Thursday, November 26, 2009

New ad to pressure Johanns?

During the news hours last night, and probably today, you may have noticed the new ad out against Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns on health care re-form.

If not, see it here:

We always chuckle a little when they talk about not allowing "debate", as if they are a bunch of high school sophomores battling it out. Senators, before the cloture vote, had all kinds of floor speeches.

And frankly, does anyone think a Senator is sitting on the floor going, "Hmm. Good point. I'll change my vote!"

Anywho, the most interesting thing in this spot is the target.


Best way to spend you money there "Health Care for America"?

1) Johanns was just elected; and
2) You really think you're going to change his vote? Or even influence it?

There's not a fence sitter they could go after?

Well. It's their money. They're welcome to blow it as they wish...


Anonymous said...

It's about damn time they go after Senator Johanns! How dare he spend his time in Washington voting the will of the Nebraskans he represents!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1024-

Ya the nerve! But I do appreciate the idea of the opposition spending dollars in this manner. Most likely is is the Unions money trying to get back at the good Senator for cutting ACORN $$$$.

So we see Union Dues going to something productive once again. Gotta love the thought process that went into the attack. Lets see we have too much money laying around, no viable candidates to spend it on, so lets attack a VERY popular incumbent.

The fiddle music in the background is a nice touch to the Liberal Party burning to the ground.

Anonymous said...

An incumbent that isn't even up for reelect for FIVE YEARS!LOL