Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More Health Care ads

Latest spot to influence Ben Nelson.

This by "Keeping Small Business Healthy", a project run by the advocacy group "Institute for Liberty".

See it here:

Pretty straightforward.
By the way that's:

Rick Bettger, Owner of three House of Mufflers & Brakes.
Lisa Marks, Owner of On Your Marks, marketing company.
Jay Turco, Owner of Tuffy Auto Service Center.


Nathan said...

By the way,
I like the new video player you are using SS.

Street Sweeper said...

Not mine. Just embedded.

GeosUser said...

Does anyone really think these Nelson/Johanns health care ads are really doing anything except giving local media a very merry ad sales holiday??? If you want to really influence either of them, campaign contributions, holiday parties...otherwise known as traditional political pull purchasing...are the proven way to go. Both of our senators are experts in that process.

Anonymous said...

Follow the breadcrumbs for this group and you find yet another organization paid for by big Republican money and associated with the other teabaggers at the 9/12 project.

Anonymous said...

And off subject, let's all give Nebraska Tax CZAR Doug Ewald a big round of applause for reminding us all why we live in Nebraska.

Because we LOVE to be taxed and we have no desire to have others spend their money here!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, or maybe they are just members of the currently non gratus to the POTUS, US Chamber of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

Remember those business names. Three Nebraska businesses I will no longer frequent. We need health insurance reform now more than ever. Status quo with health insurance is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Yes Senator Nelson, this healthcare bill will kill Nebraska jobs, like morticians and funeral parlor owners, with so many less people dying this bill will be devastating to the funeral service industry.