Monday, May 04, 2009

HDTV, a new poll, and voting now

New Hal Daub for Mayor ad up, entitled "Enforce".

See it here:

Pretty straightforward spot on Jim Suttle's dismissal of the illegal immigration problem.

Suttle is against enforcement and apparently is all-for open borders. By the way, Suttle refused to speak to Joe Jordan on camera about this issue, lest, you know, someone call him on ANY specifics.


Sunday's OWH poll showed Daub ahead of Suttle in their recent poll of 384 registered (note registered, not likely, voters) 42% - 39%, with 18% undecided. The poll has a margin of error of nearly five points, so it's a statistical dead heat.

We would note that these numbers are immediately skewed, as the primary showed that while the 2008 voter registrations increased significantly, it was essentially based on the cult-of-Obama effect -- and many of those new voters don't care a whip about voting Hal Daub or Jim Suttle.

In any case, we still found the results to be a poor showing for Suttle. Why?

Well, as noted in the article, Hal Daub carries high negatives. He has been around for a while, and people have an opinion of him -- positively or negatively. So we've seen polling that shows Daub's negatives around 38 or 39%. Yet Jim Suttle still can't poll above that?

So Suttle pulls in the Daub haters. Fine. But that maxes him out. The fact that Hal Daub pulls in a solid number, save the undecideds, despite the Dem to Repub advantage in Omaha, says a lot for him.

Of course it still means his supporters have to get out and vote -- and bring their friends. But if Jim Suttle thought his internal polls showed that he has it all wrapped up, he may just want to break into that package and see what it really holds.


And now something that all of Nebraska can really get excited about: The new license plates!

Once again, someone took approximately fifteen minutes out of their day and whipped together four plates with zero character or individuality to represent Nebraskans as they make their way to Wally World each summer.

Let's take a look! (In our own order...)

Number 1:

Oh, my freaking gawd. This is really a choice? Seriously? What was the inspiration here? The generic beer can from the 70's?

And what's the color-scheme here? Early 1970s communist bloc? Did someone really come up with this, or was this just the template they were working from, and couldn't come up with a fourth choice?


Number 2:

"The Good Life" And what says, "Good" more than a plain blue outline? It's almost as if Nebraska is its own little island surrounded by an ocean of bluest blue.

Except that the way it fades on the right, it would seem that Iowa may just be creeping into that Good-ness -- and that's something we just can't have. Thanks again for a whole lot of 100% un-creativeness. (It's a word.)

By the way, nice font choice. What is that, MS Reference Sans Serif?

Number 3:

"The prick of the Plains". Yeah, yeah, everyone is so psyched about their state capitol. Except that ask anyone from another state and I'll bet they'll ask why there's a skyscraper on the plates. And another question will be, with a snicker, "Is that Nebraska's skyscraper?"

And then you'll spend another ten minutes arguing that Nebraska has several skyscrapers and their state's football team sucks and to shut the hell up.

So that brings us to...

Number 4:

The Meadowlark and the Goldenrod. OK, fine. If this doesn't win, someone is just screwing with you. If the point of all this was, "Give them the Meadowlark and three others that no one would choose," then mission accomplished.

I'd argue that the bird could be positioned better, or whatever, but considering the alternatives, I guess I'll just keep my trap shut. ("Oh, the bird's no good? Well then here's your plain-label plate, buster!")

So there you go Nebraska. By the way, you need to click here , to get to the voting page, since they've managed to hide the link on their main page in a crawl. Geez.


Eric said...

Remember when the governor got to choose the plate design? The design committee got upset because Ben Nelson didn't pick their favorite one (the one he did pick was that one with the blue/yellow background and red numbering). Then Ben was all like "oh, I'm sorry, if I knew they had a favorite, that's the one I would have chosen."

Why don't they just design the one they want and go with it? Or, they could just turn it into a competition for 8th graders. I'm sure you'd get your fair share of "Herbie Husker drinking Kool-Aid from chimney rock" designs but I bet we'd get at least four better options than this.

Anonymous said...

"Herbie Husker drinking Kool-Aid from chimney rock"

Dude! That sounds AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how accurate you think the poll is, can we all agree a poll of registered voters is pretty well useless in a race that's going to be decided by less than 40% of registered voters?

Anonymous said...


A poll of likely voters would yield far better results.

So let us look at what would drive voters to the polls more strongly:

Illegal immigration vs. incivilty?


Anonymous said...

It's not really a poll though. It's a survey and the sample is way too small to get an actual picture of race.

It's gonna be close -- that's all we'll know.

A Likely Voter said...

