Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First a Separated at Birth, brought to you today by The Hill:

Apparently they haven't been at the SABs too long. Because if they really wanted a fine SAB for Fort, they need to look no further than the Leavenworth Street archives:

Fort and Donny Osmond:


Nebraska's senior Senator has been making the news of late -- this time via Newsweek editor Jonathan Alter.

Alter talks about how the group is claiming victory in their web campaign to force U.S. Senator Ben Nelson to change his stance on Obama's health care plan.

It went like this: Not long after ChangeCongress started their ads, Nelson said that, like pretty much every issue, he is on the fence and tries to play both sides unless forced into a position by a blogger.

OK, maybe he didn't say that (but is it far off?).

What he did say was that he never changed his position, is open to listening to all plans and he would not filibuster against the President's health care bill.

And the filibuster part is really the only thing anyone cares about in the Senate where the Dems hold a solid majority.

Is the Benator just feeding the Free Health Care crowd a bone? Will he stand up for what he believes in? Will he finally recognize Leavenworth Street when he makes his decision?

We will have to wait and see...


Speaking of Democrats from Nebraska's Third District, we saw this post on the Facebook page of the Third District Democrat Chair, Lisa Hannah (she of video-stalking Senate candidate Mike Johanns).

It seems that Ms. Hannah was employed for a while by the Service Employees International Union - Change that Works campaign, but for whatever reason was fired/quit/we don't really care.

In any case, the lead at that group in Nebraska is of course Mrs. Jane Fleming Kleeb -- of the Scott Kleebs.

Could Ms. Hannah's complaints about cowboys and cowgirls and fake Nebraskans be directed at the Kleeb Clan (and is there trouble in paradise?).

Gee whiz, don't say we didn't warn ya...


Lisa Hannah has contacted Leavenworth Street to say the following:
The comment had nothing to do with Scott Kleeb, and any assumptions made by those not within my closest circle of friends are just that: Assumptions without any basis in fact.

Finally, we hate to keep bringing this up, but we'll just point you to the latest report by KMTV's Joe Jordan (in case you missed it).

Jordan points out that the Omaha World Herald isn't done with the investigation of Mayor Jim Suttle's political confidant, Matthew Samp (aka "Matt Moore").

It seems that the OWH is delving deeper into the "what did Suttle know and when did he know it" aspect of the investigation into Samp, and are seeking to open search warrants and other records.

Jordan notes that Douglas County District Court Judge Pete Battallion will decide (this week maybe) whether the info will be opened.

Stay tuned, apparently.



We'll give these guys a shout-out just for the pure creativity factor:


Anonymous said...


Matt S. said...

Nothing to see here, all is well.

RWP said...

Health Care 'reform' is on a ventilator anyway; the Congressional Budget Office's inconvenient cost estimates seem to have scared even the Democrats.

One of the great things about sitting on the fence is sometimes you don't ever have to decide which way to jump.

(BTW, the word verification program is giving me 'gischip'. Given the blog post I'm replying to is about Lisa Hannah, denizen of G.I., and then health care, is this just one of those cosmic coincidences, or is this a feature?)

macdaddy said...

Just because health care reform might be on life support is no reason to be blase about it. Make sure the Benator knows how ridiculous and irresponsible Obama's plan is. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Joe's got great sources. I'm going to miss him.

Anonymous said...

When will the World Herald start reporting news and stop trying to sell newspapers? It may cost us 1.50 on Sunday morning but it costs us all a healthy democracy if the World Herald continues its witch hunt and revenge on Omaha dems.

Nate said...

I realize that it is a slow time in politics right now, but using and quoting facebook? That smacks of desperation and reminiscent of gossip blogs.

Street Sweeper said...

A post by a Party Chair, about (allegedly) a former candidate and an active party worker is pure politics Nate.

We didn't write the post on Facebook. We're just reporting.

The Loper said...

Ok, speaking of the Samp case... If the records and warrants were all sealed, how could Suttle have known? This sounds like hack, tabloid shit from the OWH. C'mon. I know the OWH is going under but is it really worth dragging this through the mud any more? Samp's reputation has already been destroyed, he's not gonna have any place in politics here anymore. What is opening up these files going to do? What's the OWH gonna do next? Call this Gay-gate?

Brian T. Osborn said...

