Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Broken news


...yes this, is what is going on your car

Not to be confused with this:

Heck, next time just go with the Bar Code.  It has more pizzazz.  
Ah, Democracy...

(Btw, here are the reader submitted designs to the LJS.)

And just to mix it up, here is what the Platte Institute had to say about this:

Nebraskans Pay For "Ugly Betty" License Plates
Nebraska residents will soon discover what their new license plates for motor vehicles will look like. There has been plenty of public comment – mostly unfavorable – about the amateurish designs being considered. Regardless if you love or hate the new designs, you’re getting new license plates in 2011.

Only a government would operate in this fashion. Not many businesses would long survive long if, when customers walked into their store, they handed you an unattractive product and then told you to like it or lump it. Clearly governments don’t exactly play by “free market rules."

(Click here to read the whole thing -- which is about more than just plate designs.)

**UPDATE (thanks to a commenter)**

Did the College Humor website decide Nebraska's plates?

Is someone checking into this?
Has Nebraska been compromised?

**UPDATE 2**

And from a comment, we couldn't resist adding the "New State Motto" to the plate:

**UPDATE 3**

We've been pointed to Paul Hammel's Friday OWH story that pointed out the CollegeHumor.com site (we didn't read that far in the article...):
Beverly Neth, the director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, said Friday that her department has been monitoring "hits" from that website and does not think it's influencing the poll.


Anonymous said...

And it's all Heineman's fault. The plate really mirrors his personality.

Anonymous said...

Clever post. Horridly blah, but reflective of Nebraska in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some kids at CollegeHumor.com rigged the vote.

Leave it to Nebraska to get punked by a bunch of college kids.

Anonymous said...

This is all Suttle's fault.

Anonymous said...

More like Daub. Gray and boring
Though it is Suttlelike in showing

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub boring?
Daub may be a lot of things, but boring he is not.

Now Dave Heineman...

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that a blog about blah plates can turn into a bash on Hal Daub? Isn't there anything stupid going on in the Legislature? They always do at least 1 stupid thing per session, what will this year's be?

And, for anyone "in the know", what the Hell is going on with with the police and fire contracts? Shouldn't we have some resolution on that? Please tell me that Fahey is going to clean up his mess before he grabs his favorite toys and goes home.

Loyal Dave supporter said...

To Carlos: We love the Gov. but this license plate fiasco shows a level of detachment from the people that would come from a Democtratic office holder. A man of the people listens to the people. Why have your opponent use the license plate as an example of how out of touch you are? You in the capital building may think this is an issue that will go away. It will not. there will be hundreds of thousands of the plates on cars next year to remind the voters of this decision.

Anonymous said...

You know, I actually don't mind the license plate design all that much. I wish it had the outline of our state, and maybe a different font for "Nebraska," but I'd rather have this than something hokey. The one with the meadowlark on first glance looked like an ear of corn to me -- no WAY would I want to be driving around the US with something that people might think is an ear of corn. People already make fun of us. At least this design is just plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

THAT's the new State Motto (for the bottom of the plates):

"Nebraska: Plain...and Simple."

Anonymous said...

Well, would you rather "Nebraska: gaudy....and tasteless." Oh, or "Nebraska: farmers...and more farmers."

Anonymous said...

Heard we have a new state motto as well:

Nebraska: Plains and simple.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the design is rather modern and clean looking. Nothing boring about it. Clean is in. If CollegeHumor jobbed the vote, then I shall give them my thanks.

Bitter About Recent Elections said...

At what margin does the automatic recount kick in? I know the city of Omaha's mayoral election is outside of that margin, but maybe we can demand a recount here.

Anonymous said...

11:51 PM

I second that!!! We the people want a mayoral recount anyway. If, we can't have a recount then we want a RECALL !!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Oltman is Jim Suttle's chief of staff pick?!?

One Out In The Third said...

What's the number to that web site? At least we didn't get the one touting "Nebraska The Good Life." That would have been false advertising.

Relentless said...

The death of 4 yr old Josie Bluhm IS a direct result of an illegal immigrant. If he weren't here, she would be alive and playing today. If he was here legally, it would be much more difficult for him to fall through the cracks of the justice system as he did.

Considering this was a hot-button issue in the election due to Suttle's own statements, the original and the follow-up,
everybody (including Fahey and Suttle) knows this would have had an impact on the election results if this information had been released when known earlier in the day on Tuesday. Fahey was in a position to supress this, and both Suttle and he were the benefactors. It's a very simple question that deserves an answer. When was this information known, and why was it withheld until the following day? If we don't get an answer, then I beleive a recall is not only justified, it is required. (I will ask this daily until somebody official answers it).

Anonymous said...

Joe Stothert will not be happy Steve Oltman is Suttle's chief of staff.

NE Voter said...

Dear Relentless:

In addition to the Omaha Police Department, the following are responsible for law enforcement here in Nebraska:

Your Republican Governor Dave (Tiny) Heineman.

Your Republican-appointed/led Nebraska State Patrol.

Your Republican Attorney General Jon Bruning.

Your Republican Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning.

Your Republican Omaha Police Union President Aaron Hansen.

Now, where were we?


Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

1 tenth of 1 percent. Otherwise, the candidate who loses would have to pay for the recount.

Insider said...

What's the deal with Suttle appointing Steve Oltmans? Doesn't that guy have a bit of a murky past that lead to him being fired for unprofessional conduct and investigated for making illegal payments to somebody?

Sounds like things are off to a fantastic start with regard to integrity. And, it would be nice to hear why the info was held back on election day.

Relentless said...

