be stupid. Just like asking all conseratives to own up to what a couple of isolated jerks allegedly did in D.C. the other day.

Bud said...

Julie I used to write on this other right wing blog with my full name. Then one night when I was gone at a educational function, the phone rang. My oldest son at at time age 11 picked up the phone to hear some super right winger say "you better tell your Dad to stay off our blog or he is going to get it". So now I write with a variety of names on this blog. I hope you can understand. I am not really worried but I don't want my kids to hear that crap. But if you really want to know who I am , I will give you one clue. I am on the Nebraska Democratic party Executive council. As for you guys who want to petition Senator Ben out. Geez it gets old having to explain the Constitution to you. You can't, Federal law always trumps state law even if they got something wrote up in a petition form. So try to vote him out in 12. You may get the job done. But then again you may not.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Shoe: It must be a full time job defending the Senator these days. I don't know what "legal scholars from across the country" you are referring to with regards to their defense of the Nelson abortion language. I do know the letter from Lamson, Dugan & Murray was skewered effectively by your old nemesis Doug Johnson at NRLC and probably others. I can respect the office of the President without respecting the person who currently holds the position. And he is the most pro-abortion President ever. Clinton was a cake walk compared to this. In fact, the pro-life movement is under seige and we know this is only the beginning. The promise to Planned Parenthood seems to be the only one this guy knows how to keep. Oh, I was never convicted, in fact the politically trumped up charge was dropped after the maximum amount of bad PR was exacted. If you live in or frequent the People's Republic of Lincoln/Lancaster County you should understand how politics here can get a bit rough for conservatives. Glad to see others who don't even agree with me know what a load your "doctor killing" comment was.

Uncle Wiggily said...

OK, Bud ... credit where credit is due and all that. It took three or four posts for me to tumble to your schtick. You're good - I'll give you that.

Note to others: if this guy is what he says he is, then I'm an asronaut-neurosurgeon of mixed Norwegian-Bantu ancestry.

Dunno why he is making such herculean efforts to make Democrats look bad, but I say "Let him ride!"

Anonymous said...

Uncle Wiggily I enjoyed going to your web site. You are right about the Supreme Court throwing out much of the New Deal. That was a major reason why the Great Depression lasted so long. A big reason why FDR did his so called "Court packing". But I get off topic. I did not realze you had such a mixed heritage or interesting job. Please enjoy your right wing fantasies of beating your property. Keeping woman out of the work force. Keeping Gays in their closets and no Black American Presidents.

Bud said...

Anonymous 1:31 is me BUD sorry about that.

Snickers said...

I wish I could live at Brad Ashford's house. Since he is truly a super-lib, I bet he's one of those PETA freaks who would be really good to me.

Anonymous said...

shoe at 4:02, help me out here. You say Bendover Nelson saved the state $300 mil. I assume you're talking about the Cornhusker kickback. What's this I read about today that they're removing the Cornhusker kickback from the final Senate version being voted on? You know the one -- no nelnet, no extra $$$ to bribe Nelson for his vote (since they no longer need him)?

Where's that $300 mil savings coming from?

Anonymous said...

Interesting Fact

Since this article was posted on LS Monday, there have been 94 comments.

Articles Kyle posted on NNN since that same time have gotten 6 comments.

NNN----> Negative Nebr. Nonsense

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Tom White always talk like he enjoyed lunch too much?

I, fortunately, have never listened to him so I have no idea if he always sounds like that or not.

On a side note, it is really hysterical to watch a liberal that loves Nancy Pelosi's Healthcare Bill and her Stimulus Spending Package argue the merits of being a fiscal conservative.

Kinda reminds me of last week when all the proabortion State Senators argued for the right to taxpayer funds for illegal immigrants so they wont have to have abortions.


Anonymous said...

Tom White is reading this blog right now.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I almost feel bad for Tom White right now. He can't get anything passed down in Lincoln. He failed on his tax commission bill with Cornett and he failed on his priority sewer bill. Not exactly a great list of legislative accomplishments when you're running for Congress.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, any plans to do a post on the 5 Council finalists in Omaha?

Anonymous said...

I hear that Jeri Regan is being pushed by the Fire Union. They can't get anywhere with the current councilmembers so they need to try and stack the deck apparently.

Anonymous said...

