Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boyle for Governor?

Mike Boyle?
Former (re-called) Omaha Mayor Mike Boyle?

Well, that's who the Dems seem to be offering up as the sacrificial lamb to challenge Governor Dave Heineman in 2010.

Boyle has offered up a few excuses for why he "wants" to run. "I think I could do something to straighten out the mess," he threw out to the OWH.


Well, he's better than nothing, right Dems? Could be an outside chance (waaaay outside) to win, right?

And you can guarantee that Heineman won't take it easy. The former Airborne Ranger will prepare like he's running against Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson combined (who will both jollily support Boyle).

And Boyle?

Heck, he'll eat it up. Did you see the pic of him last summer after his abortion-truck dust up?

Basically, he got a ticket for blocking an anti-abortion truck with graphic images, with his car. So the local Dems turned his $54 fine into a fund-raising party -- with Boyle posing for mugshots on the invite, but a'la Nick Nolte (wet hair, Hawaiian shirt...).

Running for Governor is an afterthought after something like that. Will Boyle play along? Hell yes he'll play along!

He'll get to be the center of attention. He'll get to pump out the Dem talking points and glad-hand and slap backs. And all the Dems will super-appreciate him for it. It'll be the final "victory" lap of his career (without the victory, of course).

Here's the only thing we'd caution: Have you seen the guy lately? Not exactly the picture of health. We'd challenge him to walk across the state, but are a little afraid of the results.

He has given himself until February to wait for someone else to get make up his mind.

See ya on the trail, Mike.


Anonymous said...

I heard Vic Covalt is talking to Heath Mello about being Boyle's running mate. BOYLE MELLO 2010!

I had a mello boyle a fews years ago, but it still hurt like hell.

millard repub said...

I am hearing Jeremy Nordquist for LG. Boyle-Nordquist. That's a winning ticket . . . in a pie eating contest!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that precious? Mike Boyle is going to trade on his wife's good name in a statewide race (and no, I cannot believe I just typed that!).

The fact is, Anne has a decent rep in the PSC and is known to do the research on her issues.

Now if only all the law enforcement across the state wouldn't campaign against him, he might have a shot at getting 30% of the vote.

Maybe Mikey should talk to T.O. about these plans first. He might get some helpful advice.

Anonymous said...

Mike Boyle has been in the public arena for practically his whole life. He has stood up for what he believed was the right thing to do for Omaha, state of Nebraska, and our country. Its easy to sit on the sidelines and make comments on blogs but its much harder to get into the ring and slug it out in the battle of ideas and politics, converting voters, rallying supporters, raising money, etc.

Mike Boyle isn't perfect and we all know that there are many people who love to make fun of his shortcomings but at least he's a fighter.

Over the years, I think he has learned a lot, is more mature, etc. He has a wealth of knowledge on NE politics.

I don't know if I will vote for him, but I respect him. I also think he's true, not a fake, a phony, he really believes in his views.

If nothing else, he would make it interesting, and not be like Heinman, Johanns, Terry (a big yawn)...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone wonder if Dave Heinemann hadn't presided over and championed the reckless cuts to healthcare services in Nebraska, in particularly mental healthcare, is it possible that the Von Maur tragedy could have been avoided?

Anonymous said...

I heard it will be a Boyle-Biden ticket

Anonymous said...

For God's sake I hope he has matured by now! He should have matured before going to the Mayor's Office in the 80's.

This is exactly why elected officials should earn the trust of the voters and have a record to stand on or try to run from before running for higher office.

That record is what makes people trust you. That's why Heineman will handily beat Boyle, Terry will beat White and Gale will beat all the goofballs the left tries to throw his way.

But, seriously, 3's all ya' got?

Anonymous said...

Go Heineman! Responsible for the deaths at the beatrice development center. U R SO AWESOME!

GeosUser said...
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macdaddy said...

That mug shot is hilarious. He obviously couldn't decide if he was going with "Margaritaville" or "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta'" that day. He was hidin' from 5-0 with his mind on his salt shaker and his salt shaker on his mind.

Street Sweeper said...

Just so we're clear, Boyle's mugshot was a joke by him -- done after the whole incident, for the fundraiser.

To my knowledge, he was only ticketed -- not arrested or booked.


Anonymous said...