NE Voter, you forgot some. How about Obama? Oh, and don't forget Biden. They're at the top.

Let me explain it more simply so that YOU can understand it. I am pointing out who is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for that information. NONE of the people you mentioned could keep this information withheld from the public. Making the connections? All I am asking for is a simple answer. Shouldn't be too hard if there is nothing to hide. Don't call me names for wanting transparency in our government, but since you started it, I'm calling you a poopy pants. How do you like it...Poopy Pants??!!

Anonymous said...

Relentless - I absolutely agree.

If, the illegal hadn't been here illegally - he WOULD NOT have had to have fake I.D.'s and the fake driver's licenses. Therefore, he MOST LIKELY would not have slipped through the cracks. The illegals have been able to obtain fake ID's through an underground market. This is nothing new though!

And, if he would have been a legal citizen, MOST LIKELY, he would not have been so worried about being late for work that Tuesday morning and speeding through that redlight causing the accident and the fatality. He MOST LIKELY was too dependent upon his job. Since illegal hiring isn't necessarily that commonplace, nor, should it be allowed.

Unfortunately, there was a very innocent legal little girl with a whole life ahead of her that got stole away because of the one ILLEGAL. All of the Bluhm family will suffer it and be affected everyday for the rest of their lives. Holidays may be the most difficult. Plus, everyone who knew the Bluhm family also got robbed by losing Josie. It's sad that just even 'one' illegal can change the lives of so many.

It's not right! No matter how one looks at it!

It's NOT to be condoned or tolerated by anyone, mayor or not!

Concerned American said...

Insider: We ALL KNOW (the Democrats and the Republicans) why it was not in the news right away... That bit of information regarding the culprit being an illegal immigrant was held back obviously on purpose...it may have affected the outcome for mayor. In fact, most likely Daub would have probably won.

I mean come on... there was already a major concern for the Suttle campaign over the issue of illegal immigration as it was. Remember the commercials where we all heard Suttle condoning illegal immigration?

Under the circumstances, I truly believe it should be looked into by whomever is capable. Just thinking back to the Nixon cover-ups. Now, isn't this similar? Elected officials hiding the truth away from the citizen's. SAD !
A cover-up is a cover-up. What kind of a society is this anyway?
And, this new mayor is off to a bad start. Seems like maybe he can't be trusted!

Relentless said...

Thank you Anonymous 10:12 PM.

That's the only point I am trying to make. As a parent of young children, I cannot imagine what this poor family is going through right now.

They should not be forgotten or swept under the rug, for somebody's political gain. I almost feel bad about making it a political issue, but it really is, and to say otherwise is fooling ourselves. I know there is no magic solution that will fix this problem, but I also know that ignoring it and pretending it is somebody else's problem won't fix it, and will make it worse. I suppose it isn't much different than saying, "We need to quit making criminals out of bank robbers and drug dealers."

Money is tight for me right now, for reasons I would LOVE to tell the public, yet within the next day or two, I will go donate more than I can afford to the Bluhm's to help make thier lives better, even if only slightly better to: Enterprise Bank, 128th and West Center Road. I encourage you all to do the same. In ending, I wonder how much Fahey or Suttle have or will donate (as I suspect Suttle has had a little extra over the last several months) although I'll bet I can guess, and they have millions, if not tens of millions.


Brian T. Osborn said...


There are probably a LOT of Native Americans that could attribute most of the ills in this country to illegal aliens, and that would include YOU.

Nate said...

You all keep insinuating that there was something nefarious about this on the part of our mayor and mayor-elect, and yet you can do nothing but spew fantasies and conspiracy theories about. Let us know when you have something concrete, we'll be waiting.

Nate said...

BTW, from now on the State of Nebraska should just hire a 2 year old to draw a license plate with crayons. My God at least we will have an excuse when they are bad that way!

3rd floor watcher said...

TO NATE: Hey buddy ask Jim Suttle when he knew the contents of the pension study's recommendations that will require a double digit tax increase. It was well before last Tuesday!!! This election was rigged!!!

Relentless said...

No insinutation is necessary. There is just a missing piece of the puzzle, and many people would simply like an explanation of why it was missing. If nothing is amiss, why not address it? Nate, we are waiting too. It's hard to have something concrete, in either direction, when nobody is speaking. Well, nobody other than some high ranking and reliable sources in the police force who let Voorhees know early in the day. That's the problem. There IS smoke, and nobody will say whether it was a fire or a burned piece of toast. Why won't they address it? I expect that there will be lots of smoke (and mirrors) with Suttle in office, and absolutely no explanation for ANY OF IT. Just watch. Normally, I'm not one of those "I told you so" people, but I can't wait for it on this one.

Brian Osborn:
As far as me being an illegal alien...ummm No. Please take time to look up the definition of illegal alien and think through your arguments before making them. Although, you did proove my point by using the same backwards logic Suttle did with his statements on the subject. I am neither an alien or illegal. I was born right here in the US, just as several generations of my family were, and probably just like you were.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Sure I was born in the U.S. of parents who were born in the U.S. But if you go back far enough, you'll find a lot of wild kilt wearing Scots and blarney stone kissing Irishmen in my background.

The Americas were populated by Native Americans. They owned everything here, although their concept of "property" was much different than our usurper ancestors that came and stole it all from them. I'm sure many of them would consider you and I to be "illegal aliens."

Your xenophobia has warped your mind to the point that you believe the problem with that innocent child dying in an auto accident was due to the nationality or race of the driver more than any other factor. Your excuse is the product of a lazy mind.

Anonymous said...

"Your excuse is the product of a lazy mind."

No, it's being able to look at the big picture and understand reality.