We were talking about health care and Tom White in this thread. As it happens, the latter appeared on KFAB this morning. I didn't hear much of it but he was complaining about some sort of urban-rural rift in the legislature and how the greater Nebraska area isn't sticking their necks out to help with some money issue facing Omaha.

The money quote from Tom White, who supported healthcare:

"Taking money from other people in taxes so that you can use it for yourself is NOT good policy."

Tom, apparently, in your opinion, that depends on whose ox is being gored. You seem to be OK with it as long as it's someone else's ox.

Right Wing Professor said...

Meanwhile, companies are already beginning to make mandatory announcements about the earnings hits they will take in 2011, because the tax benefits they received for keeping their retirees on prescription drug plans are being eliminated. The Caterpillar CEO said it could not come at a worse time. Of course, ultimately the costs will be passed on to employees or customers, hurting the company's global competitiveness; or else Caterpillar, and dozens of companies like it, more likely will end the program and let their retirees sign up for Medicare Part D, further compounding the insolvency of the Medicare program.

You can hide your double-counting and fiscal sleaze from the CBO, because they are required not to notice it, but you can't hide it from the market.

Anonymous said...

yup, just looking on the senator's website, it doesn't look like he's very effective at introducing and passing legislation...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the repeal of sales tax on the sewer separation fee failed because of its delivery-or the person delivering it.

See, Tom, this is what happens when you spend all your time being a bully. No one wants to play with you when you need them to.

Or, maybe it's because you couldn't convince anyone in the legislature that you actually give a rat's ass about helping anyone in the greater metro area except yourself.

Tom White=Fail

macdaddy said...

Looks like the House is going to have to vote for Obamacare all over again. Nothing like giving voters another reminder of how they've been screwed over as well as a reason to wonder, "What the hell do student loans have to do with healthcare?"

Those Republican Senators must have been eating their Wheaties. I especially like the Democrats voting down banning sex offenders from getting Viagra as well as making cancer patients and kids pay more for medical devices like needles and ventilators. You know, things that save lives.

BTW, did anyone notice that there's a new 3.8% tax on investment income including rent? Guess who pays rent? Poor people. Guess whose rent is going to go up 3.8%? But that's not a tax on poor people. No siree.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Tom used the whole thing as a means to get "FREE" media and didn't really care. At least he was heard saying that right after the vote!

Anonymous said...

To stay on the topic of healthcare but veer off into the world of prenatial care funding.

Whomever stated in the Omaha World Herald this morning that charity groups cannot provide the services necessary for prenatal care have never visited organizations such as EPS in Benson or A Woman's Touch in Bellevue. Both of these amazing groups provide prenatal services at little to know expense to the pregnant mother. They have the ability to bill Medicaid when allowed and cover the costs through extremely generous and committed donors and volunteers when necessary.

These 2 groups have been active in the Metro area for decades. They also have joined forces statewide to for a group called Positive Alternatives to be able to support one another and low income pregnant women in many communities across the state.

Two points:
-the Omaha area philanthropists should consider supporting anyone, or all, of these groups with their 3 million dollars

-the 4 women that say they had abortions because they couldn't get "afford" the prenatal care were able to "afford" a $550 abortion. Anyone of these groups could have provided ALL of the prenatal services for that dollar amount AND those women should have been brave enough to either go back to Mexico for their nationally sponsored healthcare or offered the child for adoption where they would have received private healthcare, and their expenses paid for the duration of the pregnancy.

McVie and that Doc from Schuyler should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of assistance to those unborn children.

Anonymous said...

Tom White is a political whore just like Jane Kleeb. Shame on them both.

Right Wing Professor said...


Now, if we were like those Dems, on NNN and elsewhere, who tried to portray Johanns' vote on use of compulsory arbitration clauses by contractors as 'pro-rape', we might well point out that felons in general tend to be Democrats, and that those demographic subgroups most overrepresented among sex offenders also tend to vote disproportionately Democrat. From this we'd infer that the Dems were simply looking after the interests of an important voting bloc.

Fortunately, we're above that sort of thing. I have no idea why they'd cast so foolish a vote.

Gerard Harbison said...

Excellent, excellent comment, Anonymous@11.07. Given what you've posted, it does seem that Brad Ashford and his mysterious collection of wealthy philanthropists are more interested in trying to back Gov. Heineman into a corner, than in helping poor women get pre-natal care?

Surely Dick Holland wouldn't be using his money to influence Nebraska politics, would he?

Crypt Keeper said...