When in the heat of the argument, we call the other's position 'crazy', we tend to forget what is really crazy in contemporary politics: to deny the other her or his sincerity, to imply all kinds of sinister machinations, to call into question their patriotism, or - ahem - to doubt their mental capacities.

I for one am craving for continued civility in city hall.

NE Voter said...

For Hal Daub to imply/argue that someone else is "crazy" is just plain funny.

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

It's the "wake up people" guy again!

aligner said...

In order for their to be "incivility" in City Hall, one would actually need to have the backbone to stand up for an idea. Or, maybe have an idea. Let's pray for a little incivility in the coming four years.

One Out In The Third said...

Picking a state license plate is a real important issue at the moment. Isn't stating "Nebraska the Good Life" false advertising? Is this another Heineman distraction or is Daub behind this?

Anonymous said...

The one with the bird will lose like it did last time. It is the best though.

Anonymous said...

All of these plate designs suck! This is the best they could do??? Must be asleep at the switch.

J. Suttle said...

How about a license plate that says "Nebraska: The Sanctuary State"

Insider said...

SS, I know you don't allow links so I won't post one, but I stumbled accross an enlightening article from OmahaNightLife that I thought I'd share. Pardon me if I fumble through how to reference the article without breaking the rules. I have a bit of inside knowledge on certain people and subjects, and this one even surprised me. I say surprised because normally this sort of contempt for fellow human beings is usually better hidden, and only displayed in certain company.

Below is a quote from an article entitled, "The Suttleties of Jim Suttle's Plan, Just Too Suttle." Among other things it talks about about how he tries buddy up with Catholics (ie. the Pope), yet is pro-abortion. The quote below talks about how he allowed his supporters to taunt an 11 yr old in his presence.

"How about telling them about your sign brigade crew intimidating an eleven, yes an 11 yead old with hostile chants that in your presence....let me repeat that....IN YOUR PRESENCE, FAILED TO STOP AND YET ENTICED EVEN MORE. Go ahead man, shoot them to us, we can take them, but he is eleven! It may seem "clumsy" or "cute" to you, but your "Vote Jim Suttle, he's our pal. Vote Jim Suttle, to heck with Hal" hostile chants made us feel sorry for you and your crew, as well as for that poor kid standing next to us holding proudly a Daub banner, who was just looking at us afraid, annoyed and disrespected. You didn't think we were paying attention, did you?"

Doesn't sound like somebody who wants to work cooperatively or "build bridges", other than the ones to corn fields in IA. There some other interesting points made in the article as well.

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub is lame! He's trying to win on the illegal immigration issue. Hal Daub has no class.

Insider said...

And yet FAR MORE than his competitor!

Letterman I'm Not said...

I will attepmt a list of Suttle's "ideas" here. I am sure I will forget a few, but please feel to pile on with any I forget.

Or, as Dave Letterman might say...The top 10 reasons Jim Suttle should NOT be mayor....

1) Amnesty for illegal immigrants and/or make Omaha a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants

2) Toboggan run in new ballpark (with twists and turns all the way down to the infield)

3) Pope fundraiser to pay for new ballpark

4) A bridge to develop 40 acres in Iowa

5) Allowing underage kids in to bars for concerts IF you had a note (yes a note) from your parents.

6) A mutli-county, multi-state (Iowa and Nebraska) tax authority to pay for Rosenblatt

7) Make Omaha a port city like Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Miami (we probably need an ocean first

8) Asking the Nebraska Legislature to lower age limits in child labor laws to allow for young teens to work in manufacturing and industrial plants

9) Opposed an ordinance to comply with State law on the conceal/carry law

10) Voted against a measure to support a proposed state law for stricter penalties for repeat prostitution offences

11) Wants to privatize OPPD

12) Voted to approve over $500,000 in contracts to his former employer - HDR

Feel free to add to this list, but please only add those that can be cited for accuracy. (By the way, all of these could be cited for accuracy if you like.)

Have fun!

Insider said...

I just have a couple of addendums to points that "Letterman I'm Not" made.

#6 - creates all sorts of legal issues in which local gov'ts and states can spend millions suing each other when things don't go just as expected in their cross-boundry/state dealings, which can actually be expected in govt dealings. Expect it NOT to work, and to yeild huge fee's to lawyers at OUR expense.

#12 I question your use of the the term "former employer." I'd be willing to bet there are still some financial connections yet existing. Can I be mayor so that I can send millions/billions of dollars to people who will then funnel some of it in my direction? No?! Well, the other people shouldn't either. Note that what I've just said goes against my own person best-interests (albeit somewhat indirectly, but it does). I might be better off saying put billions of dollars in HDR's/Suttle's wallet, but I can't in good conscience).

republicanpatriot said...