Did the fact that this man was an illegal alien kill this little girl? No. But if proper legal channels were followed, this man would not have been in this country and he would not have killed this little girl. Suttle has said let's not criminalize illegal aliens. What does that mean? We shouldn't make them follow the law? If they're arrested for drunk driving, driving illegally, etc., we should just let them re-enter society? No consequences?

This tragic accident may have happened to this family another day, another time by someone who is a legal US citizen. But it didn't. It happened because this illegal immigrant was out having a joyride because when he broke our laws in the past, nobody did anything to stop him. Hal Daub had solutions to try and fix this problem. Jim Suttle wants us all to look the other way.

Paul M. said...

BTO: Yet another insightful and completely ridiculous self-righteous rant. You surprised me though: no mention of those evil white Europeans infecting the Native Americans with small pox. Why the omission?

In any event, your boring but typical lecture about how horrible white America treated the Native Americans is so 1995. Out of curiosity, what sort of reparations have you provided the Native American community to assuage yourself of your white guilt complex? Nothing?

What a shocker.

Until you've done something proactive (besides boring us with your community college intellect) to better the downtrodden I don't want to hear any more of your talking points about how bad America is.

Excuse Me said...

Sorry to bud in, but, I feel I need to here. You're going all the way back to Native Americans. WHAT? I would rather doubt that Native Americans considered the concept of "illegal immigrants."
Nor, did they have "laws" against illegals that were being broken at that point in history.

Now, you mentioned that our very distant ancestors came here and stole the property (as you put it) ALL away from the Native Americans already here. Well then, does that mean that you believe that these "now new illegal immigrants" are going to steal the property (as you put it) ALL away from the Americans???

BTO, you are living in the PAST! This is supposed to be a civilized modern society that we are NOW living in and there are LAWS!

Brian, have you lost your mind? Or, are you just a product of a 'lazy mind'? I reiterate, you are living in the PAST!

p.s. - back in those days
(and that is far far back - TOO, far back to be referring to now Brian T. They didn't have laws, driver's licenses, nor, automobiles
either. Now did they? Come on. You are drawing for straws.
Get REAL !

News Watcher said...

Breaking news on TV has coverage of a shooting at 69th & Harrison. Guess What? They already know the information and status regarding the individuals involved!

Now tell me why THAT information regarding THAT Tuesday accident (where the little girl died) was NOT released last Tuesday before the elections? If that's not a cover up what is? It would have swayed alot of votes!

We know WHEN and WHAT was covered up. Now, we want to know WHY? And, WHO covered it up?

Wide Awake said...

Is this going to be 4-long-years of cover-ups? So far as the above blogger mentioned there has been a cover-up regarding property tax hikes in which the numbers were there BEFORE the election. This is unexcusable.

There was the cover-up regarding the illegal immigrant not being televised until after we had the election. This is unexcusable.

Can't help but wonder whatelse don't we know that is being covered-up???

Even these things so far are SO UNEXCUSABLE that there should be allowed another election. As we were all fooled into voting for Jim Suttle. WE were cheated out of our conscientious vote! Therefore, there should be another election or a re-election held for the citizen's. This election was NOT done fairly! We deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

The shooting today was on Harrison at 36th and yes they have alot of details already.

Anonymous said...

Oh and that Tuesday accident was right around 7:30 am with alot of details except that there was an illegal immigrant involved that had caused the accident.

Anonymous said...

To Paul M. 11:22 AM blogger

Yes, and now we are being infected with the swine flu and alot of other diseases being brought here

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find the last sentence in today's OWH article about the pension task force a little odd?

It seemed to imply that the task force recommended the "city council" raise property taxes this fall.

Last time I checked, the city council approves the budget submitted by the Mayor.

Almost comical that the task force would offer a solution of a .5 cent sales tax increase that would generate three times the revenue projected to deal with the short fall and then also recommend that regardless of that fact, that the "city council" and not the "mayor" raise property taxes.

Have we learned nothing from the PL days of raise every fee just don't let my guy get tagged with raising property taxes?

Isn't that how we got here in the first place?

Oh wait, there is the oh so convenient recession.

The house was falling down well before that though!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 11:08 -- You need to put down the big picture books and learn to read and understand more complex issues. Your racism clouds your perspective.

Paul M. -- What is the point of your learning anything if all you want to do is forget it and belittle the truth as "so 1995?" My "reparations" are to embrace the truth about our nation's history and strive to ensure that we never again do such things. As for intellect, maybe you'd better get your GED before you choose to challenge my wit.

Excuses -- Well, let's see now, the U.S. Constitution was written in the 18th century. I guess that must be why so many of you forgave GWB for totally ignoring it. It is SO living in the past. Oh, speaking of GWB, why weren't you complaining when HE broke the laws of this land?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now we have Suttle troofers! Har, har!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brian, typical liberal response. If someone disagrees with you, pull out the "racism" card as fast as possible and hope that you "shame" your opponent into backing down. Nice.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 3:58,

I'm certainly not your "typical Liberal." You can ask Vince Powers about that!

I don't use the race card lightly, but when some doofus keeps insisting that the only thing we have to do to make everything in this country wonderful is to seal our southern border and keep everyone that doesn't look like him/her out of this country then, yeah, I'll deal that card.

Anonymous said...

"the only thing we have to do to make everything in this country wonderful is to seal our southern border and keep everyone that doesn't look like him/her out of this country"

Yeah, uh huh, because that's EXACTLY what I said. {eyeroll}

Brian T. Osborn said...

