Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is this the bottom for Nebraska Dems?

Busy week folks, so just a few topics to open discussion...

No Democrats for Governor? Really?

So it looks like the Heath Mello for Governor rumor is kaput. And that's the case for any other current office-holder as well.

No current Democrat office holders have filed to run for Governor.  Now any non office holders have just a few weeks left.

So we see the comical response from the Dem higher-ups of, "Well, this will give the chance for someone from BIZ-NUSS to come in and be the Dem candidate and wouldn't that be awesome?"

(And these sarcastic quotes are VERY close to the actual quotes over on KPTM, gang.)

But that's probably not even the saddest part of the Dems in Nebraska, believe it or not...

No Democrats for the FREE Omaha City Council spot? Really?

You say, "Oh, but that's just a silly City Council spot."

It's a relatively high profile position.
In the largest city in the state.
It's where the Dems already have the Mayor's office and a majority of council seats.
 No campaigning! No raising money! Just take the spot!

And who do they have a glut of? Republicans who want the job, that's what.
And every Dem suggested seems to fall by the wayside (Pat Bourne being the latest).

Now, we realize that they're going to find someone, and probably a Dem, and the Dems will claim some sort of bizarre "victory" over this.
But in the mean time, they look clownish that they don't have a list of names right away.

This is shooting fish in a barrel, and so far they're just leaking water out of the sides.

So is this rock bottom for the Dems?

No one for Gov.
No one for Council.
Checks bouncing.
Organized labor calling out Ben Nelson.
The few elected Dems bickering amongst themselves.
(Are we missing anything else?)

Things can only get better for Nebraska Dems, right?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they got 2 dems running for RINO mona mcgregor's seat on the ops school board. no republicans there sadly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you forgot State Sen. Bob Giese's decision to run for county clerk and give up his state legislative seat. Word has it he's tired of getting paid $12K/year to put up with Mello/Nordquist.

macdaddy said...

I was going to run for Governor as a Democrat, but since it costs money to register, forget that!

Eric said...

OK, the sarcastic quote is similar to quote from Randy Adkins, but he's not exactly a "Dem higher-up".

Street Sweeper said...

Good point. Sarcastic quote amended to take out the "have their own money and stuff" part. Now it should squarely point to Achelpohl.

Anonymous said...

Pete Festersen, do you really want to be a part of this train wreck??? Come over to a party that can win a statewide office.

Anonymous said...

to 11:22 AM person:

4 city council members are democrat and most of the OPS board is democrat. they cant win state or national offices in nebraska but they can win local, so they are holding their own.

Anonymous said...

Mort Sullivan is running for OPPD Metropolitan Subdivision. cant he get a clue. he runs for office even more than Chip Maxwell does

Anonymous said...

It seems as though the Omaha area wants democrat money spenders in the local seats and republican non spenders in the state and federal seats.

Hmm, that's kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Mort Sullivan wins as often as Chip Maxwell too!

Anonymous Council Member said...

A Dem would be crazy not to run for that City Council seat. They have an AWESOME buffet set up for pre-council meetings.

Anonymous said...

I think Scott Kleeb should run for Governor so he can complete the "Trifecta of Loser-dom", of Nebraska political office.

Anonymous said...

When did they start having a buffet before CC meetings?

The Caterer said...

To Anonymous above:

When Chris Jerram was elected?

Anonymous said...

1:56 PM you are so right on Sullivan and Maxwell