Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road to the Final Five

First, just becuase we've been hanging onto these for a while now, a little NCAA Final Four-season SABs for ya:

Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy and Kansas Coach Bill Self!

Senator Ben Nelson ('s hair) and former Louisville Coach Denny Crum ('s hair)!

State Senator Tom White and Kansas State Coach Frank Martin!

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and former Missouri Coach Norm Stewart!

And, last, but not least...

Former all-around Democrat candidate Scott Kleeb and the Wichita State Shocker!

(If you have any better ones, please feel free to send in a completed photo and we'll post it here, today, if it's good.)


As you may have heard there are five finalist for the Omaha City Council spot vacated by the ill Chuck Sigerson.

(Hey, what happened to Kris Pierce, after he dumped the Secretary of State candidacy to be a City Council candidate?)

A quick run-down (essentially summarized from this good KPTM report -- that maybe went overboard on the B-roll) of the five:

We had expressed the other day that it looked like Gary Kudym was pretty much a lock for the gig.

However, after yesterday's Omaha Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, many have expressed that two others have out-shined Kudym, who may have other issues in any case.

For the Democrats, it was Jeri Regan -- who would add a little more gender balance to the Council, and make a possibly "more rounded" choice for the Dems.

And then there was Tom Mulligan, who apparently greatly impressed all present.

Unfortunately, the odds of Mulligan getting the nod have to be thin, with the Democrats controlling the Council. We can't imagine they could see beyond the party affiliation on this choice, and frankly likely just added the GOPers just to look balanced. But hey, prove us wrong.

The Council will interview the finalists at a public meeting on April 6th, and then make their selection on April 13th.


Uncle Wiggily said...

I dunno Sweeper ... with that that piled up hair and goofy grin, I'm thinkin' Lyle Lovitt for Tom White's doppelganger instead of Frank Martin.

Course, Lyle isn't much of a basketball coach ....

Just a thought.

Street Sweeper said...

Maybe during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame edition...

Kyle M. said...

Hey everybody at Leavenworth Street. Please read my blog too! Please! I even posted something new today and I even responded to it myself. I sure could use some company. I'm lonely.

Captain Obvious said...

I find the empty chair preferable to any of the finalists.

macdaddy said...

Tom Mulligan ought to run for something. He's got a ready-made campaign slogan: Come 'on, folks! Take a Mulligan!

That'd work even for an incumbent.

Bud said...

Hey right wingers. I have been sick for a week. and I have not been able to write on my favorite GOP blog. So I have a couple of questions for you about the latest GOP scandals. 1. The SEX club being paid for by GOP COmmittee funds. What is that all about? 2. the Sean Hannitty and traitor Oliver North ripping off their own charties? WTF? Help me if you can. Ok. Also don't be scared when you go to see a doctor. I have just recently done this. And there are no Sara Palin death panels.

Michael said...

Hey Bud. Thanks for your comments, and as a 20 year old I'm sure I'll be paying for your coverage in due can thank me later.

Get well soon!

Bud said...

Michael you all ready pay for my coverage. I am a Veteran. I am like Bob Dole in 1993 I think everyone should be covered. Thanks for wishing me well.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that there was a deal made by the council members to keep Lonergan and Pierce off the finalist list.

Also, the Dems didn't want Pierce because he is too much a wild card for them...they already lost Festersen on votes and Pierce wasn't a guarantee.

Lonergan should have been on the list. He has run for that seat and got 46% of the vote. Reps should have fought for him more.

Anonymous said...

I think republicans fighting for that seat as an appointment is wasted time. The numbers are what the numbers are.

We will win it back in 2013 and toss the Dem appt just like when the Dems got together and replaced Lee Terry after he won his congressional seat. It is a Republican majority District and will be held by a Republican after the next election, in spite of the City Council appointing a Dem to the seat.

It didn't work for Monahan(sp), it won't work for the Dem this time either.

Dayton Headlee said...

"It's an itch I definitely want to scratch" ~Scott Yahnke

Not the most inspiring call to public service, but what do I know.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Despite the rumors I've been hearing that Sarah Palin is going around telling everyone that I will be appearing on her "Real American Stories" show on Fox Noise, I deny it. I have never been interviewed by Sarah Palin, and I have no intention of ever doing so.

Let me know if Rachel Maddow calls though.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it's a waste as well, but I assure you there is not a lot going on in the NE GOP to lobby for this City Council seat. The GOP is focused on state senate seats and the next round of elections. Call me an insider.

The Republican Party sees it as, hey, if nothing else, if they pick a Democrat and things continue as they have been, it'll be that much easier in '13.

Jamie said...

Kris Pierce for Senate '12!

bob loblaw said...

Anonymous 8:17:

What is it you are "inside" of? Your mother's basement? It sure isn't the GOP. In fact, Scott Yahnke criticized the NE GOP yesterday for being too involved in this council appointment.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the NE GOP is too involved at all. I haven't see them working the media or sending out press releases about it. The GOP is focused on state races at this point. This one position on the Omaha City Council is nothing in the long run.

Anonymous said...

So what is with Tom White these days? He seems a bit off of his game. He sits in his chair and broods, then pops up and walks out all in a hurry? I hope he is pacing himself for what is ahead in these coming months.

As a matter of fact other than the one DNC add, it seems pretty quite out there. What gives? Or is it the two sides holding back because they know the primary is pretty much a done deal for White and Terry?

June will be interesting to be sure.

Anonymous said...

There is a primary race I would like to watch: Pierce vs Nelson.

Pierce would say whatever is on his mind on issues and Nelson will be busy trying to convince the Dems that he is a Democrat.

Either will lose to Hieneman, but what a potential battle.

Anonymous said...

Note, above I did not say that the CC dist 7 seat belonged to a Republican. I said it is a Republican majority (heavily!) District that will be held by a Republican after the next elections in '13-especially at the rate the Dems are going.