You folks using the generic name, Anonymous, need to adopt the use of first names so that we can tell you apart. You know, like George Anonymous, Mary Anonymous, etc. But perhaps that would be too much of a strain on your intellect.

Nate said...

Ive decided to do nothing but repost this everytime someone makes some wild statements about the "Jim Suttle cover up". Maybe when something concrete is found you all will be kind enough to post it.

Anonymous 1:13
I seem to recall a large group of NYC students going DOWN THERE and bringing it back, you cant blame all of this on mexicans bringing it here.

You all keep insinuating that there was something nefarious about this on the part of our mayor and mayor-elect, and yet you can do nothing but spew fantasies and conspiracy theories about. Let us know when you have something concrete, we'll be waiting.

News Watcher said...

It will be on the 5:oo news that Omaha taxpayers are going to be asked to pay for Omaha's pitfalls.

WHERE did this come from? - WHO started this? Fahey/Suttle administation - oh, yeah! You bet sha!!!

News Watcher said...

Buyer's Beware! We are all about to line somebody else's pocketbooks.

If you had in mind to pay down any debts... forget that! Get ready! The time is here at hand! We'll all be lucky now to die without leaving our children/grandchildren in deep debt.
Ours and our city's. Who cares! Right!

SPARE US said...

To Nate 4:51 PM:

You unkind person, please spare us!
You DO NOT have to keep (time after time) repeating yourself. Unless, of course, you are a compulsive personality disorder type. If, you say it once, we've got your picture. You don't have to show yourself as OBSESSIVE and COMPULSIVE! Have you got that? Give us a break!!! Now, go do your homework, brush your teeth, say your prayers, and get into bed! You've got class in the morning! And, your school work is suffering from you blogging so much! Your parents would be very ashamed of you!!!

Me Me said...

Brian T. Osborn... you are a bore on this site... you never have any thing of substance to say.

Did you go through the 'Suttle Course' that Scott Voorhees is implementing? GET A LIFE !!! You Suttle/Goofball !!!

Gladys said...

Nate and Brian T. Osborn are one in the same and without a doubt not very smart or wise.

So, bloggers IGNORE him/her - it's a waste of your time. If, we ALL IGNORE that goofball, THEN, maybe, he/she/IT will GO AWAY! Unless, of course, we want to argue with an ignorant!!! NOT ME !!!

See ya, Brian T. Osborn/Nate !!! OR, is it Suttle?

Gladys said...

AND, by the way, have a nice life, but, first, by growing up!!!

Now, go get YOURSELVE(S) a life !

Insider said...

It's not about racism, it's about BREAKING THE LAW. It's not about sealing borders, it's about enforcing the law. Do you have better ideas, let's hear them. I like hispanics, I like their culture, and I LOVE their food. You're missing the point. PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NOT BE HERE (BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO DO SO) are breaking laws, taking lives, and costing all of us (and by us I mean the people who do it according to the law).

Osborn, you talk about intellect, but I am still waiting for you to say something intellectual. In fact, I kind of felt sorry for you when you went for the reparations to American Indians card. Loosen your helmet buddy, your brain needs oxygen.

By the way, shouldn't Native Americans be the ones to decide what the reparations should be rather than you, who intruded upon their land and took it? Maybe you should also send a nice "Sorry Bout Stealing Your Land" Hallmark card too?

Nate, what would it take for you to beleive that controversy surrounds Suttle? And don't make it a beauty queen answer that panders to the ingorant masses. What sort of proof would you like, specifically? I would like proof too, one way or the other, and all it takes is a simple answer THAT WE AREN'T GETTING.

News Watcher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian T. Osborn said...

MiniMe -- You don't even pay attention so how freaking exciting do you suppose the readers find your drivel? Had you been paying attention you would know that I live in south central Nebraska and the Omaha elections don't have that much meaning for us out here. Who is Scott Voorhees?

Glad Ass -- You are quite simply a fool. 'Nuff said.

Inside Edition -- I'm still waiting to hear why you guys weren't concerned about the all the laws that the Bush administration broke. Oh, and yeah, you're a real freaking Einstein.

Insider said...

Sounds like Fahey and Suttle were in lock-step together on raising our taxes. Wonder how long they BOTH knew about it? I guess one hand washes the other dun't it?

Minute Man said...

Counting the Costs of Amnesty...

With many of our nation's politicians pushing to give permanent residency and general amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, Americans should know the resulting costs, both financial and social. Is it their right to live in our house?

Ronald Reagan said...

"My fellow Americans, I am proud to have spearheaded the largest amnesty program for illegal immigrants in United States history during my presidency. Despite that, for some reason, you revere me for my so-called 'conservative values' and mythical 'core beliefs.' Well, I still believe that amnesty is the only practical solution for the immigration problem that has been neglected since Gingrich took over in 1994.

It's morning in America, my friends in the City on the Hill - Will you join me in welcoming our new brothers and sisters from south of the border?

You wouldn't abandon your old friend, would you?"

/s Ronald Wilson Reagan

Minute Man said...

Here' a Few Myth's that vs. Fact:

* Illegal immigrants contribute
greatly to the American economy

* We are a nation of immigrants

* You cannot deport 12 million

* Illegal immigrants are only
taking jobs American do not want

* Guest workers would only be
here temporarily

* Illegal immigrants have a right
to come here. It is our
Christian duty to provide

Anonymous said...

This is 2009, not 1994 my fine feathered friend

Anonymous said...

Thank God that we had Congressman Hal Daub to vote against that stupid "Kennedy" Amnesty bill.

None of Your Business said...

Hey about the costs of the illegal guy who ran the redlight that may get his hands slapped again or go to our jail system. If he goes to our jail here in the States. Who is going to pay for it (his food, shelter, and medical, and other costs?