How about they just allow us to pick a color to match our cars and be done with it.

nate said...

I think the license plate should just have a big "N" on it and the silhouettes of the 5 National Championship trophies the Huskers have won.

Hal is getting desperate, but this ad is better than his last one. Still not going to vote for Hal though, we've been through that mistake before Omaha. As with all local elections its going to come down to voter turnout for the mayoral race. And Im predicting 30% turnout for the race.

curbfeeler said...

SS, auto license plate are a form of legal ID for law enforcement to view. They aren't jewelry.

Auto plates offer two items of critical info; a number and the state issuing that number. And that's why the OUTLINE of Nebraska, along with the word "Nebraska", is the best format for NE license plates.

As for the yellow plate that gives other drivers "the bird" and a look at the most noxious pollen-weed on earth, most Huskers cannot ID a Meadowlark or the weed.

"Art" on bureaucratic IDs and permits is goverment gone nuts.

By trying to make bureaucracy appear artsy, the result isn't artsy, but it does often make the permit/tag difficult to identify.

This kind of nonsense is usually thought up by really stupid politicians. That list of Jim Suttle's nonsense fits in well with this goofy idea.

You want pretty doodads for your car? Buy some fuzzy dice.

Want a fuzzy doodad as mayor, vote for Suttle.

Anonymous said...

One addition to the Top 12 Suttle fumbles -

13. Wrote and championed a smoking ban with exemptions for some bars/restaurants and keno (who weeks later gave a sizable donation to the campaign) and was eventually thrown out by the Nebraska Supreme Court twice becasue the exemptions were "illogical and arbritrary".

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much HDR gave him. They seem to stand to benefit greatly if he wins.

West Dodge Expressway said...

To Anonymous 7:27:

Current NADC reports disclose that HDR gave Daub and Suttle $7500 each.

Now, about that $20,000 thank you note Daub received from Hawkins Construction . . .

/s NE Voter

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

So Hawkins Construction gave Hal a 'thank you note' 8 years after he left office?

Anonymous said...


Awake Voter !!! said...

Yes, Wake up, people! Vote Hal Daub! For a brighter day!

Anonymous said...

Rise and Shine, vote Hal Daub !!!

West Dodge Expressway said...

Anonymous 10:25

You got it right -- Daub hasn't been on a ballot for 8 years.

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wake up, people! Don't settle for Suttle!

Anonymous said...

I BET, Jim Suttle wants his photo on the new Nebraska license plates (for the whole Nebraska area).

What whould be next? His photo on the Iowa plates, too !

I'd BET, if you give that man 'an inch, he would take a mile.'

Let the truth be known said...

Last Friday, Jon Blumenthal sent out a mailing that grossly misrepresented both Jean Stothert's and his own position on a cost of living adjustment for FUTURE police retirees.

Blumenthal's mailer made the claim that Jean Stothert wants to give current retirees a cost of living increase on top of their current benefits. He also claims the he flat told the police union NO on cost of living adjustment.

The video of this interview is now on Youtube.

It clearly shows that Jon Blumenthal DOES support a cost of living adjustment and it would certainly be a long term goal for him. The video also shows Jean Stothert agreeing to a cost of living adjustment as part of the collective bargaining preocess.

Below is the exact question asked and the key points of each candiaidates answer:
Currently, Omaha police retirees do not receive a cost of living increase similar to that received by social security and other police pensions. In other words, a supplemental increase that increases with inflation. Will you support as part of a final pension reform plan, that's obviously been ACTUARILLY ACCESSED, the inclusion of a cost of living adjustment for FUTURE OPD retirees?

Jon Blumenthal:
I WILL support it but not in the current economic environment... the long term I think it is something that needs to get done...

Question to Jon Blumenthal:
So it's less of an actuarial funding issue in your mind, then it is a public relations issue, is that what you are telling me?

Jon Blumenthal:
Yeah, I think that's a fair statement...

Jean Stothert:
Yes, I would support it and it would be part of the collective bargaining agreement...
In the long run during collective bargaining you may agree that you take less salary to have this cost of living adjustment. It's how it's going to be paid for is the issue and during collective bargaining you may agree you may put a little more money in to this... the long run it may even save the city some money if during bargaining you are agreeing to put money into the cost of living adjustment and maybe in lew of taking a 1% increase in salary.
So, Jon Blumenthal agrees there needs to be a cost of living agreement, but from a PUBLIC RELATIONS stand point he can't right now. Later.

