Friday, January 08, 2010

Plowers (still) for Daub!

A reader pointed us to a video on Omaha KETV Channel 7, where Kevin Brown, President of the Civilian Union Local 251, discussed the difficulties of plowing all the snow in the Metro Omaha area.

What was good, was the item pinned to Kevin's cork-board behind him (circled by us):

Here's another angle.

Not sure where you've seen that?

Try this.

Someone send Kevin one of these!


Anonymous said...

Sweeper you missed the other political item on that buliten board. I zoomed in on the letter up there and it was a fundraising letter for SNOW PLOWERS AGAINST CONRAD. I wonder what she did to tee them off?

Plower for Conrad said...

Anonymous above: I am a snowplower and I welcome another term for Senator Conrad. I hope to meet her one day on the job. Do you have any idea what the city pays for permanent disability???

NE Voter said...

Was Kevin Brown even old enough to vote the last time Hal Daub actually won an election.

That was 1997. Thirteen years ago.

Rock on, Mr. Daub, rock on.

Scott Lautenbaugh said...

Next time Kevin Brown is interview you'll see a sticker that says "Argyrakis For Attorney General" - look for it.