Just read an article that said that incarceration costs are exploding. And, this is an older article mind you ! By 1998, hispanics represented 42 percent of the new prisoners in California. At the beginning of the decade, it was estimated that incarcerating illegal immigrants in state prisons across the country cost $1.6 billion. FAIR estimates that California alone now spends over $1.4 billion a year.

So, WHY are our federal and state, and county taxes rising?
You tell me!!! I guess it's OUR fault IF we vote for the wrong candidates!!!

Street Sweeper said...

Hey everyone:
Get a grip. We get it. You're pro/anti immigrants or immigration or whatever. See if you can all calm down a bit, 'k?

P.S. Way to hijack this post about license plates.

Paul M. said...

I think we should have a license plate commemorating Brian T. Osborn's AWESOME election predictions.

"I guarantee Scott Kleeb will be our next US Senator."

Brian T. Osborn said...

News Watcher -- You and you SS brethern better start breeding all those fine young Aryan girls before it is too late!

Aryan girls -- get busy popping out those blue eyed babies before the quarterback on your high school team is named Jesus!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, and the new Nebraska plates, designed by Gov. Heineman's vendor's thirteen year old step-son, rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone should let Brian T. Osborn talk to his hearts content. Egg him on a bit, too. Get him to go after Democrats that don't do what he thinks they should. He's an official dem leader, and I love it when they show just how screwed up they are!

Fed Up Taxpayer said...

If ALL of the above Myth's are not enough for you, that should make your skin crawl:

Here' another tidbit of OLD info that I just read, and keep in mind this info is 4 years old and much worse now...

Did You Know... that:

40% of Food Stamps go to ILLEGAL ALIENS? Illegal Aliens use their kids (anchor babies) to secure food stamps, welfare, free education, & medical treatment.

26% of ILLEGAL ALIENS are on welfare?

80% of meth (crank) is from MEXICO?

70-90% of all cocaine is from MEXICO?

And that, since building a fence in San Diego, CA violent crime has dropped more than 50%

Again, keep in mind that this is outdated info, therefore, MUCH worse now than ever!!!

And, did you know... that American Flags were BURNED across the country at the May 1st Illegal alien rights marches, *also called,
"nothing gringo day"?

And, did you know... Pro-ILLEGAL ALIEN leaders are demanding that we refer to them as "migrant workers" that we should "show them respect". And, for what, I ask you? Breaking our laws?

And, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) refuses to enforce our Immigration Laws, saying, "It's not a priority". Kinda like Ole Fahey/Suttle, huh?

Did you know... that ILLEGAL ALIENS are using forged documents to secure loans to purchase new cars and homes? Who will pay for these defaults? Oh, I guess we did, with ALL the bank buyouts that we the taxpayers just fronted the government money for just here recently. REMEMBER !!!

Crime and murders right here in Omaha are up like never before.

Our taxes pay for Spanish-speaking teachers, printing in Spanish and textbooks in Spanish.


*** 1 MILLION new ILLEGAL ALIENS come here - EVERY YEAR !!!

OKAY, so what does Senor Suttle, have to say to that??? Likely, not speaking? AGAIN, no answers! So, WHAT does he know?

Anonymous said...

Okay SS:

But, it will be hard, Senor Suttle hit a sore spot before, and then again, after we lost another innocent. And again, a little innocent girl.

Gladys said...

Anonymous 9:47 PM:

I decided earlier today to IGNORE Brian T. Osborn/Nate as he is a tease. LOL Simply put a waste of time. LOL LOL

p.s. He's been trying to get me to respond back but I won't. He's maybe lonely. He'll be talking to himself in no time. LOL

Gladys said...

To: 9:22 PM - Paul M.

I now do believe Brian T. Osborn is some bored highschool kid
(and possibly, not from Omaha), I've learned to ignore him now.

I'd rather type to someone who matters!!!

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper 9:13 PM:

Those plates are ugly...
It's hard to comment very much about those generic awful looking plates.

They won't match on my car, they will standout like a sore thumb, but maybe, they will match on who's ever car that chose them.

How long do we have to have them?

Irwin M. Fletcher said...

Brian Osborn,

Get a life. Find yourself a girlfriend, or buy one, whatever you've got to do. And as far as leaving my name, I will. I'm proud of it. In fact, I'm famous.

Someone needs to pat you on the head and hand you some puddin'. Awe, poor widdle guy.

Nate said...

You must not be a regular poster/ reader on this site. BTO has been posting here for awhile, as have i but under a different moniker. I use to be asecurityguard but then someone started posting under my name so i went to anonymous.

Spare Us 4:51
What have i said that is unkind? I simply want proof for all these conspiracy theories being thrown about. Once i get it, i will stop.

Sure controversy surrounds Suttle, I just want proof for your theory that Suttle/Fahey suppressed information about the car incident. What proof do i want? Definative proof, undeniable proof. Right now you have NOTHING! BTW, have you asked Suttle if he suppressed it? Have you contacted WOWT, KETV, FOX 42 or (with a grain of salt) the OWH? Im sure they would all love to be the one(s) to break this story, if there is a story there. Notice I have never said that Suttle and Fahey didn't suppress this, all Im asking for is 1 shred of proof.

Once again to everyone spouting these theories, Ill wait why you get the necessary proof.

Happy Butt said...


Brian T. Osborn, Nate, Paul M. are all in the same. You must by now know his MO. IGNORE the IDIOT!!!

Trust me, he's a bored little kid. Poor little fella!