I already knew of Hannah's backstabbing of the Kleebs some time ago. It is pretty pathetic when the Democratic Chair of the 3rd CD viciously bites the hand that had so generously fed her throughout Scott's Senate campaign, and afterward as an employee of Jane's organization. Using the same argument of "fake cowboys" and "fake Nebraskans" to attack the Kleebs, as many Republicans did during Scott's Congressional run in 2006, and again during his pursuit of the Senate in 2008, is disgraceful.

I would have commented about this on the NDP blog, but it no longer exists; it now serves exclusively for pro-Nelson propaganda. Input from the grassroots, and evidently even from NDP officers, is no longer permitted ever since I posted a comment critical of Sen. Ben Nelson some time ago. The good Senator obviously will tolerate no heresy in "his" party.

I am, and long have been, a Liberal, Yellow Dog Democrat, and I am extremely disturbed that the NPD has resorted to censorship of its own members in order to maintain the hegemony of one of the Senate's least "Democratic" of all Democrats. Therefore I am resorting to airing my grievances on the most Republican of Nebraska's blogs.

There is indeed "trouble in Paradise."

I will give Sweeper credit where it is due - comments of all political stripes are permitted here ... even if they do sometimes become tediously long, repetitive rants by haters of Omaha's new Mayor.

In the interest of transparency - I am the Associate 3rd CD Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

BTOX said...

BTO complaining about long ranting posts? Ironic.

Ozymandias said...

"Speaking of Democrats from Nebraska's Third District, we saw this post on the Facebook page of the Third District Democrat Chair, Lisa Hannah..."

SS, according to Lisa Hannah's fb page, she has 112 friends... Seeing that you saw her post (assuming you are her "friend") does that mean we can narrow your identity down to one of these 112 people?!?!

Cathy said...


You're too good for this last one.
What happened? Where are you at? Did you take some time off? We miss you, come back.

Let's bash the moron (Suttle).

macdaddy said...

Anon 9:36 and Loper: you guys obviously have no idea what the purpose of the press is. The press should not just let things slide when it comes to public officials. When people mess with the public trust, they need to be taken down and taken down completely. Here's an example: John Edwards. The MSM stayed away from the rumors about his infidelity like it was the bubonic plague. Edwards knew what he did. His wife knew what he did. And yet both of them stood up and lied about how he was the most trustworthy guy on the face of the planet. What? You say he didn't get the nomination, what's the big deal? How about if you had donated money to him believing that? All along the guy knows he is mortally wounded and yet has no problem taking some old lady's donation. That's why the OWH needs to look into this. Otherwise, people will weasel out of things and show up somewhere else to take advantage of someone else. And if Suttle doesn't like it, I'm sure MS Word has a resignation letter template.

macdaddy said...

And one other thing: Suttle could do worse if he would ask himself every time he makes a decision, "How would this look on the front page of the OWH?" That includes little decisions as well. A healthy democracy is where people do the right thing...even if they do it kicking and screaming.

Paul M. said...

BTO is right. Lisa should have more respect for our United States Senator Scott Kleeb.

Remember, BTO guaranteed that Scott Kleeb would beat Mike Johanns. And when a person has such an incisive political hunch as BTO most certainly does, everything he says should be given close attention by the rest of us fools who mistakenly voted for Johanns and not U.S. Senator Scott Kleeb.

So, please, BTO, continue to WOW us with your political acumen.

Anon 9:36 said...

macdaddy...I would agree with your point except that Samp is no longer a public official. Even IF Suttle and Samp are the two worse people in the entire universe, Suttle rid Samp of his administration. The judiciary has dropped this case years ago. If the World Herald was really concerned about informing its readers of every suspected pedophile in the Omaha metro, then this story should have been reported in 2001 when it happened, not eight years later and NOT NOW after Samp's career and dignity have been tarnished. Furthermore, nob ody at the Herald is Samp, the 14 year old or thier family memebers. So then what stakeholders are they in this case other than a business that wants to profit on the mistakes and misfortunes of others.

As far as not knowing the purpose of the press; I know enough to realize that the lack of other "news" papers in the metro is the biggest disservice this constiuency faces.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Paul M.,

I recall making a bet of a six-pack with Sweeper over the outcome of the Kleeb/Johanns race, but a "guarantee" of Kleeb's success? I don't recall having "guaranteed" that.