Do you recall Mike Boyle? This is the best the D's have?? This guy is so pro-choice can this guy recieve communion?? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Heineman is still the govenor? I guess that would be correct. I kind of forgot about him. He hasnt killed anyone in beatrice lately and I havent seen him on the news cutting any ribbons. I guess I did hear him on Becka a while back. I am glad Boyle is going keep him busy. If it werent for heineman I would still have my grandma on husker Saturdays. I miss her a lot and hope Heineman some day admits his wrong doing

Anonymous said...

How does one hold a governor personally responsbile for the deaths of patients in Beatrice? Does the governor personally supervise each and every employee??? And considering DHHS is TOO big of an agency, I am sure we can place the orginal blame on state legislators from the past who combined several agencies to form that one...thereby making it too big too manage.

Oh, and Mike Boyle??? did anyone hear his KETV interview? He says we need someone who "doesn't just slash budgets."

Personally, I applaud Gov Heineman and the Legislature for their hard budget work...I have had to make sacrifices at home (premium cable and the unlimited blackberry plan are gone) so should government. They did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous at 1:52 are you saying Gov Dave killed your grandmother???? Unbelievable!! You staffers at the Dem headquarters have too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Mello or Nordquist....... that's funny!

Conrad have any play in this discussion.

Anonymous said...

So Boyle did that on purpose? I'd be interested as to why he thought he should wear lots of gold chains for his "mugshot."

Anonymous said...

And yet the mainstream media gives Boyle credibility by reporting his "run"...


Seward Co. Gal said...

Neb. Dems are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Koebernick, you need to watch your "Anonymous" posts on here about BSDC. Especially from a state government computer/internet service.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:53
Yes I blame him for my grandmothers death. He didnt follow through with his agreement.

On June 27, 2008, Governor David Heineman personally signed the Settlement Agreement with the United States regarding Federal District Court case of USA v. Nebraska, to “improve the care of the disabled at the Beatrice State Developmental Center (BDSC).”

In that Settlement Agreement, Governor David Heineman agreed in paragraph 90, that he would provide “adequate, appropriate and timely” health care to BDSC residents. He made assurances in that agreement that BSDC staff would be properly trained. He agreed to create a system to make the staff be aware of the particular health problems of the residents. Governor Heineman, in his agreement, promised to get it done.

Less than seven months later, on January 16, 2009, 18 year old Olivia Manes, had a seizure at the Beatrice State Developmental Center. The staff did not know Olivia had seizures. They did not know what to do. After a couple of hours, Olivia stopped breathing. The Staff did not call for an ambulance until three minutes later. About an hour later, Olivia died.

This was less than a month after Governor Heineman claimed in a letter to Senator Lathrop on December 15, 2008 that the State was making “progress” at BSDC.

Now the Nebraska Chief Medical Officer has stepped in to remove certain disabled persons from the Beatrice State Developmental Center because the Center cannot properly provide immediate response to emergency medical needs.

This is the State confessing Governor Heineman’s failure. That failure will now cost Nebraska an estimated $29 million dollars in Federal Medicaid aid, leaving the developmentally disabled still in need of assistance, but with no safe place to reside.

Governor Heineman is responsible and should be held accountable. He signed the Agreement to provide the services to this special population and to solve the problems at BDSC. He has failed.

Nebraska should put Olivia’s death at Governor Heineman’s feet.

Anonymous said...

that is really sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you know you'll love this. Boyle is one of those guys you guys love to hate.

Seriously, how boring would the 2010 picture in Nebraska be? Terry vs. White? Come on! At least in 08 you had Kleeb and Esch who provided plenty of fun material for you. Terry only has his dorky attitude, and frankly White isn't that much less boring. Heineman, Nelson, Fortenberry, Smith, and Johanns are even more boring than White or Terry.

At least Boyle provides you with something to talk about.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Carlos Castillo is going to run Heineman's campaign next year or continue to bungle the accounting for the entire state government. If I go and knock on doors for Heineman can I have a 6 figure cabinet position? Carlos Castillo has no qualifications to the Department of Administrative Services and we've got the accounting numbers (or lack of numbers) to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Put all those employees under the authority of DAS and he'll kick some ass. If there is one thing Castillo does well, it's kick some ass.

Bye, Bye Boyle.

I hope he has to give up his seat on the CB to run.

Anonymous said...

I like Mike Boyle, his politics suck, but his humor is top notch. Great picture Mike!!!