And, this is enough, too. NO MORE TALK ABOUT (IT)

Sincerely With Love,
Gladys/NE voter

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out the logic behind this:

Hal Daub spent weeks saying:

"Jim Suttle wants to give amnesty to illegals! Amnesty! Sanctuary city! Amnesty!"

And voters responded with a pretty healthy yawn.

Yet you think hysteria over this tragedy (which would be just as much of a miscarriage of justice if it were a legal resident) would have swung the vote?

There's a couple of things I have to say to that:

#1). You are a despicable person for trying to exploit this family's loss for political gain. Shame on you.

#2). The results on May 12 speak pretty clearly to the fact that voters understood that the Mayor's office has almost no control over illegal immigration. Like it or not, Omahans don't like to be treated like a bunch of reactionary backwoods racists. It's rather insulting, actually.

Anonymous said...

Man/Woman are you off base !!!

More to follow...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:01 AM:

You little hispanic - try to do your homework, brush your tooth, say some prayers, get yourselves into bed, if it be above the ground or on the floor. Just get there, you really need some rest.

Nate said...

Anon 3:32,
You just proved anon 1:01 correct.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought we were done with this discussion, but since it is still rockin' on, I will go ahead a chime in.

I hate to break it to you middle of the nighters, but the fact that he was an illegal immigrant does create more outrage than if he weren't.

Just like the multiple suspensions and DWI's create more outrage.

This illegal alien with a suspended fraudulent Nebraska driver's license, blew through a red light maming some and killing one so he wouldn't be late for a job in Fremont that he had no legal right to have. What part of this do you think should not make people more angry about the crime?

If this had been a parent taking their kids to school that got distracted by 2 kids arguing in the backseat or a cup of coffee spilling down their front, that would have been stupid and a horrible accident.

This was not-it was multiple crimes!

Relentless said...

To posters doing this, remember that slinging insults doesn't help debate.

Despicable??? Nobody is trying to exploit anyone. Please explain that. I am asking for answers, that Scott Voorhees also asked for, yet the silence is defening. The REASON MANY PEOPLE are asking this is because it would be despicable to cover this up, for THEIR political gain, so your argument works against you as well.

The voters spoke loud and clear? How would they have spoken if this information was released when known? I guess that is the question isn't it? Daub was ahead up until the final numbers. If this information was released when known, and Suttle still won, then we wouldn't be discussing it.

Nate, the proof is that Voorhees KNEW this information early in the day Tues (election day), yet it was not released to the public until Wed. All we want to know is what the reasoning for holding that back, and who decided when to release it. The buck stops with Fahey, as he is the top guy. It's his guy that won, and they seem to be taking care of each other at this point.

To be honest, I thought it sounded like a conspiracy theory too until I listened to the Voorhees podcast on it. He knew Tues, but we weren't told until Wed. Why was that?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Daub was not ahead until the final count. Daub was only ahead on the 3rd count - votes that came after 2 PM from West Omaha. The votes that came in the final count were cast at the same time as the votes that came in the 3rd count. It wasn't about when the votes were cast, but where they came from.

The point? Suttle won despite weeks of fearmongering from Daub, Vorhees, Becka, Joe Jordan, et al. on immigration. Nothing about what happened Tuesday morning would have changed that. And the fact that you are using the death of a little girl to score political points is so beyond the pale that I'm ashamed that I'm even addressing the subject with you.

Nate said...

No offense to Scott, but i hate talk radio (except todd n tyler) and am not a listener of his. Which podcast is this on?

Brian T. Osborn said...

The rumors of my non-existence are greatly exaggerated.

Ya gotta love these guys that are spreading those rumors though. They must be having flashbacks from all the acid they dropped back in the '60s. Their remaining brain cells convince them that they are oh-so-right.

Hey, Fletch, haven't heard from you since Chevy Chase played you back in the '80s. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

KFAB.com, to find the podcast

Insider said...

Anonymous 9:43 AM:

I happen to have some insight on how the voting system works. It's handled by an Omaha company, and you are off on how it works. It IS about when they were cast. It wasn't until the very end of the day (yes Daub was ahead by roughly 500 then) in which Suttle pulled ahead. Most people argree that it would have had an affect on voting, but more important than that is how the people who were in a position to hold this info back perceived it as affecting the outcome. THEY had to have at least suspected that this would have affected the outcome, which is what is at issue. It was part of the case, as it was released the following day. Why hold THAT PART back on Tues?

I think you are missing the point on why this is an issue, at least as I understand it. Let me use a metaphorical situation to see if it helps. What if a big conglomerate accidentally leaked salmonella in to their food, and shipped it out causing a handful of people to be sick and one child to die. Now, lets say that 2 executives in that company said the CEO knew about it ahead of time yet it was shipped anyway. Would you want answers? I beleive most people would. Not at least asking for answers means that somebody died in vain, and due to lack of accountability, what's to prevent it from happening again?

This is not about using a death, particularly that of an innocent sweet little girl, for political gain. It's about the honesty and integrity of the people we elect to lead, and presumably protect us. If they aren't going to do that, then we need somebody who will, to prevent the next tragedy that could have been avoided.

Nate, I am not a big talk radio show person myself, and only noticed this when somebody pointed it out to me. I too am a fan of T and T.

Anonymous said...

This paragraph:

"This is not about using a death, particularly that of an innocent sweet little girl, for political gain. It's about the honesty and integrity of the people we elect to lead, and presumably protect us. If they aren't going to do that, then we need somebody who will, to prevent the next tragedy that could have been avoided."

Bears repeating. Well said Insider.

Cathy said...