I thought Dick Holland was already dead. Did Brad Asfford reanimate him?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame our Democrat friends (the left-wing whackos who get all their info from Daily Kos, Huff Po and Olberman) haven't been around much.

I'd like for them to explain their numbers on the deficit neutrality of this healthcare bomb, er, bill.

I'd like for them to explain their reliance on the CBO numbers when the CBO's predictions have historically been unreliable.

I'd really love for them to explain how you get better access for all Americans when the bill doesn't add any doctors to the system.

I'd love for them to explain how health insurance will be cheaper now that insurance companies can no longer exclude pre-existing conditions and can't enforce lifetime maximum benefits.

I'd love for them to also explain how our healthcare outcomes will now be better now that we have the government involved.

Maybe Bud can take a swing at these questions. Or maybe he'll just tell me I've been listening to too much Faux News.

Right Wing Professor said...

If Holland's dead, it's recent; he was making political contributions in late 2009 to 'Tom White for Congress'.

Incidentally, I see a contribution from 'another' Richard D Holland, retired, of Scottsdale Arizona, to Nebraskans for Kleeb. If, just hypothetically, that were the same Richard D Holland who lists Omaha as an address, then it would be a clear violation of campaign finance laws, since the Omaha Richard D Holland seems to have maxed out.

Maybe someone should look into this, since we're all so stalky around here?

Anonymous said...

Let's see: Tom White is horrible for at least trying to circumvent Omaha's mayor for taxing a fee after hiring a lobbyist 5K a week for 10 weeks to make sure the citizens get taxed? That's almost as stupid as citizens sticking up for their rights to be screwed by big insurance.

Right Wing Professor said...

Here's another strange coinkidink: the Omaha Richard D Holland made a $1000 contribution to 'Bob Lord for Congress'. Bob Lord, as it happens, was running in Arizona's 3rd congressional district, which includes part of Scottsdale.

So there's a Richard D Holland, retired, of Scottsdale, AZ, contributing to 'Nebraskans for Kleeb' and a Richard D. Holland, retired, of Omaha, NE, contributing to a Democrat congressional candidate in Scottsdale. And these are two of the three Richard Hollands nationwide listed as federal election contributors in the 2008 cycle.

Anonymous said...

8:48--remember, Tom W. will be paying all of the higher taxes imposed in the health bill--like all of the other multi-millionaires.

Shoe Salesman said...

Anon 944: W isnt president anymore. Did you miss that?

Julie - Again, it's President Obama. Say it five times slow. savor. say it again.

Anon 944 - your polling analysis is asinine. And based on your understanding of THOSE numbers, I'll go ahead and assume your head is up your a** on the cost numbers.

Anon 1036 - if all the democrats are lefty liberals who wnat to take your gun away then all the tea baggers can be racist homophobic saliva spewing slobs, no?

Julie - you hacked into planned parenthood's emails. You did it intentionally. The Republican machine in NE saved your butt. You should be in jail. And Right to Life advocates and condones violence against abortion doctors. Flowery sorrowful statements nonetheless. AS for the scholars - I'd link, but you know the policy. Why dont you just hack their emails?

Teacher's Pet - Hmm. Nelson votes for health care for 220,000 Nebraskans and he's "turned his back" on NE. He votes against a bill that will kill 1000 jobs in lincoln - and he's a sellout???? It's gotta be hard to hate so so much.

Anon at 2:58 - Are you serious? the 300 million for NE is still in the bill - er, uh I mean LAW. the difference is the feds are paying for their Medicaid expansion for everyone - at least for a few years. So, yeah, Nelson got you 300 million that you'd be paying in state and local taxes without it. Every state got it thanks to him. You're welcome.

And, complain about me lumping all the tea baggers into the same pile of scum if you want - but aren't you all doing the same by pretending that ALL Nebraskans are against the bill. Really - are you all against the exclusion of the pre-existing condition nonsense? Are you against tax credits for small businesses who WANT to offer health insurance to their employees. Are you against extending eligibility for post-college kids to stay on their family plans? Really? they are against it? The hypocrisy is amazing. Many here who slams Nelson for being a shill for the insurance industry are against reform of - wait for it - the insurance industry!!! It's mind boggling.

Sunday was the national GOP's waterloo. Their worst legislative defeat in 50 years. Yes, Ben Nelson handed it to them - maybe even "crammed it down their throats." for that he should go down in the political hall of fame. To quote Sweeper: suck on that.

