Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MA repercussions in NE?

As we noted in our recent post, the there is no doubt that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson's actions have affected the U.S. Senate voters in Massachusetts.

The Health Care Re-form Bill has based that race on national issues. The anger that Nelson fomented, particularly with the Cornhusker Kickback, helped to fertilize the Bay State grass roots, and in turn the Scott Brown momentum.

So, as we asked the other day, what happens if the polls hold and Republican Scott Brown wins?

He would provide the 41st vote to hold a filibuster in place. Will the House try an end run? Will the Senate go the reconciliation route?

Or, if the filibuster holds, will it give Ben Nelson an out to vote AGAINST the bill (on whatever issue he could come up with)?

Some have suggested that a Brown win will be a boost for President Obama and the Dems, because it will force them more towards the middle.

Hmm. Maybe. We'll believe that when we see it.

But how will affect the down-ballot candidates?

Will a Dem House candidate such as Tom White be stuck even more as he's married to ObamaCare?

If the Democrat Congress jams through ObamaCare, will 2nd District voters take out their inevitable rage on White?  And will the national Dems be able to afford to support White (as Don Walton stated again), while defending other more vulnerable races?

As the results air this evening, the new Shot Heard 'Round the World may be well heard in Nebraska.

Not to mention, who do you think Nelson and White are rooting for?


Anonymous said...

Come join like minded Republicans as we celebrate what we hope will be a major victory for Scott Brown in Massachusetts. This is a spontaneous effort of local Republicans to not only celebrate an anticipated Brown victory but to send a message to the most destructive president in memory as we reach the one year anniversary of his inauguration.

Come join your friends at D.J.s Dugout (north of 114th & Dodge in Miracle Hills Shopping Center) tonight after 6:45 at in the back room as we toast to one victory and hopefully the turn around of our nation.

Please feel free to invite friends and associates to join us.

Right Wing Professor said...

Darn. I can't make it to Omaha this evening, and I'd love to be there.

I'll have to stick to my original plan, which is to stay home and post taunting messages on every liberal website I can think of.

As somebody said, if it really was Ted Kennedy's seat, it would be upside down in Poucha Pond.

GeosUser said...

There's at least one Democrat in NE for whom a Brown victory in MA will have zero impact. That is Senator Ben Nelson. If he really believes that among his constituents he enjoys some significant support for his votes on Obamacare, election results elsewhere won't even be on his radar screen. That's pretty much fits the definition of "self delusional" or "clueless", which describe EBN to a tee. Tom White is praying the Obama 2008 machine surfaces in MA as a faint sign he might see it in action in NE CD2 in November. BTW Tom, you won't.

Phil Montag said...

In the early 90s our welfare system was completely broken and bloated. A group of Democrats with courage took on the issue and worked with Republicans to fix our system. Clinton and Gingrich championed the cause, got comprehensive welfare reform passed, and welfare roles were reduced by 55%.

Are there any Republicans out there with the same courage to put county before party and work to get health care reform passed? I think we've got a Snowe-balls chance if Coakley loses today.

Reality Check! said...

Dear Phil,

That 'group of Democrats' were priveleged that the GOP majorities which took over in 1994 crafted bi-partisan legislation that included them. From 1992-1994 Bill and the liberals (via the face of Hillary-care) were cramming it down our throats on health care until the 'Contract with America' swept the GOP into power. Clinton, more interested in his legacy (and interns), ran to the middle to get something passed so he wouldn't look like the useless 'tool' that Obama has been in his first year. Hopefully, he will learn Clinton's lesson, also.