I could be wrong ... please refresh my memory.

Oh, and how is it that we are to adjudicate YOUR political acumen?

Now then, can we get back to the really important political discourse and continue the pissing contest over who hates Jim Suttle the most?

RWP said...

Career and dignity tarnished? Good grief! Samp's involvement with Brad Fuglei was confirmed by Brad's father; his repeated calls to a 16 year old by Jon Bruning. And let's face it, before he became Suttle's Karl Rove, Samp was an unknown internet and direct-mail marketer, who started his career plugging web sites for DUI attorneys, work-at-home schemes, etc. etc.. We can debate about going to work for sleazy politicians is a step up or a step down from working for sleazy attorneys. But spare us the 'career and dignity' stuff.

BTW, last time I checked, Samp still has the domain name parked and available. Make your bids now!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the pedophilia issue is of interest to the OWH subscribers. I seem to recall that this issue came up in the most recent mayoral election. Samp may no longer be working for Suttle, but somehow, someway, he got the job initially. Aren't you the least bit curious how?

Anonymous said...

Roger Hannah confirms his wife was fired by SEIU . . . at a Starbucks. Did she have to pay for her own coffee?

The Pip said...

Kleeb tried, he died. Old news. If Smith and Johanns were Democrats, and had such dismal production in D.C., the ol Sweeper would be throwing them under the bus, and backing up to run over them again. All of our elected officials forget they represent the people, not the party. The time is right for term limits, and the time is right for a third party.

Let the left wingnuts, and the right wingnuts keep their parties, and start a common sense party in the middle. Put Fox, MSNBC, and political talk radio on the cartoon network.

I've never considered myself an isolationist grumpy old bastard, but I'm getting there fast.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Lisa Hannah has contacted Leavenworth Street to say the following:
The comment had nothing to do with Scott Kleeb, and any assumptions made by those not within my closest circle of friends are just that: Assumptions without any basis in fact.

Really?!! it must have just been coincidence that the comment was posted the morning after her having been let go from her job with SEIU.

The circumstances around all this seems much more interesting to many of us out here in the hinterlands of Nebraska than all the brouhaha about Jim Suttle becoming Omaha's new mayor. After all, Leavenworth Street is about "the talk of Nebraska politics."

Anonymous said...

Samp/Suttle/Scandal being ruled on by Batallion, a Dem-appointed judge. Hmmm....lots more there than meets the eye, my friends. The Daily Bulldog has returned.

Anonymous said...

Pete Battallion of anything but a Dem. He is NOT his brother Joe (the federal judge).

Anonymous said...

One might want to check out the name:

Thomas Petersen in relation to Samp.

Perhaps his name is being held back in the warrants

Nate said...

I guess facebook and wild speculation doesn't make a very good source/story.

Street Sweeper said...

That's your guess...

Anonymous said...

In the interest of being a good citizen of Omaha, let me help out our new leader by pointing out a few minor details.

1) I am sure we all truly do appreciate the fact that you will be returning $3,000 or thereabouts. It is a noble gesture on your part as reported in the OWH today.

2) I wouldn't brag about that fact in the OWH as if it is a newsworthy event given the following:

2009 Appropriated Chief of Staff (Fahey)- $92,856

2009 Announced Salary of Chief of Staff (Suttle)- $125,000

% Change - +34.6

2009 Appropriated Communications Director (Fahey)- $57,305

2009 Announced Salary of Communications Director (Suttle)- $71,000

% Change - +23.9

Even if it could be argued, which I doubt it could be, that the other two announced salaries represent deputy assistants to the Mayor

2009 Appropriated Deputy Assistant to the Mayor (Fahey)- $40,888

2009 Announced Salary of Policy Analyst and Policy Adviser (Suttle)- $41,000 and $50,000

% Change - +11.3

It is only something to brag about if you actually make substantial changes in a positive direction in all respects.

Anonymous said...

That CWS video was awesome.

RWP said...


You referring to the disciplinary action? Or just the office manager job?

Anonymous said...

Is this Lisa Hannah the same one mentioned in an article by another blogger named the Beatrice Fiddler? I googled her name and the first thing that pops up is a very racist rant against people of Hispanic origins.

It would be very strange for a democratic activist to be so openly racist.