Right Wing Professor said...

Really - are you all against the exclusion of the pre-existing condition nonsense? Are you against tax credits for small businesses who WANT to offer health insurance to their employees. Are you against extending eligibility for post-college kids to stay on their family plans? Really? they are against it?

Shoe Salesman, you ignorant ass.

Somebody pays for all of those things. Me, I'd like to give a shiny new pony to every kid in the country who wants one. But someone has to pay the tab. If post-college kids stay on their parents plans, someone else is paying, and that would be the people who don't have 25 year old moochers that are genetically related to them.

There is no tooth fairy. Someone is paying the bill.

Anonymous said...

Healtcare, much like education, is a RIGHT, not a privlidge like many would lead us to believe. We have come to juncture where our government is able to provide for that right, allbeit at a cost. Mainly because it has been socalized for so long, but I dont hear the same anger associated with education. Lets examine a couple of similaraties
-Both do (will) cost taxpayers to ensure all have equal access (again, a right)
-Both include a coersion component; as we are seeing in Douglas County right now, youth and parents are punished for not attending school.
-both provide subsidies to make components affordable to those who otherwise could not afford (free and reduced lunch program.

Lets keep it consisten condervatives. All that party is good for is saying no to the fad idea that fires up and masses.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Blatant lies here don't go unchecked, Shoe. I didn't "hack e-mails". A complete refutation of that lie was posted right after Nelson caved and someone here (you?) tried to kill the messenger (me). Don't know where you get"saved by the GOP" considering it was a Republican Co. Attorney who filed the charge and I never had said attorney pegged as someone who shared my views on abortion. Really, all Right to Life groups are complicit with Mark Roeder and the few other whackjobs who have committed acts of violence. Fascinatingtheory. It must explain why so many elected officials and candidates seek the NRL PAC endorsement Because alignment with maniacal, violent nuts is just what every candidate craves to give him/her the edge over their opponent(s).

Anonymous said...

If Jane Kleeb is a media "whore" then what does that make Lee Terry?

Anonymous said...

Shoe at 7:54 p.m., yep, that's pretty much the kind of vitriolic nonsense I've come to expect from the liberals I've encountered lately. You can't argue ideas so you call people names. And that's as far as you go.

If you think healthcare is going to be deficit neutral as the Pres claims (and, in 3 years, when he's no longer Pres, he'll still be entitled to the title), justify the numbers. Explain to me where I'm wrong in saying that the $144 billion it will cost per year to administer this healthcare disaster was NOT included in the CBO analysis. Show me where I'm wrong. Show me how the $500 mill in Medicare cuts won't harm Medicare. Show me. What you attempt to pass off as "analysis" amounts to nothing more than "is not."

As for the polling, perhaps I gave you too much credit for being able to think so I'll explain it in more depth. It was said that 49% of the public supported Obamacare (as if that proves it's a good idea.) I don't think that should surprise anyone. Heck, as I said before, 40% of American public doesn't pay taxes and, therefore, won't have to pay for this obamination. I think it's safe to assume that vaaaaasst majority of those folks fall into the "favor" camp. Which means, of the people who actually have skin in the game, who actually would have to pick up the tab for all of this, that the "favor" category only picked up an additional 9%. For the 40% who don't have to pay taxes, their support is pretty much a given. So, I don't think it's any great polling victory that your side manages a mere plurality in favor of the bill.

Evidently, you're unaware that government doesn't provide stuff for free. That seems to be a common misconception among Democrats. Someone, somewhere has to pick up the tab for the government's generosity. Typically, that means people who are employed (so, more likely Republican than Democrat -- or would you like to take bets on the probable party affiliation of the 30 million Americans who are unemployed?). So, every benefit that you're bragging about has a pricetag. And, yes, I do oppose picking up the tab for your health insurance until you're 26, while you continue trying to find yourself.

Anonymous said...

That last post (anon at 12:55) should have read $500 billion from Medicare, not $500 million. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the President claims the healthcare plan will *save* $138 billion in 10 years. That's right. The claim is that the government can create two new huge entitlement (giveaways) programs and make money in the process. Amazing.

Shoe Salesman said...

Anon 1255 - thanks for making my point. Pull your head out and get some sun. It might help.

RWP - I didnt claim it was free did I? You guys keep running on your "we love losing our coverage at the whim of insurance companies" platform. See how that turns out. Not sure what your point is about ponies. We are talking about health care.

