Monday, January 25, 2010

Suttle to White: You LIE!

Just re-Tweeting (as it were) a story from the weekend that we want to make sure you didn't miss:

Joe Jordan is reporting on the Nebraska Watchdog about the fight between Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and state Senator, and Congressional candidate, Tom White.

The squabble is essentially over White's efforts in the legislature to change how Omaha may or may not be taxed over the sewer separation project. White wants to exempt Omahans from a sales tax increase, but Suttle says it will turn into a property tax increase.

Frankly, we're not sure who may be right or wrong in this argument -- we just find it hilarious that these two political Einsteins have decided to take their fight out into the public, sending letters at each other.

Really? Two of the eleven or twelve Democrats in the state can't have a, oh we don't call?!

What a whacky idea it would be for the Democrat state Senator to coordinate with the Democrat Mayor of the City his legislation affects.

But even if Suttle does disagree with him, calling him a "liar"?

Really? Why not just a neo-maxi-zoon-dweeby, or whatever it is the kids are texting at each other these days?

What is even more laugh-out-loud worthy in this episode, was Tweeted-out by GOP Chair Mark Fahleson in that Suttle wrote what White was saying is a "bold-faced lie".

Um, Jim (or is it Ron Penzkowski in this situation), the term is "bald-faced lie".

Not bold-faced.


When you say "bold-faced" you sound like a neo-maxi-zoon-dweeby.

In any case, look for Suttle to trip White in the cafeteria, and for White to potentially throw his orange-drink at Suttle.

Oh, and see you all by the flag-pole after school.


Old Abe said...

Actually, 'bald' and 'bold' are both used, though 'bald-faced' is the orginial term. Google, wiki, whatever. All semantics.

Old Abe said...

Just from reading comments from the last post, seems like Republicans aren't the only ones eating their young. (White and is a spring chicken, in case ya couldn't tell from his tirades)

Anonymous said...

It looks every metro Omaha Senator signed on to White's bill to cut sales tax on this Federally mandated project. Suttle has no backing on this.

The only name that I notice that was not on the bill was Beau McCoy. Why does McCoy want his constituents to pay a double tax?

Six(now Eight Dollar) Parker said...

I doubt that the CSO project will increase property tax without the sales tax, but I am sure the revenue was taken into consideration for the payment estimates. It will mean an increase in the sewer fees for all users and a decline in revenue for the state. Omaha needs the money, White needs the press and the other senators can say they tried to reduce taxes without affecting the state budget for the foreseeable future on a bill that probably won't go anywhere. I don't know that the press is bad for either one. Haven't seen Lee Terry getting any earmarks for this project to reduce the local share.

macdaddy said...

I'd never vote for the man over Lee Terry, but I will give Tom White kudos for trying to end this instance of double taxation. Suttle's just mad because this revenue stream for Omaha was under the radar, but not now. I'm not sure what Suttle's problem is. He has no hesitation in pissing people off, why can't he be that forceful with the city government and start cutting spending?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I agree with Tom White, but I do. Citizens should not be taxed on sewer seperation fees. It is not a good or service. I also don't think we should be taxed on water, natural gas and electricity. Food isn't taxed, why are these?

Anonymous said...

I believe the boys have some blood in the water between them that goes way back and this was just an excuse for name callin bald, bold or just plain bad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Suttle doesn't use bald cuz he has considerably less hair than White?

ricky said...

Also did you notice that the Suttle Administration could not find anyone in Lincoln that would put a bill up before the Unicam asking for a vote of Omaha's people to increase the sales tax?
Doesn't look like the City has much clout down at the Capitol.

Anonymous said...

If White gave a rat's ass about sales tax being applied to fees, he would have floated a bill barring all instances of sales tax being applied after fees are posted. Fuel surcharges, cell bills, equipment replacement fees(whether you ever need it or not).

This was a slap at Lee Terry and all those other State Senators that signed on to White's pathetic attempt at being a conservative should be embarrassed.

The temper tantrum has been fun to watch, though. White's tantrums and temper are legendary. Lee Terry should hire security for the parade season.