Monday, January 12, 2009

OWH horns in on OUR turf

OK, OWH. We see where this is going.

You weren't happy with being the monopoly newspaper in the state -- buying up every state paper, save the LJS.

Now you're entering the satire realm as well -- OUR space?

That was the case over the weekend as the OWH's Paul Hammel reported on the Unicameral's purchase of seventy, brand-spanking-new MacBook Airs. You know, the really light ones that fit in a manila envelope?

Hammel gets to the basis of the Legislature's reasoning for the boffo new machines: they're really light!

Oh sure, they could have saved around 70 large by buying heavier laptops, but did you know how light these are?
Answer: Super light!

(And who needs a DVD drive, an ethernet port, more than one USB port, or a battery life over two hours? Not the Unicameral, that's who! Wait... what?)

By the way, the (NERD!) Iowa legislature is still stuck with (pfft!) PCs. Like you can even make cool YouTube videos with those! Ha!

Anywho, back to the OWH's Hammel who starts out his story with: "Does size really matter?"

Would this sort of double entendre have made it into the OWH back in Harold Andersen's day?
Dad-gumminy fiddle-faddle!

And speaking of YouTube, how about the OWH's online edition links to parody ads -- yes, YouTube parody ads -- of the MacBook Airs.
Three of 'em! You know, just in case you weren't clear on how stupid the OWH really feels the idea is.

What's next OWH? Links to PerezHilton?
(Is that for sale?)


According to the Washington Note, the rumors lately of Chuck Hagel shipping off as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, are just that.

Word has it that Hagel is not interesting in going to Japan. Or China. Or the U.K. Apparently doesn't want to move his family there.

Understandable. Besides, he's probably still hoping for that DOD job, once Gates leaves. (Though is it likely Obama will appoint another Republican to the post? We're doubting it...)


Congrats to new GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson who slam-dunked his way through the convention in Fremont.

Fahleson has said he is committed to "winning the technology war" in the communications department. This is a theme amongst the national party types, in how to leverage Web 2.0 for the GOP. There still is no consensus on how to aim that effort, but we're happy Mark is at least interested in focusing on it.

Many party types are still wringing their hands about the Obama victory in the 2nd District. While impressive, we still feel that this was a cult-of-personality win. Until the Dems accomplish something similar with a generic candidate, we're not going to get too hot and bothered about it.

That's not to say the GOP should sit back and wait for that to happen. The GOP needs to continue to modernize, and it looks like Fahleson understands that.

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Anonymous said...

Send Mr. Knowital as Ambassador to Iraq or Afganistan. It's east to make foreign poilicy from the cheap seats!!!!

Ed said...

Geesh, what's your problem? Did Sir Chuck "pooh pooh" on you at some time in your life? Such hostility.

Anonymous said...

Airbooks are known for being slow and having a really short battery life. That may help explain a lack of productivity in this session.

Street Sweeper said...

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