Surely even you would agree that having "moochers" (I call them jobless or the unemployed since they cant get jobs coming out of College thanks to President Bush's economic policies - not everyone has ivory tower job security like you do) covered under health insurance is cheaper than having them use emergency rooms for toothaches no?

As for the cost - Republicans in Congress rely on CBO for cost estimates. They just dont agree with them when their numbers don't back up their lies.

I'd rather spend a trillion dollars on health care than the trillion we spent in Iraq - off budget - 100% deficit spending - to fight a war based on a lie.

Anyone here know if Heineman is going to RETURN the Medicaid money he has crapped on for 5 months? Or is he going to keep it to balance his billion dollar deficit? I relaize he asked for it, then rejected it, then asked for it again. What is his poistion today?

Oh and Nuke Waste is so 1997. In case you missed it, Nelson has been elected statewide twice since even after Ricketts, Hagel and Johanns all lied about their involvement (Ricketts wasnt involved - he just lied).

49-40. All of you beat Nelson over the head with the other public polling. The tide is changing. Americans are going to be happy with this reform. And the repubs tried to block it and failed, lied about it for years, and now want to repeal it on behalf of the health insurance companies. Biggest republican legislative victory in half a century. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

Shoe, thanks for making MY point that about all we get out of you Dems is the same vitriolic, bombastic nonsense and name-calling completely devoid of substance.

And the $200 million that the state had to pay because of Bendover's bad faith was REAL money, not some theoretical savings (that won't actually occur because the program will actually cost more than they predict).

Here's from a 2004 LJS story:

"The settlement ended a lawsuit in which U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kopf in Lincoln ruled that former Nebraska Gov. Ben Nelson, now a U.S. senator, engaged in a politically motivated and orchestrated plot to keep the dump from being built in Nebraska. In 2002, Kopf ordered Nebraska to pay $151 million.

"Nebraska agreed Monday to drop its appeal of that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns stressed that the compact originally called for Nebraska to be responsible for the entire $151 million judgment, plus interest, bringing Nebraska's total obligation to $207 million."

Anonymous said...

Tom White supports cutting Medicare by $500,000,000,000.

Anonymous said...


Tom White wants to you give up your Medicare Advantage Plan. so when you lose it, you'll know who to thank.

Anonymous said...


Tom White supports federal $$$ for abortions in the health care bill.

Ask the Catholic Church for their view on this.

Anonymous said...

Tom White's plan cuts Medicare by $500,000,000,000.

Why would any senior vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Property Taxes in Omaha

They'd go up under Tom White's plan. Ask the Mayor for the facts.

Anonymous said...

Shoe Salesman, I'm still waiting for your substance.

Nebraska paid the judgment in 2004 related to the radioactive waste compact, correct?

And the judge in that case found the State of Nebraska liable due to finding that then Gov Nelson acted in bad faith, correct?

And Nebraska taxpayers had to actually pick up the tab and pay that bill through actual tax dollars, correct?

And Sen Nelson has only sat for re-election once since we paid the judgment, correct?

And whether he was re-elected or not doesn't change the fact that it was his actions upon which that judgment was based, correct?

And any savings the citizens of the State of Nebraska might obtain from the sequelae of the "Cornhusker Kickback" are entirely theoretical, correct?

And the CBO analysis of the cost of the Obama Healthcare plan did NOT include the cost of the bureaucracy to administer that plan, correct?

And adding in that administrative cost will add significantly to the overall cost of the plan to the point that it will more than wipe out the projected 10-year $138 billion deficit reduction, correct?

And the CBO's numbers on the cost of the healthcare plan also depending on $500 billion cut to medicare, correct?

And Medicare is already going broke, correct?

And, in fact, Medicare actually has cost multiple times more (by a factor of maybe 10?) than what the CBO projected it would cost when Medicare was originally passed, correct?

And the $300 million you say the bill includes for every state for "medicaid expansion" that you say the feds will be paying for -- they have to get the money to pay for it from tax revenues, correct?

So, instead of paying it through state and local taxes, we'll just be paying for it through federal taxes, correct?

So, either way, taxpayers are still picking up the tab, correct?

So, Ben Nelson really hasn't saved us anything because we're either paying for it through state and local taxes or through federal taxes, correct?

I'll make this easy for you. Instead of answering each question separately, you would agree that the above are all true statements, correct?