To Anon 9:43 AM

Sorry to interrupt, however, I do agree with that other blogger that is wanting answers as to why that bit of information was withheld. Isn't that what the media is there for to keep the public informed? So, why was it withheld until after the election?

Also, Anon 9:43 AM

I disagree with you regarding how that information may have changed the outcome of the election. But, I guess that is something that none of us will ever know. So, why are you pretending to know that it would not have changed anything? It very well may have changed alot of things for Omaha. Again, we don't know.

Lastly, I felt sorry for the above blogger that you accused of using the little girl's death to score some political points. It did not sound that way to me. It sounded to me that you were doing just that and being hateful on top of it. It appears to me that the other blogger was just trying to put a point across that the public should have been informed. It did not sound as if she/he was using the little girl's death but upholding for the little girl. Or, future people.

Cathy said...

To Insider 1:37 PM

OH MY GOSH, That was SO well said, you have 'hit the nail flat on the head'. What you have said, is SURE an 'eye opener'. I wish everyone in Omaha could read it. You make alot of sense. You should make a copy of what you wrote and send it to the OWH or somebody who would know how to make it all public.

"It actually is about the honesty and integrity of the people we elect to lead, and presumably protect us". As another blogger posted - that paragraph is worth posting over and over. I love it!!! Actually, everything you wrote on that post is incredible!
I would vote for you, you sound honorable!

Anonymous said...

Insider, I think several people have a crush on you. :)

Cathy said...

Just read Insider's 1:37 PM blog again.

I was wrong in my blog that I just posted - when I said it may or maynot have affected the public's decision, that it was something that we will never know. WRONG!

I was wrong - because after more thinking about it... I do believe it would have had a great impact on the voting decisions and most likely voter turnout. I suspect that more people would have gotten out there and voted out of anger over the amnesty issue. So now we know why it wasn't public.

So Insider there's our answer - that information was deliberately withheld from the public. SHAME ON THEM !!!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh, my God! The leaders of the Omaha Republican Party failed to lead their voters to the polls in order to bring down those damned conspiratorial Democrats! So let's blame the Democrats for that shall we?

Face it. You have Jim Suttle as your mayor because the people that gave a damn about who represents them showed up to vote. Now all you Monday morning quarterbacks are complaining about the way that democracy works.

Jeez, and some of you think that I need to get a life!

Cathy said...

Yeahhhhh, Yes you have won the hearts of many on this blog, and we do have a crush on you. You sound cool! And kind-hearted!
Calm, cool, and collected - that's you!!!

Intelligent, wise, smooth - that's you!!!


Anonymous said...

Brian, oh, so it's democracy when our elected officials withhold information from us so they can get what they want on election day? (I.e., illegal aliens killing children, pension #'s which will most certainly cause our taxes to rise, etc., etc.)

If THAT'S democracy, I don't want it!

Anonymous said...

Seems that FAHEY/SUTTLE has broken the 'circle of trust'!!!

Cathy said...

lol Yeah it does .....

Sounds like both of them TOGETHER

broke the 'circle of trust'

Brian T. Osborn said...

I'm sure Jim and Mike will apologize profusely to you all for not buying up several minutes of ad time during Rush Limbaugh's show to inform you that something happened that they had no control over. Or, maybe they'll just decide that you're a bunch of loony bins and leave you to your conspiratorial hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

That information could have been released to the media and included into anyone of the news stories on the accident.

The fact that Voorhees was told during the day means that it was already traveling the circle of law enforcement or fire protection. All it needed was a confirmation on the record.

What I want to know is who was he going to go work for in Fremont? I want a name and a business. If they have to give him an extra hour of television while he's in jail to get it, then so be it.

I want to make sure that I don't ever give a penny to the person that hired this guy, thereby giving him a reason to be at that intersection.

I also want to know what his blood alcohol was immediately following the accident. If he was drinking the night before, it will still trace.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who WAS/IS his employer? Good question.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the absurdity here.

In order for Suttle or Fahey to cover something up, they have to have had:

a) Knowledge of the full facts of the case before the police and/or media.

b) The ability to control the flow of information from the police department, since it's extremely unlikely the media was going to ask the Mayor for comment on this story.

Basically, for your lunatic conspiracy theory to work, Fahey would have to have known this information before the police.

It is not uncommon for police to withhold details about a suspect in a criminal case. It's certainly not unusual for them to take a few hours to verify the identity. It's entirely possible, in fact, extremely likely given the state of our local media, that the media simply didn't ask about the legal status of the driver. And the police will only answer the questions they are asked.

So, beyond all of that, there's still the ludicrous assumption that this would have somehow prevented Jim Suttle from becoming mayor. Hal Daub spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads, mailers, robocalls, etc. saying that Jim Suttle was going to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. And Jim Suttle still won.

If election day had been a week later, I have little doubt that Hal Daub would have exploited this tragedy in yet another television ad.

And you know what? He still would have lost.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd like to know WHO would employ an illegal immigrant, too. And, HOW he was paid? By check or under the table?

They said on the news he worked in Fremont, right? By the way, when was THAT information released? Was it Tuesday? Anybody know?

Here are some ideas of companies that hire illegal immigrants.

lawn care
carpet laying
house cleaning
office cleaning
store/building cleaning
dry walling

Okay bloggers what might I have left out? Feel free to post ideas.

Curious said...

The news said that there were two passengers in the truck with the illegal guy, who were they? Were they also illegal?

Wonder where they lived or were coming from?

Insider said...

First of all, thank you for the nice comments on my post. It is appreciated.

