Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ben Nelson: an Obama man

Don Walton of the LJS put up a story yesterday crowing about the "independent" Ben Nelson.

You see, Congressional Quarterly published an analysis of Nelson's voting record showing that he "voted opposite a majority of Senate Democrats 37 percent of the time".

And from that nugget, Nebraskans are to stoke a little warm bonfire in their tummies knowing that their Senator bucks the system.


Try that on for size. Shouldn't that be the headline? Or at least a subhead?

We keep on hearing how "conservative" Nelson is. And you can bet your butt buck that was Nelson's selling point back in 2006.

But as we await Nelson's 2009 American Conservative Union rating, know what he got in 2008? Sixteen percent.
Compare that to the Chucks, Hagel and Grassley, in 2008, who were 73% and 76% respectively.

And we're supposed to be excited that Nelson is the least Democrat of the Democrats?

Big fraking deal.

Oh, and buried at the end of Don's story is the stat that Nelson has voted with President Barack Obama's legislative agenda NINETY PERCENT of the time.


FYI, Senator Mike Johanns has been with the President 52% of the time.

You can decide on your own who more accurately represents Nebraskans.

But enough with the accolades for Nelson for simply being what he is: a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

"And to this we say... BEN NELSON VOTED AGAINST REPUBLICANS 63% OF THE TIME!" This man is clearly #81 on the top 100 liberals in the US. Maverick...my @#$!!!

One Out In The Third said...

Are you sure Nelson isn't from Kansas...he would make one helluva Wizard of Oz. "Facade" is his second middle name.

Crazy Harry said...

I was wowed by Nelson’s oratorical gifts and believed that the Nebraska was ready to embrace a Nonpartisan candidate, especially one such as Nelson — a “White-skinned” Scandinavian American from McCook “with no Liberal dialect, unless he wanted to have one,”

One Out In The Third said...


That's funny and not racist.

Crazy Harry said...

Thank you, One out in the third. Now if I can get more than 40% of my state to like me by November I will be in business!!!

macdaddy said...

Wow, so Nelson voted with the Republicans on a bunch of crappy things that don't matter like what to name some post office somewhere, but for things that count, things that are going to alter your way of life, things that are going to hit you hard in your pocket book, he votes with Obama. I think Walton is missing the point if he thinks that his sop to Nelson is going to fly: his readers see right through this crap. And then they cease to be his readers.

One Out In The Third said...

I see the Kansas AG and 5 other state AG's were still working on seeing the Cornhustler Kickback gets removed today...Where's Georgie Porgie Bruning in all this?

Blah Blah Blah said...


I don't know if that is an accurate statement. This assumes that democrats and republicans are ALWAYS against each other on every vote. While it may seem this way, it isn't true. There are many votes that both majorities of dems and republicans support. So he wouldn't necessarily be against republicans quite that much.