Monday, December 07, 2009

Googling Ben Nelson

Google came out with their list of top Senators searched for in 2009, and placing #2 was..."Nelson"!

Ben, right?

Well, that's what Don Walton said in the LJS this morning. But not according to the New York Times who state that it was Senator BILL Nelson of Florida and not Ben who rated just behind "kennedy".

So how does the Benator not rate higher, considering he's standing on the fence, threatening to jump on either side of the Health Care debate? points out that Bill Nelson may have tipped the viral video scales when he made a speech saying "Certainly all the intercourse that I had as a military officer was the best.'' (He apparently meant "interaction").

Though in theory the whole list could be skewed because they may be taking into account both Nelsons' hits, in which case, that doesn't seem fair.

What does this mean? Well, either:

A) Not a damn thing; or
B) Ben Nelson is newsy...sometimes.

So what have we learned?


Well, there's the fact that Ben Nelson has said he will support the Republican-led filibuster on final passage of a Health Care re-form bill if it doesn't contain anti-abortion language like that of the House bill.

And, of course, it looks like it will be Nelson who will introduce the Stupak-like amendment. But Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill has said Nelson doesn't have the 60 votes to jump a pro-choice filibuster.

What will Nelson do in the end if this doesn't pass?

Well there's the abortion-funding test. Then there's the "public option" line in the sand.

Then there's the anti-trust amendment that Senator Leahy intends to bring up, which Nelson said he was told would not be included. Leahy says he can pass it.

Things seem to be stacking up for the Benator against the bill.

But will he be willing to be the face of crushing ObamaCare re-form?

We're still doubtful.


The gang at NEGOP has this little vid to discuss Tom White's support of ObamaCare:


Right Wing Professor said...

Question for our resident amateur parliamentarians; if the Senate cannot come to cloture on an amendment, can debate on the main bill proceed? I can't see how it could. As long as the amendment remains on the floor, debate on the principal question should remain suspended.

Does the Senate have different rules?

Anonymous said...

Good message, but terrible video editing. Only crazies will take this serious. Put together a real video hitting him on this.

Anonymous said...

Tom White is an idiot, but what numskull created that commercial at the NE GOP???

Anonymous said...

@ 11:05 am I agree! Who allowed that piece of work to leave the NEGOP office? Please don't tell me this was approved to actually be shown to the public.

Anonymous said...

I wrk 4 the NU GOP. We halve a qality produkt to slam tom Wite withe. The seaquel will bee out later this weak.

Anonymous said...

Fahlson should be ashamed to let that roll out. What happenend to some basic standards of quality? Doesn't the GOP have enough money to hire someone to put together a nice piece? It's not like they are broke? Right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that video was so awful it might work.

It looks they found someone that read an online tutorial on how to use Adobe After Effects and authorized them to make the montage. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Why are we paying salaries at the NE GOP? If we are going to get stuff that looks like a volunteer did it, why don't we fire everyone and just have volunteers run the Party??? I'm not giving more money to an organization that put out pure crap.

Anonymous said...

I think we need paid staff in our orgs. Just not a staff that is going to put out an embarrassment such as that. Makes me embarrassed to say I have contributed to the state. Mark better take a good long look at his staff and decide if this rag-tag operation is really who they want leading the party into 2010.

Anonymous said...

Mark is 95% of the problem. Any ED that allows 'homemade-style' videos to go out doesn't deserve the job.

Anonymous said...

Y do you rip MarC fallson 4 this? We halv a greate Executiv Direktor that whas moor than qalified to run the parti ofice. I lik werking heere!!! Thom Wite is the nemy not Marc!!

Anonymous said...

I pretty much thought he was sitting on the fence bitching about how good the post felt.

Anonymous said...

Ok. That sucks. And then the numbers quoted are also complete fabrications and lies. Finally, the fact that Failson has to pull in Nancy Pelosi just proves he's got nothing but talking points. I mean, come one. It's always,, "Yeah, but...Nancy Pelosi!" I guess you Repukes had to replace the "yeah, but Clinton..." you used to scream.

When you have to use lies to make a point, you've already lost the argument.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that Tom White already stated that he would vote with Speaker Pelosi on the piece of crap healthcare proposal. Otherwise, your statement might actually matter.

Tom White will suck up to whatever trough looks like it will get him what he needs. Right now he needs national money for his coffers. Next thing you'll see is him bringing in a Bluedog to campaign for him. Then he'll stick his finger in the wind and figure out what to do next.

Tom White is the Scott Kleeb of the 2nd District. It sucks for us. Scott's a lot hotter than Tom and I would much rather watch him walking down the streets in all the parades than goofy looking White.