To Anonymous 5:42 PM

I hope you are more knowledgeable than that. Fahey IS in a position to have that information withheld. HE is in charge of the police chief, who is in charge of the police department, thus he DOES have that power, which is why this is directed to him. The mayor, and now Suttle, has the power to fire and/or pressure people along that chain of command.

You are right that it's common for the police to wihthold certain information, but this was only withheld overnight, so seemingly there was no other reason to withhold it, particularly when it was already known by some key people. It would seem that those people who did know early in the day on Tuesday seemed to think the info was important enough to be announced, but did not want to jeopardize their positions, so they waited for the proper channels to do it. Those channels did not. Furthermore, some information was withheld. We still do not know where this person was working, although I imagine THAT information IS part of an investigation and thus being withhelf for now. I would like to know, but I do understand the possible reasoning behind it. The other withheld information has no honorable reason to have been withheld, that I am award of anyhow.

Unfortuneatly, people probably didnt go vote because they didn't realize just how the illegal immigration situatioin could affect the lives of our citizens. It affected many lives directly and indirectly, and will forever do so. Sadly, we got a very good example of just WHY it was so important to ALL of us, on election day no less; a day in which something could have been done. There are many issues in which people are ambivalent, however, once there is a tragedy like this their eyes are opened and they DO care.

Playing devil's advocate here, but the best way to put a "conspiracy theory," as you so call it, to rest is with information and answers. We are an intelligent and thoughtful public. It is for us to decide how to interpret that information. This could be easily cleared up with just a couple of answers, that we aren't getting.

Also, calling names does not make for healthy debate. In fact, it is a sign of weakness in your position and argument. I will not call names, because I am very certain my question is deserving of an answer. The bluhms are grieving right now, and are not in a position to ask these questions. As a parent of young children I can tell you for certain that if I were them, I would want the answers.

If you are so certain that Hal would have still won, then perhaps we can have a re-election (recall) to see. I would feel better doing that than taking your word for it. By the way, for those who assume you know my politcal views, I am NOT a fan of Limbaugh. I am an indpendent voter, and choose candidates over party lines.

My final point, for now, is that my moniker has meaning. I know people involved, and have reason to question their honesty and integrity.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I will laugh my Democratic ass off if they discover that the driver involved in the accident was going to work for a well known ... pause for effect ... Republican! Then all you conspiracy cooks can tear in him/her as well.

I won't be holding my breath.

Insider said...

I would feel just as harshly toward them regardless of political affiliation. Wrong is wrong. I am Independent. Political parties don't tell me how to vote, empiracal knowledge and common sense do. I would encourage that in others as well.

Insider said...

One more thing BO (hey, that's kinda funny),

Fortenately for whoever it is, we have a mayor who wouldn't think they are a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Insider ...what did that Brian guy mean by "conspiracy cook"? Does that have to do with being a chef or gourmet cooking? He must be a real kook because what does anyone being Republican or Democratic have to do with the issue at hand?

Mr Kooky pants is laughing his kooky pants off his kooky ass. But atleast he isn't holding his kooky breath! What a guy!

Cathy said...

lol That is funny Insider:

He's BO and full of BS !!!!! lol

Cathy said...

Like he said earlier today RE:
He must have dropped too much acid or psychodelics when is was young or maybe his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby...

I know that doesn't sound very nice but I take it that he's not very nice - he's hateful in fact.

He's worth ignoring because it is impossible to argue with an insane.

Anonymous said...

My interest in who knew and when is really just out of curiosity. Whether I would want it to, or not, I don't think the knowledge of him being an illegal alien would have changed the outcome of the election. The reason Hal lost is because too many people didn't take enough time out of their busy lives to care much about the direction their City is going. To hope that any of the voters that didn't bother to go vote on or before election day would have gone out of their way to go vote on election day just because a crime was committed that resulted in the death of a child and several lives changed forever, well, is probably just asking a little too much of our citizenry.

How is that for sad?!

I still want to know who hired him, who harbored him, who provided him with his murder weapon?

We already know a drywall company in Fremont, his Family, and his brother-in-law's truck. All this enabling makes them just as responsible for the crime. Make the fines big enough and they will finally stop being complicite-hopefully!

AND GIVE US THEIR DAMN NAMES, they committed crimes, tell us who they are!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous 10:08 PM

Drywalling Company, huh? Were the two guys with him family, friends, co-workers? American or illegals?I knew it was his brother-in-laws truck but missed the drywall part.
So, would the brother-in-law be maybe his sisters husband? Wander if the brother-in-law is American or hispanic? Legal or not? Or, was the illegal guy that caused the crash married? Did they say?

Anonymous said...

Drywall was in the paper. I think I remember reading in the OWH that he lived with his sister. So, maybe the sister's hubby? Don't know for sure.

Again, the whole thing is very sad. It is sad that our neighbor to the south cares so very little about its citizens that it would push them into illegal behavior rather than bother to be bothered with them.

As I said, it is sad that our citizens take their rights and privileges for granted and don't go vote.

And most sad of all, is that there is a family that will never be able to fill the void that this criminal sliced into their lives-with a lot of help.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Insider 8:51 -- Yeah, yeah, like I've never heard THAT lame excuse for a joke before, and it is usually from folks like you that can't spell.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Wow!! I know I'm getting to you fools when you start throwing kindergarten insults my way, you bunch of poopy-pants. Where are all your old pro insult hurlers? Nobody has even made fun of my hair yet! You've really let me down.

Street Sweeper said...

Please link to a photo so I can make fun of your hair.

Brian T. Osborn said...

This is just too good to let it pass!

The nameless Anonymous10:08 said, "AND GIVE US THEIR DAMN NAMES"