Jean Stothert believes that a COLA can be negotiated as part of a pension REFORM package for future retirees.

Clearly one candidate has experience negotiating contracts, one will just stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

Anonymous said...

Jon Blumenthallies about his experience and now he's caught in another lie?

This guy has a truth problem.

A Democrat said...

I REALLY do like Daub's new buy ad!!!
Because I like a man 'who say's it like it is'. I consider that ad 'just keeping the voters informed' of what to expect if Suttle gets his foot in the door. Therefore, I really don't consider it as a negative or an unclassy ad, as one of the above bloggers stated. I like to be informed of anything I may have missed, therefore, THANK YOU, Hal and SS !!!

Suttle said it like it is too, and he's all for 'illegal immigration' WOW... and 'he doesn't even care', "however they come across the border" therefore, with that would come MORE CRIME (a higher NOT a lower) crime rate.

SO, WHICH OF WHAT SUTTLE HAS SAID IS THE TRUTH??? His buy ads 'saying he wants to fight against crime' OR, the 'spew' he gave that group of people while trying to get their votes? You know the one where he didn't know he was under the camera ! Jim, you very much so 'insulted that group of people's intelligence.' As well as, the rest of us, too !

Jim once again make up your mind
"YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS". Now, isn't that what you said to Daub during the last debate??? SO, who can't make up their mind?
You are losing all respect over and over again.

Jim, you make it too difficult for any of us to take you 'for your word' or 'seriously' !!!

Anonymous said...

To 11:41 AM:

Hummmm, yes! And, so does Suttle !

Anonymous said...

I'm just scared after hearing the HDR guys talk about the proposed new ring around Omaha interstate that, God forbid Suttle is elected, will see him talking in a few years, saying, "Look folks, it makes a big O around the city, now if we just have a regional plan and get council bluffs to build a giant ! in that cornfield where no businesses showed up, everyone in America will be able to see us as they fly by never to stop again in our hick little town."

Street Sweeper said...

If Suttle would publicly propose your "O!" plan, we would seriously consider endorsing him.

News Watcher said...

To Letterman I'm Not:

Here's a couple more (bright-LOL) ideas that Suttle has had for our city; that, I just remembered that could be added to your list:

Jim Suttle as city councilman was on the news something about dogs,
(? maybe, Pit Bull's NOT having to be muzzled or contained or it was something like that) ---and he was fighting against the public and their concern about safety. And, even voting against the other city councilmen. It appeared to us that he was just trying to push his weight around because it didn't make too much sense.

And, as city councilman, he was on the news proposing a law that if any homeowner needed to change a broken lightswitch in their homes, they should have to buy a permit from the city or they would be fined by the city and/or punished by law.

Now, if that one isn't ever crazy, I don't know what is ! Hal Daub, could bring that issue up to the surface. It was on the news !

So, Jim Suttle thinks that we the taxpaying homeowners (or rental owners, or (home builder's) should take the TIME OFF WORK to go to the court house (during their open hours - to FIND a parking spot - to STAND IN LONG LINES (as there are, alot of lightswitches in many exiting homes or new construction throughout the city) - and, then, PAY FOR A PERMIT. Or, be fined. Is THIS ONE OF HIS IDEAS to make money for the city or to put people to work? Sounds like he'll have us all missing more work. Dumb idea Jim !

Again, this was on the news, and Hal Daub could bring this issue to the surface, as well. For those who may have missed that news media
This issue about permits for changing lightswitches really made us MAD when we heard it !!!!!!!

Hal, Suttle's CRAZY IDEAS, concern us, too ! How much worse can he make it for 'us all' if he does get elected mayor? God only knows but I hope he spears us !!!!!!!!

Maybe, he can afford to have someone go get a permit for him and change his lightswitches.
But, as for me and my household, we can't afford such luxuries. Not the time, nor added expense. And, how many years have people been doing it the old way and it's working just fine. Why does he try to stir things up at other's expense??? If given the chance we fear he will make a mess of our city.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he doesn't spear us!!! Sweeper, it's time you add a spell-check feature to this somehow - - it's getting ugly.

Baby Boomer said...

I'm not going to BUY any permits !

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle response ad = Awesome.

Old Hippie said...

To 1:50 PM:

Did the spelling bother you or was it the facts that bothered you? And, you leave sweeper alone!

To Sweeper:

Don't you worry about the spoiled sports, hon! But why is it -
that the Suttle supporter's always say, "it's getting ugly" when they don't like what they have read?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Senor Jim Suttle needs a "muzzle". That may help his campaign since everything he says goes against himself. Do you suppose he's voting for Hal Daub, too? lol